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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The SPLC and What to Do?

By Anna Von Reitz

The recent report about events in Underwood, South Dakota, being totally mis-represented and mis-reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with me as the Evil Svengali in residence--- needs to be pointedly rebutted.

I earned my stripes with the American Indian Movement and with the Farm Union Cases back in the 1970's and 80's, so nobody in at the Southern Poverty Law Center today has one word to say to me about "social consciousness".  I hope they find some.

Maybe the "social consciousness" will spark a little basic "social conscience" as well, and the sort of introspection it takes to confront evil instead of being co-opted by it.

I gave SPLC an interview about a year ago.  They sent Brandon Joel Kelly to my home in Anchorage and we had an hour-long chat that was friendly and animated, during which I informed him of a lot of history he had never known.

About a month later someone from the SPLC who never interviewed me at all wrote a piece under a separate by-line and pretended that he interviewed me and clipped and pasted quotes out of context and hemmed and hawed and was brought up short on the Big News that "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron that intelligent people never use.

Oh, my.  SPLC staffers were blatting it day and night prior to me pointing that out to them. Some of them still are.

I answered all the questions the actual SPLC reporter asked me, but I never got an answer back about the questions I asked about them:

Why "Southern" --- since all the people I know or have ever known to be working at the SPLC are all Northerners?  Jews from New York and Ivy Leaguer chicks from Mt. Holyoke and little snits from Haaaarvahd.  They may be black, but they aren't "Southern".   As in this case, they don't focus on "Southern" issues.  What does water rights in South Dakota have to do with "Southern" anything? 

So why don't we begin Truth in Advertising by calling it the "Northern Poverty Law Center"? 

Why all the undeclared Trotsky-ites at SPLC?  Last time I checked, over half the people there had direct ties to the Socialist Workers Party.  Are you ashamed of your Communist heritage? 

As long as you are advocating "coming out of the closet", why don't you come out yourselves? 

As long as we are doing our Truth in Advertising campaign, let's call it the "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center". 

Might as well drop the "Poverty" line, too,  because nobody working there is impoverished, and other than for themselves, I have never once seen them create any jobs or do anything to alleviate poverty....have you? 

Maybe it started out helping people who were or are "impoverished" and couldn't hire a staff of Haaaarvahd trained lawyers, but the use of the word "Poverty" in "Southern Poverty Law Center" seems to denote that they are fighting Poverty in the South, and they most certainly are not. 

So, again, in the interests of Truth in Advertising, how about changing the name to "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center -- Free Legal Help for Poor People in the South". 

Oh, but it's not free, exactly, is it?  No.... well, then, how about this? 

"Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center for Poor People Who Can Pay, But Not a Whole Lot Compared to New York Prices"?

There's the brave boys and girls, calling it like it is!  Rip those closet doors right off the hinges!

We have adequately demonstrated what's wrong with the SPLC as it now exists---plain and simple: the truth is not in it. 

In Alaska we had a one-term Democrat Governor named Steve Cowper, but he pronounced it, "Cooper".  I overheard an older man say, "Now, there's a dandy! A politician so crooked he can't even say his own name straight." 

Was Steve Cowper crooked?  Ever see a dog's hind leg? 

I never forgot that old man in his faded dungarees, a three-day stubble of whiskers, and tobacco stains at the corner of his mouth.  He had Steve Cowper pegged and didn't have to stay around for the rest of the show, so he laughed and he shook his head and he stomped away down the street.

That's where I am with the SPLC: a "news" organization that can't do a straight interview to save itself and that isn't being honest about its own nature and name. 

About all you can do with such groups is expose their hypocrisy and sail on.

In this case, we will sail to New Underwood, South Dakota --- which isn't even in the "South"--- and the travails of James Kopecky and Misty Koch, two law-abiding Americans like the Bundys, facing the same basic issues and hurdles.

The South Dakota Constitution says that the resources of South Dakota belong to the people of South Dakota --- that is, to South Dakotans, which by declaration and habitation and proper land jurisdiction record, both James and Misty are. 

They are not acting as Registered Agents for any JAMES KOPECKY or MISTY KOCH Municipal franchises. They aren't Municipal or Territorial "Residents" merely passing through South Dakota. They are not "volunteers" in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service, either.

Instead, they are standing on their own flat feet as South Dakotans, the resource owners referenced in the State Constitution who own the water of South Dakota, among other resources.   Just like the Bundys are the actual landlords of Nevada. 

What has happened is that a foreign Municipal Corporation has moved into town and set up a centralized water facility, 

They have seized upon the water supply belonging to the South Dakotans without paying the people of the town for the water, and demanded that everyone hook up to their system and stop using private wells, and pay for their "service" delivering the water and fluoridating the water and so forth.

So, suddenly, a public resource that is vital to life in South Dakota, which generations of South Dakotans have used and managed just fine via private wells and other measures, has been commandeered, locked down, monopolized, and turned into a profit-making venture by a foreign corporation that now wants to dictate the use and the price of the public resource.

Does anyone else see a problem here, or is it just me, James, and Misty?

There are at least four (4) major problems with this scenario, which by the way, is developing all over this country:

(1) The water belongs to the people, not the foreign, for-profit municipal corporation which is offering to operate "in the name of" the people, and this foreign corporation is taking control of a vital as in "vital to life" resource and supply of that resource --- and not even paying the local people for it.  That's known as "theft" of local public resources in most civilized countries.

(2) This same corporation is forcing-- via bogus mandates and public policies-- the actual landlords and owners of the water to give up their private wells and accept their "services for hire".  This is known as extortion and racketeering -- a sale made at the point of a gun.  So, first, they steal the public resource and then they monopolize it by force, so that nobody can get water except by contracting with the foreign, for-profit municipal corporation running the new "water utility". 

(3) Having commandeered the water supply they add fluoride-- a poisonous by-product leftover from  aluminum manufacturing processes-- to the local water supply that they have monopolized.  As a result, South Dakotans living in New Underwood no longer have a choice about being slowly poisoned with fluoride and whatever-other-helpful-chemicals the corporate managers want to dump into the water.

(4) After commandeering the resource away from the actual owners of it and establishing a monopoly for themselves, and altering the water supply in ways that not everyone agrees with, the blighters are now ready to impose prices on the resources of South Dakotans and to charge South Dakotans for South Dakotan water that is naturally free.  Their excuse?  Well, they are providing a "service" by maintaining wells and pipelines and need to be paid for it. 

Well, of course, they do--- if you ever asked for their "service" to begin with, but what if you didn't want their "service"?  What if nobody asked you about any of this "cozy" arrangement and you didn't volunteer to contract into it? What if, after a year or two of this nonsense, and paying $900 a month for water that used to come out of the ground for free or nearly so, you opt out?

You tell the local "water utility" that this isn't working, thanks but no thanks, please disconnect me from your grid and stop sending me water bills. I am going back to my old well or hauling in water from other sources. Bye!

That's what James Kopecky is doing and he has every right to do so. If anything, the foreign municipal corporation now running the water utility company owes him money for its use of his South Dakotan resources.

There are, of course, right ways and wrong ways of doing everything, but so far, James Kopecky (never let anyone call you "Mister"--- that's a title given a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines) has been peaceable and has given Notice and has left any dangling bills owed to the water utility company. He simply wants "out" of their Borg-like system and that's where the problem lies.

The extortionists aren't willing to simply turn a valve off and let James Kopecky find and use his own water as a South Dakotan.  They want monopoly control of the vital public resource and to provide this "service" on an open-ended contact so that they can charge whatever prices they like for water they don't actually own. 

What a racket, huh?

Let's review the steps--- first, they seize upon and commandeer a resource (water) that belongs to James Kopecky and every other South Dakotan, second, they force South Dakotans to give up their own water wells and hook up to their "water service grid" instead, third, this gives them monopoly control  to "treat" the water with fluoride, cholorine, or whatever other noxious chemicals they choose with no respect for what James Kopecky wants or doesn't want in his water, and fourth, then they charge James Kopecky whatever they want to charge for the water that belongs to him and for the "service" they are providing.

This is a form of monopoly interest racketeering. It's a crime.  It's a crime against James Kopecky and Misty Koch and every other South Dakotan; James and Misty are among those smart enough to realize just how dangerous and insidious monopoly interest racketeering by municipal corporations really is.  And how much you can potentially pay for it.

Once these monopolies are installed, they can charge what they like. You've already seen what they do when they deny you electricity.  Imagine what happens when they deny you water?

The scheme in most of these rackets is to start out very reasonable, even cheap, and then ratchet up prices gradually, just like they did with the so-called Federal Income Tax.

When it was instituted and all those patriotic Americans "volunteered" to pay the "Victory Tax" back in World War II, it was just a couple bucks a week on average.  Take a look and think about what the vampires are trying to suck out of you now, percentage-wise, of your entire earnings for all the various kinds of taxes, including "service" fees?

Keep in mind that that THING posing as "YOUR" public water utility is a foreign for-profit corporation.  It's not yours.  It's not public.  It's not accountable.  And it is stealing a resource that belongs to you and forcing you to pay them to access it. 

Hey, Guido.... there's a guy here that doesn't want to pay to breathe our air...watcha think about him, eh?   

If the "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center" --- the new name for the Southern Poverty Law Center -- actually gave a damn about poor people or about "human rights" or about anything but their own screw-loose agenda, they'd be demonstrating outside the court building in support of James Kopecky and Misty Koch. 

They aren't.  Go figure.

If they were worth anything as lawyers, they would recognize bald-faced monopoly interest racketeering for what it is and they would fight it tooth and nail.  If the local District Attorney was worth the powder to blow him to Hell, he'd be bringing charges and threatening to liquidate the New Underwood water utility right now. 

So say I, and so say we all --- those that have a brain.  And a heart.


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  1. Chances are the local DA is a BAR member and won't do squat.

  2. Heavenly Father , please change the hearts of your flock of sheep to that of a pride of lions. Let The Holy Spirit fill their souls and lift them from their slumber in slavery to awareness in the soviergnty you have granted us as our inheritance of this earth. Please also help us to keep love and kindness and forgiveness in our actions .We as this in tge name of your Son , Jesus .

  3. putting floride in water is a crime. epa said it . dumping waste from aluminum manufacturing in the water system is a crime.

  4. More to the point with correcting the SPLC name to one reflecting it's employee's roots & agenda would be JPLC = Jews Promoting Laws of Communism.........

    1. +Craig W- Well said. What can you do for correcting the ACLU, NAACP, ADL, KKK and a few more founded by the same vermin?


  5. "Northern Socialist Worker's Party Law Center"🎯

  6. It goes way beyond just a monopoly on profits for water...!! It's more about "control" again...!! That particular resource is so important that no one can last more than 3 days without it....So the next power play will be to shut off your water service if the govt insist you get something (like rfid chips) and you refuse...!!! It's always about control in the end...!!

  7. I'm sure if the people of South Dakota were to hit them with Notices of Liability they would cease and desist. It would take a concerted effort, but holding those individuals responsible who are forcing this down their throats would give them pause.... Just my two cents.

  8. Seems a lot like something that Royal Family would do. These things do have a root somewhere. Often in nature the root itself must be cut off. Also like a fungus that destroys the host. First gets in a little, then explodes and infects many more places again and again replicating in to one large thing finally killing the host. Like a web of corporations all then connected via incorporation under one Umbrella, like the fake Queens umbrella. Like playing sticks with a dog too keep it busy while stealing stuff. People distracted with BS fail to see the big picture. Once the root is dealt with, no more will the thing grow or keep coming back. Baking soda breaks up fungus, cuts the connections and then it dies.

  9. [Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis)
    11/27/18, 3:09 AM
    Worse! | "I think the Fed right now is a much bigger problem than China."… via ⁦‪@WSJ‬⁩ ]

  10. The "Anti-Hate" Group That Is a Hate Group

    Prof Makow has written several excellent articles on the corrupt SPLC.

    Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

  11. I liken these sociopaths to an active alcoholic. If you let a drunk come into your house and destroy your furniture without you confronting them, then the get the message that it's ok to do it again, and rest assured, they will. What happens when you get a diagnosis of cancer? You have a few options. You can either do nothing about it, treat it with naturopathic remedies, or let a surgeon cut it out before it metastases to other parts of your body. The latter option i.m.o is what needs to be done with these out of control corporate entities. If we allow them to steal the water rights from the South Dakotans, then one state at a time, they will inevitably steal the water from every sovereign citizen of this country. Thank you Anna for your tireless efforts to shed light upon a very miserable darkness. In my analogy I view you as the well educated surgeon thankfully leading the march against the unwanted political cancer that needs to be cut out of our society. I for one am inspired by your passion to speak truth to the misrepresentation of the truth. I aspire to learn more about true constitutional law and realize that you alone cannot cut out the cancerous growth of corporate greed. I stand with you Anna, and will continue to align with you in your fight for "True Freedom".Even medical surgeons require a team of medical assistance to attempt to eradicate cancer from one's body. God bless you Anna !