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Friday, December 24, 2021

Midnight Mass Livestream from Cincinnati Immaculate Conception Church 12 25 2021

Fr. Jenkins Celebrating

     The world had subsisted about four thousand years when Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, having taken human flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and being made man, was born of her, for the redemption of mankind, at Bethlehem of Judea. Joseph and Mary had come up to Bethlehem to be enrolled, and, unable to find shelter elsewhere, they took refuge in a stable, and in this lowly place Jesus Christ was born. The Blessed Virgin wrapped the divine Infant in swaddling-clothes, and laid Him in the manger. While the sensual and the proud were asleep, an angel appeared to some poor shepherds. They were seized with great fear, but the heavenly messenger said to them: "Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of exceeding great joy, that shall be to all the people. For this day is born to you a Saviour, Who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign to you: you shall find the Child wrapped in swaddling-clothes, and laid in a manger." After the departure of the angel the wondering shepherds said to one another: "Let us go over to Bethlehem, and let us see the word that is come to pass, which the Lord hath shown to us." They immediately hastened thither, and found Mary and Joseph, and the Infant lying in the manger. Bowing down they adored Him, and then returned to their flocks, glorifying and praising God.

Reflection — Our Saviour sanctified our flesh by taking it on Himself, and with His last breath He commended us to the care of His Virgin Mother. Day by day He still feeds us at the altar with the food of incorruption—His body and His blood.

Taken from Father Alban Butler's "Lives of the Saints for Every Day in the Year — With Reflections" Copyright 1955.

About Forms of Citizenship

 By Anna Von Reitz

Americans, if they hold any citizenship obligation at all, operate as American Citizens, not as U.S. Citizens and not as Municipal citizens of the United States. See the difference?  

We are known as American Citizens in international venues and State Citizens at the national level —- meaning in our case, state level.   

Our States are nations. 

But these are not separate allegiances to two different countries. 

It’s one allegiance to one State operating in two different jurisdictions. You are an American Citizen in international jurisdiction and a State Citizen within the borders of your State. 

It is, of course, possible for an American Citizen to give up this status and choose to become a Dual Citizen of some other counties. 

Many members of the U.S. Congress are Dual Citizens of other countries — for example, New Zealand and Israel, or Ireland and Tunisia.  

It is a nasty shock to realize but the rats in Washington, DC, who pretend to represent you and your State don’t even have to be citizens of this country.  They don’t have to live in or own land in your State.  And once they are elected to a Senate, you are stuck with them for six years with no ability to recall them. 

That is, while pretending to “represent” Americans, they have been making their homes in other countries and giving their allegiance to other countries.  And passing “laws” to insulate themselves from any accountability. 

While pretending to represent you and your State they may have no Citizenship related to your State, no home within your State, and no real knowledge, care, or concern about your State.  

We have a guy, Randy Purham, running for an Alaska Congressional Office— who does not live in Alaska and openly says he has no intention of living in Alaska.  It’s too cold. His family wouldn’t ever move here. 

Does anyone see a problem with this? 

Nancy Pelosi (last time I looked) was a Dual U.S. and Israeli Citizen—- meaning she is a British Territorial owing allegiance to the Queen and an Israeli Citizen owing allegiance to Jacob Rothschild, the actual owner/operator of “Israel”.  It was given to him by the British Government— as a payment for financing the First World War.  And it is all part of the Public Record if you look for it. 

Israel is not a country. It’s a private estate operated as an independent international city-state similar to the District of Columbia, with Jerusalem operating as the Municipal Government in the same way as the Municipality of Washington, DC.  

Some people buy islands like Jeffrey Epstein. Jacob Rothschild bought Israel. Lock, stock, and Wailing Wall.  

Why isn’t that taught in every public school? Why isn’t Mr. Rothschild held accountable for what goes on — or fails to go on — in Israel?  Why don’t the Israelis know that they are living as serfs on a private estate? 

Probably the same reason that you don’t know the history of your own government….

But I digress — Fancy Nancy owes allegiance to the Queen and Jacob Rothschild.  She owes no allegiance — zero, none— to this country or to the people of California she claims to “represent”. 

All Nancy does while “representing” those feckless Californians is to give away their wealth and the wealth of their State to her own political cronies and her foreign masters. 

Maybe that’s why Israel gets billions and billions and billions every year and the people in Nancy’s Voting District squat on the sidewalks and get beat up by police. 

But it’s their own fault. They identify themselves as “Voters”.  They accept being in a District — as in “District of Columbia”.  
They don’t take responsibility for conducting their own business, and they keep electing Nancy to do it for them. 

So, obviously, they are all mentally incompetent and must be Wards of the State? 

Dual Citizenship at the Federal Level was allowed so that American Citizens could function as U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States while working in international or global-based federal jobs. 

It was never intended that the members of any Congress — Federal, Territorial or Municipal— would jump ship entirely and adopt two completely foreign citizenships while in office, but that’s what they have done. 

That’s one of the ways our country has been misled, defrauded, and defiled by Undeclared Foreign Agents masquerading as Public Elected Officials and as Americans — when they are not. 

All you clueless Californians still want to be “Voters” instead of Electors?  Still think you live in a “Voting District”?  Still think that Nancy Pelosi is “representing” you, your State, or even your country?  

The sad part is that she, Fancy Nancy, isn’t just one Big Crook on the take and selling out this country—- she’s the Mom teaching all the Junior members of “Congress” to do the same. 


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Nasty Little Men with Nasty Little Minds

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, "Secondhand Lions" in which the hero tells his Grandnephew a profound truth. You need to believe in things because they are worth believing in.
Eric Dingus was a Dingus --- means "penis" in Irish --- and that is another obvious, arrogant, Territorial Raj "nom de guerre" --- a name adopted for warfare against the Fearsome Enemy: a mousy Great-Greatgrandmother from Big Lake, Alaska. His mission was to screw us over, and he very nearly did. But in the end, he didn't succeed, and I pray daily that neither he nor anyone of his ilk ever will.
I have known many "Undeclared Foreign Agents" in the course of my life, and seen a great many such nom de guerres. They have gotten really sloppy and arrogant over the years and often choose names that announce what they are doing, by way of "serving notice" of their intent and activities.
Here's another example---
Christina Cowherd --- who came into the California Assembly and quickly got herself into the office of Treasurer. "Cowherd" is another adopted nom de guerre, referring to us as "cows" that need to be "herded". Thanks, but no thanks. She left with the Secessionists.
"Tarvin" is another such name, meaning a follower of the original Ancient Romans who founded Rome in 753 BC. They are part of the whole Thirteen Family Cabal. Just like Russell-Jay: Gould, too. Look up who his relatives are, if you like.
And what are they all preaching and teaching? Falsehoods meant to lead you astray and get you into trouble, or seduce you with "candy" of various kinds that will obligate you to them and their corporations instead of having brains and guts enough to run your own government.
Which is what I am preaching and teaching and helping you to do. Run your own business. Take charge of your own lives. Be worthy of your inheritance.
For the record, I am proud of my family, all of them, and have good reason to know the good, strong, generous, humble, and kind people they are. I love and honor my long-suffering innocent husband and my beloved Sister, Em, who, it is true, is "just" a housewife in Minnesota. Did we ever say otherwise? But my family is not the issue, is it?
America is the issue. Your standing as an American is the issue. What you are owed from these Vermin is the issue. The security of your home and your family and your land is the issue.
And never forget it. Never let your eyes stray from the prize.
Indeed, all this "personal attack" nonsense is just a sideshow, someone trying to distract and raise doubts about things that don't matter, as a means to keep you in line, sucking up their BS and towing their line. And paying them for the privilege of being defrauded.
Freedom is worth believing in. How many of you feel free as you lay awake in your beds worrying about letters and visits from the IRS and FBI?
Love is worth believing in. How many of you feel loved, as these Vermin have reduced the very concept of love and marriage down to a laundry list of "gives and gots"? Marriage to them is a commercial deal made by the State-of-State and two corporations forming a Joint Venture.
Our country and its people are worth believing in. Despite all the snide, nasty, gossipy, and yes, stupid, folk, the Territorial Imposters and their criminal friends, the vast bulk of the people in this country are like my family --- good honest Joes who work and contribute and want nothing but peace.
The truth is that Americans are not crooks and not war-mongers. It's our British Raj Employees who stepped into that role back in the 1860's and who have promoted it ever since.
Knowledge, facts, and truth are the issues, and those I have provided in great abundance, exposed and left for all of you to see and examine for yourselves. And as the days go by, researchers from all points of the globe are reporting in and reiterating the same information as it applies to their countries, too.
So, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you can believe me. You've got hundreds if not thousands of people all over this planet exposing the same rot and the same plots that were used to enslave them, using the same "system".
My old friend, The Informer, told me something early on in my career as an Unwilling Lawyer.
"You can never make anyone believe anything. You can show them the facts. You can show them the logic. But after that, it's up to them. So I never waste time on those with closed minds or those who have axes to grind."

And neither do I.


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Floyd Tarvin and Continued Ignorance About Oaths and Pledges

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have studied these matters for over forty years. "Floyd Tarvin", if that is his actual name, has studied them for maybe two years? And he wants to call me out? On Christmas Eve and make a big stink of some sort? Hahahahahah!
We, Americans, don't take "oaths" of any kind. Our land and soil law is based on the Bible, which forbids the taking of oaths, as I have often demonstrated. The taking of oaths is a pagan practice and is associated with the sea jurisdiction and its officers. It is foreign to us and to be avoided, because number one --- it's against God and the True Law (look up the definition of "legal" as opposed to "lawful") and second, because it is a practice of a foreign jurisdiction (that of the sea and specifically, Admiralty Jurisdiction) where no civilian belongs. This is why I have taught all the Assemblies to eschew "oaths of office" and to do "acceptances of office" and "affirmations" instead.
We don't do "pledges" either, for similar reasons. A pledge is an ancient practice by which a man is bound to serve a Monarch, thereby becoming Subject to a Monarch's demands. Our English brethren make "pledges" to their Queen and they try to make us make pledges to our own flag, which is ridiculous, but this is again a foreign practice having nothing to do with Americans standing on the land and soil jurisdiction.
Both oaths and pledges are foreign. Most of us encountered these practices and ideas in foreign courts and foreign public schools --- even though we assumed that these institutions were American at the time --- or, we encountered these practices upon induction into the foreign U.S. Territorial Military Services ---- and we simply didn't have the knowledge to know that these practices were foreign to America and Americans.
Now, we have that knowledge.
You can quickly settle these issues in your own mind by consulting a good Bible Concordance and seeing what the Bible says about "oaths" and "oath taking", and especially Jesus's advice regarding the practice of oath-taking. Knowing that our American Public Law is based on the Bible and not the Federal Code settles the point nicely in our favor.
No average American, no Christian, no Jew, and no Muslim, should ever be asked to take an oath of any kind, because it is a pagan practice forbidden by all three major western religions; technically, oath-taking violates the separation of church and state, because it is a pagan religious act being promoted by a subcontractor of our actual government. It is also a blasphemous disrespect of God.
Remember the observation of Jeremiah, the Prophet -- we can't determine our next footstep. How would we have the power to make promises (pledges) or take oaths?
Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
The foreign subcontractors have no exemption or contractual agreement allowing them to promote their religion, or demand practice of it, as a condition of employment.
You can also look up the meaning of "pledge" in any decent dictionary or encyclopedia and/or law dictionary and get a full run down on where the practice of pledging comes from--- and it will be abundantly clear that this is a practice of Feudalism and Monarchies unsuited to our government in all respects.
"Floyd" is clearly attached to these foreign practices as a result of both ignorance and early indoctrination and needs to be taught the truth. Much of what he and others now mistake as "American" traditions are in fact foreign practices and remnants of foreign religious practices.

Both oath-taking and pledge-making are considerably less American than Lasagna and Cricket. That's why you will see neither practice followed in any of our American State Assemblies.


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