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Saturday, August 19, 2023

When the Paradigm Shifts

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is always a dust storm when the paradigm shifts and hidden technology shoves into view -- like the Directed Energy Weapons, Mindboxes, and Biowarfare "gems" they've been developing in secret.

Don't be scared or surprised or --- what is more important --- don't be fooled when the Svengalis pepper the air waves with all sorts of distracting stuff like indictments against politicians and do-it-yourself climate change. 

Remember -- just as they always accuse everyone else of doing what they are doing, they try to distract attention away from themselves in other ways. 

If they can keep your attention riveted on politicized court dramas and tell enough lies with statistics to obscure the actual circumstance --- they hope that they can get away with their crimes undetected.  

They have done it often enough before: after the Civil War, after WWI, after the "Great Depression", after WWII, and now, they are trying it again.  

4600 banks in the country are on the verge of collapse, together with nearly as many insurance companies.  

The banks are on the edge because the Federal Reserve isn't providing them with sufficient cash supplies, so as their cash supplies dwindle, they are helpless. 

The day comes when all these banks can't meet demand for cash, and then, the Federal Reserve and their Cronies pick off the smaller banks one by one, profiting themselves from a "crisis" that they, themselves, created. 

This is totally at the whim of the Federal Reserve, which is trying to cut back the money supply -- purportedly to slow inflation and make their FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES seem more valuable, but that is not how things actually work.  

In the real world, draconian slashing of cash supplies results in bringing the economy to a standstill followed by vast unemployment, home, business, and real estate losses (that the banks profit from), and as the businesses tank, pension funds are raided, leaving the stabilizing influence of the pension funds adrift in a sea of what appears to be red ink and devaluation of the "dollar" -- however, "the" dollar is defined as a foreign fiat debt note. 

Our actual dollar, defined as an ounce of fine silver, is doing fine and stands to do far better than ever.   

In a nutshell, the banks are sacrificing their Underwriters. 

The insurance companies are already taking it in the shorts and are caught flat-footed in the mire that the banks and securities firms have them in. 

In theory, the insurance companies are large enough to fight back, but they are hindered because the same guys that are creating the economic collapse are sitting on their own Boards of Directors. 

The Enemy is both inside and outside their gates. 

Without insurance, the protective veil provided by bankruptcy becomes more and more attractive, and predictably, the number of bankruptcies has skyrocketed as business owners try to cut their losses and reorganize. 

Businesses have also, predictably, become more predatory toward employees and the Unions are  taking the hit, along with the Insurance companies and pension funds, which have been almost single-handedly propping up the stock market via "self-investment". 

This means that they are buying and selling and rebuying stocks and stock options they already own in an effort to create cash flow and the illusion of value and demand for their stock. 

All of this means that creativity and risk-taking and investment is cut to all-time lows at the moment it is needed the most.  

We have a Trifecta of crooked, rapacious banks that are operating illegal interlocking trust directorates to bring down the financial and economic system in a way that profits them and destroys their competitors. 

The way they have set this up guarantees that only the top 10% of the banks survive and only 1% of the insurance companies.  

And what are we going to do about it?  We are going to glue our attention on them and their Agents. No dust screen will shelter them. 

No amount of chest-beating over who gets to be "President" of their two bankrupt Municipal Corporations will matter to us. 

You may be wondering how Satan's world could come to such a self-inflicted and yet, self-interested, demise? 

The British-affiliated banks and corporations began moving to China forty years ago, a process that only accelerated throughout the past decade.  

They were the ones using Chinese slave labor to flood the world market with cheap everything, but they made it look like it was the Chinese doing this. 

During the last ten years they started siphoning off the payments made to them for all these cheap goods.  

They simply told their bought-and-paid-for mercenaries in the "US" Armed Forces and the Chinese military, too, to divert the funds meant to pay Chinese workers and suppliers, making it look like "we" didn't pay for the goods and stiffed the Chinese. 

So then they brought in the "aggrieved" Chinese Government officials with this alleged humongous debt purportedly owed by this country and they sued the UNITED STATES (CORPORATION) and bankrupted it under Obama, gaining de facto control of "the brand" in 2019, just in time for them to unleash Covid-19, which is yet another British operation that tracks right back to the Pirbright Institute. 

Anyway, this is not really the Chinese doing this. It's all 100% British and British-American Tory affiliated puppet masters, especially HSBC, pulling the strings. 

This has all been done by British affiliated financiers and industrialists and their compliant American stooges using the Chinese Government as their new storefront and sock puppet, meant to replace the Washington, DC establishment.  

So, now, we have two (2) bankrupt Municipal Corporations and their new owners in charge of the District of Columbia, trying to "redefine" and yet profit from being the Presumed Successors owed all the juicy governmental services contracts provided to them as the Federal Constitutions. 

We, however, raised our hands and said, no contract.  We have had enough of their "services", thanks, but no thanks.  We've also had enough of their phony illegal Mercenary Conflict on our shores. 

Their response?  Besides continuing to manipulate Joe Biden and the US DOD, they opened up a second front in Ukraine.  

Putin figured out that they were using the Ukraine as the base for their illegal activities instead of China, and that China had come under the thumb of the British financiers, who, of course, presented us, the Americans, as the problem and the welchers. 

They blamed us for what they were doing themselves. 

This betrayal by the Chinese working for the British War Machine means that the Sino-Russian Pact isn't worth the paper it is written on. 

The Brits have the Chinese by the proverbials economically, and while they are preaching Chinese dominance of everything, just as they preached American dominance of everything, what they really mean is that they will dominate everything behind the scenes where they can't be blamed for what they do, and they will use the even cheaper and more plentiful Chinese mercenaries to do their dirty work from now on. 

All roads lead to Rome via the British Super Highway of Crime and Political Intrigue.  You must remember that the Brits are Overseers for the Pope.  

So, there you have it --- the Brits are, as usual, the Cause of the whole dogpile, but they are, as usual, working for the Pope, so from inside their box, it's difficult to say which chicken came first out of which egg.  

What we can guarantee with great accuracy is that the British and British-affiliated banks are in this fraudulent substitution and impersonation scheme up to their necks, and so are a substantial number of Church Officials, US Municipal Government Officials, and some banks affiliated with the Vatican Bank.  

We can guarantee that China and the Chinese people are being targeted as the next victims of this world-devouring parasite. 

So while Vladimir Putin and the Red Army are carrying on their solitary duty to save themselves and western Europe, Africa, and the Mideast, Joe Biden and the remaining Chinese-British-controlled remnant of the old DC syndicate are spending billions (of our credit, not theirs)  trying to prop up their criminal puppet government in Ukraine. 

Russia fully realizes that they are alone, and that the Chinese allies they relied upon have been conquered without as much as a shout.  

We, Americans, have to get organized to regain control of our own identity and our credit and our purloined assets, so that the Perps no longer have access to our credit and can no longer pretend that they "represent" us.  

We must stand up our traditional government and speak for ourselves.  

Go to: and get started today.  


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