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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Don't Believe It

 By Anna Von Reitz

All of you sitting in coffee shops and dining rooms thinking that "your" military is going to save you --- don't believe that. 

If you want to live and want this planet to survive, you have to make tracks yourself, just you, your own little self with your own two hands and feet.  

And you have to raise the alarm and grab your families and neighbors and get organized without a moment to spare.  

Certain corporations, members of the "World Economic Forum", have declared war on humanity. They have sought to "redefine" living people as Genetically Modified Organisms based on the undisclosed contents of the Jabs, which have altered the recipient's natural genome. 

All that they actually own is a tiny fragment of mRNA code that was engineered using your money and under the abuse of your authority, yet the patent holders claim that they now own you and that you voluntarily agreed to this by accepting their injection. 

They also claim that because they own you (if you took the jab) they can dispose of you as they wish; and they have determined that they want 50% of you gone by the end of 2023. 

These people are literally insane, and the only thing that can be done and must be done is for their corporations to be liquidated and for them to be arrested. 

This morning, via Rat Watch, I have forwarded a video admitting that the World Economic Forum has acted as a criminal conspiratorial organization in support of the madmen who have proposed to kill half the world's population by 2023.  

Public outrage and determined action against these individuals and against their corporations and everything else that they stand for must be our response.  

Go to and move, move, move!  

Don't wait another moment listening to Hopium or believing that our military or some group of White Hats is going to save us.  Don't buy these ridiculous excuses that they are "waiting" for a reason or that they had to give the Vermin enough rope to hang themselves.  Stop waiting for any Emergency Broadcast.  

The Emergency is happening right now, without a peep from them. 

The Treasury Department, aka, International Monetary Fund, has paid individual members of Congress millions of dollars in direct personal bribes to go along with and sign off on your death warrants, the jabs, the rationale allowing them to kill you, and handing authority over you to WHO, INC., a franchise of the UN CORPORATION. 

As I have explained before, the UN CORPORATION was established by Vichy French Nazis during the Second World War, two years before the United Nations Organization was chartered.  This is a NAZI organization as is the World Economic Forum. 

You must make it eternally clear that the Municipal United States Congress has no authority over you or your assets.  

And you must shove them back into the sea.  


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