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Thursday, March 24, 2022

No Moses Trust, and No Stone Age, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's true that the Rothschild bankers set up the so-called "Moses Trust" and funneled the usury collected on debts to it. The problem is that the usury was collected on phony debts, and even if the usury had been based on valid, actual debts, the interest on those debts was instantly counterbalanced (though not accounted for) by interest accruing on all our national credits.
Read that--- not only were all the individual debts fraudulent, and not only was the interest paid on these individual debts fraudulent, but the bookkeeping was phony, too. If the national debts had been balanced against the national credits on a daily basis, it would have been clear to everyone that no such thing as a national debt existed, and so, no usury payments (interest) on any such debt could accrue, either.
So, the Moses Trust assets are odious and resulted from fraudulent misrepresentation and bad bookkeeping.
It doesn't really matter, because the Egyptian-Hebrew Israelites represented by Moses, have their portion among all the other nations, and nothing to worry about; indeed, they have been blessed by this turnabout, as they will not suffer the retribution that would have inevitably resulted if their scheming leaders had succeeded.
Karen Hudes once remarked that if we went back and made this correction -- that is, honored the truth, that everything would be "blown back to the Stone Age", but the alternative, which she also readily admitted, was to continue to build a world economy on lies and sand. What kind of future is that?
I am happy to say there won't be any Stone Age. In one of the Books of the Apocrypha Jesus is quoted as saying that even now, at this terrible time, if we would join together and love God and love each other, we would be spared and enabled to go forward and not suffer the plagues and the destruction meted out to the Unrighteous.
So, what makes a man "unrighteous"? Lies and dishonesty, selfishness, ego, greed, gluttony, pride, violence, and all the errors that men are heir to, and which fester in our souls, making us afraid and unhappy and isolated away from each other and from the rest of Creation.
The implication and the lesson is clear -- if we turn away from these sins and toward each other, if we unite and humble ourselves to learn better things, if we examine our pathway and make amends, we, too, can be spared, just like Nineveh.

So, turn. Turn away from lies and prejudice. Let the truth be on your lips and in your minds. Let brotherhood prevail. Turn away from fear. Forget the pain of the past, even as we learn from it and rise above it. And be sure that in the purity of your love and intention, you will be spared.


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1 comment:

  1. dont forget the utter simplicity of it all, that;
    when you, (a) man, are harmed, (the) man who harmed you has to restore you.

    its the cornerstone of American common law for man. [and i believe of ancient Saxon and Nordic common law as well.]