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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Final Wake Up Call for the Flag Officers - Veterans Day 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

It's understandable that people don't want to believe in Evil.  Someone --- I don't know who --- Oscar Wilde maybe? --- said that the best trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn't exist.  

I have my own experience to prove that he does exist, and that he is a most devious opponent.  The devil will use your virtues against you just as easily as he uses your vices. 

This is apparently a case of using good men's virtues against them.  You and your buddies don't want to believe that it is as bad as it is.  I don't blame you, but that does not change the facts.  

From the foundations of this country, the Vice-President has been in charge of vice.  Literally.   This is because the Vice-President was assigned the duty of enforcing and collecting and keeping track of revenue to support the District Government based on "sin taxes".  

If you have ever lived in the Southern United States or more conservative areas in general, you will notice that tobacco and alcohol are sold at "Sin Stores" that are often located outside the towns they serve.  This is a left-over from prior to the Civil War and part of the administration of the old Federal Tax System that depended largely on revenue garnered from the interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms --- BATF -- which is an Agency part of the Municipal United States Government and the actual enforcement arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the modern day entity involved in the collection of these "Sin Taxes".  Gun-carrying IRS Agents are actually licensed under the BATF and the BATF has the only license to kill in that entire establishment.  It is all related to collecting taxes, tariffs, and fees from "Sinners" by the Inquisition. 

At the highest levels, these functions in the Municipal United States Government are literally handled by the Dominican Order out of Puerto Rico, and now, the Mariana Islands -- the same Order that carried out the vicious attacks against "heretics" throughout Europe centuries ago, has been perched just offshore in our Insular "States", pillaging and plundering "Sinners" on an ever-increasing basis ever since the quote-unquote Civil War.  

So, now that you know that little fact and the original funding sources for the District Government, you will be better able to appreciate the role of the "Vice" President, as the one responsible for promoting the increase of federal revenue through the taxation and regulation of "vice".  Over time, that has morphed into the active promotion of vice as a funding source. 

It began with sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, but, especially since the Reign of Terror unleashed by Lyndon Johnson and the Oil Companies and the IMF, has greatly expanded to include every kind of vice you can imagine.  Drugs.  Prostitution.  White slavery.  Child labor. Enslavement.  Peonage.  Gambling. Bogus banking.  MERS.  Derivatives.  War for profit.  Mercenary occupation under color of law.   It's all vice, all generating income, all being regulated by "Agency Personnel" under the auspices of the Office of the US Attorney General and, at the top of the manure pile, by the Vice-President. 

Mike Pence. 

This also has led to ever-increasing participation of the Municipal United States Government in organized crime --- and development of its own "mob" --- largely run through the CIA, DIA, FBI, and other Alphabet Soups --- and, amazingly, through the US TRADEMARK AND PATENT OFFICE --- USTPO.  

If the Flag Officers want to see the light, follow in SERCO's footsteps and go look at what they attempted (unsuccessfully) to hide at the USTPO.   There, registered for all the world to see, are the patents they have used to stake out their crime syndicates, complete with names and addresses attached.  They even come right out and describe what they are going to do to innocent civilian populations and how this is going to benefit "The Company".  In the most egregious cases, they slap a "National Security Interest" tag on this crap, but anyone with a Security Clearance can see it. 

Go look. It's not pretty.  Look at the patent for Mindbox.  That will give you a much better picture of how you and everyone else has been played.  

Getting back to Mike Pence --- as Vice-President, he is in charge of that whole infrastructure, all the "sin" capitalization schemes, and through all the patented "systems" - on a worldwide basis.  So, of course, was Joe Biden.... or as we call him, "Billion Dollar Joe".   

Now, how plausible is it, that the Pope and the Boyz back home in Rome, would let just anybody sit in that position?  Hmm?  He would have to be someone utterly trustworthy---from their point of view --- someone who would never, ever tell anyone about their dirty business and never expose their dirty laundry, someone so deeply compromised himself that he could never rat them out.  

Are you all beginning to get a clue here?  

Mike Pence had to be compromised.  Every "Vice" President since LBJ has been compromised up to the eyeballs.  

In Pence's case, there are videos of him with a gun to his head, being forced to sodomize a little boy.   That's a fact.  And it is going to come out.  It has been distributed worldwide and it is going to blow.  When it does, the whole "Agency System" and the whole system of using "Sin Taxes" to fund government, will go --- as it has to, if this world is to survive.  

But the most interesting part, in a way, isn't that Pence is being forced into this hideous act under pain of death.  What's most interesting is who is holding the gun to his head.  And it isn't Donald Trump.

So, go pray, Richard.  Pray for Field McConnell.  Pray for Trump.  Pray for this country, on this Veterans Day.  A lot of good men and women have lived and died to make this world a better place.  If their sacrifices are ever going to mean anything, we all have to pull together and make it count.  

Tell your "Flag Officers" the truth about this loathsome circumstance.  Pass the word.  And stop trying to portray me as some little old lady blowing smoke.  It won't wash. 


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  1. Two questions. Who was holding the gun? Who is Richard?

  2. Yes, good questions Who's holding the gun & who is Richard? Also, What are the chances this video is a fake or doesn't really exist, unless its been seen by ones own eyes? What If Pence isn't involved, isn't a part of it, is unaware, this could also make him a good V.P. due to his unawares & dedicated "belief system" to Israhell?
    Well, this is quite the expose' of its draco guts. We get its the purpose of agencies formation & control, now this adds direct knotzi ties so simply laid out!
    … & we see jews all over it, agency heads, extending right into Swiss Octogon Pharisee bloodline jew'daic baal cult Master-Baiters, who in turn guard the Vatiscam & exposed in recent Vatican bust that Swissy Rene Bruelhart is their handler of all depts.

    Vatican police raid top offices in financial investigation ...
    Vatican police raided the offices of the Holy See's Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Authority, or AIF, on Tuesday and took away documents and electronic devices as part of an …"
    NOTE: "The AIF, headed by Swiss lawyer Rene Bruelhart, is the financial controller, with authority over all Vatican departments. "

    Very much appreciate the exposed ties to "Vice" Pres. Well done Anna, well done. It really does seem correct... eloquently laid. Gheez its all right there before us.
    So does this apply to all "Vice" Presidents of corporations? Are they in charge of Vice ops? Now... in so asking, maybe am so answering... in that these Corporations are Vice-ops in the first place.

    Ok, need time for the dust to settle, as VP roles in control-ops we can comprehend, tho not necessarily w VP's of all corps run by people-persons. Tho we do see more identified CEO, CFO titled positions more & more. The VP less so & Pres less so too. Ok, time for the dust to settle.

    1. Meet the California couple who use more water than the entire city of Los Angeles - bet you can't guess who they are

      And I am sure through their regionalism set up that they are working with CALCOG to gather the water 'rights' from others so they can have their pistachio, almond and halo empire - and get this it's The Wonderful Company

      They pretty much have their own little plantation set up for all their immigrant workers complete with schools and such

      If you check who's running these UNELECTED Councils of Governments you will find that the majority of them are headed up by those who wear funny little hats

      I posted 6 videos yesterday of a guy who lives in California who is documenting all of the preplanned wildfires that are occurring and every one of them lines up with 2030, 2050 and the plans to burn can be examined at

      Hollywood is all involved, they are all CIA as far as I'm concerned - most if not all movies are orchestrated by the so called agencies that are supposed to be working to protect the 'integrity' of the nation but we know for sure they aren't doing that

      Just my thoughts

  3. I understand the point of this article and so perhaps my question may appear - out of "context"? Nonetheless, "...the Vice-President was assigned the duty of enforcing and collecting and keeping track of revenue to support the District Government based on "sin taxes"."

    It's presumed fire arms were sold at "sin stores" whereby "sin taxes were assessed by the roll of a "vice" President.

    "The devil will use your virtues against you just as easily as he uses your vices."

    Deuteronomy 4:2 => Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.

    Sixth of ten "commandments" => "Thou shalt not kill."

    So, I pay a "sin-tax" to a "sin-store" for a box of bullets; I then (hypothetically) fire a lethal shot through the head of a rapist - the rapist of my (hypothetical) wife and or daughter. The "killing" a rapist was severely implied in a previous article written by Anna.

    "Thou shalt not kill."

    Q-1: How do I escape the presented-idea that the devil has (in fact) used my "virtue" and or "vice" of my perceived "justice" against me?

    Q-2: How do I rationalize a deliberate defiance to a command of God?

    If these be strained interpretations, please explain. LOL.

    With love and respect


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