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Friday, November 30, 2018

Make No Mistake

By Anna Von Reitz

Two days ago I released an article that exposes the criminality that has plagued the British Monarchy for the last 150 years.

Yesterday, I exposed the guilty banks that have appointed Kim Goguen as a "bank trustee", and given her control of private "Special Deposit" accounts ---also known as "Off-Ledger" accounts that contain actual assets.

This morning, my hometown, Big Lake, Alaska, was targeted by a Resonance Energy Weapon, more generally known as a Directed Energy Weapon. 

Big Lake sustained a direct hit and was the original epicenter of a 7.0 Earthquake.

We saw the "Green Beam" from Elmendorf Air Force Base just prior to the event.

Big Lake is not located on any natural fault line. 

Let's make this perfectly clear:

Any member of the U.S. Military targeting our soil is a criminal and a traitor.

Anyone giving such an order or obeying such an order needs to be pre-empted with deadly force and removed from command, court-martialed and shot. Period.  

The "Nuremberg Defense" --- "I was just following orders!" --- has already been tried and failed and will fail again.

Any member of the UN Military targeting Big Lake, Alaska, is committing a crime and violation of the United Nations ENMOD Treaty. They also need to be removed with deadly force, arrested, and remanded to their country of origin for prosecution.

Big Lake, Alaska, is not a "domestic target" and has never been incorporated as a franchise of any Territorial United States or Municipal United States corporation.

This craven and criminal attack on our civilian population as retaliation for my exposure of the bank's colossal theft of private assets now being offered as a bribe to the military leadership neatly demonstrates the corruption of elements within our military -- in particular elements of the US Navy, DOD, and Air Force.

As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America I am asking all military officers to honor their Oath to protect America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and I am asking them to assist in the recovery of our assets and the return of these assets to our lawful civil control. 

The banks have robbed us and defrauded us under the watchful eye of our own military forces, and this has been the long and short of it since the 1860's.

Officers---you can deal with crooks and middlemen and act as crooks yourselves, accomplices and promoters of crime, or you can arrest those responsible for the theft of our assets and return our assets to our control-- and thereby earn both honor and reward.

Most if not all that gold that Kim Goguen is showing the military leaders as a sop rightfully belongs to the American States and People, or to private trusts and foundations like the Ford Family Trust, the D'Avila Family Trust, the MacArthur Foundation, and others, that are also willing to support our military without being coerced.  

So if the American military takes money freely given from our hands to protect our nation, they have honor and righteousness.  But take that same money ---our money--- from the hands of thieves, and they are accomplices to crime, no better than any penny ante street thug from here to Thailand.

The money Kim is showing off is all commandeered, stolen by the banks who are trying to bribe American military leaders to take the bait ---and then also take the fall for the banks. 

Men---some of your Superiors, who are criminals themselves, will try to justify this theft as a "National Security Issue", but in fact, that is just more B.S. to excuse more crime.  

The U.S. Army has been playing fast and loose with our assets ever since the so-called Civil War and the U.S. Navy has been taking its orders from the Queen, who is guilty of gross Breach of Trust. 

The cruelty, disloyalty, and dishonor of all these people, their abject and stubborn criminality, is now made manifest and exposed for all to see. You all know that it was no "Act of God" that just happened to pinpoint Big Lake, Alaska, as the epicenter for a 7.0 earthquake.

The entire command structure at Joint Base Elmendorf needs to be relieved of duty immediately.  An investigation needs to be launched by the Inspector General responsible and by the Office of the Provost Marshal.

This part of the Mess also needs to be cleaned up --- because it is not "just" the banks responsible for and colluding to create all this rot, it's the rotten elements within the military playing along with the banks.

Without a criminal military, the criminal banks have no enforcement.

So it comes down the military having brains enough to know who they really work for and whose gold it really is.

General Dunford?  General Mattis?  General Kelly? 

Commander-in-Chief Trump?

We are all still here, in Big Lake, Alaska, broken dishes, sink holes, cracked bridges, collapsed expressway ramps, broken gas lines, darkness, cold, terrified pets and all. 

All hail the filthy corrupt banks, corrupt military leaders, corrupt political leaders----exposed for the world to see. 

And if the American military doesn't clean some clocks for this, then we can add them to the "Worthless and Useless List" along with the banks that rob their customers and the governments that prey upon the people they are supposed to protect.


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Dear Mr. Trump: November 29, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

By exactly what variation of madness is Kim Goguen being allowed to assert control over our assets?  We, the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated] are owed over $190 Trillion Dollars by the IMF.  We own the Philippines land mass. And that is just the beginning of what we are owed. We are sick and tired of the tail attempting to wag the dog.

If you wish to honor your contract with the American People you will know that this debt and all Special Deposit Assets which belong to us and which have been wrongly conveyed into the "U.S. Trust" and/or otherwise claimed by Ms. Goguen and Ms. Hudes are due and payable to the actual States of the Union and their Federation, The United States of America.

We are presenting ourselves and asserting our interest in the Trust Assets and the Special Deposit Assets, whereupon those assets must be disgorged and returned to the rightful owners and trustees.

Trustees, My Rump, and the Price of a Cup of Coffee

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a difference between a bank trustee and an actual private trustee chosen by the Donor of a trust. 
Banks turn accounts over to trustees for management of the assets in behalf of specific private trusts. This happens routinely for purposes within the bank, to make sure that Special Deposits don't go astray or suffer losses or misadministration that could be "embarrassing" or even "actionable in court".
It also happens when the original private trustees designated by the Trust Donors are incompetent physically or mentally or when Private Trustees die intestate without naming new trustees. 
So that's basically the function and realm of bank trustees, both from the perspective of internal bank functions (trustee covers the bank's rump) and from the perspective of some private trusts that have been "left in the care of" the bank.

And this is where the pedal hits the metal in the current circumstance. 
We've got Karen Hudes serving this Flak Jacket purpose at the so-called Global Debt Facility and now we've got Kim Goguen doing the same with all the "Off-Ledger" Special Deposit Accounts.

The banks are claiming that over 6,500 such private Special Deposits were left in their care ---"trustees unknown"--- and this is nothing but a bald-faced lie and excuse for the guilty banks to name a bank trustee to oversee and manage the accounts "as if" there were no private and actual trustees.

So the guilty banks identified all these actual asset accounts and gave the account information to goons who set up a separate ledger for all these formerly "off-ledger" accounts, brought them "on ledger"---albeit, a separate ledger---and the banks gratuitously turned all this over to Kim Goguen and Pals.

Understand this: actual people having actual assets --- gold, silver, gems, etc. -- people like Henry Ford, have placed these assets in "Special Deposits" in all these guilty banks. 
All those Special Deposits are now being commandeered and used without the permission of the donors, the actual trustees, or the beneficiaries, placed at risk, invested, and spent by a group of unidentified goons and hackers and bank insiders.

And they are trying to tell you this is a GOOD thing? 
Let me tell you why it is not a good thing. 
If it could happen to Henry Ford and his grandchildren, it could happen to you.

A lawless bank is even worse than a lawless government, and both are useless for all the purposes that men tolerate either one.

We now know for sure that putting gold in a bank is the same as handing it to a robber, so why have banks at all anymore?

And if the world governments will not take action against this and preserve the safety and sanctity of our persons and property, rich and poor alike, what good are they, either? 
All these people are doing, and being allowed to do, is running a giant sting operation--- resulting in yet another giant and reprehensible theft---one in which the banks and the colluding governments get off the hook for all their crimes by stealing the assets of their wealthiest customers.

I suppose it beats murdering all their Priority Creditors, but it is still nothing but crime and fraud and leaves nothing for us to build a solid future on. Just more lies, deceit, and sand.

They think they are brilliant because they have stolen control of all these assets. They think that because they control the money, all the (formerly) rich people are now helpless and won't be able to do anything about it but cry in their beer.

They sadly underestimate the inner resources of those they have robbed and the sharp and sturdy beauty of the Truth.


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Thursday, November 29, 2018

False Gods

By Anna Von Reitz

I have told you that your bodies are "vessels" that can be inhabited by various kinds of energetic beings.  For example, the same kind of body can contain the soul of a man or of an angel. 

Your DNA somewhat limits and determines what kind of body you have and what kind of energetic being or soul can inhabit it. 

That's why these "bloodline" families cared about DNA and tried to preserve DNA that will produce bodies that can support the incarnation of more of their kind on Earth.

It's not that the DNA in itself is so special, but having the right kind of physical body that can support the incarnation of a particular energetic being, is. 

Imagine trying to fit a super-tanker into a canoe and you will have the gist of it.

The ET's call carbon-based bodies "meat bodies" because they are ephemeral and degrade so quickly ---but also because some ET's eat our bodies for food. 

These predatory ET's act as cannibals and vampires when they are incarnate, but in their minds, they are completely separate from the bodies they are both preying upon and inhabiting and they are --- again, in their minds --- doing no real harm, because the energetic body is immortal. 

Obviously, you can either exist in the incarnate form --- living inside a physical body --- or a discarnate form -- living outside a physical body.  So when they eat someone, they are "only" destroying a temporary physical form. 

This is what Jesus was referring to when He said not to fear those who can only destroy the physical body, but to fear Him who can destroy both the soul and the body and condemn them to Gehenna.

"Gehenna" is Aramaic for a sort of cosmic waste dump or non-space of discarnate scrap.

I have also told you about the warrior-priest-scientists of Sirius B, the super-soldiers of Orion called "Aryans" on this planet, and the merchant traders of the Pleiades--- and how they formed a caste system similar to the Hindu caste system that still exists today.

These extra-terrestrials were worshipped as "gods" by the people of Earth, but the group of Sirius B warrior-priests who came here were actually renegades and pirates set against the Order of the True God.

We know them as the Fallen Angels, and they are related to the Dracos, the Archons of the Draco Star System. Together, these two related groups of "the Fallen" combined to make up the Saturnine Brotherhood.
Their servants, the "Aryan" super-soldiers --- "Aryan" is a transliteration of  "Orion" --- need the energy of terror and death and its preserved residue known as the "engrams" of terror and death --- because that is what they feed upon. So, to a lesser, more ceremonial extent, do the Draco Archons. 

They staged wars to re-stock their larders. Horrific tales of vampires drinking the blood of dead soldiers are true, so are the stories of cannibalism, but the real pay-off was not the flesh and blood that they "harvested" but the engrams, the long-lasting energetic imprints of emotional terror and pain that these ETs could feed upon for years afterward. 

When you hear these terrible things about the "sacrificial cults" in Europe and in South America and in Meso-America---cutting out beating hearts from living chests with stone knives and "rivers" of blood flowing down gutters on either side of stairways leading to stone altars at the top of pyramids---- you will now understand better what they were doing:they were feeding their "gods". Literally.

When you hear about people being inhabited by "demons" you will better understand what that means, too. These "demons" are ET's of specific races that can inhabit and sometimes co-inhabit a human body. 

Some of them were so powerful that they could simply "walk in" to an occupied body and chase the original owner out.  In effect, the original being "died" but the body lived on under new ownership---with a profoundly different personality in charge.

Often, misguided but otherwise normal people, sought to attract the notice of these false gods by sacrificing young people---- similar to staking out a live animal or piece of meat as bait to attract a predator like a bear or mountain lion.  They would then ask these "gods" for rain or victory in war or whatever else they wanted, and if the "gods" were pleased by their sacrifices  --- they'd get what they wanted.  

But time has run its course.  The Doctrine of Destiny has expired as of November 18, 2018, which is why when they tried to ceremonially "open the gates of Hell" by sacrificing their High Priest on the 19th of November, nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

It won't be long now and the last of these false gods will be gone, all the residue of their long reign of terror swept away like dust, their "seals" clogging up the Earth's energy conduits flushed away like old leaves down a rain gutter.  All their so-called "magic" is fading away.

They will no longer be able to incarnate "in the form of" men and women and no longer exist as "hue-men" -- that is, "colored as men", having the appearance of mankind, but not actually being men or women. 

And that will bring peace to the Earth. Selah. So I have said it, and so it shall be. 

Likewise all their crazy sex cults will die off.  They used sex as a means of enslaving and controlling and black-mailing and then ultimately used the resulting unwanted off-spring who were aborted or otherwise sacrificed-- as more food. 

If you stop a moment and open up your senses you can feel the lifting of the weight and the opening of the atmosphere.

The False Gods are leaving. They have no choice. And they cannot return.


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The BLM is a Criminal Organization That Needs to Be Shut Down

Found Here:

Here is a letter that Anna Von Reitz sent to the Bundy lawyer, the Arnold Lawfirm on February 6th, 2016.  Read the article and see that the whole case could have been dumped by a challenge of the JURISDICTION.
In fact the whole thing is still about Jurisdiction and nothing else.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The SPLC and What to Do?

By Anna Von Reitz

The recent report about events in Underwood, South Dakota, being totally mis-represented and mis-reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with me as the Evil Svengali in residence--- needs to be pointedly rebutted.

I earned my stripes with the American Indian Movement and with the Farm Union Cases back in the 1970's and 80's, so nobody in at the Southern Poverty Law Center today has one word to say to me about "social consciousness".  I hope they find some.

Maybe the "social consciousness" will spark a little basic "social conscience" as well, and the sort of introspection it takes to confront evil instead of being co-opted by it.

I gave SPLC an interview about a year ago.  They sent Brandon Joel Kelly to my home in Anchorage and we had an hour-long chat that was friendly and animated, during which I informed him of a lot of history he had never known.

About a month later someone from the SPLC who never interviewed me at all wrote a piece under a separate by-line and pretended that he interviewed me and clipped and pasted quotes out of context and hemmed and hawed and was brought up short on the Big News that "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron that intelligent people never use.

Oh, my.  SPLC staffers were blatting it day and night prior to me pointing that out to them. Some of them still are.

I answered all the questions the actual SPLC reporter asked me, but I never got an answer back about the questions I asked about them:

Why "Southern" --- since all the people I know or have ever known to be working at the SPLC are all Northerners?  Jews from New York and Ivy Leaguer chicks from Mt. Holyoke and little snits from Haaaarvahd.  They may be black, but they aren't "Southern".   As in this case, they don't focus on "Southern" issues.  What does water rights in South Dakota have to do with "Southern" anything? 

So why don't we begin Truth in Advertising by calling it the "Northern Poverty Law Center"? 

Why all the undeclared Trotsky-ites at SPLC?  Last time I checked, over half the people there had direct ties to the Socialist Workers Party.  Are you ashamed of your Communist heritage? 

As long as you are advocating "coming out of the closet", why don't you come out yourselves? 

As long as we are doing our Truth in Advertising campaign, let's call it the "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center". 

Might as well drop the "Poverty" line, too,  because nobody working there is impoverished, and other than for themselves, I have never once seen them create any jobs or do anything to alleviate poverty....have you? 

Maybe it started out helping people who were or are "impoverished" and couldn't hire a staff of Haaaarvahd trained lawyers, but the use of the word "Poverty" in "Southern Poverty Law Center" seems to denote that they are fighting Poverty in the South, and they most certainly are not. 

So, again, in the interests of Truth in Advertising, how about changing the name to "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center -- Free Legal Help for Poor People in the South". 

Oh, but it's not free, exactly, is it?  No.... well, then, how about this? 

"Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center for Poor People Who Can Pay, But Not a Whole Lot Compared to New York Prices"?

There's the brave boys and girls, calling it like it is!  Rip those closet doors right off the hinges!

We have adequately demonstrated what's wrong with the SPLC as it now exists---plain and simple: the truth is not in it. 

In Alaska we had a one-term Democrat Governor named Steve Cowper, but he pronounced it, "Cooper".  I overheard an older man say, "Now, there's a dandy! A politician so crooked he can't even say his own name straight." 

Was Steve Cowper crooked?  Ever see a dog's hind leg? 

I never forgot that old man in his faded dungarees, a three-day stubble of whiskers, and tobacco stains at the corner of his mouth.  He had Steve Cowper pegged and didn't have to stay around for the rest of the show, so he laughed and he shook his head and he stomped away down the street.

That's where I am with the SPLC: a "news" organization that can't do a straight interview to save itself and that isn't being honest about its own nature and name. 

About all you can do with such groups is expose their hypocrisy and sail on.

In this case, we will sail to New Underwood, South Dakota --- which isn't even in the "South"--- and the travails of James Kopecky and Misty Koch, two law-abiding Americans like the Bundys, facing the same basic issues and hurdles.

The South Dakota Constitution says that the resources of South Dakota belong to the people of South Dakota --- that is, to South Dakotans, which by declaration and habitation and proper land jurisdiction record, both James and Misty are. 

They are not acting as Registered Agents for any JAMES KOPECKY or MISTY KOCH Municipal franchises. They aren't Municipal or Territorial "Residents" merely passing through South Dakota. They are not "volunteers" in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service, either.

Instead, they are standing on their own flat feet as South Dakotans, the resource owners referenced in the State Constitution who own the water of South Dakota, among other resources.   Just like the Bundys are the actual landlords of Nevada. 

What has happened is that a foreign Municipal Corporation has moved into town and set up a centralized water facility, 

They have seized upon the water supply belonging to the South Dakotans without paying the people of the town for the water, and demanded that everyone hook up to their system and stop using private wells, and pay for their "service" delivering the water and fluoridating the water and so forth.

So, suddenly, a public resource that is vital to life in South Dakota, which generations of South Dakotans have used and managed just fine via private wells and other measures, has been commandeered, locked down, monopolized, and turned into a profit-making venture by a foreign corporation that now wants to dictate the use and the price of the public resource.

Does anyone else see a problem here, or is it just me, James, and Misty?

There are at least four (4) major problems with this scenario, which by the way, is developing all over this country:

(1) The water belongs to the people, not the foreign, for-profit municipal corporation which is offering to operate "in the name of" the people, and this foreign corporation is taking control of a vital as in "vital to life" resource and supply of that resource --- and not even paying the local people for it.  That's known as "theft" of local public resources in most civilized countries.

(2) This same corporation is forcing-- via bogus mandates and public policies-- the actual landlords and owners of the water to give up their private wells and accept their "services for hire".  This is known as extortion and racketeering -- a sale made at the point of a gun.  So, first, they steal the public resource and then they monopolize it by force, so that nobody can get water except by contracting with the foreign, for-profit municipal corporation running the new "water utility". 

(3) Having commandeered the water supply they add fluoride-- a poisonous by-product leftover from  aluminum manufacturing processes-- to the local water supply that they have monopolized.  As a result, South Dakotans living in New Underwood no longer have a choice about being slowly poisoned with fluoride and whatever-other-helpful-chemicals the corporate managers want to dump into the water.

(4) After commandeering the resource away from the actual owners of it and establishing a monopoly for themselves, and altering the water supply in ways that not everyone agrees with, the blighters are now ready to impose prices on the resources of South Dakotans and to charge South Dakotans for South Dakotan water that is naturally free.  Their excuse?  Well, they are providing a "service" by maintaining wells and pipelines and need to be paid for it. 

Well, of course, they do--- if you ever asked for their "service" to begin with, but what if you didn't want their "service"?  What if nobody asked you about any of this "cozy" arrangement and you didn't volunteer to contract into it? What if, after a year or two of this nonsense, and paying $900 a month for water that used to come out of the ground for free or nearly so, you opt out?

You tell the local "water utility" that this isn't working, thanks but no thanks, please disconnect me from your grid and stop sending me water bills. I am going back to my old well or hauling in water from other sources. Bye!

That's what James Kopecky is doing and he has every right to do so. If anything, the foreign municipal corporation now running the water utility company owes him money for its use of his South Dakotan resources.

There are, of course, right ways and wrong ways of doing everything, but so far, James Kopecky (never let anyone call you "Mister"--- that's a title given a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines) has been peaceable and has given Notice and has left any dangling bills owed to the water utility company. He simply wants "out" of their Borg-like system and that's where the problem lies.

The extortionists aren't willing to simply turn a valve off and let James Kopecky find and use his own water as a South Dakotan.  They want monopoly control of the vital public resource and to provide this "service" on an open-ended contact so that they can charge whatever prices they like for water they don't actually own. 

What a racket, huh?

Let's review the steps--- first, they seize upon and commandeer a resource (water) that belongs to James Kopecky and every other South Dakotan, second, they force South Dakotans to give up their own water wells and hook up to their "water service grid" instead, third, this gives them monopoly control  to "treat" the water with fluoride, cholorine, or whatever other noxious chemicals they choose with no respect for what James Kopecky wants or doesn't want in his water, and fourth, then they charge James Kopecky whatever they want to charge for the water that belongs to him and for the "service" they are providing.

This is a form of monopoly interest racketeering. It's a crime.  It's a crime against James Kopecky and Misty Koch and every other South Dakotan; James and Misty are among those smart enough to realize just how dangerous and insidious monopoly interest racketeering by municipal corporations really is.  And how much you can potentially pay for it.

Once these monopolies are installed, they can charge what they like. You've already seen what they do when they deny you electricity.  Imagine what happens when they deny you water?

The scheme in most of these rackets is to start out very reasonable, even cheap, and then ratchet up prices gradually, just like they did with the so-called Federal Income Tax.

When it was instituted and all those patriotic Americans "volunteered" to pay the "Victory Tax" back in World War II, it was just a couple bucks a week on average.  Take a look and think about what the vampires are trying to suck out of you now, percentage-wise, of your entire earnings for all the various kinds of taxes, including "service" fees?

Keep in mind that that THING posing as "YOUR" public water utility is a foreign for-profit corporation.  It's not yours.  It's not public.  It's not accountable.  And it is stealing a resource that belongs to you and forcing you to pay them to access it. 

Hey, Guido.... there's a guy here that doesn't want to pay to breathe our air...watcha think about him, eh?   

If the "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center" --- the new name for the Southern Poverty Law Center -- actually gave a damn about poor people or about "human rights" or about anything but their own screw-loose agenda, they'd be demonstrating outside the court building in support of James Kopecky and Misty Koch. 

They aren't.  Go figure.

If they were worth anything as lawyers, they would recognize bald-faced monopoly interest racketeering for what it is and they would fight it tooth and nail.  If the local District Attorney was worth the powder to blow him to Hell, he'd be bringing charges and threatening to liquidate the New Underwood water utility right now. 

So say I, and so say we all --- those that have a brain.  And a heart.


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Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. - Speech at GATA Washington Conference April 17-19 2008

Introduction to the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr.

Pay special attention to his writings about the Second Amendment and the Militia!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Different Kind of Royal Service Award

By Anna Von Reitz

Once in a while I run across something that is so unique and in its own weird way so uplifting, that I just have to share it.  Today, I thank Alan and Margaret Cox, who in the brief span of about an hour and a half worth of YouTube film video, have exposed the criminality behind the British Monarchy and the British Crown in a lively-enough-to-stay-riveted collage of historical revelations most of which I already knew, but which everyone should know. 

They deserve a different kind of "Royal Service Award" in behalf of all the rest of us on Earth, including the Brits.  

It would greatly reduce the amount of common ignorance and confusion in the world if everyone reading this took out the time to watch: "Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy" on YouTube.  

The only thing that "The Cox Effort" missed was the common mistake of thinking that the Monarchy is the tail of the United States' dog, when in fact, the Monarchy long ago undermined and commandeered the United States and is fully responsible for all those murderous rampages and wars for profit, too.

The United States has been kept as the secret arsenal and cheap mercenary service of these Germanic vampires since 1860, when one of their Bar Association collaborators, Abraham Lincoln, managed to get an illegal, undisclosed, foreign mercenary conflict (mockingly misnamed "The American Civil War") going on our shores. 

And so now I will observe to you that the Queen knighted former President George Herbert Walker Bush and that there is an obvious and astonishing physical resemblance between Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, George Herbert Walker Bush, G.W. Bush, and the Walker Governors of Wisconsin (Scott Walker) and Bill Walker, just stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

They are all cut of the same cloth and it shows. Literally.

It's time to wake up, Campers.  Wake up all the way.  Smell the British Crown java.  Know the ugly truth.  And deal with it.  The rest of the world is already awake.  Russia knows.  China knows.  Europe has known for centuries. Canada is waking up, and Australia, too.  Africa and India know best of all. 

The Royal Raj has been running rampant over billions of souls and causing no end of fighting and misery, inland piracy and theft, kidnapping of babies, robbing of war veterans, gutting of public trusts, press ganging, war mongering, double-dealing, looting of estates, trampling of basic natural rights, decimation of wildlife, and loony delusions about "culling" the human race, when the only thing needing to be culled is the entire British Hegemony and the Corporate Feudalism it promotes. Full stop. 

As the Cox team points out, they have been happily helping themselves to our larder by misapplying the feudal principles of "bona vacantia" and "bastardy funds" to millions upon millions of clueless Americans, Canadians, and Aussies --- who after saving the British Bacon too often to count, are certainly owed a better reward from those that they already fought and bled for.

This is, if indeed, "decency and civility" have ever counted for much.

That one little group of islands has caused more trouble than the entire rest of the world combined.  Until we all learn to recognize its perfidy and learn to deal with it and those who dominate it, it will continue to be the sore toe of the world and it will continue to be at the bottom of the dogpile causing every evil wind that blows.

It even turns out that they were the ones interfering in our last elections -- M5 and M6 stumping for Hillary Clinton, not the Russians stumping for Donald Trump.  In the immortal words of Lady Ga-Ga: Ooh-la-la! 

So whether it is by becoming aware of the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island and washing it away like a barnacle attached to the Earth's energy conduits, or....

Noticing how many American politicians have the same "jib" as Prince Philip....and how JFK, Jimmy Carter, Jeb Bush and so many others have been oddly reminiscent of Edward the VIII?

….Or simply musing with me over my Christmas List and deciding firmly against buying a copy of the Queen's favorite fountain pen (only $1900) or a couple packs of Her Royal Majesty's playing cards ($129.95, made of "paper silk")….

Or dimly asking WTF are all these "American" Generals like Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell and former Presidents and knickerknackers like Alan Greenspan and Henry Kissinger all doing accepting British Knighthoods??? ---let's all wish a Happy Christmas to our suffering brethren in "Great" Britain and square up.

A clan of Germanic vampires have been sitting perched on the British throne and poop-dropping on the Stone of Scone since the reign of Queen Victoria. They are not British---not now and not ever.

The feckless faithful British People have been set up the same way that "the Americans" have been, as the fall guys to take the blame for all the criminality and war-mongering promoted by the Roman Pontiff and the British Crown. We are all on the same boat and yes, Virginia, the Nazis --- in a sense --- did win the Second World War.

This is the reality and that is the reason that Concentration Camps [FEMA Camps] were set up in this country to "resettle" us just as they "resettled" the Irish and the Boers and with the intention to kill us, their Priority Creditors, just as they killed the Jews in Hitler's Germany. 

If you stop to think about it, you will see that without his ridiculous little mustache, Adolph Hitler was the spitting image of George the Fifth.

It all comes home again.

I don't have anything against the Royal Family, except, of course, all their Bad Behavior both at home and abroad. I realize that in many instances they have relied upon diabolical counselors, and have been lied to like the rest of us.  That's true, too, in their defense. 

Still, there comes a time when sane people realize that enough is enough and that "something is wrong" and they take time to make corrections and do the required soul-searching and actually try to do the Right Thing before they plow face-first into the dirt.

Let's all hope that the Queen and her Consort and the Remainder Men all have such a Moment of Informed Conscience.  Soon.  I know that I and the rest of the whole world is watching.


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Reminder! GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS Premiere is Friday, Nov. 30

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS To Premiere November 30 2018!
By Elias Alias  –  November  9, 2018




James Jaeger is a happy camper, and rightly so. As loyal Oath Keepers know, James has been working hard to complete a very important film entitled “GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS: How An Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny And Atrocities. Now it is time to announce the World Premiere so one and all can celebrate with James the fruits of more than a year’s dedicated work.
James Jaeger called me on the phone this week and offered me an opportunity to write the announcement of the premiere of his latest documentary movie, “Good Guys With Guns”. Because of my history with James Jaeger’s production company,Matrix Entertainment Corporation, and Oath Keepers, I am grateful and honored that he offered me the opportunity to visit with you about this exciting new movie. When I agreed to write this announcement, it also meant that I would be the first man to see the completed movie. I have seen it, twice, and I am pumped!
We will get into it, but first, for those who are on tight schedules, here is the “need to know” info —
The entire 132-minute documentary will premiere on the Home Video Network on Friday, 30 November 2018 from 8PM – 3AM Eastern time (5PM – 12 Midnight Pacific).
Here are the salient links:
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