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Friday, December 24, 2021

About Forms of Citizenship

 By Anna Von Reitz

Americans, if they hold any citizenship obligation at all, operate as American Citizens, not as U.S. Citizens and not as Municipal citizens of the United States. See the difference?  

We are known as American Citizens in international venues and State Citizens at the national level —- meaning in our case, state level.   

Our States are nations. 

But these are not separate allegiances to two different countries. 

It’s one allegiance to one State operating in two different jurisdictions. You are an American Citizen in international jurisdiction and a State Citizen within the borders of your State. 

It is, of course, possible for an American Citizen to give up this status and choose to become a Dual Citizen of some other counties. 

Many members of the U.S. Congress are Dual Citizens of other countries — for example, New Zealand and Israel, or Ireland and Tunisia.  

It is a nasty shock to realize but the rats in Washington, DC, who pretend to represent you and your State don’t even have to be citizens of this country.  They don’t have to live in or own land in your State.  And once they are elected to a Senate, you are stuck with them for six years with no ability to recall them. 

That is, while pretending to “represent” Americans, they have been making their homes in other countries and giving their allegiance to other countries.  And passing “laws” to insulate themselves from any accountability. 

While pretending to represent you and your State they may have no Citizenship related to your State, no home within your State, and no real knowledge, care, or concern about your State.  

We have a guy, Randy Purham, running for an Alaska Congressional Office— who does not live in Alaska and openly says he has no intention of living in Alaska.  It’s too cold. His family wouldn’t ever move here. 

Does anyone see a problem with this? 

Nancy Pelosi (last time I looked) was a Dual U.S. and Israeli Citizen—- meaning she is a British Territorial owing allegiance to the Queen and an Israeli Citizen owing allegiance to Jacob Rothschild, the actual owner/operator of “Israel”.  It was given to him by the British Government— as a payment for financing the First World War.  And it is all part of the Public Record if you look for it. 

Israel is not a country. It’s a private estate operated as an independent international city-state similar to the District of Columbia, with Jerusalem operating as the Municipal Government in the same way as the Municipality of Washington, DC.  

Some people buy islands like Jeffrey Epstein. Jacob Rothschild bought Israel. Lock, stock, and Wailing Wall.  

Why isn’t that taught in every public school? Why isn’t Mr. Rothschild held accountable for what goes on — or fails to go on — in Israel?  Why don’t the Israelis know that they are living as serfs on a private estate? 

Probably the same reason that you don’t know the history of your own government….

But I digress — Fancy Nancy owes allegiance to the Queen and Jacob Rothschild.  She owes no allegiance — zero, none— to this country or to the people of California she claims to “represent”. 

All Nancy does while “representing” those feckless Californians is to give away their wealth and the wealth of their State to her own political cronies and her foreign masters. 

Maybe that’s why Israel gets billions and billions and billions every year and the people in Nancy’s Voting District squat on the sidewalks and get beat up by police. 

But it’s their own fault. They identify themselves as “Voters”.  They accept being in a District — as in “District of Columbia”.  
They don’t take responsibility for conducting their own business, and they keep electing Nancy to do it for them. 

So, obviously, they are all mentally incompetent and must be Wards of the State? 

Dual Citizenship at the Federal Level was allowed so that American Citizens could function as U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States while working in international or global-based federal jobs. 

It was never intended that the members of any Congress — Federal, Territorial or Municipal— would jump ship entirely and adopt two completely foreign citizenships while in office, but that’s what they have done. 

That’s one of the ways our country has been misled, defrauded, and defiled by Undeclared Foreign Agents masquerading as Public Elected Officials and as Americans — when they are not. 

All you clueless Californians still want to be “Voters” instead of Electors?  Still think you live in a “Voting District”?  Still think that Nancy Pelosi is “representing” you, your State, or even your country?  

The sad part is that she, Fancy Nancy, isn’t just one Big Crook on the take and selling out this country—- she’s the Mom teaching all the Junior members of “Congress” to do the same. 


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