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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Monday's Broadcast


By Anna Von Reitz

This past Monday, 31st August 2020, I scrounged up six different hats, literally, and did my famous hat trick, wearing a different hat to demonstrate the three (3) Principal Organs and their relationship with the three (3) Contractual Organs.
They are called this because each of the first three act in a Principal Capacity within a specific jurisdiction: air, land, and sea, and the second three entities act as Subcontractors to them and provide services to the Principals.
Here's Your American Government ------
(1) The Union, dba The United States
(2) The Federation, dba The United States of America
(3) The Confederation, dba States of America
Your Government has Power-Sharing Agreements and service contracts called "Constitutions" with these following subcontractors, which function as the Federal Government:
The "US" Federal Government -------
(4) The Federal Republic (American, absent since 1860)
(5) "the" United States of America (British, Territorial Government)
(6) "the" United States (Papist, Municipal Government)
They pair up under their Power-Sharing Agreements like this:
(X) The United States (Union) partners with "the" United States (Municipal)
(XX) The United States of America (Federation) partners with "the" United States of America (Territorial)
(XXX) States of America (Confederation) partners with The Federal Republic. (This whole part of it is gone and needs to be reconstructed.)
But in the meantime, we can function just perfectly well, as we did from 1776 to 1781, with all international and global powers being vested in The United States of America (Federation).
All we need is for you and all the others to figure it out and come join us. Declare your birthright political status, record it, and join your State Assembly.
This is your country, and it's still yours --- provided that you claim it and own it and take responsibility for it.
Go to: to learn more.


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By Anna Von Reitz

As my Mother often observed-- there are many different kinds of what we call "intelligence".  And she was quick to point out that having some form of superior intelligence is not necessarily a blessing, certainly no guarantee of happiness or success in life.  She also, rather glumly, observed that intelligence that is uninformed by compassion and not guided by a firm moral compass is actually a terrible danger. 

"Between the fools and the geniuses...." she'd shake her head, as if this report on our position in the world explained everything bad and frustrating.

Maybe it did.    

She was convinced that I embodied my own unique form of genius and she watched me carefully, pruning out bad ideas as we went, answering such questions as, "If Communists are bad, why don't we just kill them all?" 

These memories jab me whenever I see the word "intelligence", like her ghostly elbow pressing against my ribs.  So naturally, when I see news from "American Intelligence Media", I stop a nanosecond and wonder what kind of intelligence will inform their "intel".  

This morning's offering, the Cat Report, [Mrrrrow!] is very, very good intelligence.  Top notch.   The information presented is not easy to wade through, but the conclusions are sound and presented in nice little sound bites. 

Someone, probably someone employed by a government, or retired from a corporate forensic auditing job somewhere, took the time and made the effort to sort through the interlocking financial relationships of the Pilgrim Society Rockefeller Foundation, and oh, my, my! --- they hit the Mother Lode.  

It turns out that Rockefeller's Pilgrim Society is the glue holding together such disparate interests as Mitt Romney's Bain Capital and the Clinton Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, in one big, ugly, interlocking ball of wax (and cat hair, of course).  

Thanks to those efforts, and the employment of that intelligence, we have the key to the bipartisan influence peddling, meddling, and coercion that has confused observers for decades. 

Simple in its implementation (through financial transactions-- loans and investments and donations) and deadly in its effect, the Pilgrim Society
created its own financial "pipeline" infrastructure, and then used that to do what Rockefellers always do with pipelines: exert coercive control. 

No longer any need to wonder how Romney, Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other Star Players all wound up in the Ukraine, sucking up payola through their children.  

Their hidden relationships are now exposed.  And so are their money laundering and illegal investment opportunities revealed. 

Heck, these pikers don't begin to meet the definition of "non-profit corporations" but they've been allowed to use and abuse that status for years, collectively avoiding payment of billions of dollars in taxes. 

Where's the IRS when you need them?  

Enjoy the view, folks, and download and save this report.  It's part of history in the making. 

And while we are sharing some insights about intelligence, including intelligence that is not informed by compassion or moral compass, please meet Klaus Schwab, Founder of the Davos World Economic Forum. 

He is one of the warped masterminds behind what he calls "The Fourth Industrial Revolution".  Just search for his name or the key words "Fourth Industrial Revolution" on YouTube.  

Government, according to him, is the problem --- not the grossly criminal corporations that are driving the governments and the people of this planet into a future of global enslavement and Corporate Feudalism, dedicated only to self-service and shareholders. 

Did I mention one of the other dangers of intelligence?  Being lop-sided. 

A man like Schwab may be very, very intelligent --- but see things only from his own point of view, and as a result, forge single-mindedly forward to disaster. Such men can't be bothered to listen to lesser intellects. The practical warning voices of The Little People don't matter. 

So the Truth gets drowned out by the roaring arrogance of the ego of men otherwise blessed with intelligence, and the damage caused by them is just as bad as any damage caused by fools.

As Mom would say---- it doesn't matter if you make a mistake because you are a fool and lack the ability to know what to do, or you are a genius, and are so arrogant that you never consider the options. 


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