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Thursday, March 24, 2022


Commodities markets, banks, currencies and contracts begin breaking down… and the consequences will be catastrophic

When Nickel prices recently spiked at $100,000 / ton, the London Metal Exchange (LME) decided to halt all trading and reverse over 4,000 trades in order to protect the profits of a China-based mega-player who had been exposed to over $5 billion in margin calls. In effect, the LME declared that it will now pick winners and losers arbitrarily, the markets be damned.

In doing that, the LME committed credibility suicide. There is now no rational reason for any investor or trader to trust any transaction at the LME, not in copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel or other metals. Markets no longer work at the LME, and you are only allowed to “win” a trade if the LME gives you the nod. Wins can also be retroactively stolen from you by the exchange reversing trades. They will actually go back in time to screw you over for past winnings.

Just recently in Canada, the tyrannical Justin Castro Trudeau regime ordered banks to seize private account holdings of citizens who donated to the freedom trucker convoy. Overnight, the contract of banking was ripped to shreds. Banks can no longer be trusted to protect the assets you have deposited with them. Instead, they will steal your money any time the government orders them to do so, utterly without any due process or rule of law, even if you have broken no laws whatsoever.

On a larger scale, the central banks of the world just stole $300 billion in central bank “reserves” owned by Russia. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, western banks decided this gave them permission to steal $300 billion in Russian assets, thereby destroying the entire concept of “reserves” in one fell swoop. Now, no rational nation in the world will trust western central banks to hold their reserves in a safe manner. Central banks are now train robbers. They will loot whatever accounts are held by foreign nations they no longer like.

In courtrooms across America and western nations, facts, reason and law are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Prosecutorial decisions are now made entirely based on virtue signaling. If a Leftist murders a Trump supporter in broad daylight, the charges will be dropped against them — this is exactly what happened recently in Colorado. But if a conservative does nothing more than peacefully protest at the nation’s capitol building, they will be thrown into prison for years without trial, even if they violated no laws and did nothing wrong.

If you own a home in America, and you rent it out to someone, you have a rent contract with that renter. But when the covid plandemic got under way, the CDC suddenly declared itself the controlling legal authority over all rent contracts and declared that no renters could be evicted, even if they refused to pay rent. Overnight, the CDC essentially condemned real estate owners to bankruptcy while handing out free housing to renters who quickly became squatters. This is the equivalent of the CDC ordering pizza shops to hand out free pizza to everyone until they go bankrupt, or ordering gas stations to give out free gas. The economic implications of this decision are truly catastrophic and far-reaching. For example, what investor will ever want to invest in providing housing from here forward?

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Is Putin a War Criminal?


March 24, 2022

International and Public Declaration of Possession by Right

 By Anna Von Reitz

As of Midnight GMT on 24 March 2022 all rights, interests, assets, and physical titles, claims, and possessions of the United States, Incorporated, and its franchises and derivatives, and all similar rights, interests, assets, and physical titles, claims, and possessions of the United States of America, Incorporated, and its franchises and derivatives, both insolvent incorporated foreign Debtors/DEBTORS, revert to the ownership and possession of The United States, our National Government, and The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, which are the Priority Creditors of these corporations in their respective jurisdictions.
As of this date and time, these incorporated entities have ceased to exist, and only the Principals remain. Please understand that our respective American Governments are the Priority Creditors of all British Territorial and Municipal United States persons, including incorporated entities of all kinds.
These corporations, their franchises, successors, derivatives and assigns are hereby Nationalized under the Due Course of International Law and by Operation of Law that returns all Delegated Powers to the Delegators upon contractual Failure to Perform. This is the direct result of Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Service Contract, fiscal incompetence, and numerous acts of crime against the American People and States who are owed good faith and service from these organizations and the other Principals who are actually and contractually responsible for them. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.
This is also your International Notice that Federal Reserve Notes are a domestic currency of the British Territorial United States that have been misused and misrepresented as international currency and which have been passed off as currency of our country, The United States. These notes are not the Reserve Currency, which remains defined as the American Silver Dollar. Federal Reserve Notes have been funded via imposition of an undisclosed scheme to extract the value of labor from living people, resulting in both enslavement and involuntary peonage. Federal Reserve Notes cannot serve as legal tender as they are value-based upon criminal activities.
All production of Federal Reserve Notes must cease as of Midnight GMT 24 March 2022; properly serialized Federal Reserve Notes will be repatriated and exchanged for new American Silver Certificates for domestic use on a 1 to 1 basis, and with a new international currency species backed by refined petroleum, and with gold-backed Unidollars which will serve as an additional Reserve Currency benefiting all countries worldwide. Lawful coinage will also be reissued under the authority of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business since 1776 as The United States of America.
It is of paramount importance that everyone realize that there are two or more entities operating as “the” United States and as “the” United States of America and these are not our country nor are they our government. They are foreign services contractors that are supposed to be working in accord with and in obedience to their constitutional obligations, but for some years now, they have operated in fraud, added unauthorized layers of bureaucracy, promoted fraud against their employers, and extended “emergency powers” to themselves that do not exist.
These persons are criminals and are engaged in known criminal activities while acting under color of law and pretending to either be our government or to be associated with our government so as to steal our identities and access our credit and illegally, unlawfully, and immorally use our assets as collateral for their debts. These Debtors/DEBTORS have then contrived to confuse our people with their citizenry, so as to bring false claims of indebtedness against our Good Names and estates.
Nobody born on American soil should be presumed to be any form of United States Citizen, U.S. Citizen, citizen of the United States, or Municipal United States PERSON. All United States District Attorneys are to be on-call and required to produce admissible and verifiable evidence in all District Court cases necessary to ascertain the actual political status of Defendants/DEFENDANTS and are also required to prove voluntary and knowing acceptance of Federal citizenship obligations on the part of Defendants in order to establish jurisdiction for any District Court or enfranchised State-of-State Superior Court.
All foreign countries and nations are asked to assist us in disciplining and/or apprehending criminals who are misrepresenting themselves as Americans and/or mischaracterizing Americans as some form of United States citizenry.
All foreign countries and nations are asked to observe that Federal Reserve Notes are a domestic British Territorial currency that have to be repatriated and verified through the issuing Treasury and must have serial numbers that attach to verified accounts in order for repatriation and full face value exchange for international hard currency issued by the American Government to occur. In the case of counterfeit bills a 20% Finder Fee will be paid.
These arrangements are being made in the Public Interest of this country and all other countries that have been accepting Federal Reserve Notes without knowing their actual provenance, their status as a foreign domestic currency of the British Territorial United States, and without knowing the illegal basis of their valuation.
We are holding these persons and their legal tender in receivership.

Declared by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State for The United States of America and Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America as of this 23rd day of March in the year of 2022, and so said, so signed, and so sealed.


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No Moses Trust, and No Stone Age, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's true that the Rothschild bankers set up the so-called "Moses Trust" and funneled the usury collected on debts to it. The problem is that the usury was collected on phony debts, and even if the usury had been based on valid, actual debts, the interest on those debts was instantly counterbalanced (though not accounted for) by interest accruing on all our national credits.
Read that--- not only were all the individual debts fraudulent, and not only was the interest paid on these individual debts fraudulent, but the bookkeeping was phony, too. If the national debts had been balanced against the national credits on a daily basis, it would have been clear to everyone that no such thing as a national debt existed, and so, no usury payments (interest) on any such debt could accrue, either.
So, the Moses Trust assets are odious and resulted from fraudulent misrepresentation and bad bookkeeping.
It doesn't really matter, because the Egyptian-Hebrew Israelites represented by Moses, have their portion among all the other nations, and nothing to worry about; indeed, they have been blessed by this turnabout, as they will not suffer the retribution that would have inevitably resulted if their scheming leaders had succeeded.
Karen Hudes once remarked that if we went back and made this correction -- that is, honored the truth, that everything would be "blown back to the Stone Age", but the alternative, which she also readily admitted, was to continue to build a world economy on lies and sand. What kind of future is that?
I am happy to say there won't be any Stone Age. In one of the Books of the Apocrypha Jesus is quoted as saying that even now, at this terrible time, if we would join together and love God and love each other, we would be spared and enabled to go forward and not suffer the plagues and the destruction meted out to the Unrighteous.
So, what makes a man "unrighteous"? Lies and dishonesty, selfishness, ego, greed, gluttony, pride, violence, and all the errors that men are heir to, and which fester in our souls, making us afraid and unhappy and isolated away from each other and from the rest of Creation.
The implication and the lesson is clear -- if we turn away from these sins and toward each other, if we unite and humble ourselves to learn better things, if we examine our pathway and make amends, we, too, can be spared, just like Nineveh.

So, turn. Turn away from lies and prejudice. Let the truth be on your lips and in your minds. Let brotherhood prevail. Turn away from fear. Forget the pain of the past, even as we learn from it and rise above it. And be sure that in the purity of your love and intention, you will be spared.


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It’s the Trojan Roman Empire....

 By Anna Von Reitz

We were standing on the stark and barren ruins of Troy, and it was sunset.  Even as night fell and a cold seaward wind flowed over us, we couldn’t bear to leave.  And nobody in our small party said anything.  Not a word. We stared upward at the infinite pure majesty of the night sky, breathless and not even knowing why, but as Anna Akhmatova said, it was "something wild in our hearts for centuries." 

My Father had had the good sense to buy and bring along a canteen of water and a soft thick wool blanket which he wrapped around my eleven year-old shoulders.  

Was I disappointed, he asked?  That this pile of rocks was all that was left of Troy? 


The best of times for me were always being with my Father on some adventure.  Our tour of the world’s great battlefields was his idea of teaching me World History.  

I guess my Father saw the answer to his question written on my face, because after a moment, he sat down beside me and the enraptured silence was allowed to remain between us.

Even if nothing but sand remained, Troy would still be Troy. 

Homer’s Epic Poem focuses our attention so powerfully on the drama of the Trojan War that we forget that it wasn’t just the city-state of Troy involved.  The Trojan Empire that remained after Priam stretched from Babylon to Cornwall. 

The Trojan War we think about occurred during the Greek Mycenaean Age circa 1400 BC.  It took a thousand years for the actual war between the Trojans (and their Persian relatives) and the Greeks to end, with the Treaty of the Persians and Medes (Greeks)  of 458 BC.  

Though Troy itself was doomed by the guile of Odysseus, the Trojan Empire was huge and successful. It sprawled across three continents, spoke a hundred languages and dialects, and it did not die when Troy was reduced to. ruins.  The Empire lived on and fought, together with its Persian allies, for a thousand years after King Priam and his sons were turned to dust. 

You would think that a war that lasted a thousand years and which pitted the reigning Superpowers of the Middle East and Europe against each other for that length of time would merit some mention in our history books beyond a study of Homer's poems, and a brief mention of King Leonidas and the Spartan defense of the Greek homeland at Thermopylae against the Persians and maybe a line or two about Persian naval powers and battles at sea. 

This was the most significant struggle of mankind in the Western Hemisphere in the entire history of the Ancient World.  It set the stage for Greek and later British dominance of the sea.  It foretold -- and dictated -- the rise of Islam.  And the ending of the actual war between the Trojans and Greeks --the peace treaty between the Persians and Medes-- made the conquests of Alexander the Great possible, together with all the wealth that Alexander's success made possible for the Macedonians, and ultimately, for Rome. 

People stare at the success of Alexander with the idea that a handful of Macedonians went on a rampage and single-handedly conquered the known world, including Egypt. That's not exactly true.  What happened is that the Persians and Greeks settled their differences and then, less than a hundred years later, worked together under Alexander's leadership to conquer the known world.  

Once they combined forces, there was nothing to stop them. 

Alexander's position as hereditary King of Macedonia was not an accident. Alexander was a Trojan in Greek clothing, and Macedonia was a Trojan kingdom allied with Greece.  After the peace treaty, it became the logical focus of Greek and Persian collaboration. 

So why aren’t we taught anything about Troy beyond the romance of the war captured in a single Epic Poem written by a man so mysterious that scholars can’t even determine his birthdate except to mumble that “Homer may have been born between 1200 BC to 700 BC”— somewhere round about those 500 years, give or take…. Homer, our nearly unique voice about all things Trojan, was most likely another Trojan in Greek clothing, just like Alexander.  

Because Homer wrote in the ubiquitous Greek language, his poetry survived, 
but like Shakespeare, Homer has no solid human footprint, no credible personal history, because he wasn't Greek in the same way that Shakespeare wasn't British. 

For many centuries people were told that Troy itself never existed.  It was just a legend, and as luck would have it,  a pile of rocks slowly weathering away. 

Am I the only one who is alarmed?  An Empire this large disappearing into the realm of legend? Really?  

There are many reasons the Greeks and their Allies would wish and want the Trojan Empire forgotten.  It was in Troy that the idea of basic human equality was first voiced as “All men are created equal."  --- not Athens. 

Latin was a native tongue of the Trojan Empire.  That is how and why Latin became the language of commerce worldwide.   When Latin-speaking Dacians and Romanians founded  Rome in 753 BC, Troy itself had been weathering away for centuries, but its enduring legacy as an Empire remained, evolved, and became the Roman Empire. 

Ironically, in the end, the Trojans won the war with Greece.  Greece faded away while the once-tiny Trojan trading center at Rome grew into the dominant world power.  It has held that role for another 2,000 years. 

The Truth is that Rome didn't just "arrive" out of nowhere.  Rome had a provenance, and Rome had all the accumulated wealth collected from throughout the Ancient World by Alexander the Great -- a horde so massive that it took thirty years-worth of mule trains to move it overland from Macedonia to its new home in Rome.   

The story that Rome was founded by orphaned Trojans is not far from the mark; it was in fact founded by Latin-speaking Romanians and Dacians, both peoples descended from the Trojans and the Trojan Empire.   

Disappearing Empires, gold hoards to rival Midas, Greek deceit at the root of the fall of Troy, deceit used by the Roman heirs of Troy to rule the world, the two greatest poets in history writing in the language of their's a stunning panoply. No wonder my Father and I leaned our shoulders together as we sat on that stony rampart and watched the stars whirling in the night sky, dark as a velvet robe studded with diamonds.   

In the morning, I awakened to see my Father tending a small campfire. He squatted silently, his face turned to the rising sun. 

"It's a lot," he said, when he saw that I was awake, and he left my mind to fill in the blanks.  He was always such a quiet, competent man.  He always had the right gadget in his pocket. He always knew how I felt and how to comfort me. 

That morning I felt almost unbearable excitement, though I couldn't say why. My heart had somehow expanded to accept the entire world, the Earth, and everything in it.  Life and death, the forward toil of mankind, the fate of kings, the rise of Empires, my own small spark drifting on this great tide of history, all seemed to come together for a moment. Like never before, I felt truly alive --- and hungry. 

My Father grinned and handed me a piece of pita bread and a chunk of hard salami to chew on. Bless him forever, Dad never missed a beat.  He never forgot the toilet paper. He never let his little girl go hungry, either.  I suppose it was somewhat of a mysterious disappointment to him, that he never had a son, and that he was saddled instead with the awesome responsibility of a daughter, but if so, he never let on to me. 

We picked our way down the narrow stony pathway, perhaps one of those that Hector followed down to the sea.  

When we look at the broad sweep of history, we must correctly remember and identify things, no matter what the politics of bygone ages were.  When we look at Rome we have to see far deeper into history to see the connection between the Persians and the Trojans and the Romans, the Code of Hammurabi and the Roman Civil Law and the Federal Code in America today-- because it is all connected, as one part of a tapestry is connected to another. 

In the days to come, vast amounts of precious metals will be deployed to make a new world. We will, together, do away with blood money based on enslavement and peonage, and open up the storehouses of the Lord to provide for everyone.  This heritage and this wealth stems in an unbroken line from Troy to Macedonia to Romania to Rome to Spain to France to America, and it encircles the globe.  

What began with the peace between the Persians and the Medes in 458 BC has also born fruit in an unbroken line of Treaties and Agreements that we inherit today as Americans and which we return to all the world as a blessing.  It is written that the wealth of the Evil Ones is stored up for the Righteous, and so it is, and so it ever will be. 


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