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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

International Public Notice: For Your Awareness

 By Anna Von Reitz

Time does not actually exist.  It is an illusion that persists based on natural cycles and changes that do exist, but mathematically and factually, time does not exist.  We live in one eternal moment called "now" -- the ever-present present moment. 

That said, there have been numerous systems based on everything from the vibrations of an atom (atomic clock now in use) to the lunar calendar created from the moon's cycles, to the solar calendar created from the sun's cycles relative to the constellations. 

Among calendars that are designed to track cyclic natural phenomena there are proponents on all sides, those who promote the 13 month 28 day lunar calendar that the Hebrews and people of Meso and South America used and which are still in use today,  versus those who promote the 12 month, variable day calendar imposed by the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church. 

The lunar calendar far predates the solar calendar and has been used throughout most of the world since very ancient times.  The Hebrew lunar calendar year is 5784 this year--- an unbroken run of going on 6,000 years.  

This very ancient lunar calendar, still observed by Judaism worldwide, begins with the fall celebration Feast of Rosh Hashanah which falls on a slightly different day each year.  Last year, 2023 on the Roman Calendar, the Hebrew New Year 5784 began on September 15th

The Roman Calendar Year, which is based on solar cycles, begins every year on January first, and follows a rigid 12 month pattern, albeit, with slight variation in the days accorded to each month. 

This Roman solar calendar is actually based on a much older Summarian solar calendar and on mathematics which is itself based on circular geometry, with the sky divided into 360 degrees and each season taking up 90 degrees of the circle. 

The purpose of time, apart from tracking the regular cyclic phenomenon of the season, was to make time a measurable commodity -- which was in turn bought and sold.  We see this practice in hourly wage schedules today, where a man's labor and skill level are accorded a specific value. 

This is the most infamous use of the concept of time and the measurement of this imaginary commodity -- as it appears to reduce the value of life and the value of a man or woman, to a term of hours spent performing labor for hire, or sitting useless in a jail "doing time". 

This mechanistic and arbitrary concept of "time" and its measurement and monetization has also been the basis of other mental missteps and false ideas.  

We truly don't know what day it is or what time it is, as time itself does not exist, yet we persist in attaching great importance to time.  

Contracts, we are told, are not valid unless they include the date they are issued, and may not be valid without reference to other days and dates; the pieces of paper issued by banks and known as "negotiable instruments" are not valid without both a date of issuance and a date of maturation. 

Everywhere we look, time is invoked as an authority of one kind or another--- schedules of trains and air transport, the apportionment of work schedules and factory production, the beginning of each school session, and the value of University degrees -- all subject to time.  

Even the duration of a man's working life is artificially bound by time, so that we speak of "retirement age", even though we observe that many people retire before that age or continue working long after it. 

Our reason for bringing this discussion of time and the measurement of this non-existent commodity forward, is that its introduction into our psyches has then meant its inclusion in every facet of our lives as a means of organization and validation, when in fact it enforces a fictional matrix on the actual world, an element of falsehood into every contract, and places a false value on every man's time on Earth.

Thanks to the measurement and valuation of time as a commodity, we can stumble into the error of looking at how much money a man earned in his lifetime, for example, how much did Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet earn?  And think that that was the value of the man.  

This is not the value of anything, not time, not the man, either. 

Why? Because time does not exist, its value as a commodity is a lie.   

The value of a man can never be calculated in time or money, for his true potential for good or evil remains incalculable throughout his lifetime and remains incalculable going forward after his death. 

We are still paying the social debts and enjoying the benefits of men like Westinghouse and Tesla, J.D. Rockefeller and Einstein; we are still suffering the miseries and injustices promoted by Cecil Rhodes more than a hundred years ago, and still reaping the evil returns of Lord Pirbright's elitism and belief in eugenics. 

These observations are not casual nor meant to encourage idle meanderings of the mind.  They are meant for serious contemplation and correction of every sphere of our lives where the concepts of time and money have entered in.  

It is one thing to use an arbitrary system of weights and measures to trade orange juice and potatoes, so long as we are aware that it is arbitrary; it is another thing to accept such arbitrary "concepts of convenience" as means to promote delusions. 

Life cannot be measured or valued in terms of false concepts like "time" or "money" any longer; we must thoroughly understand that we, each one of us, embody the only value there is-- and act accordingly, in this one eternal moment called now.   
Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2024


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