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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

For Everyone's Benefit

By Anna Von Reitz

Richard to Anna: One more time "there is no real money until you do something with the digital (electrons) entry then you have actual currency if you purchase something of real value". That is what you never will understand. This is exactly what people of wealth do. No money was involved. You create your own wealth or not. No harm to anyone.

Anna to Richard:  And you call me delusional?  I understand about your phony digital "money" very well; the harm comes from the "hypothecation" of debt against actual assets --- actual land, actual labor, actual buildings, actual food, actual water.  That is what you don't understand. 

Richard to Anna: What do you think the 2011 Lien Docs were - real cash currency. Impossible! Who was the Debtor and who was the Secured Party and what type of Lien was it, who was the Trustee, and what was the amount of the total digital entry amount?

Anna to Richard:  Of course, I don't think those liens apply to any "real" cash.  Those liens apply to debts owed by the United States --- the well-known "National Debt" thereof; and that debt is owed as the "American National Credit" to the American States and People, doing business in international and global jurisdiction as The United States of America.  The first lien processes extracted my own estate from this scheme so that I was then enabled to act to rescue the assets of the States of America, collapse the State Trusts, attach the STATE OF STATE assets, then the State of State assets, return everything to The United States of America, then back to the States and to The United States, which then re-assigned the international and global assets back to The United States of America, just as it always was and should have been.  This lien process went from Notice to Non-UCC to Agricultural Lien to Fixture Lien.  It's all done and its all part of the permanent international record.   What has happened, Richard,  is that I took it back from the airy-fairy world you live in and landed it all back in Kansas, where it belongs. 

If you guys want to play in Monopoly Money on a computer, just admit that that is what you are doing and don't try to pretend that it has anything to do with me, my money, my assets, my name, my country, my water, or anything related to my living being, and don't try to use "legal tender laws" which are unlawful to profit yourselves at the expense of the innocent and force them into system of oppression akin to the Biblical description of the Mark of the Beast --- RFID chips and digital currencies controlling who can live and who will die and who can buy and sell and trade. 

The Sphere Alliance is here ready to blow you to Kingdom Come and I am here to make sure that they do exactly that if there is any more deceit, skullduggery, theft, piracy or other idiot-shit-dumb-crap out of you or anyone else, including your little Homo carpensis friend, Kim Goguen.    
Richard to Anna: Don't you think is can be fun to deal with a sibling bank from what G Washington and Hamilton created in 1791. Especially when you show up with a government archive record of how large their share of the digital entry was.

Anna to Richard:  I can think of a great many things that would be fun, but gloating over the proceeds of crime against innocent people is not one of them.  Those proceeds need to go back to the victims along with all the purloined assets, "free and clear of debt or encumbrance".   You guys know the law, or so you say.  Well, under Ecclesiastical Law the Pope is responsible for liquidating the offending corporations.  Under the Ecclesiastical Law, personage is a crime.  Under the Roman Civil Law, its okay to cheat so long as nobody calls you on it.  You've been called on it.  At that point, the fraud has to be unraveled all the way back to the root and Exorcised --- as in the spiritual process, yes.  Under British Law, the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, is still in full force and effect, and when the "dead" shall prove to be alive, their property assets must be returned, unharmed, free and clear.   And the plot to move to Sharia Law in hopes of convincing the Muslims to support you in a jihad against Unbelievers has failed because (1) you are Unbelievers and (2) they have suffered as much and more than anyone else.  

That leaves all of you squarely on the hook, out of pocket, and whistling in the dark.   I, however, am a Lawful Person and enabled to receive and possess Lawful Assets.  Accordingly,  I have claimed all the Lawful Assets belonging to the States and People of this country.  This means that if you and your Buddies ever get your heads out of your own nether - regions, you can enjoy the very much more actual and factual fun of being landlords and actually in possession of all of what is rightfully and naturally yours.   Remember to thank me if you ever wake to Hell up. 

Richard to Anna:  What do you think the bank did with their digital entry amount of 14,300,000,000,000. Hint, they did not let it sit in their computer to collect interest. How many times can you turn an investment in the shortest period of time to capture as much wealth as possible. And then to pay as little as possible in taxes on that wealth created. Let your fantasy mind wonder.

Anna to Richard:  I know exactly what they did.  The same thing Jamie Dimon did the Urban Trust assets.  They were "blocked" and traded on Private Placement Trading Platforms run as a gambling casino by the World Bank.  Strange thing, though, those accounts never pay off, and --- add to that, though the "digits" now run into virtual "infinity" not a single additional actual asset exists to underwrite all that bogus bull crap.   Last time I looked which was some years ago, every silver dollar was worth $40,000.00 of your US debt.  This means that in La-La-Land, common objects like spoons, are unimaginably valuable because your digits are becoming more and more fractional literally by the second.  You should have chosen a different profession if you still don't understand that. 

All these comments are made without prejudice. 


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Let me jump in. Mr. Richard, I assume you’re part of the British!~France-Pope-* private FedReserved pretender Bankers.

    I can take your words for it, that your 230 year claim of Digital I.O.U’s currency existence since 1791. Now we can you charge back for this length of time. What do you think? Not fair?

    Well, you can NOT have things 2 or million ways. Don’t you know Fraud is fraud ? When you created fake money, in any shape or form. In papers or Digital form, they all are ILLEGAL. Do you know why? You imitate Gold and silver illegally to extract people energy, too far, for cry out loud.

    You illegally claimed $14.3 + $14+ trillions dollars for your fake money, out of paper (I.O.U)s, DTCc’s I.O.U’s (Book-entry) and more, in parity to actual Material value, for people home(s), cars, office buildings, etc.. that people already paid in FULL for your benefits, out of your scamming Loopback schemes, fraudulent notes, FRN printing machines, etc.

    You are too extreme; you went too far Mr. clever with Fraud, not only in north America. You should appreciate the fact that Anna under-estimated the low national credits attached to the US military position that you misused. You never have enough, you wehn after people Social Security and disability funds. In reality, you owe people so many lots of QUADRILLIONS, Mr. devious.

    You outlaw everything, like you are god when you are a Satan janitor. For instance, your private FedReserve said: --- COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT --- NOT A POINT OF LAW. Really? You think you can outlaw the administrative process by filing your bogus Bankruptcy papers, making funky baseless claims, for additional 1/2 quadrillion benefits ?

    None of your Corporations lent a dime to ppl. We have millions evidences available inside out of your deleted county and Wall Street SEC data warehouses. You called yourselves Banks, Bancorps, Bankers to pretend you lending something, when your actual product is flipping positions with people, to deceive them at best, extracting people Trust and Bond funds, etc.. stealing people everything, assets, energies, prosperities etc.

    The time to stop Fraud, and games is now. Your British – France club is crashing ahead, where are you going to hide? South America again? Europe is unsafe for you; Asia is likewise. Denver bunker? You made so much enemies everywhere. You can only lie so much to the US soldiers, and police.

  3. As they strip away everyone's jobs and take away their ability to make that monopoly money they will force the chip to buy and sell

    I have worked my entire life for them to steal it all several times and now they will take social security as well or hold us all hostage to receive any of it if we do not take their digital currency and chip

    Walmart in on the scheme, they now firing all cashiers and going to all self checkout where you pay with your phone, baby steps to cashless except people to stupid to figure it out

    And what happens to those cashiers, well hell they end up on social welfare because there are no jobs because of their automation and 'artificial intelligence' which is nothing more than them capturing the worlds data and holding everyone hostage with it unless you comply


  4. Money – Currency – Action - “the Human “Potential” Movement,” whatever.

    Obviously systems analogous to batteries, motors, and their work.

    Certainly someone can explain it better or more accurately than I.

    Perhaps it is the “Roman Cathode-like Church?” A battery
    1.) A “Container” (Vatican? World?)
    2.) within which to affix “Potentials” (Good vs. Evil?)
    3.) “Electrolytic medium” filling the container (Holy See-salt?)
    4.) for “electron/digital/currency transfer b/w Anode (neg.evil?) & cathode (pos.Good?) (Good vs. Evil.) Starting with the Negative anti-natural, unnatural, evil, horrific, and unimaginably heinous anathemas, and actions (by you know who.) I forget my chemistry, electrons flow one direction, current the other direction – all by convention. Some make hell for others to live in, some merely pray to end up in heaven.)
    5.) A Salt “bridge” across which to direct “currency)”, (the Pontificate?)
    6.) And now - how to continue the currency flowing toward, or into, the motor? Do you need a
    7.) Grounded source for “work” into which to feed the “currency?”
    8.) AND then, feeding currency further down-line, under the pretense of “good,” to those that work, and merely THINK they do good, because they’ve all been brainwashed – that is “insulated.”
    9.) Excellent “Insulation” is required, so to keep good and evil apart. And to preserve (sic) a “Good” Cathode-Like flock comforted, coddled, lied to, stupefied, digitally fed, so they work and also feed (interest, donations? etc.) currency back across, the “salt bridge, to be battery “banked.” After these “geniuses” (sic) first have created all manner of wondrous, gadgets, widgets, wiz-bangs, and other ingeniously “witty” things (crap). All of which are actually valueless (versus Vitruvien Man; or those Virtues within Mankind – i.e. Virtues which make life worth living and procreating - that which is “natural” and therefore in greater harmony – because all else is deathlike.
    10.) Why else would the Roman Cathode-like Church strive so mightily to falsify goodness, all while hiding such evil. It creates a huge power gradient, and a huge Power Potential – which only a Devil could want. And therefore, those of “it” ought consider the true source of comfort.
    11.) So if you ever feel as if spinning like an electron, maybe this is why?
    12.) Thank you. Please feel free to correct my physical chemistry, or theology.


      Above takes you to a better description.

  5. ..10 Towns offering "free" land:

    1. Nothing is ever free
      Just like they offered free email accounts so they could steal all your data and create the artificial intelligence beast system
      And I am pretty sure they will falsify those records as well

  6. In case folks don't know about Homo Capensis check also Paracas skulls w Brien Forester.

    Shimon Perez & Jacob Rothschild Homo Capencis, cone head

    The brachycephalized Jews: Asia and Central Europe The Jews of the Caucasus 164 including the mountain Jews of Daghestan, the Georgian Jews, and the Shemakha Jews who live in Azerbaijan, are highly brachycephalic. Metrically, samples of all these groups are much alike, with mean statures ranging from 163 to 166 cm., and cephalic indices of 85 and 86.

    Physical Anthropology of The Jews. I.—The Cephalic Index of the Jews are against this view. They argue that nearly all the contemporaneous peoples known to be of Semitic origin are dolichocephalic, as is the case of the Arabians, the Abyssinians, the Syrians, etc.; while the modern Jews of Europe are meso- cephalic or even extremely brachycephalic.'

    Physical Characteristics of the Jews - CEU
    Jews of the gouvernement Minsk and concluded that the majority had a brachycephalic head.8 (Brachycephaly was regarded as a characteristic common to inferior races.) The same was stated by M. Kretzmer in 1901.9 In 1891, an article in the journal Das Ausland …

    What is a Jew? - "Der Stürmer" - As has been seen, all results of craniometry prove that the Jews are brachycephalic [broad-headed], and that the dolichocephalic form is only found among them in less than two percent of the cases" (Jewish Encyclopedia IV [1902], 335).

    Here extremely pointy cone head of sexual deviant Roger Stone

    jews are NOT European, do not have European skulls, also Real Whites have ZERO genetic diseases, jews have 112 genetic diseases including a host of severe mental diseases so 30-40% jews are severe mentals. Also jews changed their non-White status in 1987 to do their crimes & blame Whites, which they do in headlines today. thanks & stay sane

    1. Thanks Shelby! I do. Ezra Pound. Eustace Mullins tells us about him & ((it)).

    2. have a look at this wink wink and others

      I refer you again to their so called laws that apply to the gentiles that are still under construction

      DHS, FEMA, ICE, POLICE all of them are under the control of these freaks

    3. This comment made under a video I watched this is TRUTH FOLKS

      The examples you gave pertaining to Donald Trump "restoring sovereignty" by removing CERTAIN, by NO MEANS ALL international compacts, ARE legitimate examples, but NOT examples of AMERICAN sovereignty. Trump recently removed the US from the Hague small arms compact, however, Cory Booker turned around and introduced a gun control bill that mirrors the small arms compact WORD FOR WORD, and Donald Trump has NOT said A WORD about it, and in fact, when it comes to "red flag laws", trump stated "I want to get the guns FIRST, worry about due process SECOND". This is not the attitude of someone who loves the republic, and IMO the only reason it appears trump has turned his back on the UN is because Netanyahu stated that the UN has "outlived its mandate" regarding Israel and "must be moved to Jerusalem". When we talk about the globalist power structure, we have to understand who is at the very top, which I believe YOU DO. However, you're still laboring under your own programming when it comes to WHO is doing WHAT and WHY internationally, and giving a certain country, and by proxy, DONALD TRUMP, a pass. This is the same programming most American evangelical Christians suffer from, and it is a DECEPTION. When you OBJECTIVELY observe the behavior of the government of Israel, and the racism, supremacism, LIES, theft, and murder it has committed and do this with a knowledge of the history behind its very existence, the truth behind its "holy book" (BABYLONIAN Talmud), WHO created it, and WHY, that is when the deception that is Donald Trump becomes crystal clear. The antichrist system, the BEAST SYSTEM, is HERE. The bankers and their commerce are just one facet of it. Israel IS the controller of the AI behind this Beast System (search "unit 8200“ and the " talpiot project"). The AI and the seven noahide laws are the plan to ELIMINATE THE REPUBLIC, create a one - world government (search "kalergi plan") , and institute a realm of HELL ON EARTH through their one world religion (search noahide "laws") . This is NOT antisemitism (a slur with no objective reality based in a lie) , it is DOCUMENTED, OBJECTIVE TRUTH, and it has been discussed AD NAUSEAM in Israeli and zionist publications (including the talmud) and even out of the mouth of Netanyahu (as well as other Likudniks and Chabad rabbis) himself. This is NOT hearsay, and they're not even TRYING to hide it anymore. The planet is ruled by MAGICIANS (Babylonian KABALLAH), and trump is DOING THEIR BIDDING on a daily basis. These are "those who say they are Jews and are not", the "synagogue of Satan". Axiom: "you are judged by the company you keep", and nowhere is this more applicable than Donald Trump, and another axiom is that "the instigator of a crime is worse than he who commits it" . The tribulation will NOT be ANYTHING like the "left behind" books, although it WILL BE a rule of global communism with a global religion, that global religion will be that of "NOAHIDE", under which Christians WILL be BEHEADED if they do not renounce christ, and under that "religion" , THE STREETS WILL RUN RED with the blood of CHRISTIANS (Revelation 20 verse 4). THIS is what Donald Trump helps usher in. DO NOT put your faith in this world or THOSE WHO ARE OF IT. The kingdom of God will come regardless, and those who accept the system WILL NOT see it. Removing ourselves as the surety does no good if we accept their world religion.

    4. Video where the comment came from


    " RESOLVED—-That the claimant's charafter of
    Britiflifubjedt, was not affeded or impaired by the a61:
    of attainder and confifcation, paifed by the ftate of
    New-York on the 21ft of 0£lober 1779, attainting
    him, with the Earl of Dunmore, Governor Tryon,
    Sir Henry Clinton, and many other Britilh fubjeds,
    who are therein dtfcribed, not as fubjedlsof the ftate,
    but, as " perfons holding or claiming property within
    the ftate;" and forfeiting and confifcating their whole
    eftates real and perfonal for their adherence to liis Britannic
    Majefty: but that on the contrary, the faid
    a6l of attainder, and the defcription of Loyalift or Refugee,
    applied to the claimant on the part of the United
    States, in confequence of his faid adherence,
    are conclufive evidence, that he ftill maintained his
    original allegiance:—that therefore, he is entitled to
    claim vjforethis Board under the fourth article of the
    definitive treaty of peace, and the fixth article of thetreaty
    of amity, between his faid Majefty and the United


  9. Listen to the woman talk about island in the bahamas they destroyed with weather warfare - she knows it was not a normal storm by any strentch of anyones imagination

    Couple other stories in the page of interest as well - like the rip off scam of the IPCC and climate change CO2 taxes

    Anyone just sharing


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