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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

Found here:

If this doesn't get your blood moving you must be part of the problem rather than the solution.

Now you have a primary reason to carry a gun with you at all times. Never leave home without it.

Get the proper training and protect yourself and your family.

This lady needs to read this blog and the website.

Infinity Accounts, Infinite Quantitative Easing, and Other Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

I hear endless drivel from the economic markets, bank pundits, and politicians. 

Let's make this clear: (1) "Infinity Accounts" don't exist; computer programs that rely on bogus accounting algorithms do exist, but that's not the same thing, is it? (2) "Quantitative Easing" is counterfeiting by another name; (3) "Private Placement Trading Platforms" were supposed to provide credit for worthy philanthropic projects -- but instead, have been turned into bizarre corporate gambling casinos that do nothing but devalue everything in sight; (4) This devaluation, coupled with physical counterfeiting, and numerous other crimes,  are all stealing the value of your money.  And everyone else's money, too, because like it or not, all these currencies are pegged to the various species of "US Dollar".  

Just tonight at the hardware store I heard a man complaining bitterly to a stock clerk about the price of rope.  It's increased 30% in six months.  I had just had a similar discussion myself at my favorite restaurant where all the prices had increased by about 40% over the past year and a half.  The same gallon of milk that used to be $2.99 five years ago is now $5.69.  Do you see what is happening?  The run up to hyperinflation.  And the rats are doing all that they can to shift gears and blow smoke and steal the value of your money as it sits in their banks.  

The money printing presses that Obama sent offshore to places like Mexico and Thailand and China, are running day and night overseas, provided with all the special paper and ink and trick devices, so that the counterfeits are indistinguishable from any other "dollar".  And they are just continuing to pour and pour and pour into the world market, which devalues, devalues, and devalues your money as it is sitting in the bank, which further devalues US Treasury Bonds, which further devalues what you are owed as recompense for all the theft and abuse these criminals have already inflicted on you.    

To keep up with it, you would have to be making 30% on your investments, day in and day out, every day.   Are your investments doing that well? 

There are only two ways for this to end--- we do what Iceland did, or we live as slaves to crooked bankers.  

What's it going to be, people of the world?  Are you fed up yet?  Tell me when you have had enough to get off your couch and get organized.  

Time to raise your hand and realize that you are being robbed.  Time to bitch, bitch, bitch and not to some helpless, clueless sales clerk.  

This is not being done by a guy with a black balaclava and a knife.  It's being done by bankers in nice suits in broad daylight.  

This is not being done by an obvious, overt "bank bailout" or "bank bail-in". Instead, it's  being done while your account seems perfectly secure.  The digits are the same.  It's the value of the digits that is being wasted.  

Don't shake your heads in wonder as you notice that $100 doesn't mean much anymore.  How could it, when foreign governments are running the printing presses and chunking out $100 bills by the billions?  

The bankers and the politicians and the run amok military generals who don't know which side of their rumps to rest on, are stealing the value of your money, on purpose, with malice aforethought, because they don't want to pay you what you paid in.  

Back when you earned the credit six months ago, a hundred bucks filled the tank in your car and bought dinner and toothpaste and garbage bags.   Now it only buys half a tank of gas and a chicken.   And if we don't do something about it and I mean really DO something about it, the situation will only get worse. 

We have no choice but to put the hammer down and push it flat. 


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The Issue of Slavery

By Anna Von Reitz

Jim Rowe struggled mentally and emotionally for decades to overcome trauma and PTSD from Vietnam.  He suffered physically from a broken back and knee injuries from being half-crushed in an airfield accident.  He finally died of a rare cancer known to be caused by Agent Orange.  He was like many embittered and jaundiced Vietnam veterans and though he was many years older than me, he was one of my dearest friends.  

One summer night we built a bonfire on what he called "the Watchtower" -- a bare summit that can be seen for miles around, and we talked about poetry and ravens and motorcycles in cold climates.... and he suddenly turned to me, looked straight at me, and he said, "It's all right.  You know, it's just perfect, just the way it is."  

I didn't agree.  He shook his head and waved at the stars above and said, "Look at that!  I am part of it!  What could be better than that?"  His voice was touched with wonder as he stared into the heart of sky.  

I didn't understand then, but I do now. He could see farther than I could at the time, and he turned back to tell me what he saw: the unimaginable splendor and glory of Creation, and our blessed part in it all.  

And it is all right, because we are united forever in that glory, beyond space, beyond time, already perfected in Our Father's eyes.  We shuffle off these mortal bodies like butterflies and rise up in our true form, set free, aware of the  love that connects us to everyone and everything else that was, that is, and that will ever be.  

Death is but another season. 

The great issues of this time are but an echo of the past, the unresolved detritus and unanswered questions left over from the Civil War. Where do we stand on the issue of slavery?  

That question remains unresolved, because of the sophistry of the men who were left in charge after Lee's surrender.  

While loudly proclaiming the abolition of slavery, they secretively preserved it. 

Indeed, they enshrined slavery and inextricably equated being a slave with being a criminal, too. While they abolished private slave ownership, they made sure that public slave ownership endured.  

Thus, plantation slaves who were supposed to be emancipated at the end of the Civil War, were re-enslaved as public property, and additionally saddled with the onus of being criminals by definition, too.  

In this backhanded way, public slave ownership continued in the land of the free, and human chattels became a more and more important source of collateral assets backing the credit of the usurping foreign governmental services corporations operated by the Pope and the Queen. 

The more slaves, the more collateral assets, and the more credit for the Interlopers to spend.  That's why the Dems want more immigrants --- more slaves equals more money.  Now you know, in part, how China suddenly became so fabulously wealthy.  The Chinese Generals took a bribe of $80 billion dollars and sold their people as assets to the criminals. 

It was a foregone conclusion that these fraud artists would continue to claim innocent people as slaves after the Civil War, and their practice of public slavery, like the former practice of private slave ownership, would spread like a cancer until we have all come to this question again: where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  

Slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.  Press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years.  Yet, here we are, asking this question again, because these con artists have endeavored to claim living people and their private assets as bonded securities backing their own spending. 

And they've gotten away with it, which is the fault of the Holy See.   

Our deal with the Holy See is strictly this -- that corporations can exist only for lawful purposes --- and these corporations have been anything but lawful.  

Obviously, Cede and Company and all Successors need to go.  So does the DTTC.  Mellon Bank.  The jackasses at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  JP Morgan. The American Corporations Company.  The US Bar Association. The Federal Reserve.  The IMF.  The World Bank.  The IBRD.  The List goes on. 

We need a reset alright, but not just a reset.  We need a re-venue.  We need the debt system turned upside down and on its head, so that all these venal corporations are the ones paying their debts to society.     

As I have said from the beginning, this is not a matter of politics, not about black or white, not about religion.  This is about fraud and racketeering and human trafficking and identity theft and nothing else.  

As this situation teaches, if we allow anyone to be victimized by crime---such as being enslaved or forced into peonage--- it quickly spreads, like a disease, until we are all impacted by it.
I have been told that our assets are "blocked" by "very powerful" individuals. 

Those individuals are criminals. 

I need a hundred Marines to walk into the lobby of Citibank in Chicago with me and start pulling down pants.   Then we'll see whose assets are blocked. 

And it won't be the assets of The United States of America. 
The same criminals are blocking your access to your assets in the "name of" protecting you, too--from yourself, apparently, while they feast on your larder, ruin your country, deny you the freedom you have earned, and snatch your children ----and then tell you lies and fairy tales about it.  

Have we all had enough?  Where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  


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Friday, October 18, 2019

Call Out for Continental Marshal Support

By Anna Von Reitz

As all my Readers know, we re-commissioned the Federal Marshals in 2015 and renamed them Continental Marshals in an effort to draw a clear and firm distinction between their functions and jurisdiction compared to their counterparts, the United States Marshals.  

Our Continental Marshals function as Peacekeeping Officers in both the International Jurisdiction of the Land and the International Jurisdiction of the Sea -- Reserved Powers, Amendment X.   

You will note that all the gross criminality effecting the international securities markets and fiat currencies and all the human trafficking and interstate bank fraud problems got going at about the same time that the Federal Marshals were first "merged" into the United States Marshals Service, and then de-funded by the Municipal Congress operating 'in our names".  

This left our international land jurisdiction largely undefended.  The U.S. Marshals have suffered the same problem as our Sheriffs, in that they have had to exercise their "individual discretion" in enforcing the Constitutions, and have often had to do so against the wishes of the people signing their paychecks "for" us.  

That is, thank God, coming to an end as a result of your efforts to educate yourselves and reclaim your birthrights and organize your States of the Union. If you have not already done so---get moving now and go here to start:

It also ending because of the men and women stepping forward to serve as Continental Marshals and fill the empty shoes of our Federal Marshals, and because of the commitment of President Trump and his Administration to the American States and People.  

This group effort from all sides of the various fences is the only way to peacefully and surely operate the government that this country is owed and which we are all heir to.  

Until the issues of funding are settled, all our offices are being staffed by volunteers, including the offices of the Continental Marshals.  Our Senior Chief Marshal, Tresa Haywood, has gone above and beyond to do her Public Duty as an Officer of The United States of America --- and now she needs our help. 

Or use this Tiny URL created by Ed Movius going to the same GoFundME page:  This lets you promote it a bit better.

If you want to donate toward the moving expenses or for the Continental Marshals' Silver Stars Program (funds issuance of actual traditional silver star badges for the Marshals and for Sheriff Stars for Sheriffs who agree to honor their Public Duty to enforce the Constitutions) just write a note on PayPal donations to or on checks or money orders sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

We will make sure that the money gets sent where it needs to go and that every Marshal and Sheriff who stands up to defend and enforce the Constitutional guarantees we are owed, has the correct silver star badge designating them as Peacekeepers.  

This will allow us all to quickly identify those Officers who are working to defend and protect us and our country, versus those who are working merely as corporate private security personnel --- Pinkertons --- doing private "law enforcement" activities on our shores. 


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Decree Over Mandate

By Anna Von Reitz

When we established the Constitutions --- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal, we delegated some of our established "Powers" to be exercised "for" us by others.
So, naturally, there had to be a "Delegator" of these "Powers" and there had to be stipulated "Delegatees" receiving and exercising these "Powers" in our behalf.
As the Preambles of the Constitutions clearly state, the Delegation is made by the "People" of this country. The People are defined as the State Citizens and their State Governments. The State Governments in turn function together in international jurisdiction through their unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America.
The United States of America is a Holding Company, and what it holds are all the rights and prerogatives of the sovereign states/States that they exercise in common in international and global jurisdiction.
Thus, The United States of America is the "Delegator" of the "Powers" shared out under the Constitutions.
Who are the "Delegatees"?
The first Constitution (1787) called the Federal Constitution and/or "Original Equity Contract", delegates Powers to the Confederation of States formed March 1, 1781 and doing business as the States of America. The Powers assigned ran a gamut of responsibilities related to international business affairs, law enforcement, military operations, tax collection, and oversight.
The second Constitution (1789) called the Territorial Constitution delegates Powers to the British Territorial United States Government to exercise for us in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea. The Powers assigned relate largely to Naval Operations and international tariffs and trade policies.
The third Constitution (1790) called the Municipal Constitution delegates Powers to the Pope's Municipal (City-State) Government to exercise for us in the Global Jurisdiction of the Air. The Powers assigned relate to Postal Service, Patents, Trademarks, and similar functions.
So: Delegator: The United States of America -- our unincorporated Federation of States.
Delegatees: (1) the Confederation of States formed March 1,1781 doing business as the States of America --- which has been inoperative since 1860; (2) the British Territorial United States Government --- a British Commonwealth Government doing business under our name as "the" United States of America; (3) the Pontiff's Roman Municipal Government doing business under our name as "the" United States.
When the States of America confederation ceased operations, the Delegated Powers assigned to it immediately reverted to the Delegator -- The United States of America, but, conveniently, nobody told us what was going on in the chaos and confusion after the Civil War.
The Grand Army of the Republic came in and began "administrating" everything under Admiralty Law on the Sea and General Order 100 -- The Lieber Code -- on the land, pending the Reconstruction of the States of America organization. And that is where it has remained -- in limbo -- for over 150 years, waiting for the Reconstruction to be completed.
Because we were operating in this offbeat fashion and other countries had to interact with us, they began operating in the same way. The Hague Conventions and the Geneva Conventions were adopted to facilitate this new organizational scheme in which countries were presumed to be occupied by Armed Forces awaiting the "return" of civilian government.
The Perpetrators of this circumstance --- Generals and Admirals who benefited from the exercise of political power not vouchsafed to them, and foreign governments that gained economic advantages by preying upon people and the assets belonging to the people of each country began a conspiracy of silence and collusion and formatted their operations through commercial corporations.
The Central Banks were established to expedite this process and various institutionalized fraud schemes were set up to make "harvesting" the value of our labor and other resources efficient. These have included the IRS/Internal Revenue Service, the fraudulent Land Titles schemes, the bogus Foreclosures, the Conscription via military drafts and Uniformed Officers Codes, The Dead Baby Scam, and many more automated schemes controlled by patents and trademarks and other control systems.
And they are all kaput as of 14 October 2019.
We pulled the plug and issued our Decree Over Mandate on that day.
So what is a "Decree Over Mandate"?
Each Constitution creates a "Public Mandate" that granted sweeping powers to each of the Delegatees ---- all to be exercised under conditions of strictest International Treaty and Trust Obligation. Such a Mandate is very powerful in keeping with the extensive Powers granted, but it remains Subject to Decree by the Delegator: The United States of America -- unincorporated.
The United States of America -- our unincorporated Federation of States -- summoned the States of the Union to Assemble and has overcome the obstacles placed in the way of Americans seeking to exercise their lawful authority. A majority of properly constituted States have now Assembled and The United States of America has issued a Decree Over Mandate ordering relief and directing the financial affairs of the country for the first time since the Civil War.
The first order of business beyond declaring the proper authority has been to bust the physical human trafficking and pedophile rings operating in our formerly defenseless international land jurisdiction.
The second order of business has been to set our financial affairs in order, locate and organize our assets, and declare all these foreign corporations bankrupt and subject to the Primary Creditors --- the People of this country and every other country on Earth.
The third order of business is to begin the process of securing remedy and relief for all those who have been enslaved --- specifically, an end to the false claims of debt, "protective" asset seizures, phony loans and mortgages, forced registration of assets and similar usurpation and oppression carried out against the living people of this country and this planet.
We have also nipped all threats of "Civil War" in the bud; both the Territorial and Municipal Corporations are ultimately under the Pope's control and ownership, and he cannot fight against himself. So we no longer have to put up with that threat and all the associated garbage. We know who is accountable and we will hold them accountable.
This action made possible by the tireless efforts of The American States Assembly organizers marks the onset of the Re-Venue of all physical assets to the possession of living people, the end of Corporate Feudalism, and the end of Martial Law being imposed on civilians in this country. The Reconstruction necessary to restore our fully functioning Federal Government will not be far behind.
If you have not yet declared your proper political status and stepped forward to serve your country, go to:
A complete jpeg copy of the Decree Over Mandate is now published and available (or soon will be) at: and websites.

Webmaster's Note:
Here are the links to the individual pages of the Decree in jpeg form. Below these links you have a PDF document with all the scans, thanks to the work of Ed Movius last night while I was sleeping. Thanks a bunch Ed.


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People v. Persons

By Anna Von Reitz

There are four political statuses generally available to Americans.  They are: (1) State National; (2) State Citizen; (3) United States Citizen [Federal and Territorial] and (4) citizen of the United States [Municipal] .  

The first political status, State National, confers our nationality.  As Americans, we are typically born within the geographical borders of a State of the Union and we technically acquire our nationality from our sovereign State. 

Thus, though you have not been taught or had cause to think deeply about this, you are actually a Wisconsinite, a New Yorker, a Texan, a Virginian, a Minnesotan, and so on---and taken together, we call ourselves Americans. 

If we are born to American parents living in foreign places, we naturally acquire and can claim our nationality through either one of our parents.  

If we immigrate to this country legally and go through the naturalization process, we can choose to adopt a State of the Union as our home and permanent domicile, and redefine our nationality to be that of an American State National like everyone else.  

We say that, for example, Minnesota is populated by Minnesotans.   Minnesota is a physically-defined State and Minnesotans are all "people" adopting that place as their home, and they are part of the "population" of Minnesota.  Note the verbiage: people, home, population. 

You can also choose, once you are of age (21, in this case) to adopt the political status of a State Citizen, one of the People to whom the guarantees of the Constitutions are owed.    

All citizenships involve a responsibility of some kind to serve a government.  State citizenship is no different.  

By joining your State Assembly, you become involved in fulfilling the responsibilities of self-governance and you reap the rewards thereof.  

As Americans, we have the absolute right to self-govern, but we must also organize and accept the responsibilities of self-governance  to actually exercise that right.  Otherwise, it's just academic, and our actual government "of the people, by the people, for the people" goes dormant.  

State Nationals are living beings known as "people".  State Citizens are known as "Lawful Persons" or "People".  

Assuming the responsibilities and rights of a State Citizen and "standing in the capacity of your Lawful Person" enables you to enforce the contractual guarantees of the Federal Constitutions, so this is the necessary political status for you to adopt if you (1) want the freedom of self-governance; and (2) wish to enforce the constitutional guarantees you are owed. 

Both these political statuses, State National and State Citizen,  are domestic with respect to The United States, meaning that they exist and function within the borders of the Several States that are members of the Union of States formed by The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.    

There is only one caveat.  If you choose to stand as one of the People, you must forswear all other allegiances to any other State.  That is, you can't exercise Dual Citizenship and claim to be a Texan-Oklahoman or a British-Floridian.  

If you step beyond this point, you leave the land jurisdiction of your home State and its sister States behind, and enter the airy-fairy realm of the International Jurisdiction of the Sea and Legal Persons.  

Legal Persons have no physical connection to land or soil, nor to flesh and blood.  They are what are known as "legal fictions".  They function under International Law and represent officers and employees and wards of various governments and corporations.  

For example, a "Mayor" or a "Governor" or a "President" is a Legal Person; but, also notice that if you are at sea, that is, on the High Seas, your own Trade Name that you use on land, becomes a Legal Person and as a result of treaties long-established, you, an American, are considered a ward of the British Monarch while on the High Seas or on the Navigable Inland Waterways of your own country.  

Thus, there is an interface, like a toggle switch between your "Lawful Person" as a State Citizen on the land, and your "Legal Person" on the sea, and there is an equally profound difference in your capacities.  

As a State Citizen and Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of your State, you are subject only to your own government.  When you venture out on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways, however, you become subject to International Law, and you are redefined as a "Legal Person" and as a ward subject to the King of Great Britain.  

Which one you are is determined by your "standing" --- literally, where or in which capacity you are acting: Lawful Person (State Citizen) or Legal Person (Ward of the King).  

Legal Persons are said to "Inhabit" our country and are not considered part of our population; instead, they merely "reside" among us for a temporary period of time for specific purposes, and instead of living in our States of the Union, they are "United States Citizens" operating in International Jurisdiction and "inhabiting" or "residing" in equally fictional "States of States", like a "State of New Hampshire".  

Note the verbiage: "resident", "inhabitant", "state of state".  

Please notice that living people "populate" New Hampshire, but there are no living people in the State of New Hampshire. Instead, there are Legal Persons "inhabiting" or "residing in" the State of New Hampshire and adopting the capacity of officers or employees of corporations--- business entities and governments operating internationally.  

This is the realm of "United States Citizens", a legal -- not lawful -- political status that came into being first with the creation of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America on September 9, 1776, and secondly, with the adoption of the three (3) original Constitutions and delegation of some of the authorities of the Federation in international and global jurisdiction to: (1) the States of America, (2) the British Territorial United States Government, and (3) the Municipal United States Government.  

There are three kinds of "United States Citizens"- (1) Federal (two varieties); (2) Territorial; and (3) Municipal (two kinds) --- and they are all Legal Persons.  

As we have seen, United States Citizens might be serving as officers or elected officials of various kinds of corporations, they might be temporarily "passing through" international jurisdiction on a tramp steamer headed to  Peru, they might be working for the federal government and temporarily "residing" here in a "State of State", they might be acting in behalf of The United States of America (Federation) or the States of America (Confederation), they might be acting as Territorial Citizens of "the State of Montana" or "the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico".   

What they all have in common is that: (1) they are legal fictions -- and are "dead" non-living entities by definition; (2) they are "inhabiting" the foreign International Jurisdiction of the Sea  owed to the States or delegated to the "States of States"; (3) they are subject to international law.  

This applies to both kinds of Federal United States Citizens (The United States of America Citizens and The United States Citizens), and Territorial United States Citizens ( that is, Citizens of "the" United States of America).  

Those "United States Citizens" who work for the Federation of States dba The United States of America include all our most powerful international officials, including the Continental Marshals, who exercise the non-delegated Powers of this country in international jurisdiction.   There should also be, but presently are not, employees of the Confederation dba the States of America, exercising the Delegated Federal Powers--- apart from those duties specifically assigned to the Territorial and Municipal United States entities. 

The fact that the Confederation doing business as the States of America is "missing" since the Civil War has been the excuse used by the other federal contractors, the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States, to claim that a "state of emergency" exists.  

In fact, all the powers delegated to the States of America automatically returned to the Delegator, The United States of America, a long time ago and all such claims by the other two subcontractors are specious at best. 

Municipal "citizens of the United States" are also Legal Persons that take things a step farther removed from the actual and factual realm.  These "citizens" exist in the global Jurisdiction of the Air and are subject to Municipal Law.  There are two kinds of Municipal citizens of the United States ---- (1) people adopting this political status to serve the Municipal Government, for example, Postal Service Employees; or (2) actual United States corporations chartered by the Municipal Government 

This is where you find all the STRAWMAN entities --- JOHN M. DOE, and GENERAL MOTORS and CARLYLE, INC. and STATE OF NEW YORK and NEW YORK CITY.  

Now all of this complex and initially confusing, but if you are Joe Average American what it comes down to is this: you want to be acting in your "lawful capacities" as either a State National or as a State Citizen.  

What it further comes down to is that unless enough of us declare our political status as State Citizens and accept the responsibility of State Citizenship, our lawful government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" goes dormant.  It's still sovereign, but it is not exercising its sovereignty, because we are not undertaking the functions and filling the offices of our lawful government.  

This unwitting  "neglect" on our part leaves the door open for corporations --- including foreign corporations --- to come in as "federal" contractors, and rule the roost.  It allows the King's Courts to harass and pillage us.  It allows the Pope's minions to enslave us. 

Now, obviously, there is a vast difference between the Lawful Persons and the Legal Persons.  Lawful Persons have substance.  They are tied to physical reality and fully defined.  Maine, for example, is an actual place defined by physical borders, weights, and measures; and it has an actual living, breathing population that is also physically defined.   Maine and the People who live there own actual assets-- land, soil, gold coins, trees, fish.... and only Lawful Persons can own these Lawful Assets. 

Legal Persons are immaterial and incomplete, a condition described in law as "Inchoate".  They exist only in the realms of  international business and global commerce.  The inchoate entity doing business as "the" State of Michigan is just a business organization chartered by the British Territorial United States Government.  It has no borders or physical reality.  The inhabitants, also known as "residents" of the State of Maine or STATE OF MAINE, have no ability to actually own physical assets in Maine; at most, they may act as employees of corporations and trade in credit and debt instruments known as securities. 

And now, finally, we come to the reason(s) why both the NLA and the Jural Assemblies are just more wheel-spinning exercises: they are organizations formed by Legal Persons, that is, by those choosing to act as "United States Citizens" and/or "citizens of the United States" ----- not by those who have declared their political status as State Citizens. 

 As Legal Persons, they are functioning in a foreign and immaterial capacity, and they are attempting to commandeer rights and authorities and responsibilities that belong to the People -- that is, Lawful Persons operating as State Citizens. 

Whether they realize it or not, what they are doing is so improper that it can be considered an unlawful and illegal attempted take-over of our actual government. 

NLA and all these misbegotten "Jural Assemblies" that are running around half-cocked are functioning in the wrong jurisdiction to do what they say they want to do, and the people involved are acting as "inhabitants" of foreign "States of States" ----not as part of the actual State's population.  

It is a classic situation of "you can't get there from here".  

You can't exercise the rights and the prerogatives of our actual government or enforce the Constitutions while acting as a foreign government employee or dependent of a foreign corporation.  

Furthermore, you can't operate any kind of state or even a state of state organization on the basis of a Jural Assembly or a Grand Jury.  That's like building a car door and pretending to have a car.  

We have talked to these groups until we are blue in the face and despite their long record of accomplishing nothing toward relief or justice for the people of this country, and despite the fact that what they are doing is patently improper and may amount to insurrection against the actual government, they persist in their wrong-headed assumptions.  

So the NLA and all these improperly organized Jural Assemblies get nowhere and do nothing effective toward enforcing the constitutional guarantees, because they don't adopt the correct political status, standing, and jurisdiction to do so.  

What is worse in our opinion, is that they actually endanger their membership as a result, and leave people who are simply trying to exercise their God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights subject to attack.   We have heard many horror stories wherein federal subcontractors have sicced the IRS on people, seized their homes in bogus foreclosures, even seized their children or burned their businesses to the ground.  

"My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge...."  

Members of the NLA and the MGJA-led Jural Assemblies are not functioning in the correct capacity, so their members are still being hunted and harassed and entrapped by Federal Agents.  

Besides the fact that their members are not declaring their proper political status, these organizations don't build all the pieces of State Government necessary to do the job of self-governance.  They just waste time and money and cause trouble--- and all because they don't grasp the difference between People and Persons.  

Thankfully, other Americans who do "get it" have done the work and done it correctly, so that they can exercise their Lawful Persons to gain control of the runaway train that is functioning (somewhat) as a government in this country. They have organized their actual States and are operating as People, by making the correct Declarations and assembling their Populace.  

Everyone who is sick and tired of being harassed by their own employees and attacked and misrepresented and taxed to death in their own country, are invited to join their State Assembly.  There are a few States lagging behind in this process who still need State Coordinators. 

Go to: and step to the plate.  

Accept the responsibilities of self-governance and exercise your rights -- don't just stand there talking about them.  


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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Political Parties v. Public Fiduciaries

By Anna Von Reitz

Our country's actual government depends upon a system of Public Fiduciaries who are bound to act according to The Prudent Man Standard--- meaning that what we do for the Public must be for the Public Good and must reflect decision-making and spending in the manner that a reasonably prudent man or woman would exercise when conducting their own business affairs. 

County officials and State Officials are supposed to act as "Fiduciary Deputies" and members sent by the State to attend sessions of Congress are also obligated to act as Fiduciary Deputies.  Members of Congressional Delegations are meant to be subject to recall: members of the House of Representatives are subject to direct recall by the people, and members of the Senate are subject to recall by the State Legislature. 

That is our actual government.  It is designed to seek the best deal and Public Good for everyone.

What we have had instead are Political Parties -- organized Political Lobbies representing special interests -- the Worker's Party, the Green Party, the Bull Moose Party, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Independent Party and so on. 

These people, misleadingly styling themselves as "representatives" are not functioning as Fiduciary Deputies committed to the Public Good and held to The Prudent Man Standard.  These are professional lobbyists without any declared obligation or moral code.  Once they were empowered to represent "voters" instead of "electors", they quickly removed the recall provisions for the Senators to be recalled, resulting in a situation wherein for six years, anyone elected to their Congress (which is different than our Congress) gets to do whatever they please without any threat of recall. 

As a result, we've had a bizarre situation in this country, in which corporations in the business of providing governmental services, have been raiding the public purse for generations---providing whatever services, taking whatever actions, and charging "the rest of us" whatever prices they pleased.  The only control valve on this unaccountable feeding frenzy has been opposition from the opposing political lobbies, who of course, have their own groupies to feed at the expense of everyone else. 

There is no concept of the Public Good and no actual accountability in this foreign and unauthorized system which has been "acting in the name of" and passing itself off as our government. 

We are meant to have a Confederation Congress, a Territorial Congress, and a Municipal Congress -- with one set of Delegates wearing three different hats, as they address the different functions of the Federal Government.  
Things have not functioned properly since our Great-Grandfather's day, because the Reconstruction of the American Confederation was never completed after the Civil War. 

We retain our Continental Congress, which is a separate Congress of the actual States of The United States of America [Federation], apart from the various flavors of "United States" Congress.   

From time to time people ask me, in a state of bewilderment, what went wrong?  What are we going to do? 

Basically, the British Monarchs and the Popes acted in Breach of Trust and under conditions of secretive constructive fraud, to make us pay all their bills for them. 

Now, they have provided us with services we agreed to receive from them, albeit, not always with the agreed-upon oversight---so, we do legitimately owe them for at least some of the services they have provided. 

In the same token, they have usurped authority never granted to them and they have run amok on our shores and spent our money and resources and most of all, our credit, on a great many things never authorized.  Our people and our States have suffered because of this, and they are still trying to weasel out of making amends and correcting their operations. 

So we are assembling our States of the Union and exercising our Federation of States, The United States of America.  As we continue on this road we will reconstruct the American States of States that are supposed to be providing us with the bulk of federal services, and things will fall back into place. 

For the moment, we are holding the erstwhile foreign Service Providers feet first to the fire, and making sure that everyone knows that the Pope is ultimately responsible for both the Territorial and the Municipal Government. 

The Pope is not able to fight against himself and interposing the British Monarch as the overseer of his Commonwealth interests is not sufficient to plead otherwise. 

Read that: no "civil war" is possible-- because both sides of any such conflict are under the same ownership and always have been.  Any pretense otherwise is just that --- pretense.

We have denied our Territorial and Municipal Service Providers any permission to stage any war of any kind on our land and soil; it is, instead, their explicit duty to protect us, our Persons, and our property interests. 

And everyone worldwide can see that. 

We are standing on the right side of the Law in all respects, while they, and especially the Pope, stand revealed for all the damage they have done here to innocent people to whom they owe good faith service.  They have in fact attacked us in the name of protecting us.  They have in fact enslaved us in the name of freedom and democracy. 

It is, in the end, worldwide public opinion that rules the day; and, the world will judge them for the way they have treated us and for what they do now to either work with us to make amends, or work against us and try to justify their failure to perform their duty owed to the American States and People. 

They either straighten up their operations here or everyone on Earth will know them as crooks and abject hypocrites unworthy of trust.

Now that you can see how this really rolls, what's missing, how things are supposed to be versus the way they are and have been for a long time, you can appreciate the need to take action. 

If you were born within the borders of one of the fifty States, if you were born to American Parents abroad, or were officially Naturalized here, you can participate in the greatest revival and restoration in world history. Go to:

You can reclaim your birthright or natural right to adopt the political status of an American State National, and if you are over 21, you are cordially invited to fully participate in your State Assembly.  There are jury pools to fill and public offices to be held, duties to fulfill and rights to be exercised. 

The American States Assembly has been properly constituted of American State Citizens from the start, and no other organizations have been.  We have the right political status, the right standing, and the right jurisdiction to hold our federal Service Providers to account, and their State of State franchise operators, too. 

So if you are sick and tired of seeing your beloved country run amok by foreign interests that are supposed to be providing you with stipulated and enumerated government services, and if you are fed up with being harassed and bullied and misrepresented by your employees ---yes, it's time you woke up, got off your duff, and do what has to be done to restore your lawful government and correct this situation without further delay.


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