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Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Christmas Message from Anna Von Reitz

 Holiday Greetings!

Here is a special Christmas message from Anna Von Reitz as well as her homage poem. We wish you a loving, joyful, peaceful, bountiful and abundant Holiday.

The Divine Gift
Several people have asked, why am I suddenly so silent?
I figure I've said all that can be said about the virus and the election, both of which are mental and verbal battles rather than viable realities.

Still, this sort of thing is what we should expect in a "war" taking place in the Jurisdiction of the Air, the realm of beliefs and ideas.

And we should, reasonably, react to these continuing assaults on logic by examining our own thoughts and our own thought processes.

We've talked before about the fact that right actions can only result from right feeling and right feeling can only result from right thinking and right thinking can only result from correct and true knowledge --- and there is always a dearth of that, so, here we are again, faced with the "human condition".

So long as some people are content to let authorities do their thinking for them, there will never be any competent and valid consensus about the truth. In this realm like all others, one has to pick up their cross and follow on.
To me, the entire panoply of fraud is the self-evident pushing and pulling of opposing commercial interests, trying to gain control by fraud or any other means possible, of us and our pocket books.

The tendency of governments to devolve into racketeering syndicates has never been more evident. The harmful and divisive character of political parties and lobbyist activities -- especially lobbying by what pretends to be major news organizations -- has never been more obvious, either.

Put simply, we can't go on like this.
Yet, how do we get out of this mental, emotional, and spiritual prison that has been built "for" us with six generations of shameless, selfish, and in the end, evident lies?

The same way we got into it. We use our Divine Gift to co-create a different reality for ourselves and our children, to believe different and better things, and to take wiser actions.

We bypass the lies and controversies built on lies, stop focusing on things like foreign elections, and go full steam ahead to build the kind of country and the kind of world we want and deserve.

Our employees can continue to argue among themselves until you-know-where freezes over; it's still our job to tell them what to do, and to organize ourselves to do so with authority.

Why have I been silent the last few days? I've been turning aside from all the repetitive nonsense and editorializing going on in the media and turning inward to search my heart and ask our Father for the way forward.
This Quiet Time of year is the perfect time to settle in and think about the world as we would like it to be. What would it look and sound like? What would change? What can we do to change it?

It's also a time to gather together with others who are fed up with the endless lies, wars and financial frauds--- if only via teleconferences and phone calls.

If you haven't done so already, please go to:

There is strength in numbers and in fellowship with those who are ready and willing to shoulder the responsibilities of self-governance, upon which our rights are founded, and to do so in large numbers so that our will to be free and to direct our public employees cannot be co-opted or gainsaid.

We have our traditions to guide us, the structure of the government our Forefathers bequeathed to us, and our own Divine Gifts of creativity and imagination to implement a world that is life-centered and freedom-loving, inspired by the same vision and devotion that caused our ancestors to sail across the seas and found a new country and forge a New World.

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