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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Richest Man in the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

The richest man in the world is undoubtedly Julius Shiva; this is because he is the one that eighteen other asset-holders have trusted to act for them, and because he is, himself, the holder of the world's largest single Family Trust.  

He is a singularly unprepossessing and modest man, happy with small things, delighted by healthy flowers and waterfalls, good weather, pretty clouds.  He is a man in touch with life at the grassroots and what does he say about all the violence and greed and profiteering currently rearing its ugly head again?  

He basically says, if I paraphrase --- 'My brothers and sisters,  this is stupid.  There is more than enough for everyone.  Come, let's be glad together and remove the shackles!  There isn't supposed to be any taxation of people anymore. The Governments have all the investments and income they need to provide services and build infrastructure.... more than enough! ----and the rebuilding of Europe and the rest of the world is done. There is no longer any need to be expending huge amounts of capital and credit on repairing wartime damages, and even less reason for anyone to get involved in that insanity again.  

Our work now is simple.  We take care of the planet and the animals and each other. That's what our work has always been. And that's what I want to do.  Is that what you want to do?  All right, then, let's do it together.... and get on with it.  Get on with living. Remove the chains of poverty and ignorance and do what we always should have done.'

He's not difficult to work with, he's not a "nut" -- religious or otherwise.  He is a singularly devoted man who has devoted his life to seeing the assets deployed to help Mankind. Certainly, he takes responsibility.  Certainly, he wants to know what is going on and how the money is being spent.  In his own way, he is a Fiduciary, too.  

He feels his ancestors and friends and people he has known --and all their hopes and dreams that are being kept waiting in the wings, while these vicious commercial corporations settle or fail to settle their differences.  

The most frustrating thing is that these corporations don't have any right to exist if they harm and endanger people, and a great many of them have done so.  Where are the international Legal Eagles responsible for dismantling monopolies, interlocking trust directorates, and liquidating corporations caught engaging in unlawful, harmful activities? 

What is so tragically and terribly wrong with this picture?  Who is responsible for standing in Julius's way and commandeering his assets and his credit (and everyone else's) since 2005? 
Who but the Generals and Corporatists and certain bankers who have colluded to create this gigantic SNAFU?  Who but a handful of Trustees, who have Breached the Trust placed in them?  

The Department of the Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements is primarily responsible for failure to assist and expedite the court ordered settlement of the Depositor Estate, and the British Crown is responsible for violent obstruction and credit hacking, while others, some Municipal Corporations, are carrying out the will of  Death Cults that shouldn't even exist in the modern world. The World Bank is guilty of pretended amnesia and non-consensual trading on private assets, as well as dabbling in billions of dollars-worth of crooked "Health Bonds", not to mention gross mismanagement of assets belonging to the Santiago Family Trust.  

None of this is hard to see or hard to document, yet we all, collectively, must get past this. 
The Miscreants must be stopped and corrected.  The accounts must be settled.  The assets have to be returned to the control of the actual owners, and most of all, the assets must be used for the good of Mankind, not its destruction. 

Julius gets teary-eyed over the harm being done to the children and the poor.  He shakes his head.  How can so many people get everything so wrong?  So upside down?  He's been speaking in plain English the whole time, and this is what he has been saying, to paraphrase again --- 'This is my money, my assets, given to me to do good things. So let me do them!" 

Simple as that. 



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