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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

For You All

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Federation of States is an "instrumentality" of the States of the Union. 

What does that mean? 

It means that the State Assemblies got together from the very first and decided to work together for their mutual benefit and protection.  To do this, they needed to create separate named entities to represent the States combined, acting together as one entity.  

They carved off the National Soil Jurisdiction right off the top, to protect it,  and created their Union of States to represent all of their soil jurisdictions combined. For many years, from 1776 to 1851, this first instrumentality of the States did business as "the United States".   From 1851 on, it has been known as The United States. 

Next, but also in 1776,  the State Assemblies combined their land and sea jurisdictions and bundled those together to create the Federation of States known as The United States of America.  

Both the original Union of States and The United States of America federation are unincorporated, as they have to be, to retain their character as Assigns of the free, sovereign, and independent States of the Union. 

These instrumentalities are used to accomplish work for all fifty States at once, but in different jurisdictions.  Think of them like tools.  You need a shovel to spade the garden and a rake to gather up the leaves in the fall.  In the same way, the Union and the Federation have different uses but are meant to work together and both are meant to be directed by the Several States of the Union in Congress Assembled. 

Our Continental Congress has not met for a very long time, and even our States have not been assembled for a long time, with the result that the functions of the Union and the Federation are like ants set in amber, unchanged and unchangeable until that day when the State Assemblies are fully functional and competent to send Delegations to the Continental Congress. Until then, the States are now in General Assembly and enabled to work together via Roll Call Votes. 

The duty of both the Union of States known as The United States and the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America in the current circumstance reflects their different jurisdictional responsibilities.  The Union holds the National Soil Jurisdiction intact. 
The Federation takes care of international affairs.  

Given that each of our States are Nation-States and relations between them are by definition "international" as well as "interstate" the Federation has the responsibility to Summon the States back into Session after a recess however long that recess may be.  As the Summoning Authority acting under continuance of government protocols, it has the additional responsibility of making sure that the State Assemblies are set up and functioning properly.  

It's my task and the task of the Federation in general to help each State of the Union to assemble --- that is, to get organized and functioning again after a lapse of more than a century, in addition to the work already assigned to the Federation and workload inherited from failed federal Subcontractors.  

We are doing this without access to funding that we and the State Assemblies are owed. 

Kindly remember that it's the Federation's task to make sure the State Assemblies are up and functioning properly, and if they are not, you are the ones who are harmed.  

The Assemblies are your organizations and it's up to you to form them, staff them, fund them, organize them, guard them, discipline them, and conduct business for them---including conducting proper public elections and filling elected offices. If your Assembly isn't doing all this correctly, you are the ones who are harmed. Not me. Not anyone from the Federation. You are the ones being harmed by mistakes, corrupt acts, and incompetence at the Assembly level. 

Here are the potential harms that the Federation is guarding against:  (1) Loss of Standing: failure to properly identify and declare and record members, resulting in the invalidation of the whole Assembly and the work that has been done to date; (2) Accusations of Insurrection: misidentification of the assembly and its members as some unknown group acting in insurrection; (3) Electoral, recordkeeping, or financial malfeasance, (4) Abuse of Vetting and Oversight Committees to manipulate elections by pre-selecting candidates, or restrict participation based on racial, religious, or other differences. 

As you can see, the Federation is not doing this for its good, but for your good,  to protect the members and the Assemblies while they are in the process of assembling.  We set good standards for business practices and committee functioning and hope that these lessons once learned will continue to guide each Assembly going forward.    

Your State Assemblies are Public Government Institutions, open to all eligible Americans living within the borders of your State. 

Electors in the State General Assembly (State Nationals) must have been born in this country or naturalized in this country either via U.S. Citizenship or via successful residency for seven or more years, have attained the age of 21, have established a permanent home within the State's borders for at least a year with no felony convictions during that year, and must be self-supporting during that year.  Retirees living on retirement income they have earned or that a spouse has earned are considered self-supporting, veterans in receipt of veteran pensions they earned while in the service are considered self-supporting, anyone who has earned any such consideration on their own efforts or those of a family member (for example, children of veterans or of covered Social Security decedents going to college) are considered self-supporting.   

Please note, that although we speak loosely of "American State Nationals" when referring to those similar Electors in all States of the Union, each one of us is properly called "a Wisconsin State National" or "Virginia State National" or "New York State National".  General Assembly Electors from Georgia are called "Georgia State Nationals".  And so on.  

Electors in the International Business Assembly must meet all the above criteria and must additionally have no other political affiliations and maintain a singular political devotion to their State of the Union during their service as a State Citizen.   State Citizens tend to be Retirees or independent business owners who have no professional  licenses or other occupational obligations to any foreign State-of-State or Federal Employer or International Foreign Government that would serve to create a substantial conflict of interest.  Each volunteer must be considered within the context of their own situation.  For example, someone might have a real estate license, but not be using it or be using it to a small extent instead of relying upon real estate sales for a significant percentage (over 10%) of their yearly earnings. Each State of the Union has historically demanded unfettered loyalty to the State from its State Citizens, as the State Citizens are the ones entrusted to conduct international and interstate business for the State.  


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