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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

International Notice to the Pope and the British Monarch - IRS Operations, Etc., Etc.

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two (2) "internal revenue services" active in this country, one that works for the British Territorial Government, one that works for the Municipal Government. Both collect money from Americans "by mistake" and neither one are authorized by our actual government.

Many IRS Agents are under the impression that they are collecting money from you (Americans) to pay for running the government and for government services in general. That's the way it used to be many, many years ago. They -- and perhaps you -- have continued to assume that "normal course of business" because the changes were not properly explained or announced.

We call this circumstance "a lack of disclosure". It voids any inequitable or unconscionable contract as fraud, which is in essence, what has gone on here for decades.

The foreign government subcontractors of the Municipal United States Government simply "converted" everything more or less overnight, and didn't tell the average people of this country, and as it turns out, didn't tell their own workers either.

So everyone went forward with the same assumptions of a "normal course of business" where people pay taxes to support government services --- when in fact, something else was going on.

They (Municipal and Territorial Employees) were instead "hypothecating debt" against you (average Americans) and your assets and the assets of this country, and basically telling big, fat lies about you, your political status, and everything else they could lie about.

To fully grasp this situation, you must know some very peculiar things that most Americans are never told. For example, did you know that the Municipal United States Government is a theocracy, run by the Roman Catholic Church?

No, I suspect that "news" will come as a big shock to most Americans, even Catholics, yet that is the truth and it has been this way since the Founding.

Provided with that tidbit of information, it will not seem so strange that in his First Inaugural Address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke of "consecrating" this nation--- the "nation" of the Municipal Government --- and of a "holy cause" ----which only makes sense if you are dealing with and in behalf of a theocracy.

Which he was, as President of "the" United States.

So what was he blathering about and why was such a public "consecration" necessary?

He sold out the original Municipal Government which was Christian to the Roman Pontificate, which is pagan.

So instead of being protected by the Office of the Pope, we were instead being prosecuted under the Office of the Pontiff. And of course, the Roman Government then sent its traditional bill collectors, the Galli--- black robed priests of Cybele--- to collect.

And they were none too careful about who they collected from nor the presumptions that they made about the political status and commercial and religious obligations of the people they imposed upon.
We were all suddenly mis-identified as tribal members owing tribute to Rome and as Sinners and Heretics, subject to the Inquisition run by the Dominican Order in Puerto Rico under the laws of the Spanish Inquisition.

And the politicians in Washington, DC, and the Queen, and the Pope all got cuts of the largesse that came pouring in as their private bill collectors --- all operating under color of law "as if" they were legitimate courts and "as if" they were actual representatives of our government--- began The Great Tribulation on our shores.

The Galli, the Bar Attorneys, were instructed to take anything they could, which of course, they have done.

The IRS/Internal Revenue Service, was instructed to collect "Peter's Pence"--- a once a year "gift tithe" styled as a "tax on income" to the Roman Church collected by the Inquisition on April 15th of every year---traditionally used to pay back the cost of Crusades.

So now it will not surprise you (Americans) to learn that all those "income taxes" you have been coerced and hounded and oppressed to pay all these years are in fact handled as "gift and estate taxes". And it will also not surprise you to learn that they have been collected based on "the assumption" that you have a private contract with the Roman side of the Church agreeing to this tithe, based on FDR's forced conversion of Municipal Employees back in 1934.


Millions of lives have been truncated and ruined in this country and people have lived in fear of the Inquisition and even the Employees were fooled into thinking that they were doing something right by robbing and ruining people who never in fact owed a dime, weren't Municipal Employees, and weren't under any such obligation.

It's a wonder that we haven't all fallen upon the Churches and the IRS and the fake Courts and the politicians responsible and torn them limb from limb. It's a wonder that someone in some military of the world hasn't lobbed a missile at St. Peter's and taken out the whole nest of these con men and robbers once and for all.

So, here we are, looking down the barrel of yet another "Tax Season", and the thieves who have glutted themselves on our labor and resources and stolen trillions of dollars worth of credit "in our names" are trying to move their operations to China and trying to get us to agree that this was all okay, in exchange for making "private" restitution to a few people.

This is Formal Notice that the private remedies being offered to individual "natural persons" are insufficient to heal or in any way repair the vast bulk of the damage done to our country and cannot be used as an excuse to claim that the Pontificate or the Church or the Queen or the Municipal Government or the Territorial Government, either, have made remedy available in any meaningful sense.

This "remedy" was, as ever, not fully disclosed to the American Public, was not offered in Good Faith, and is merely another ruse to make false claims in commerce to the effect that we, our States and People, have "settled" our claims against the Holy See and the Queen's Government, when we have not.

We have not settled our claims against our erstwhile Subcontractors and do not "accept" whatever pittances are being offered to these few individuals who are insiders attempting to sell out their country and their countrymen under conditions of non-disclosure.

The Chinese Government is also hereby given Formal Notice of these facts and the likelihood of being the next victim of these parasitical practices if they allow these pirates to come ashore and spread their pernicious two-faced "System" throughout China.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, require the Territorial and Municipal Governments which are the responsibility of the Holy See and the Queen, to begin faithfully discharging their debts via Mutual Offset Credit Exchange and Exemptions which were promised but never fully disclosed nor made available to the victims of this Great Fraud.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, hold the Holy See and the Queen's Government fully at risk and accountable for their Gross Breach of Trust with regard to us and for their mis-administration and theft of our assets both public and private via commercial fraud executed under color of law.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, firmly declare that a full restoration of all our assets, both public and private, is owed, free and clear of any debt or encumbrance or presumption of contract apart from the clearly stated and enumerated provisions of our Constitutions.

A full and public restoration is required. Access to our purloined assets, including our American National Credit, is required. No "Mark of the Beast" system requiring RFID chipping or digital currencies is allowed.

We must be made whole in all respects, for all our people in their private capacities -- their land and rights and immunities must be returned and honored, whether or not they come forward to make individual claims, and without any deadline restrictions placed upon anyone's ability to make claims or receive back their property interests.

Nobody and no assets in this country are subject to discretionary legal presumption, unilateral contracts, or any unconscionable contract.

All our States and our County Governments must be released from any presumptions of enfranchisement or "abandonment" and all our public property must be returned to us, free and clear, in good order, and without remonstrance or delay.

All Municipal and Territorial Government Employees must be instructed to stand down and cease and desist all trespasses against Americans and American property, public or private. Americans are self-identifying by (1) declaring and recording their political status and (2) joining their State Assemblies.
The American States and People are owed peace and Good Faith Service.

We are here to make sure that that is what we receive from now on. Any politicians working at cross-purposes to that aim are to be removed from their private offices now.

Anyone proposing to offer Americans a private remedy which they in effect pay for themselves with more public debt, is in fact engaged in more self-interested fraud and is not offering any remedy.
The Popes and the British Monarchs for the past six generations have perpetuated this ungodly fraud upon our innocent and trusting people. The only appropriate remedies are those that the Popes and the British Monarchs pay back to us out of their pockets -- not ours.

For the interest of Americans who are still not fully up to speed concerning the limitations of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service, we highly recommend:


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  1. Re: "Americans are self-identifying by (1) declaring and recording their political status and (2) joining their State Assemblies."

    Americans are certainly "self-identifying" however the American-born people are under no Lawful obligation to identify themselves with a so called: "political status." An American-born individual can freely choose not to identify themselves with a political status. If any part of this statement is incorrect then show the Law (as in the Organic Laws i.e. Declaration of Independence and/or Articles of Confederation - OR - a Positive Law that is based on Organic Law) that says every American-born individual must declare and record their political status in order to be recognized as an American.

    1. Chef, I agree and have been known in the past to express this very idea. In my opinion, it is nothing more than bullying. When we see this happening in schools and we suppress the bully, do they not just delay their tactics until or outside the school? Gangs are bullies and it is obvious these gangs coerce another with guns these days. Have we become so gutless as not to stand up to these thugs? Have we become so indoctrinated that there is a level of acceptance especially when it comes to so-called government?

    2. a few times i have mentioned 'where is the simplicity' for all this !! david straight says this is all we need; 1. affidavit of repudiation / usc title 8 and 1101 (required) 2. passport - / left side 'freedom' // download DS-11 STATE DEPT site !! recommend david straight arkansas lecture ; .

    3. chef-doctor.... you knowingly ask of something that does not exist in Organic Law, let us not forget that those that wrote about the Organic Laws would also know what the internet is and its used with computers and cell phones! Come on snowflake! We are the Organic Law! We the people and People wrote some stuff out a long long time ago, do you remember signing your name along side the great patriots of the time trying their best to get all of us OUT from under British tyranny? I didn't think so.
      So let me say it this way.... pay attention...and stop acting like a troll..... The corporations posing as our Government stole a likenesses of us, they made a paper copy to show their friends. They took this copy and sold it to the world under scoring your efforts and taxes as value. "So what..." you say? "Its only a piece of paper..." you say! Money has no value and is only paper debt, look at how much value you give it today and everyday!. Open your eyes and your mind. This is Identity theft of your entire life. "But that is what they say not me...", you might bellow. "I stand on the soil and live here...", you loudly state. They are collecting/stealing from you legally!!! not lawfully... if you choose to split hairs all day, so be it the end of the day they stole your name and put it in a market they control AND profit from! Your only recourse is to rebut all these silly presumptions in their world, the world of the dead. This is a straight forward idea, nothing fancy yet a complicated-by-design-legal scheme accentuated with the color of contract law. Yes Yes, you can choose to let them continue this scheme, I think its called "acquiescence", your silence is acceptance, in which case they win, they already think your dead and still profit from your copy. OR or or, you big bad American you, you could proudly stand tall and let everyone on this planet know that you know exactly who you are! A real live American Born on one of the great Nation-States of the Union!

      Be an American (stand tall and fight)
      Be a U.S. Citizen (lie down and take it)
      Be a Troll (sit in a corner and complain, while still taking it)
      The choice has always been yours, get educated and choose wisely grasshopper.

      Documented Americans Assemble

    4. The POPE is aware of Anna' letters and complaint. In July 2019, I see POPE Francis heart shaken, in moral Meltdown, like 1929-30 Wall Street crash.

      He is aware of Anna Notice, it just took him 1+ month longer, to figure out what's going on in Anna letters. Someone must have helped with the translation.

      If Anna wants a quick response, SHE SHOULD HAVE written the pope Languages. Even if he understands quicker, I doubt if he will do anything to please Anna or America. Do you know why? He is like a Banker. I see Pope Francis heart and desire, by his Sci-fi-Astrological Chart.

      You know people, Bankers seemed to easily find their partners or people who share the same interest of defrauding people. They know each others' heart and desire.

      Like us, we find each other to go after these crooks.

  2. The following is a subject that will raise extreme controversy especially in today s world……

    Lets forget for a moment the sky-people who also claimed they were Gods

    It is my understanding [research] that on or about 1213 pope Invictus III, declared himself Vicar – Jesus Christ on earth and that he owns the Earth and everything on it. And declared the Magna Carter void – was signed under duress.

    What gives any pope - “just an ordinary man” the justification to claim himself a God – Demigod – that other men should bow before him? By Conquest - Holy Wars – Elimination of the Knights templars?

    The question arises if the “Bible” is Gods word (don’t know what god they are talking about) then why did all the popes not adhere to scripture ?

    Meaning the “Jubilee” where all debt was to be forgiven after a certain number of years?

    The other Question is on or about 553 AD that a King or Pope (not sure of name) made a decision to remove a book-section of the bible know as reincarnation and why? What is the correct version and how many books should the “Bible” Have?

    Next question why did all the popes keep the real knowledge hidden from the people in the miles and miles of the Rome catacombs until this day ?

    Next question, who were the (1553) Committee of Nicea (council) and how did they acquire authority-power to edit the words and books and sections of the Bible to their liking? Where did the power – authority and enforcement come from? The sword – gun ?

    I could go on but by now we should have a good picture of what [re]ligion was and is.

    God is defined as “The Creator of the Universe” and not otherwise!

    We are now in our second or more “Coup d'├ętat” by the evil one on and or off planet.

    Peace to all the awakened (keep your powder dry);
    if there was such a thing; example- in the past 3450 years there has only been peace for about 235 years. (Drain the world wide Swamps)

    1. Maximus, agreed. To me, the bible represents today's equivalent of Readers Digest where 3 or 4 stories are bound together. The bible to me is a collection of stories from a number of people. Someone at some time decided what stories would be included and thusly excluded. Who interpreted those stories and for what purpose? Knowing how the current media operates, there may well be some truth to the stories, but how much is fiction/lies?

      It reminds me of the game-"tell a secret" with 20 people sitting in a circle, make a statement quietly and whisper it to the one next and pass it on all around the room. Have the last one give the statement aloud. Most often the last statement will be much different than the initial. We are all subject to interpretation and perception of our surroundings.

      Was Capernicus right or wrong? In our day, was Darwin right or wrong? Who decided the theories of either of these two were right or wrong? We are a gullible lot at times. Bullies use some very convincing stories to back up their claims. We must be on guard and our gut feelings will be our guide. When those stories become "do it my way or else", we will know instinctly what to do. Yes, keep your powder dry!.

    2. Unam Sanctum, 1302, Boniface III. Just sayin'

    3. Read down on the right the article Roman King of the Jews

      Found ir interesting to say the least

  3. Please read Numbers chapter 30 ! Then as a husband allowing your wife to sign the application of birth as informant in he maiden name giving the newborn the status of a bastard. Unable to inherit anything.
    We have failed to protect our daughters from marriage as a contract with the STATE
    THE production of this Union is property of the STATE ?? WAKE-UP !!!

  4. And this is the fraud that brought you the service provider known as the TSA and the 'war' on 'terror'

    They now sell you a service at the airports where if you pay the right fee you can opt out of pesky lines and skip right through for your convenience?

    Amazing how that works isn't it - yet another governmental service brought to you by the crooks in the know


    1. @shelby, just a friendly reminder, Here is a portion of this blog's disclaimer..."You are not an author of articles on this blog. Your comments are deemed donated to the public domain." also..."You are putting them in the public domain when you comment. What you write in the comments is your opinon only."
      So maybe you could consider losing the whole "JMO", because its all stated as opinion in the disclaimer already.

      Documented Americans Assemble

  5. We as fathers and husbands to watch over our daughters and wifes and we have failed miserably !! Please watch. Justinian Deception on YouTube as it will open your mind . The one about the tho births -- and how the ones at the top have tricked us out of our God given birthright ?!

  6. A 100th notice to the Pope eh, I bet he is shaking in his boots Anna, you really got him on the ropes now

    1. Check this out, 'supreme court' 'allows' Remington to be held liable for handy sook

    2. Bodhi, you're not a very good Astrologer are you? I bet your invented tools not working 4 U. The POPE is aware of Anna' letters and complaint. I see his heart shaken, in moral Meltdown, like 1929-30 Wall Street crash.

      He is aware of Anna Notice, it just took him 1+ month longer, to figure out what's going on in Anna letters. Someone must have helped with the translation.

      If Anna wants a quick response, SHE SHOULD HAVE written the pope Languages.

    3. The pope knows what is going on! Check this out!
      @Pinkham, I am sure there are way more persons on the popes side helping him to understand what is being said about him. Why would he make such a statement? To me, he is showing his true colors.

      Documented Americans MUST Assemble NOW

  7. Oh just something to ponder as the application of BIRTH is a bill of conscription . Please wrap your head around this the definition of live birth by the WHO? THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION is the complete expulsion of a product .. Ceased or de-ceased ???? To be or not to be that is the question!! So as I understand it we are civilly dead . Lost at sea . The walking dead ? Quite the trick . What wonderful BANKSTERS . GUESS- Edward Mandel House was right only a very few would figure out their deceptive scheme that's held our birthrights in trust . I think its time we hold them tricksters to account. Most likely the rats will sic their order followers after us. The dead have no standing.

  8. Yes Sandy Hook wonder if there is really any deceived OH I MENT DE-Ceased accounts
    AS according to the FBI not one person died there that day.

    1. Read an article just week or so ago that the courts have already paid out settlement to Vegas survivors?

      Gee I wonder how all those victims and survivors get paid if they have not corrected their political status and technically have no standing in any court just like everyone else?

      Hell even the military brass and the POTus doesn't know about the birth certificate scheme and yet these settlement court cases just wizz right through?

      Just an observation

  9. The victims are considered civilly dead the funny money script is just a promise to pay some time in the future FEDERAL-RESERVE SCRIPT in not currency no intrinsic value.
    NAMES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is not truly the proper grammatical correct name of a living man woman or their offspring.

  10. QUESTION About Standing in COURT you must be RE-presented in COURT or you have no standing . MORT-gage is a dearth pledge.
    we have nothing owne nothing !! Its a long storyline how we let ourselves become slaves. Born or naturalized in the U.S. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OR ITS OUTLYING ISLANDS. I DONT THINK I WAS BORN IN D.C OR THE U.S ISLANDS. ??? WERE YOU ????

    1. Anna great job . Thanks for exposing the website it is the best website in this country regarding the income tax it eliminates all corn fusion. My friend Tom whose web site it is has filled over 400 motions in 7 federal courts and has saved the home that my son grew up in. Tom is stuck in the original constitution and understands it better than any one in the entire country when it comes to income taxes. Now because you have done the right thing he will start paying attention to your work which I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR. This is Michael from New Jersey keep up the good work. YOU are so blessed you will see my gift of prophecy never fails anybody keep up the good work thanks for listening to me this is what Tom and everyone needed you will see. Blessings.

  11. The Left-Right Charade
    "Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit, which we create from nothing to all local banks who are member banks. They, in turn, extend book credit to industry. Thus, we do more than God, for all of our wealth is created from nothing. You look shocked! Don't be! It's true, we actually do more than God."

    "With this supposed capital we bring industry, management, and labor into our debt, which debt only increases and is never liquidated. Through this continual increase, we are able to pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial Utopia."

    Insider: Protocols Largely Realized (1976)

    1. The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976-Hidden Tyranny

  12. It's not just the IRS and its subsidiaries that are the problem, it's the BAR attorneys that help the on a daily basis...there are so many now we will never be free of them...ever..!! They are a standing army against the people and unless we get rid of them along with the IRS we will never be free...I understand your arguememt LUT and it is a good one..but they have caught on to this and are stonewalling it...!!
    You have to be very persistent to get relief...very persistent ..!!


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