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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Dear Mr. Trump.... 31 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

You aren't a stupid man, so I can only assume that you are getting bad "legal" advice.  

Please bear in mind that the actual government of this country deals in what is lawful, not in what is legal --- and that all the Bar Attorneys in the world are incompetent to advise you about actual Law.  Strange, but true. 

The Power-Holder Office --- the actual Presidency --- is: "President of The United States of America" ---- not President of "the" United States of America, and not President of the United States.  

You need to declare your political status as a native New Yorker and enter into the Power-Holder Office, retain your Territorial Office as Commander-in-Chief, and retain your Municipal Office as President of the United States. 

Once you enter upon the actual Office of President of The United States of America, you will be functioning as the Employer of both the Territorial and the Municipal Government entities, a position that will allow you to sever their contracts and bring them --- howling, yes, but --- back into line.  

Please also inform Pope Francis and the United Nations  that the Municipal ("Civil" as in Federal Civil Service) United States Government has never had any authority or ability to transfer our states, our state offices, or our state laws to United Nations control per their International Organizations Immunity Act (1976). It was and it is, null and void, from inception. 

Read that: the Pope can't sponsor a civil war on our shores between the Territorial and Municipal Governments, because he owns both, and he can't propose a civil war on our shores using the UN, either, because he owns all those franchise "governments", too, and also because the Municipal Government has no authority beyond the limited powers granted to it. 

They were self-evidently and fraudulently offering to trade on what was never theirs. 

All this chicanery revolves around the fact that he, Francis, and the Roman Curia, are trying to avoid their obligation to liquidate their corporations for criminal activity.  Their corporations are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" ---- not "for any legal purpose".   

This again underlines why it is important for you to learn the difference between what is "lawful" and what is "legal".  

We now have 39 States properly constituted and are closing fast.  We know where the bodies are buried and we know how to play crack the whip on Congress.  We also have the only proper and fully documented claim to all American assets that have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally put at risk. 

Don't put up with the sideshow in DC.  Reclaim your proper political status as a New Yorker, enter the Power-Holder Office, retain the Office of Commander-in-Chief, retain the Office of President of the United States, and tell them all how high to jump.  


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  1. Who controls the Pope? or The Black Pope? I fail to believe that one mortal, one human, who flushes the same as you and I, can be in "control" of our world.

    1. Danika, yep, that's what we say, who controls the fake pope. Reckon its the ones who put him there. Jesuits to start, but they're not in control. We think its Swiss Octogon.

      In recent 'raid' or whatever it really was (some say the Vatican raided itself), once again Swissy is exposed, here Bruelhart:

      Five Vatican employees are suspended following police raid over 'financial irregularities'

      ...Swiss Rene Bruelhart, president of the Board of Directors of the Financial Information Authority (AIF) of Vatican City has authority over all Vatican departments. He is one of five Vatican employee suspended …

      Swissy keeps popping up.

  2. Headlines say Trump moved his residence status to Florida from NYC. Taxe reasons, it says. Still he's a 'resident' unless he's done his papers. Once he does, if he does, Who stands before him should he chose to be president of The United States, accepting the position? Should have a nice cake to celebrate or something? Pie? Apple pie?

  3. Headlines also say ole humpty dumpty going to the fight this weekend, anyone see a Bobby Kennedy style or JFK style stunt to destroy the masses?

    Ole humpty dumpty traveling all over the country like a cheerleader while signing USMCA deal screwing the entire nation

    Telling you guys they are lying through their teeth

    Look at other evidences of those who were supposed to have been 'killed' and you will see the fraud


    NO FAKE WARREN (beatty) Elizabeth Warren (aka Annette Benning Warren) OR 911 COMMISSION REPORTS EITHER

    Proof of death required and we are not taking their word for it either
    I wonder which reporter is going to get the priviledge of lying to the American people like old Walter Cronkite did

    MY OPINION - hollywood can pull off any stunt they want and the stupid masses will buy it
    They will say he was offed then the charater playing the role of Trump will just slip back in to his real life and no one is the wiser

    They did it in plain sight in Dallas Texas folks and on 9 1 1 - made for tell lie vision productions especially with Kennedy so they could continue on with their fake your government while plundering the entire nation and using our tax dollars to build the UN and the beast we see before us today



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