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Friday, October 23, 2020

Be Not Deceived

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let me give you some really good pointers.
"Gaia" is not any name associated with the Earth.
"Gaia" is the name of the planet Mars.
"Tara" or "Terra" (in Latin) is the name of Earth.
So when you encounter people talking about "Gaia" as if "Gaia" were the Earth, you know that one of two things is true: (1) they are ignorant and confused, or (2) they are followers of the Martian religion.
According to certain ancient records that have now been deciphered, the Martians worshiped the "gods of War" known as the Ba-El, a practice that ultimately resulted in the entire planet of Mars being rendered uninhabitable during The Great Plasma War, 32,000 years ago, whereupon Martian refugees came to this planet and started their Big Mistakes all over again.
This account dovetails nicely with the legends of Semiramis' arrival in a "silver egg" splashed down on the Euphrates River, also agrees with the Biblical accounts of the Fallen, and also agrees with Hindu-Kush accounts in pre-Sanskrit that describe the Battle of Dwarka in which Lord Krishna defeated the Fallen and preserved the Earth, Tara, for future generations.
Okay, so when people start talking about "Gaia" as if Gaia were the Earth, take note and be aware.
In a similar way, be aware and beware of all the various "assemblies" popping up like mushrooms all of a sudden.
In addition to our lawful State Assemblies, there are two kinds of "District Assemblies" that are used and promoted by our foreign Federal Employees.
The key differences are that these "assemblies" are populated by Territorial US Citizens or Municipal "citizens of the United States" and are defined according to "districts" as in District of Columbia, also known as "voting districts".
If you are a Territorial U.S. Citizen you should be participating in a District Assembly.
If you are a Municipal "citizen of the United States" or a federal corporation or corporate employee known as a CITIZEN, you should be participating in another kind of District Assembly clearly labeled as a Municipal Assembly.
And everyone else, all those of us who are not Federal Employees or Dependents, need to be participating in the actual State Assembly, which is organized according to Counties, not Districts.
Okay? Simple enough. District Assemblies, both kinds, are foreign.
No Americans should be participating in District Assemblies, unless, of course, those Americans are adopting the political status of Federal citizens because they (A) work for the U.S. Military; (B) work for the Federal Civil Service; (C) are political asylum seekers; (D) are Dependents needing and seeking Federal welfare.
So if you are not receiving an unearned (welfare) check from the Federales and not employed by the Federales and not seeking political asylum in their jurisdiction, pay no attention to their District Assemblies.
Let them go their way, and you go yours.
Goats to the left, sheep to the right. They may be similar in some respects, but their assemblies are not the same as our assemblies.
Finally, whenever you see anything written in all capital letters, that is foreign. The perps are using some form of Latin -- Dog-Latin, debased Latin, Parsed Latin, Anglicized Latin -- and admitting that they are acting as PERSONS, i.e., incorporated entities.
That applies to Kim Goguen and her purported "assemblies" and her group calling itself "LIFE FORCE", which not only hasn't been proven to exist, but hasn't been proven to be allied with anything good. Calling anything that is alive or populated by living people "LIFE FORCE" is another oxymoron--- you can't be a corporate franchisee and a living man at one-and-the-same time.
Kim knows that. Now, you do, too.

To get connected to your proper State Assembly, go to: and tell your neighbors-- hey, did you know?.... we've been participating in the wrong assemblies!


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Make Haste and Pass the Beans

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have long recognized that the Book of Isaiah is a Book of War, one that recounts how the Jews, who were often enslaved (Babylon, Egypt, Babylon (Again), Assyria.....) learned to poison and debilitate their enemies.  Why shouldn't the same protocol be used in modern warfare?  

Isaiah specifically points out how to denature bread, so that it lacks its ability to nourish ("I have removed the staff....." meaning the staff of life, bread.) and how to use putrid flesh to denature water (....and the stay" --- water).  Also how to denature and pollute and poison food by using brass containers to cook and store it.  Or, translated to modern terms --- aluminum containers?  And fluoridated water? 

Same deal.  Even the table salt has been denatured, so that it no longer contains iodine and other vital mineral salts. 

Yet, we have stood by while the "scientists" and "doctors"  have allowed and promoted the degradation and demineralization of our food sources, the deliberate pollution of our water, and the use of known poisonous metals as food containers and cooking vessels. 

Go figure. 

However, even knowing the "secrets" of Isaiah, I was completely stunned this morning when a colleague in France sent me a pdf copy of "Tracking Down the Killer" --- a small book from 1929  that recounts one person's journey of discovery, impelled by an urgent personal health crisis.

After suffering all the slings and arrows and expenses of the health system --- which self-evidently, doesn't work --- our hero was forced to take the extreme measure of thinking for himself.  

And like Bilbo Baggins stepping out the front door of his cozy Hobbit Hole, our hero was set upon a road most unexpected, to conclusions he could not have foreseen, all which eerily resemble the exact quagmire that we find ourselves embroiled in today.  

One of the gems he stumbled upon was the symptomatic definition of "Asian Plague"-- otherwise known as Beriberi.   Here are the symptoms of Beriberi, which is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B1 in the diet: 

Acute form, Symptoms: Stages in order:
Indigestion; constipation; Nasal affection like a cold; lassitude; heart
palpitation; hard breathing;
Usually ends with death from heart failure.
Chronic Form; Early stages as above.
Later stages: Weak eyes, falling hair, skin sores, stomach ulcers,
kidney affection, chronic catarrh, asthma, cough, heart enlargement,
numbness, paralyzed parts, dropsy.

I could add, "brain fog" to this list and it would be a perfect recital of the symptoms I have personally heard from scores of seniors in this country, and also from far younger people suffering from the hitherto virtually unknown phantom disease, fibromyalgia. 

Sugar poisoning and glandular collapse, also known as diabetes, also shares some of these symptoms--- especially neuropathy, and destruction of peripheral nerves.  

And obesity is easily explained, too.  As Isaiah describes it, people eat, but cannot be filled. All the nourishment is taken out of their food, so their bodies continue to send "hunger" signals to the brain, and the victims continue to eat more and more and more useless calories in a vain attempt to get the nutrients they need. 

Debilitated by malnutrition in the midst of apparent plenty, poisoned by metals and metallic oxides, the body succumbs both because of what it lacks, and the heavy load of poisonous toxins it must excrete. 

Along the way, the victims become confused, some even becoming psychotic. 
Alzheimer's, anyone?  

Does it make sense to you that doctors and scientists who depend on disease as their bread and butter and also as the source of their social prestige and political "power" would seek to create more of it?  

Does it make sense that other people who have read Isaiah have the blueprint for this, and have had the blueprint for thousands of years?  

Denature the bread, pollute the water, introduce poisonous metals into the cooking and food storage process. Simple.  

The yield?  A debilitated, sick, confused, and secretively poisoned populace, dependent on the same "government" and health officials that used this ancient protocol against them --- and all in order to enrich themselves and enhance their political power by making everyone else sick and helpless.   

The answer?  Redouble efforts to squelch fluoridation and install water purification systems in our homes.  Ban all aluminum storage containers and cooking vessels--- boycott their use and spread the word. 

Use cast iron and stainless steel and vitreous glass for cooking and food storage purposes. 

Eat organically grown and non-GMO goods; if possible, grow your own. 

And bulk up on the missing B1 Vitamin sources--- it's not a mistake that the Ashkenazi eat heavy whole wheat and rye breads, nut-based food like Halvah, sesame seeds, caraway seeds, sunflower seeds, old-fashioned oatmeal, organ meats, peas and beans, beets, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, eggs and organic milk.  

They keep their brains sharp and their bodies well-nourished, so that the victims of this "unobserved" crime spree are that much easier to overcome. 

And now that we've dealt with Isaiah and are seeing the tip of the Health Cartel iceberg, let me also observe that Isaiah is rooted in the Old Testament and gives the outlines of a government founded on deceit, poisoning, and surreptitious murder of innocent people.  

The New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew, which like Isaiah, gives a semi-hidden protocol and instructions for a new government founded on peace, forgiveness, true wisdom, and love.  

The New Testament is a new contract with the people of the world, and not just the Jews.  We are all potentially made into "Chosen Ones", for the Father alone will call those that he chooses to be with his son, Jew or Gentile, Buddhist or Muslim.  From among all those who accept this new government will they be chosen, and called, to enter into the New Kingdom on Earth. 

We will recognize his voice, as we recognize the voice of a loved one who has been away from home.  We shall hear it and know that it is him in the same way, and nobody will deceive us.  

Meanwhile, it's autumn.  And it's a hard autumn.  Time to cook up a good pot of beans, and add some carrots to it.  Share some, or the gift of a bag of beans, with your neighbors, along with this article --- so everyone is brought up to speed.

The good foods are not, for the most part, expensive foods.  They are the foods of former slaves in a distant era, simple and unprocessed and hearty, and well-within the means of most people to obtain.   

While you are at it, begin a protocol of self-massage and massage for family members.  We are more dependent on touch and the transfer of energy by touch than we imagine.  

"Social distancing" is just one more way to isolate and weaken us.  

Fight back by giving each other longer hugs --- at least twenty seconds, by rubbing backs, massaging feet, brushing your hair a hundred strokes like your Great-Grandma recommended, spending more time actively playing contact games with your children, and yes, petting and playing with pets.  It all helps and builds a tapestry of beneficial energy that you can rely on to strengthen your connection to the source of all life. 

Now that you know THEIR game plan, it's time to get your game on, too. 

A pdf of "Tracking Down the Killer" will be posted on my website. Go to: to read this fascinating Depression Era expose. (Give our guys enough time to download it and post it.) 

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