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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Proof? You Want Proof?

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last several weeks we've had a group of would-be patriots out pounding the street blathering about "private law" as if they were great experts on the subject.  

I have explained the difference between "Public Law" and "private law" so that anyone can understand it in several articles over the past five years. 

Public Law is the Law as most people think of it.  Private "law" is the law of contracts between various parties.  Contract law is supposed to follow the Law of Kinds, but since 1963, the Vatican has been pursuing a new Abomination, known as "The Collective Entity Doctrine".  

This Doctrine of the Pontificate --- the pagan, Roman, Secular "Government" of the Church and its "Institutes" --- has grossly violated the Biblical Law of Kinds which requires contracts to be between "like" entities: people to people, unincorporated businesses to unincorporated businesses, incorporated businesses to incorporated businesses.  

This was amended originally to allow people to trade with unincorporated businesses, and to allow unincorporated businesses to trade with incorporated businesses.  But the incorporated businesses and the governments profiting from chartering incorporated business entities were greedy, and wanted to trade directly with people.  

So the Roman Curia, the guilty parties responsible for this Mess have contrived to "erase" the difference between living people and incorporated commercial corporations, and make them all the same, all functioning under the same law, which--- of course -- the same guilty parties write and control.  

This all kicked in at about the same time as Vatican II.  Please note, all Roman Catholics.  This is your Church doing all this crap.  It has to be reformed or done away with.   

Heads up, United Nations Organization, you are the intended next store front for this criminality.   

Anyway, spool the reel backward to this date, just shy of two months after the assassination of JFK: 

Public Law 88-244, December 30, 1963 --- "to provide for participation by the government of the United States in the Hague conference on private Law and the International (Rome) Institute for the unification of private law....."   Unidroit.  The Uniform Commercial Code, which has since been adopted by every Municipal STATE OF STATE organization operating in this country.  

That's the "private law" and the criminal gobbledygook underlying it that the proponents of "the" Republic ---- aka, Municipal United States Government -- rely upon. 

This is the infamous "Statute of Rome"---- the codification of Roman Civil Law applied like a smothering blanket over all "municipal" governments on Earth, including "the" United States Government. 

And the members of the Roman Curia adopted this full-well knowing that it violates Scripture all across the board and promotes the crimes of personage and barratry against innocent living people worldwide.  

They then "gifted" us with incorporated franchise entities named after us --- STRAWMEN --- or, as they are also called, "Shill Trusts" and "Shill Corporations", all incorporated under the auspices of the "Municipal Governments" worldwide.  

So CANADA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the "UNITED STATES" owned by the CITY OF ROME registered at the US TRADEMARK AND PATENT OFFICE, and its "Canadian" franchise, the CITY OF MONTREAL, issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE in the name of an innocent little baby in his cradle who was given the name Jean Rene Oulette by his equally innocent parents...... 

And these parasitic monsters then seized upon his name and created all sorts of incorporated franchise entities to enrich themselves based upon his assets --- his life, his energy, his labor, his intellectual property, his land, his country, his home, his DNA and everything else he could ever call his own. 

These fake STRAWMAN entities allow Jean Rene to trade directly with commercial corporations worldwide, but also impersonate him "as" a corporation, and subject him to "private" municipal corporate commercial "law", all based on "unconscionable contracts" that he doesn't know anything about, all controlled by the same criminals promoting this fraud and theft and offense against factual reality and common decency. 
As a result, too, Jean Rene is alienated from his own nationality and the law of his nation, and subjected instead to the foreign "private law" of these venal municipalities.  He walks into what he thinks of as a Canadian Court, and finds the Harpies of Hell in charge, the Bill Collectors of the "new" Roman Empire, which is just as evil, corrupt, and morally depraved as the "old" Roman Empire. 

He also finds himself subjected to foreign law that he never heard of and never agreed to. 

In this country, this circumstance results in the denial of the victim's constitutional guarantees and protections, as well as a predatory presumption of guilt, and prosecution under foreign law with no warning at all.  And the bar attorneys running this travesty snicker in the back rooms and talk about how "incompetent" all these Americans are.  

Well, it's time for us to discuss how criminal they are. 
All of them.  
The politicians.  
The Roman Curia. 
The Public Employees. 
The Bar Attorneys.  
The Agencies.
The Military.  
The Pope.  
All of it.  


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  1. I love the idea of this being a way out of the system they've made me liable for, but this story won't help me convince a judge of these beautiful concepts. How would I compel a judge without Citations of law? That's what he/she will have to rule on, I think.

    1. He or she or whatever imaginary gender will not have a valid claim for jurisdiction. You would challenge jurisdiction, and walk out, and settle the matter yourself by a counterclaim or whatever is most effective. And ideally you would never go into his/her/zzzz jurisdiction as a defendant.

    2. Joe.....Since you love these beautiful concepts.... now you should educate yourself to the work of David L Straight to compel a judge, prosecutor etc to see thing "your way".

      Just Duck Duck Go his name and you will find many videos of seminar talks he has given in various locations of the country. These are long videos and there are several of them. Get this information down as second nature and depending on the situation, you might not have to end up in court.

    3. david straight - arkansas 1,2,3. you tube. 10 hours of best info you can get !!!

    4. just motion to dismiss based on frcp 12 b 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 who you are and that they do not have any jurisdiction, that is unless you dont know who you are or what jurisdiction you are in based on your contracts

  2. We shouldn't oughta be contracting in ink, anyway. It's an abomination. The mixing kinds doctrine is just more of what Rome is about: making it up as it goes, and passing it off as something weighty.

    Book of Enoch, ch LXIX.
    And the fourth was named Penemue: he taught the children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom. 9. And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to eternity and until this day. 10. For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation to their good faith with pen and ink. 11. For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this power it is consuming me+.

  3. WOW Anna!!!
    You & your team have certainly earned but, could never be paid for in full, all the "wealth" of the ages!!! However, as all that is mostly material, which is virtually worthless, you have my undying admiration & respect!!! (contributions to your team forthcoming as well)
    The "venerable" deceit of our opponents has been laid bare! Friend or foe, take heed!!
    Much Love, Wirkin

  4. So, Mr. Gumm, what weight does the Book of Enoch have on mankind in general? I know that one excerpt was used in the letter of Jude (about 10k saints), and Jude also said Enoch prophesied a certain thing, BUT, unless some of the things that have to do with scientific observation were/are to be taken as common talk/analogies, and not fact, it has scientific factual errors in it and, thus, could not be held as the Word of God, and therefore, not put into the Bible. Also, according to Scripture, man was created a little lower than the angels for a time, but ultimately on a higher level than the angels (man was created in the image of God, whereas I have not found where the angels were created in the image of God, but are ministers to the saints). Also, please note that the Scriptures were written with pen and ink on whatever was used as paper at the different times of the writings. Thus, though the covenant(s) were initially verbal from God to man, it/they were written so the rest of us could see what was covenanted for ourselves and act accordingly. And so, even today, "many sin" with pen and ink, but not "all" sin using pen and ink. Just saying.


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