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Thursday, March 24, 2022


Commodities markets, banks, currencies and contracts begin breaking down… and the consequences will be catastrophic

When Nickel prices recently spiked at $100,000 / ton, the London Metal Exchange (LME) decided to halt all trading and reverse over 4,000 trades in order to protect the profits of a China-based mega-player who had been exposed to over $5 billion in margin calls. In effect, the LME declared that it will now pick winners and losers arbitrarily, the markets be damned.

In doing that, the LME committed credibility suicide. There is now no rational reason for any investor or trader to trust any transaction at the LME, not in copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel or other metals. Markets no longer work at the LME, and you are only allowed to “win” a trade if the LME gives you the nod. Wins can also be retroactively stolen from you by the exchange reversing trades. They will actually go back in time to screw you over for past winnings.

Just recently in Canada, the tyrannical Justin Castro Trudeau regime ordered banks to seize private account holdings of citizens who donated to the freedom trucker convoy. Overnight, the contract of banking was ripped to shreds. Banks can no longer be trusted to protect the assets you have deposited with them. Instead, they will steal your money any time the government orders them to do so, utterly without any due process or rule of law, even if you have broken no laws whatsoever.

On a larger scale, the central banks of the world just stole $300 billion in central bank “reserves” owned by Russia. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, western banks decided this gave them permission to steal $300 billion in Russian assets, thereby destroying the entire concept of “reserves” in one fell swoop. Now, no rational nation in the world will trust western central banks to hold their reserves in a safe manner. Central banks are now train robbers. They will loot whatever accounts are held by foreign nations they no longer like.

In courtrooms across America and western nations, facts, reason and law are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Prosecutorial decisions are now made entirely based on virtue signaling. If a Leftist murders a Trump supporter in broad daylight, the charges will be dropped against them — this is exactly what happened recently in Colorado. But if a conservative does nothing more than peacefully protest at the nation’s capitol building, they will be thrown into prison for years without trial, even if they violated no laws and did nothing wrong.

If you own a home in America, and you rent it out to someone, you have a rent contract with that renter. But when the covid plandemic got under way, the CDC suddenly declared itself the controlling legal authority over all rent contracts and declared that no renters could be evicted, even if they refused to pay rent. Overnight, the CDC essentially condemned real estate owners to bankruptcy while handing out free housing to renters who quickly became squatters. This is the equivalent of the CDC ordering pizza shops to hand out free pizza to everyone until they go bankrupt, or ordering gas stations to give out free gas. The economic implications of this decision are truly catastrophic and far-reaching. For example, what investor will ever want to invest in providing housing from here forward?

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  1. The shinola meter goes out for Adams and Alex Jones

    1. They do bring truth, but you have to be careful with it as it gets tainted by their agendas. Adjust accordingly.

  2. I do believe the markets will be Volatile


  4. imo, it looks like perhaps theyve been busily DIS-charging/ trans- muting all of "The Brothers" created "debts", as well as the "sins" they committed??:
    using the Vatic-ans own self- proclaimed "Proxy for Jesus Christ" and "Sovereign", the Papal Chair/"Peter"?
    havent they?
    arent they now trying collect on the Redemption from the debts and sins they created that was promised to them by their own Constructed and accepted "Sovereign" who is occupying the Office of Peter? who they follow after?
    idk. im asking. this is what its looking like to me though. i hope im wrong!

    if yes, then i suspect that perhaps some Pilate-Style "HAND-WASHINGS"/ "cleansing" rituals or rites are being done on themselves or each other for what they may have knowingly participated in: quietly "handled" behind closed doors (confessional style? idk. just not roman catholic!);

    after having made public confessions of their sins and debts before their/ a "Father" and the people. then when confession and "washings"/ forgiveness are granted/ taken care of, then their accepted Religious "Sovereign" "absolves" them /discharges all of their crimes and the guilt!???!
    and abra- "cadaver" 1, 2, 3:
    all clean now? no sin-stain? no guilt? all forgiven?

    okay, sorry, that may work in their closed religious/other Society. fine.
    but, no... that isnt something i intentionally elect to be part of and i dont forgive them for what, if anything, theyve done to me and/or my family, friends, and other, our neighbors, sons and daughters of man, our mothers and fathers, and so forth.

    theyre going to have to restore me and the rest.
    no forgiveness is being extended to them from me.

    and refs: kjv john 20:23; matt 16:19;
    matt 18:18-22 and more:
    whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.

    and i do declare i dont forgive them and there IS NO LAW IN HEAVEN OR ON THE EARTH THAT REQUIRES THAT I DO; and I ALLOW NO MAN TO FORGIVE THEM FOR ME.
    and it is so.


  5. Stealing is a shooting offense. Self defense and preservation is a Natural given unalienable Right. When someone starts a fight , at that moment when the action is started the rules have been written. If its by dexiet, tyen that is the rule, if by force, that is the rule.

    1. thats great advice imo. read comments once where men were talking about who taught them to fight. one man said his dad told him never pick a fight and never throw a first punch because his dad wouldnt back him up, but as soon as you see the other guy double up his fist and start to draw back to throw one on you, you give him everything youve got and dont quit until he cant get up.

  6. "End of the petro dollar.
    A slice of bread will be so difficult to find....
    Are you prepared for the coming riots?
    Are you prepared to defend your country even if it means losing most if not all of your family?"


  7. Fear mongering... it will look dark, but it's just going to be qn eclipse...won't last long.

  8. Thank you for thus pertinent information! I'm praying for all of Us - mankind

  9. This showed up in my email as a newsletter so I went to website and opened up a few of its categories:
    About Us | Alliance Defending Freedom
    Training - Blackstone Legal Fellowship | Alliance Defending Freedom
    Can the Government Force You to Speak? This 10th Circuit Decision Says “Yes”
    Closing statements heard in trial against Finnish Bishop and MP - International Lutheran Council (verdict to be announced March 30th)
    Training - Blackstone Legal Fellowship | Alliance Defending Freedom

    When will all these “Churches” realize what they all got attached to by becoming signatory to a 501C3 or equivalent. Along with every body’s businesses, and talents that can be sequestered, and made to perform under threat of punishment ie., jail time, fines, being ostracized,, because they unwittingly attached, and donated themselves to the Mere Corps(e), and trans*form*ed (as in filling/filing a form/document) themselves into persons/citizens, and isn’t it interesting that this “Alliance Defending Freedom” has training under what is called the “Blackstone Legal Fellowship”… All under the guise of “Christian” ethics/values.
    Amazing how the rock keeps rollin... Just like the train(terrain) is kept on tracks never to go off its tracks.

  10. I worked on this for all of Us today hope it is received well, and will bring more clarity.
    The three(R’s) ie., Reading, [W]righting, and [A]rithmatic, was supposed to be paramount in the Education that all of Us were to be taught. However as one takes a view to what I am bringing forth there should be no doubt how most all of Us were stymied by not receiving a full education.
    AN-OLDER-CODE - YouTube
    This has been “Their” mode of operandi for everything that “They” do, and have done for a very very very long time.
Code talker - Wikipedia

    In the 49 th Capter of the book of Jasher it speaks of how many languages one must know to ascend to the throne and talk on par with the “king”. It appears as if this “Angel” gave Joseph the cypher.
    Book of Jasher, Chapter 49:14
    14 And the angel roused him from his sleep, and Joseph rose up and stood upon his legs, and behold the angel of the Lord was standing opposite to him; and the angel of the Lord spoke with Joseph, and he taught him all the languages of man in that night, and he called his name Jehoseph.

    I am also providing this earlier chapter that seems to give the first conception, and inception of making the living populace pay for the dead
    In the book of Jasher it shows how Rikayon came up with the idea, put it into action, and collected “taxes” or payment from the dead through the living. Thus impressing the king, allowing him to save his life, and become the first Pharaoh…
    Book of Jasher, Chapter 14

    1. I am offering this up as a more proof how important Grammar, and Writing with “Their” Characters should not be taken lightly, and as Romley stated should not be assumed.
      Google Translate—
      i live - ζω
      you live - εσύ ζεις
      we live - ζούμε
      to live - να ζεις
      God - θεός
      Jesus - Ιησούς
      i am alive in christ - είμαι ζωντανός εν Χριστώ
      christ is alive in me - ο Χριστός είναι ζωντανός μέσα μου
      christ is alive in you - ο Χριστός είναι ζωντανός μέσα σου

      Notice the Greek word, and pronunciation for Zeus in Greek. I have also given a few homophones
      Zeus - ο Δίας {odious - απεχθής- apex - κορυφή - αποκορύφωμα}
      Lord Jesus Christ - Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ {See Note 1 Below}
      Christ have mercy - Χριστέ ελέησον {See Note 1 Below}
      Lord God have mercy - Κύριε ο Θεός ελέησον
      Lord, have mercy -Κύριε ελεησον
      Sir = Κύριε
      ελέησον = ελεησον What is this, no English word?

      lord - άρχοντας (lord, master, sire, magnate, grandee, magistrate)
      - κύριος (lord, master, sir, principal, gentleman, mister)
      - λόρδος (lord, laird)
      - άρχων (archon, squire, lord, sire, liege, suzerain)
      - αυθέντης (lord, master, seignior)
      - θεός - (god, Lord, Creator)
      Lord - Αρχοντας (
      - θεός - (god, Lord, Creator)
      {1}The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language - Google Books
      Page 257 edited by Keith Allen
      *Notice how “Sir”, Lord, lord are not “God” (Κύριε is not Κύριος; Χριστέ is not Χριστός)
      That could be considered blasphemous. Notice that “The” is not used, and it
      is Χριστέ, instead of Χριστός. In fact I can’t recall ever hearing anyone say
      Χριστέ[Christe] when referring to Christ in the Greek language.*
      Christ - Χριστός
      The Lord Jesus Christ - Ο Κύριος Ιησούς Χριστός
      lord god almighty - άρχοντας θεός παντοδύναμος
      lord God almighty - Κύριε ο Θεός παντοδύναμος
      Lord god almighty - Κύριε ο θεός παντοδύναμος
      The Lord God almighty - Κύριος ο Θεός παντοδύναμος
      Lord God - Κύριος ο Θεός
      The Lord God - Ο Κύριος ο Θεός

    2. And here’s a few links that give clarity to Genesis 1:1 where all the translated versions omit the two letter word “at”(Aleph Tav);
      GENESIS 1 1 SAYS JESUS IS GOD - YouTube- (Youtube removed this)
      Aleph Tav (את) - YouTube(Psalm 119 Ministries)
      Introduction to the VAV-Aleph-Tav in the Scriptures by Bill Sanford - YouTube
      Alpha & Omega, Aleph & Tav, the First & Last, the Creator - YouTube
      The Aleph Tav in Scripture - What is the eth CEPHER? - YouTube
      Hidden code in Genesis 1:1 - YouTube
      Jesus in Genesis: 1. The First Word of the Bible - YouTube

      No Nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. James Madison

    3. The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language - edited by Keith Allen
      The quote below is found on 249 not 257
      “Despite persisting incantations like ‘Χριστέ, ἐλέησον’, ‘Kyrie, eleison’, ‘Lord, have mercy’ in Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican churches…”
      When one takes notice to the difference between;
      Lord Jesus Christ - Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ, vs.
      The Lord Jesus Christ - Ο Κύριος Ιησούς Χριστός, and
      lord god almighty - άρχοντας θεός παντοδύναμος, vs.
      The Lord God almighty - Κύριος ο Θεός παντοδύναμος
      It is quite evident how the article “The” makes all the difference as it does by also differentiating between the fictitious united States of America, and real ie.,
      The United States of America as Anna just so happened to post her latest article about a half hour after my above comments.
      Ahem, What is up with that?

  11. I read the federal register call for the central authority under criminal matters is the office international affairs, must be time for banishment ordered