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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Richest Man in the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

The richest man in the world is undoubtedly Julius Shiva; this is because he is the one that eighteen other asset-holders have trusted to act for them, and because he is, himself, the holder of the world's largest single Family Trust.  

He is a singularly unprepossessing and modest man, happy with small things, delighted by healthy flowers and waterfalls, good weather, pretty clouds.  He is a man in touch with life at the grassroots and what does he say about all the violence and greed and profiteering currently rearing its ugly head again?  

He basically says, if I paraphrase --- 'My brothers and sisters,  this is stupid.  There is more than enough for everyone.  Come, let's be glad together and remove the shackles!  There isn't supposed to be any taxation of people anymore. The Governments have all the investments and income they need to provide services and build infrastructure.... more than enough! ----and the rebuilding of Europe and the rest of the world is done. There is no longer any need to be expending huge amounts of capital and credit on repairing wartime damages, and even less reason for anyone to get involved in that insanity again.  

Our work now is simple.  We take care of the planet and the animals and each other. That's what our work has always been. And that's what I want to do.  Is that what you want to do?  All right, then, let's do it together.... and get on with it.  Get on with living. Remove the chains of poverty and ignorance and do what we always should have done.'

He's not difficult to work with, he's not a "nut" -- religious or otherwise.  He is a singularly devoted man who has devoted his life to seeing the assets deployed to help Mankind. Certainly, he takes responsibility.  Certainly, he wants to know what is going on and how the money is being spent.  In his own way, he is a Fiduciary, too.  

He feels his ancestors and friends and people he has known --and all their hopes and dreams that are being kept waiting in the wings, while these vicious commercial corporations settle or fail to settle their differences.  

The most frustrating thing is that these corporations don't have any right to exist if they harm and endanger people, and a great many of them have done so.  Where are the international Legal Eagles responsible for dismantling monopolies, interlocking trust directorates, and liquidating corporations caught engaging in unlawful, harmful activities? 

What is so tragically and terribly wrong with this picture?  Who is responsible for standing in Julius's way and commandeering his assets and his credit (and everyone else's) since 2005? 
Who but the Generals and Corporatists and certain bankers who have colluded to create this gigantic SNAFU?  Who but a handful of Trustees, who have Breached the Trust placed in them?  

The Department of the Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements is primarily responsible for failure to assist and expedite the court ordered settlement of the Depositor Estate, and the British Crown is responsible for violent obstruction and credit hacking, while others, some Municipal Corporations, are carrying out the will of  Death Cults that shouldn't even exist in the modern world. The World Bank is guilty of pretended amnesia and non-consensual trading on private assets, as well as dabbling in billions of dollars-worth of crooked "Health Bonds", not to mention gross mismanagement of assets belonging to the Santiago Family Trust.  

None of this is hard to see or hard to document, yet we all, collectively, must get past this. 
The Miscreants must be stopped and corrected.  The accounts must be settled.  The assets have to be returned to the control of the actual owners, and most of all, the assets must be used for the good of Mankind, not its destruction. 

Julius gets teary-eyed over the harm being done to the children and the poor.  He shakes his head.  How can so many people get everything so wrong?  So upside down?  He's been speaking in plain English the whole time, and this is what he has been saying, to paraphrase again --- 'This is my money, my assets, given to me to do good things. So let me do them!" 

Simple as that. 



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For You All

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Federation of States is an "instrumentality" of the States of the Union. 

What does that mean? 

It means that the State Assemblies got together from the very first and decided to work together for their mutual benefit and protection.  To do this, they needed to create separate named entities to represent the States combined, acting together as one entity.  

They carved off the National Soil Jurisdiction right off the top, to protect it,  and created their Union of States to represent all of their soil jurisdictions combined. For many years, from 1776 to 1851, this first instrumentality of the States did business as "the United States".   From 1851 on, it has been known as The United States. 

Next, but also in 1776,  the State Assemblies combined their land and sea jurisdictions and bundled those together to create the Federation of States known as The United States of America.  

Both the original Union of States and The United States of America federation are unincorporated, as they have to be, to retain their character as Assigns of the free, sovereign, and independent States of the Union. 

These instrumentalities are used to accomplish work for all fifty States at once, but in different jurisdictions.  Think of them like tools.  You need a shovel to spade the garden and a rake to gather up the leaves in the fall.  In the same way, the Union and the Federation have different uses but are meant to work together and both are meant to be directed by the Several States of the Union in Congress Assembled. 

Our Continental Congress has not met for a very long time, and even our States have not been assembled for a long time, with the result that the functions of the Union and the Federation are like ants set in amber, unchanged and unchangeable until that day when the State Assemblies are fully functional and competent to send Delegations to the Continental Congress. Until then, the States are now in General Assembly and enabled to work together via Roll Call Votes. 

The duty of both the Union of States known as The United States and the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America in the current circumstance reflects their different jurisdictional responsibilities.  The Union holds the National Soil Jurisdiction intact. 
The Federation takes care of international affairs.  

Given that each of our States are Nation-States and relations between them are by definition "international" as well as "interstate" the Federation has the responsibility to Summon the States back into Session after a recess however long that recess may be.  As the Summoning Authority acting under continuance of government protocols, it has the additional responsibility of making sure that the State Assemblies are set up and functioning properly.  

It's my task and the task of the Federation in general to help each State of the Union to assemble --- that is, to get organized and functioning again after a lapse of more than a century, in addition to the work already assigned to the Federation and workload inherited from failed federal Subcontractors.  

We are doing this without access to funding that we and the State Assemblies are owed. 

Kindly remember that it's the Federation's task to make sure the State Assemblies are up and functioning properly, and if they are not, you are the ones who are harmed.  

The Assemblies are your organizations and it's up to you to form them, staff them, fund them, organize them, guard them, discipline them, and conduct business for them---including conducting proper public elections and filling elected offices. If your Assembly isn't doing all this correctly, you are the ones who are harmed. Not me. Not anyone from the Federation. You are the ones being harmed by mistakes, corrupt acts, and incompetence at the Assembly level. 

Here are the potential harms that the Federation is guarding against:  (1) Loss of Standing: failure to properly identify and declare and record members, resulting in the invalidation of the whole Assembly and the work that has been done to date; (2) Accusations of Insurrection: misidentification of the assembly and its members as some unknown group acting in insurrection; (3) Electoral, recordkeeping, or financial malfeasance, (4) Abuse of Vetting and Oversight Committees to manipulate elections by pre-selecting candidates, or restrict participation based on racial, religious, or other differences. 

As you can see, the Federation is not doing this for its good, but for your good,  to protect the members and the Assemblies while they are in the process of assembling.  We set good standards for business practices and committee functioning and hope that these lessons once learned will continue to guide each Assembly going forward.    

Your State Assemblies are Public Government Institutions, open to all eligible Americans living within the borders of your State. 

Electors in the State General Assembly (State Nationals) must have been born in this country or naturalized in this country either via U.S. Citizenship or via successful residency for seven or more years, have attained the age of 21, have established a permanent home within the State's borders for at least a year with no felony convictions during that year, and must be self-supporting during that year.  Retirees living on retirement income they have earned or that a spouse has earned are considered self-supporting, veterans in receipt of veteran pensions they earned while in the service are considered self-supporting, anyone who has earned any such consideration on their own efforts or those of a family member (for example, children of veterans or of covered Social Security decedents going to college) are considered self-supporting.   

Please note, that although we speak loosely of "American State Nationals" when referring to those similar Electors in all States of the Union, each one of us is properly called "a Wisconsin State National" or "Virginia State National" or "New York State National".  General Assembly Electors from Georgia are called "Georgia State Nationals".  And so on.  

Electors in the International Business Assembly must meet all the above criteria and must additionally have no other political affiliations and maintain a singular political devotion to their State of the Union during their service as a State Citizen.   State Citizens tend to be Retirees or independent business owners who have no professional  licenses or other occupational obligations to any foreign State-of-State or Federal Employer or International Foreign Government that would serve to create a substantial conflict of interest.  Each volunteer must be considered within the context of their own situation.  For example, someone might have a real estate license, but not be using it or be using it to a small extent instead of relying upon real estate sales for a significant percentage (over 10%) of their yearly earnings. Each State of the Union has historically demanded unfettered loyalty to the State from its State Citizens, as the State Citizens are the ones entrusted to conduct international and interstate business for the State.  


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Don't Believe It

 By Anna Von Reitz

All of you sitting in coffee shops and dining rooms thinking that "your" military is going to save you --- don't believe that. 

If you want to live and want this planet to survive, you have to make tracks yourself, just you, your own little self with your own two hands and feet.  

And you have to raise the alarm and grab your families and neighbors and get organized without a moment to spare.  

Certain corporations, members of the "World Economic Forum", have declared war on humanity. They have sought to "redefine" living people as Genetically Modified Organisms based on the undisclosed contents of the Jabs, which have altered the recipient's natural genome. 

All that they actually own is a tiny fragment of mRNA code that was engineered using your money and under the abuse of your authority, yet the patent holders claim that they now own you and that you voluntarily agreed to this by accepting their injection. 

They also claim that because they own you (if you took the jab) they can dispose of you as they wish; and they have determined that they want 50% of you gone by the end of 2023. 

These people are literally insane, and the only thing that can be done and must be done is for their corporations to be liquidated and for them to be arrested. 

This morning, via Rat Watch, I have forwarded a video admitting that the World Economic Forum has acted as a criminal conspiratorial organization in support of the madmen who have proposed to kill half the world's population by 2023.  

Public outrage and determined action against these individuals and against their corporations and everything else that they stand for must be our response.  

Go to and move, move, move!  

Don't wait another moment listening to Hopium or believing that our military or some group of White Hats is going to save us.  Don't buy these ridiculous excuses that they are "waiting" for a reason or that they had to give the Vermin enough rope to hang themselves.  Stop waiting for any Emergency Broadcast.  

The Emergency is happening right now, without a peep from them. 

The Treasury Department, aka, International Monetary Fund, has paid individual members of Congress millions of dollars in direct personal bribes to go along with and sign off on your death warrants, the jabs, the rationale allowing them to kill you, and handing authority over you to WHO, INC., a franchise of the UN CORPORATION. 

As I have explained before, the UN CORPORATION was established by Vichy French Nazis during the Second World War, two years before the United Nations Organization was chartered.  This is a NAZI organization as is the World Economic Forum. 

You must make it eternally clear that the Municipal United States Congress has no authority over you or your assets.  

And you must shove them back into the sea.  


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Urgent Rat Watch Alert! Here's the Horse's Mouth and the Enemy of All That Is

 By Anna Von Reitz

Urgent Rat Watch Alert!   Here's the Horse's Mouth and the Enemy of All That Is

Thanks to our Rat Watchers, here is one of the King Rats admitting to the "World Economic Forum's" 2019 Goal to reduce world population by 50% by 2023. 

Why is this organization still in existence?  Why are these 4,000 Corporations still in existence?  

Why aren't these madmen and madwomen all locked up and re-educated about basic science? 

This is insanity wearing the face of reason.  This is treason wearing the face of granted authority. 

Where the hell are our law enforcement officers and military?  


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What I Find Hilarious --- in a Sick Way

 By Anna Von Reitz

Almost daily I find myself attacked by neophytes who almost invariably use things I have taught, often in my exact words, taken out of context, and hurled in my face as if I don't already know the facts and haven't already gone over that ground. 

I suppose this "Reverse Feedback" is some small measure of what I have accomplished, that people are now blurting and sharing information and insight that I provided, as if they or one of their pals was the source of the information in the first place. 

It is laughable, really.  

And they invariably complain that they don't understand what I am saying or that to them, I appear to be in conflict or "making a circular argument" simply because they still don't know --- for example, that "Confederate States" are "States of States", or fail to recognize which "United States" I am talking about at any given time, or still don't know there is a difference between "the" United States of America and The United States of America.....and between the American Union of States and the "Union" of Northern Confederate States of States during the Civil War. 

Let me suggest that everyone goes to my YouTube channel and start reviewing "Granna Bites". 
I go back to Grade School, complete with maps and visual aids, and teach you what you should have been taught when you were kids.  


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Letter to His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus In his Ministerial Office 20th of December 2022

 By Anna Von Reitz

This letter has been sent directly to the email address of the Pope and the High Courts and the Bank of International Settlements, etc.
A follow-up signed in wet ink and bearing our unencumbered Great Seal will follow.
An Open Letter to His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus
In his Ministerial Office
20th December 2022
Most Beloved Benedict XVI,
Ecclesiastical Law makes you and the Roman Curia responsible for the creation of corporations of all kinds. This includes the proliferation of trusts, non-profits, NGO's, foundations, cooperatives, LLCs, S-Corps, B-Corps, C-Corps and so on.
We are pleased that you honored your obligation to dissolve both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., but also see that you stopped short of prohibiting those responsible from creating new corporations for the same purposes and guilty of the same sins against Mankind.
To be effective in disciplining these and other governmental services corporations around the world, it is necessary to permanently remove the privilege of incorporation from those responsible for dire acts of trespass and transgression.
We note that corporations may be formed for any lawful purpose, but not merely legal purposes, a stipulation by which our ancestors have firmly established the limitations of corporations of all kinds and fixed the proper sphere of their activity.
By what stretch of the imagination is it "lawful" to inject foreign and undisclosed genetic materials into living flesh, in order to murder and maim for profit, and to alter the natural genome of innocent people--- in order to promote claims of owning them via Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) patent rights?
These acts and similar acts promoted by the UN CORPORATION and its WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC.) and its franchises and subsidiaries, the NIH, INC., the CDC, INC., the FDA, INC, the DOJ, INC., MICROSOFT, INC., RAYTHEON, INC., MODERNA, INC., JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, INC., BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, PFIZER, INC., BAYER, INC., MONSANTO, INC, PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, INC., WELLCOME TRUST, CIA, INC., DIA, INC., NSA, INC., FBI, INC., US PATENT OFFICE, INC., SERCO, INC., NATO, INC., and their affiliates ----are unlawful and every single named corporation must be dissolved for unlawful activity which has resulted in injury and injurious harm, both.
The Corporate Veil must be removed and their leadership must be punished and deprived of any further privilege to incorporate anything.
These actions cited above, both harm accruing directly from the undisclosed injections, and harm resulting from the obscene ownership claims, have been undertaken recklessly without regard for Law or Custom of any kind.
The participants in this conspiracy to murder, maim, defraud and enslave living people for the benefit of inanimate corporations were encouraged by members of the Municipal Congress of the United States who made false guarantees of protection to the pharmaceutical corporations engaged in the production of vaccines, promising to hold them harmless regardless of injuries sustained from vaccines they produced and marketed, and were also encouraged by the actions of the US SUPREME COURT, INC. which allowed them to patent living organisms that had been altered by genetic engineering processes.
Additional unlawful acts and processes have been undertaken by the IMF, INC., and the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC., to create monopoly control over availability of commodities, including food, fuel, and currency; the WORLD BANK, INC., has been caught engaged in promoting rigged gambling and platform trading on private assets without any granted authority from the asset owners; the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, INC., has sat on its rump for eighteen years and turned a deaf ear to the properly declared and evidenced owners of the world's physical gold reserves based on false claims made by the discredited UNITED STATES, INC., and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Reserve have thus far failed to answer our demand that they come to the table and hammer out new agreements with the asset owners and their lawful Assigns, in line with the Public Good worldwide.
The Donors and Fiduciaries and Attorneys in Fact for the estate of Severino Sta Romano, the Witnesses of Giovanni Baptista Ricchello, the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America, and the lawful and spiritual inheritors of the St. Germain Endowment are hereby fully informing you and the Vatican Chancery Court and the International Court of Justice and the Bank of International Settlements and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements that the trust indentures owed to the D'Avila Family, the Urban Family, the Santiago Family, and many others are being breached and their private assets are being misused to generate credit without their consent, and without recognition of the fact that the credit generated from their assets also belongs to the asset owners.
The World Trust which is supposed to be opened on December 24th and used to adjust accounts and deliver the world economy from want and debt is instead being used to sop and reward the Perpetrators --- all Corporations ---- for their crimes against Humanity, and this is being done against the Will of the Donors, the actual members of St. Germain's Family, both physical and spiritual.
The St. Germain Endowment, intended for the support of The United States of America, has been commandeered and unlawfully incorporated by persons lacking any authority to do this, and they have proceeded to make venal "investments" of the capital in things like "Bad Dragon Dildoes".
My relative, St. Germain, and the current members of the Saint Germain Spiritual Family, would vomit if they could see the evil things that their sacrifices are being used to support by these Corporatists who have unlawfully and illegally mismanaged the organization and the assets.
The Seven Shining Ones had better rise up off their velvet tuffets and listen and obey, for I carry the Word of the Living God concerning these matters, and his Word has gone forth; it will not return unsatisfied, so yield to the Greater Will that grants your breath and is your breath.
Why have you allowed these corporations to continue this madness, when the lawful government of The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States, has already outlawed any such patent claims made against living people?
Why have you stood silent while corporations --- that you and the Curia are responsible for creating --- have committed acts of fraud and forced conscription (press-ganging), inland piracy, and conspiracy in violation of your service contracts and trespass against our constitutional agreements and treaties?
Do you propose an illegal Commercial Mercenary Conflict that occurred more than 150 years ago as your excuse for all of this?
Why have you allowed Joseph Biden to create the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC. and offer to use that as a substitute and successor for the UNITED STATES, INC.? Is it not apparent that the same gang of hooligans cannot be trusted to do anything different or better? That a new round of unlawful acts under a different name is no better than the prior offer?
Why are you continuing the system of profiteering and bondage begun in 1937, and the perpetuation of mortgages against the innocent people of this country, and all the False Claims that have been made against our assets? Isn't the Ecclesiastical Law and the Roman Civl Law --- both--- clear enough?
What possible excuse is there for continuing to impersonate us and to impose Municipal Law on us, when we have placed our own lawful Government in Session and declared our birthright political status? There are no conscionable UCC Contract Trusts. There are virtually no conscionable Territorial Offices or Officers, either.
To the extent that these PERSONS/Persons exist, they are the ones who need to declare their political status and obey the Foreign Agents Registration Act; we have no such obligation in our own country.
We, however, are awake and aware and are here to tell you the Truth. Those who are doing these evils in the sight of the True God are doing so to their own ever-lasting condemnation; every Lie is being counted against them. And the assets of the World Trust may not be used to save these evil-doers who have besmirched the Good Name of our country and our Patrons. The assets of the Santiago Trust and seventeen other Family Trusts must be returned to the control of the man Anthony Santiago Martin also freely trusted, and granted his irrevocable General Power of Attorney to.
Although the existence of Municipal Corporations is not explicitly prohibited, unlawful activities undertaken by Municipal Corporations are prohibited and the sentence rendered is pre-ordained. All Municipal Corporations engaged in unlawful activities must be liquidated and the assets returned to the lawful owners and injured parties. We have taken the trouble to list numerous Municipal Corporations that need to be liquidated including the SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION of Schaumburg, Illinois.
This same pre-ordained fate does include Municipal Corporations owned by the British Crown.

Most sincerely,
Letter from and by: Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America


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From Old "Iron Fist" --- a Note to Satya About Continuance of Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have not judged you nor misrepresented you, Satya, but you have clearly and vehemently misrepresented me and my role and the Federation's role in all of this. 

This means that you have either never understood that critical part of our situation in this country, or you have willfully pursued a slander campaign and left other people as the victims of it. 

We are currently and for the past 24 years have been functioning under what are known as "Continuance of Governance Protocols".   

This means that when the Government, for whatever reasons, ceases to function normally, certain measures go into effect. 

In the case of our American Government it means that the States are called back into Session by whatever remaining Authority--- among several designated--- remains, and the assembling process is guided forward by the Summoning Authority until the Assemblies are fully functional and seated. 

As I have often enough explained there are three ways for our States of the Union to be called back into Session. 

Lets go over this AGAIN for you and all your little friends trying to paint me as some kind of dictator or overlord, simply because I have been doing my stated duty to restore our American Government --- and not remake it into something else. 

The first option to bring the States back into Session ---- nine (9) States of the Union call their Sister States back into Session.  This was not possible because only one (1) State of the Union remained functioning in 1998: Texas. 

The second option is that The President of The United States of America (Unincorporated) could call the States back into Session.  That was not possible because the States have to be in Session to conduct an election for President and the last President left office during the Civil War. 

So the third and final option, was for the Hereditary Head of State under whose flags and seal the Fleet sails and under whose sovereignty the Land Jurisdiction is established, may call the States into Session.  

My husband, much to his loathing, has risked his life and mine and our entire family, to try to give you back what you have thrown away in ignorance, a precious birthright that we have struggled to preserve for you.

Whoever and whatever you are, Satya, you are not an honest woman--- and after seeing your senseless rhetoric against me and your misrepresentation of the Federation per the infamous October 11, 2022 screed that you sent out to members of The California Assembly AFTER you left your position of Co-Coordinator, I can only say that you definitely made the right decision to step down from any leadership position, as it is clear that you never knew what we were doing or why in the first place, and therefore, were ill-chosen to teach anyone else anything about it. 


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