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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire.... 31 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Richard S. and Phil Hudok continue their efforts to justify their own mistakes and Bad Faith.   They would have you sign up and volunteer to give up your share of America in exchange for more debt.   If that makes sense to you, go right ahead. 

Remember this, my Readers--- the Federal Code exists to hold Federal Citizens accountable to us and to publish for the whole world to see, what their obligations are.  When you "remind them" of what their obligations are, you are not offering to stand under any Federal Code yourself.  

So when you tell the United States Secretary of State that you are an American claiming your birthright political status as an American State National, and you remind him that this political status is recognized under his Federal Code at 8 USC 1101 (a) 21, you are not placing yourself under Federal Code.  You are placing him under his obligation to you.  

There are those devious and dishonest individuals trying to misrepresent both what is, and what isn't.  There are also a lot of clueless but otherwise good people following along like sheep, thinking that they are getting something of value, when in fact, they are simply buying themselves more debt and further devaluing the currency.  

Good luck with that.  A negative seven plus a negative seven still equals a negative fourteen.  

So long as you are neither active duty US Military, nor a Federal Civil Service employee, nor a dependent thereof, and not seeking welfare nor political asylum, you are not under the obligations of any Federal Code, and you deny that you are under any obligation of Federal Code, simply by reclaiming your birthright political status as an American State National.  

Why?  Because although the Federales allow Dual Citizenship, the actual States of the Union do not.  

Mr. Pompeo cannot "misunderstand" you when you say you are a Wisconsinite or a New Yorker, because when you claim that status, that's the only such status you can hold. 
It's one way or the other so far as the States are concerned.  Remember that. 

Federales hold Dual Citizenship.   Any Dual Citizenship will do.  Many members of their treasonous Municipal Congress hold "US Citizenship" and citizenship in foreign countries like Luxembourg or Israel or Thailand. 

Both varieties of "US" citizenship --- United States [Territorial] Citizenship and Municipal citizens of the United States --- are foreign with respect to our States of the Union.  So if you claim to be a "US" citizen, you are -- believe it or not -- claiming to act as a foreigner in your own country.  

Americans hold American State Nationality --- and may freely choose to serve their States of the Union as State Citizens--- or not.  

You can start your life as an American State National or even serve as an American State Citizen, and subsequently choose to accept Federal Employment, and adopt either Territorial United States Citizenship (military employees) or Municipal United States citizenship (Federal Civil Service) --- which changes your political status.  

You remain in the foreign status of a "US" Citizen or citizen as long as you work for the Federal Government, and you may remain in that status for the rest of your life and may be presumed to have "abandoned" your share of America, if you don't serve Notice and tell Mike Pompeo and/or the heads of your branch of service otherwise. 

As I have said from the beginning of this discussion, it really is up to you --- you can subject yourself to the Queen, you can volunteer to enslave yourself to the Pope.  You can do any self-destructive, stupid thing you like.  You have the inviolable right to contract.  

My only point in all of this is that people deserve to know what they are losing and what they are gaining in any transaction --- including the results of giving away their birthright as Americans.  So I have told you.  

If you are an American, it's time to stand up and say so, and claim your part of the pie.  The actual, factual America.  Not any "representation" thereof. 

If not, enjoy being in debt far, far, far over your heads and having everything you think you own subject to collection, including your physical bodies. 


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Dear Mr. Trump.... 31 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

You aren't a stupid man, so I can only assume that you are getting bad "legal" advice.  

Please bear in mind that the actual government of this country deals in what is lawful, not in what is legal --- and that all the Bar Attorneys in the world are incompetent to advise you about actual Law.  Strange, but true. 

The Power-Holder Office --- the actual Presidency --- is: "President of The United States of America" ---- not President of "the" United States of America, and not President of the United States.  

You need to declare your political status as a native New Yorker and enter into the Power-Holder Office, retain your Territorial Office as Commander-in-Chief, and retain your Municipal Office as President of the United States. 

Once you enter upon the actual Office of President of The United States of America, you will be functioning as the Employer of both the Territorial and the Municipal Government entities, a position that will allow you to sever their contracts and bring them --- howling, yes, but --- back into line.  

Please also inform Pope Francis and the United Nations  that the Municipal ("Civil" as in Federal Civil Service) United States Government has never had any authority or ability to transfer our states, our state offices, or our state laws to United Nations control per their International Organizations Immunity Act (1976). It was and it is, null and void, from inception. 

Read that: the Pope can't sponsor a civil war on our shores between the Territorial and Municipal Governments, because he owns both, and he can't propose a civil war on our shores using the UN, either, because he owns all those franchise "governments", too, and also because the Municipal Government has no authority beyond the limited powers granted to it. 

They were self-evidently and fraudulently offering to trade on what was never theirs. 

All this chicanery revolves around the fact that he, Francis, and the Roman Curia, are trying to avoid their obligation to liquidate their corporations for criminal activity.  Their corporations are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" ---- not "for any legal purpose".   

This again underlines why it is important for you to learn the difference between what is "lawful" and what is "legal".  

We now have 39 States properly constituted and are closing fast.  We know where the bodies are buried and we know how to play crack the whip on Congress.  We also have the only proper and fully documented claim to all American assets that have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally put at risk. 

Don't put up with the sideshow in DC.  Reclaim your proper political status as a New Yorker, enter the Power-Holder Office, retain the Office of Commander-in-Chief, retain the Office of President of the United States, and tell them all how high to jump.  


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The Public Employee Union Problem - 31 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

I have, admittedly, mixed feelings about Labor Unions.  On one hand, they have been instrumental in improving the lives of workers worldwide, and they have been the means to establish reasonable wage parity, and they have stood in the way of the Robber Barons --- venal corporate predators.  They have also led the way forward on benefits for working people --- medical care, pensions, and other measures that decency and social stability reasonably require. 

I am speaking here more of the historical and ongoing role of Blue Collar Labor Unions.  

A lesser known though larger sector of the labor union movement is represented by the White Collar Labor Unions --- and in this country, largely, to AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees and the National Teacher's Union.  There are, of course, many other varieties of Public Employee Unions--- for example, the Air Traffic Controller's Union that Reagan busted. 

I used to work for AFSCME many years ago, during my misguided youth.  It was bad then.  It's far worse now.  The problems involved are not simple to resolve, but as a consumer, I have bones to pick with public employee unions on various issues that are becoming more and more critical as time goes by.

Unions tend to consolidate power and then play the Bully Boy position, just as their Robber Baron counterparts in heavy industry used to do against the workers.  When the pendulum swings too far in the direction of worker pay and benefits, the economy suffers and in the end, the workers lose jobs because they help put their employers out of business. It's a fine line to walk, and if you lose your perspective or botch your national trade policies (our primary problem) you wind up with a horror story like Detroit.    

I am not suggesting that trying to compete with slave labor in other countries is a viable answer --- rather, the answer is to help workers in other countries and other governments to raise the living standards of their own workers via more adept trade practices and negotiations designed to wipe out the problem of child and slave labor worldwide. 

For us, its a problem of unfair competition.  For them, it's a problem of entrenched misery and poverty.  

We could, with more enlightened labor and trade policies wipe out both problems ---- but the Democrats in Congress --- who are supposed (at least verbally) to be the friends of working people, have neglected these opportunities for decades and are now more concerned about trying to cover up their own dirty dealing, including Hillary's Uranium One deal and Benghazi debacle, and Joe Biden's influence peddling to the tune of over a billion dollars----ironically enough, by accusing Donald Trump of doing what they have already done themselves.  

Meanwhile, as our Blue Collar Unions--- and more to the point, American Blue Collar Workers and the companies that employ them---  have struggled to walk that Unfair Competition line with no help from Washington, DC, the White Collar Labor Unions, especially AFSCME, which has grown to be the largest labor union in the world and to have its fingers in many other countries besides the USA, and the National Teacher's Union, refuse to honor common sense. 

What is an American Public Employee's Labor Union --- AFSCME --- doing organizing public employees in Singapore?  Or Portugal?  And what kind of conflicts of interests and improper power-base building does that imply for our government organizations---- whether corporate or incorporated?  

Quite beyond the question of whether public employee unions should be legal at all --- which is a question that should be asked, and the pros and cons in terms of the Public Good assessed --- should it be legal for public employee unions to form foreign franchises and act as transnational corporations in control of government functions on a worldwide basis?  

I think the answer to the first question -- should public employee unions be allowed -- is a guarded "yes".  And the answer to the second question -- should public employee unions be allowed to spread offshore from country to country -- is a definite "no". 
The reasoning in favor of allowing public employee unions is simple.  The corporations that are presently operating "as" our government are rapacious, largely criminal enterprises that have illegally commandeered our lawful government and there is no plausible excuse for leaving our public employees at their mercy.  That would only reduce public employment to the level of slave labor and guarantee that nobody with an IQ above 50 would be employed in public jobs. 

The reasoning behind prohibiting transnational labor unions is equally stark: the situation is bad enough with transnational for-profit "governmental services corporations" operating illegally as national governments, and colluding together in umbrella organizations like "the" UN  to create and enforce de facto worldwide government structures "for" us.  We don't need transnational public employee labor unions adding another dimension to that problem. 

We already need to bust the government services corporations situation, without also having to bust transnational public employee unions.

You see how this works? 
1. The private for-profit corporations in the business of providing governmental services hire public employees "for" us.  

2. The corporations expand under Color of Law and via improper exercise of government powers, they become corrupt. 
3. The labor unions follow in their footsteps and organize the public employees (who are, nonetheless, privately employed as subcontractors) --- and the result is that the entire world becomes subservient to both the "governmental services corporations" and the public employee unions. 

By allowing public employee unions to function as transnational corporations, the national governments of every country are creating a double problem for themselves --- not only the subcontracting service corporations that all have their paws in our pockets illegally --- but the labor unions, too, get into position to tell their actual employers how high to jump. 

The purported Friends of Labor in Congress, have been far too busy to consider any aspects of the Public Good for many years, but it is clear that someone has to start.  


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Get Sharp, Stay Sharp, and Be Honest

By Anna Von Reitz

As my Readers have learned: 

The United States of America is not the same as "the" United States of America, nor is it the same as "the united" States of America.  

The Rule of Law is not Law.  

The State of Wisconsin is not "the" State of Wisconsin, nor "the" STATE OF WISCONSIN, either.  

There is exactly one (1) actual State called Wisconsin --- no "State of" descriptor is attached to that name.  Wisconsin is Wisconsin.  Period.  

There are three original Constitutions in which powers were delegated and shared among subcontractors, including two (2) foreign governments, in the business of providing governmental services.  

The two foreign subcontractors were the British Monarch and the Pope.  

The American subcontractor was the original Confederation of States of States formed under the Articles of Confederation, but the Confederation split apart in 1860 and has never been reconstructed by the States of our Federation of States --- The United States of America.  

This created a vacuum of power, and first the British, and then later the Popes, usurped into this vacancy, substituting their own "state of state" franchises for the actual American organizations we are owed.  

Thus, by guile, omission, and sleight of hand, these foreign subcontractors that are supposed to be here operating in "good faith" to provide a few enumerated services have endeavored to commandeer our federal government.  

They have largely succeeded for 150 years, until now. 

The "Civil Government" provided by the Popes and the Municipal United States Government, is not the same as our civilian government.  

The military is obligated to take its orders from the civilian government, but instead, the civil government (think Federal Civil Service) has been substituting itself as the civilian authority.  This is a foreign civilian populace at best, and has no authority granted to it to substitute itself for our civilian government. 

These similar name deceits have been used throughout --- "The" versus "the", State of State versus State, and even STATE OF STATE versus State, "Rule of Law" versus actual "Law", "civil government" substituted for "civilian government" and so on.  

To beat these monsters at their game requires us to be sharp enough to recognize the subtle differences in language and to question these differences instead of "assuming" anything.  It requires us to learn what has aptly been described as "code" as in code words and Federal Code, and also to recognize it when we are dealing with the Territorial Government and when we are dealing with the Municipal Government.  

Most of all, it requires us to know who we are, what our actual country and nationality is, and what we are owed from these bilkers, as well as a practical grasp of their court system and why it has no jurisdiction related to us. 

Their courts deal in contract law, exclusively.  

They assume that they have contracts with you, in part because of falsified public records, in part because of adhesion contracts you are coerced into, and in part they just plain bluff it until they can stuff it.  

It is your job to defeat them in their purposes and to expose their corruption and to demand reform.  

Never identify yourself by your full name.  Just first and middle.  Ask the court if they are dealing in contract law.  They will have to admit, yes.  Then ask to see the contract subjecting YOUR NAME to their jurisdiction.  

They will either dismiss on the spot or bring a variety of records or reference a State of State Constitution.  

You must reply that you live in a State, not a State of State, and are not a signatory on any State of State Constitution.  

And for the rest, you must be prepared to make appropriate reply.  

Birth Certificates are all Unconscionable and Coerced contracts established by Third Parties when you were only days old. 

Licenses of all kinds and mortgages, have all been obtained and enforced under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, so that you made a mistake under duress, and wish to correct that mistake.  

Better still, do your paperwork and be able to bring along the public record evidence that you already did make the effort to self-correct the "mistake". 

Aside from these sorts of things, these courts ---generally speaking --- have no contracts and no jurisdiction related to Joe Average American. 

Their only actual justification for being here is to provide you with good faith service, a fact that they need to have repeated and repeated in their ears, until they finally wake up and go --- "OMG!  Just look at what I've been doing!"  

But you can only provide that cathartic experience for your public servants once you have a firm hand on who you are, where you stand, who they are, where they stand, and learn to navigate the space between.  

It is important to stay scrupulously honest.  They are --- knowingly or unknowingly --- engaged in criminal activity.  So you must give them no excuse to complain against you, like the filthy guilty Democrats are now attempting to claim their own sins against President Trump.  

You must stand above them as the cliffs stand above the sea. And when the day comes, let them dash themselves like useless waves against eternity.  


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

My Take on NLA -- October 30, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

One of my Readers who has kept track of "National Liberty Alliance" (NLA) for reasons I don't understand, got in contact with me and told me all about their supposed "expose" last Monday night, claiming that "everyone associated with me (Anna von Reitz) has ended up in jail". 

I broke with the Colorado Nine at least six weeks prior to their misguided transgressions against the foreign State of Colorado Court System.  And I made the reasons for the schism very public and very explicit and published them on my website well-prior to that whole debacle going down. 

So, anyone pretending that what happened to the Colorado Nine was my fault is either: (1) totally misinformed, or (2) purposefully lying. 

The Colorado Nine were no longer "associated" with me and no longer acting under my advice when they got into trouble.  There is no excuse for anyone including the NLA to say anything otherwise, except to irresponsibly and immorally blackball me out of spite.

So, let's have a go back at NLA, which has been in existence -- at least by my count -- for at least twelve years, and which has accomplished exactly nothing in that time period, aside from sopping up a lot of energy and money and wasting a lot of time. 

In my opinion, the NLA is designed purposefully, with malice aforethought, to co-opt and bilk money from the Patriot Movement. It's entire actual reason for existing appears to be to keep people spinning in circles, going nowhere, while wasting as much time and money as possible doing it.

Just as NLA has attempted to mislead people by bare-faced lying about my former association with the Colorado Nine and obscuring the actual facts, NLA has been feeding Americans a steady diet of Patriot Myth instead of conducting any solid research on any subject at all. 

NLA has produced a large number of Common Law Writs and has addressed them to Admiralty and Maritime Courts that are operating in totally foreign jurisdictions, so that all of NLA's high-sounding Writs bounce off these foreign courts like cotton balls lobbed at the back of a tortoise, and for good, known reasons.  

It's the "good, known reasons" part that should be a concern to NLA members.  I told John Daresh exactly why Common Law Writs don't work against such courts a decade ago, and NLA is still doing the same things the same ways and getting the same results.

It should also be of concern to NLA members that their leadership is telling bald-faced lies about me and my attempts to unmask the actual Svengali who did lead the Colorado Nine astray--- Michael R. Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton, a federal insurance examiner, fed them all full of Patriot Myth and marched them off to slaughter.  Amazingly, when the actual events occurred, Michael R. Hamilton was nowhere to be found. Think about that, just don't think too long.

If any self-admitted federal insurance adjusters walk up to you and start spewing Patriot-Talk, take my advice firmly standing on the record --- and beat feet in the opposite direction. 

See Articles 483 ( and 485 ( on my website and related articles that were published in the days and weeks just prior to the events that led to the Colorado Nine being arrested.  And think for yourselves.

I would like to issue a Writ to NLA for its lack of moral compass (telling lies about already known facts) and for being a vacuous waste of time and money amounting to a fraud scheme to purposefully mislead and co-opt the efforts of Americans who are trying to restore their lawful government.

Unfortunately, a Writ prohibiting Fraud Masquerading as Incorrigible Ignorance and Moral Turpitude does not exist.

Another Principal Lie being promoted and practiced by the NLA is the Myth of the Free-Standing Grand Jury, which after a decade, has also produced zero results.

Many years ago now I asked John Daresh, the NLA leader, the simple question -- "How can you have a Grand Jury without having a Court in back of it?" 

Not only did I get no response to my question, I got a hateful screed full of invective in return.  It was at that point that I shook my head, shook the dust off my sandals, and never returned to give NLA a second look.  It is a given that if an organization's leadership is bad, the organization will be bad. And it is-- a purposefully misleading, willfully immoral waste of time.

The fact is that a Grand Jury is just a part of a Court, like a car's transmission is part of a car.  It needs all the other parts of the "car" to function as a car.  Otherwise, you can build all the transmissions you like and they can work just fine, as transmissions, but you still won't be a mile farther down the road, will you?

Well, and go figure, again --- that is exactly where NLA and the whole "Grand Jury Movement" stands after a decade of organizing Grand Juries. 

Is it credible that people continue to buy into the NLA song and dance,
after more than a decade of wheel-spinning and overtly illogical activities and non-productive efforts? 

Are we dealing with True Believers or True Deceivers here? 

How is it possible for anyone to believe in NLA when NLA does the things it does and fails, fails, fails, and then also fails to correct its mistakes and fails some more?

The Bar Association Members must be howling with laughter.  They must slap each other on the back and wink and say, "Well, we could always join the NLA.... hahahahahah!" 

So, if you want to waste your time and money on an organization that has gone nowhere for ten years and which is still determinedly going nowhere for the next twenty --- join NLA. 

If you want to be part of an immoral and irresponsible group led by immoral and irresponsible leaders --- join NLA.

If you want to look ridiculous to the rest of the world, like a little kid riding a broomstick hobby horse and pretending to be a Grand Jury without the nicety of building a court to back your Grand Jury --- go ahead. Join the NLA. 

It's all the same to me, because at the end of the day, the truth is still going to be the truth, and I and those with me will still be "safe" -- though safety is not our prime motive for doing any of this -- and we will still be making progress long after NLA is simply a bad taste in the mouth and an ugly image in the rear view mirror.


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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Our Government v. Their Government

By Anna Von Reitz

I get contacted all the time by various groups trying to work as Private Membership Organizations (PMAs) to substitute themselves for the lawful government we are owed and gain some degree of protection for their members. 

Be aware that this holds no traction and makes no difference in the larger scheme of things.  You and your fellow-members are still in the Matrix, still owned and controlled by the same foreign governments, and still just as far away from accomplishing the actual work of Reconstruction.  

You are in effect following the same pattern and making the same mistakes as were made directly in the wake of the Civil War ---- acting as "declared" US citizens --- that is, Federal Employees, because you haven't corrected the falsified political status records they foisted off on everyone --- all you can do is form foreign "State of State" organizations.  

In fact, your actions can be taken as anti-American and as insurrection against the actual Lawful Government ---- and ironically enough, as activity that the actual Interlopers are happy to prosecute, because they can charge the rest of us for the service and put down "patriots" in the bargain.  

Please keep on track and follow the logic of the history involved.  

You have all been run through the mill and issued a foreign Birth Certificate. 

You have to take exception to that mis-characterization or you cannot function as an American.  

It requires correction of your political status records as a first step.  

And the second step requires assembling your State of the Union.  

You have to have the proper political status to have standing, and you have to have standing to assert jurisdiction and you have to have jurisdiction or all your actions are null and void.  

You are just spinning your wheels and playing back into the hands of the Brits and the Roman Municipal Government, dividing the resources of the Patriot Movement, and causing more problems instead of co-creating actual, factual, lasting reform and solutions. 

There is at this point exactly one (1) organization that is properly organized, that has corrected the political status of all members, and which is actively engaged in the process of self-governing and assembling the States of the Union.  Go to:  

This is the only organization with the teeth --- the status, standing, and jurisdiction --- to operate as the  "People" and therefore, enforce the Constitutions.   This is the only organization that is properly organized to operate The United States of America, our Federation of States.  

There is no other such organization out there, and if there were, we would not be bothering to re-create the wheel.  We would be lending our support to that other organization, instead. 

As it is, here we are.  Doing the right thing, the right way, to have the power to restore and reconstruct the American Government we are owed, because we have the political status, standing, and jurisdiction to do so.  

Don't waste your time on any "private" organizations trying to make up for the lack of honest public administration.  

You are being called to assemble your own long-lost Lawful and Sovereign Government of the people, for the people, and by the people ---- a Living Government that is not subject to the whims of the Queen or the Pope, and not existing in a world of universal (and largely bogus) debt.  


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Pope Promises to Obey Himself --- Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you have sent me links to the Pope's recent statements to the effect that it is "Our duty to obey the United Nations".
What he is really saying is that its our duty to obey him and the Roman Curia, because the members of the United Nations are all corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" and are all chartered by the Holy See.
It's an entire kingdom made of lies and paper, and he, Francis, owns and operates it all under Color of Law and conditions of deceit.
It's an odd reprise of the conditions by which he came into office in the first place.
Everyone knows that Jesuits take their Oath to obey the Pope.
So how is it that a Jesuit can be Pope? He takes an Oath to obey himself?
How quaint. Even pigs in the fields do the same.
Francis in effect has vowed to obey himself upon taking up the Office of Pope, and now has stated his "duty" to obey himself again with his mandate to "obey the United Nations".
What he should be doing is willingly and promptly liquidating all these phony "governments" which are his own flunkies and which have been found to be operating as criminal syndicates. Instead, he is trying to protect and promote these felonious corporate impostors as the actual governments of these countries.
If the Roman Catholic Church doesn't take out its own dirty laundry, someone else will have to. The same goes for the United Nations organization.
It may come as news to Francis, but his Municipal Government had no authority to "gift" our state offices and laws to the United Nations back in 1976 under the International Organizations Immunities Act and its still has no such authority now.
We are grandfathered-in and we insist that he corrects his presumptions.
It may also come as a shocker to know that he has 185,000 municipal corporations that need to be shut down in this country alone, as they are operating in contravention of international law and in violation of the both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions.
We noted in our first Decree Over Mandate that the Pope directly controls the Municipal United States Government and indirectly, through the British Queen, controls the Territorial United States Government --- so any offer to start a civil war on our shores is an offer by the Pope to start a war with himself on our shores.
Now he counters by offering to use the International Organizations Immunities Act (1976) as an excuse to pretend that the United Nations is an entity separate from himself --- but a closer examination shows that all those "governments" being "represented" as members of the United Nations are corporations and franchises holding charters under the auspices of the Roman Curia.
So whether he offers a Civil War between the Municipal and Territorial Governments or he offers a Civil War between the Territorial Government and the United Nations --- either way, Pope Francis is offering to fight himself. And he needs to be called out for this reprehensible and deceitful behavior.
It is not our "duty" to obey any corporation --- much less a large group of corporations. Rather, it is the duty of corporations to obey the Public Law and living men. Pope Francis has it exactly opposite from the facts.
His paper monsters are allowed to exist and to function "for any lawful purpose" --- not any "legal" purpose.
That is the key point that needs to be driven home and brought forcefully to the attention of the Roman Curia. All corporations caught involved in criminal activities are to be liquidated without question and without delay. That's the deal--- and the only deal we have ever made.
The Pope owes this world and its people honesty and peace and if he will not grant that willingly, he does indeed need to be the last Pope and this needs to be the last fight that anyone ever has to have with the Roman Catholic Church and its venal secretive pagan Roman Pontificate.
The proposal to use the United Nations as a new storefront to replace the Roman Catholic Church's role needs to be recognized for what it is and refused en masse by the members of the United Nations Organization.
While the Pope appears to humble himself and his "back office" organization operating as the UN CORP behind the scenes, the shell companies fronting as corporate governments need to remember that from his perspective, the servants are the masters.


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Out of Thin Air --- and Your Pockets

By Anna Von Reitz

I am reprinting this article because someone has to let you know what is really going on, so that the urgency of your own action to put an end to this craziness becomes more apparent.  

Those of you who are lagging behind the necessary steps --- (1) correct your political status; (2) assemble your State Assembly; (3) repudiate the System and the debt being lavished on you --- are still in harm's way.  This mammoth bail out is being funded on your backs, your land, your assets, your labor.  You are being enslaved at this very moment to the tune of billions of dollars a day --- so that the fiends in charge can keep their sideshow going.  

Fed Ups Its Wall Street Bailout to $690 Billion a Week as Media Snoozes

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 24, 2019 ~

Yesterday the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed) announced that the giant money spigot it turned on for Wall Street on September 17 would be growing exponentially beginning today.

The New York Fed will now be lavishing up to $120 billion a day in cheap overnight loans to Wall Street securities trading firms, a daily increase of $45 billion from its previously announced $75 billion a day. In addition, it is increasing its 14-day term loans to Wall Street, a program which also came out of the blue in September, to $45 billion. Those term loans since September have been occurring twice a week, meaning another $90 billion a week will be offered, bringing the total weekly offering to an astounding $690 billion. It should be noted that if the same Wall Street firms are getting these loans continuously rolled over, they are effectively permanent loans. (That’s exactly what happened during the 2007-2010 Wall Street collapse: some teetering Wall Street casinos received, individually, $2 trillion in cumulative loans that were rolled over for two and one-half years – without the authorization or even awareness of Congress or the American people. One bank, Citigroup, received over $2.5 trillion in Fed loans, much of them at an interest rate below 1 percent, at a time when it was insolvent and couldn’t have obtained loans in the open market at even high double-digit interest rates.)

This latest announcement from the Fed comes on the heels of an October 11 announcement that it is launching a program to buy up $60 billion a month in Treasury bills and that program will last into “at least” the second quarter of next year.

What the New York Fed is doing is unprecedented in U.S. history and yet you will find no mention of it on any front page of a newspaper today. This is just a partial list of what makes this action unprecedented or highly questionable:

No Wall Street crisis has been announced to the public to explain these massive loans and Treasury buybacks;

Not one hearing has been held by Congress on the matter;

Not one official elected by the American people has authorized these loans;

The loans are not being made to commercial banks (which could re-loan the money to stimulate the U.S. economy). The loans are going to the New York Fed’s primary dealers, which are stock and bond trading houses on Wall Street who count hedge funds among their largest borrowers; (See list below. There is only one bank among the 24 primary dealers.)

Many of the primary dealers are units of foreign banks whose share prices have been in freefall. The Fed is making these loans at approximately 2 percent interest – an interest rate these firms could not come anywhere close to obtaining in the open market;

These same foreign banks are counterparties to mega U.S. banks’ derivative trades – raising the suggestion that this is another bailout of Wall Street’s derivatives mess as occurred in 2008;

The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation of 2010 was supposed to rein in this exact type of abuse by the New York Fed and, in fact, it states that Congress must be informed as to which banks are receiving the money to be sure it’s not going, once again, to failing financial institutions as happened in the last crisis; 

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), when it released its audit of the Fed’s bailout programs of 2007 to 2010 chastised the Fed for failing to document the reasons it was flinging trillions of dollars to Wall Street and foreign banks. Notwithstanding the GAO’s report, the New York Fed is back to its old tricks again;

The New York Fed is owned by its members banks in its region. Representatives of these banks sit on its Board of Directors. It is thus too conflicted to be in charge of this bailout money spigot which is ultimately backstopped by the U.S. taxpayer if the New York Fed fails;

The New York Fed is the regulator of the largest bank holding companies in the U.S. But its failure as a regulator is why these same banks needed to be massively bailed out in 2008 and, apparently, again now. This system lacks any semblance of checks and balances;

The parent organizations of five of its primary dealers have admitted to criminal felony counts brought by the U.S. Department of Justice for frauds against the investing public. Bailing out felons and Wall Street firms with serial histories of wrongdoing perpetuates moral hazard and, thus, more wrongdoing and bailouts.

Just this morning the New York Fed pumped out $134.15 billion to Wall Street under its new loan programs. The $45 billion in 14-day loans was oversubscribed by $17.15 billion, meaning the demand for liquidity on Wall Street is growing, not subsiding. Congress and mainstream media failed to do their job in the leadup to the epic Wall Street crisis of 2008 and they are failing the American people again.