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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Debt Redemption

 By Anna Von Reitz

Depending on which State you are in we have two years to reclaim your property which involves paying off the “debt” and charging it to those responsible for the debt in the first place.  

You are the victim of impersonation and criminal negligence. Join with the rest of us who have been similarly harmed. 

It takes numbers and voices and the more people who join together to put an end to this abuse, the better. 

There are remedies but getting the rats to honor their own law and obligation is difficult at best. 

You have perhaps gone to my website and read the information about the Vouchers or “Coupons” the IRS is required to send when they claim that income taxes are owed?  

The same rules and processes apply to any debt.  

When you receive a billing statement that appears to be addressed to you, whether it’s for goods or services, they must include a coupon somewhere in their correspondence alleging the existence of a debt. 

Most often this coupon or voucher appears as a separate “tear off” portion of the billing statement, and you are instructed to return it with your “payment”. 

However, you have no means to actually pay for anything; since the 1930s these evil corporations have seized your money and left you to operate on credit.  As remedy for this situation, Congress agreed to pay all your bills whatever they may be. 

That is the Public Policy established in 1933 by House Joint Resolution 192 and as codified in Federal Public Law 73-10 and Chapter 28 of the United States Statutes-at-Large, 28 Stat 112. 

Although most people think that this applies only to “government debt” such as tax payments, it actually applies to ANY Billing Statement that you get and it applies to any debt you cannot pay. 

If you go to my website, and use the search engine and look up “accepted for value process” you will find a considerable amount of information on the subject.  

The problem is that Americans were never given access to this purported remedy, never provided instructions, and never told where to send these “coupons”. 

To date we have three offices in the Internal Revenue Service that process these claims in a very spotty fashion, with no apparent rationale for which ones get paid and which ones don’t. 
We are continuing to press this matter with members of Congress who are ultimately responsible. 

Meantime, our Sign In America program provides a means to record your claims with your State Assembly and document them so that it is apparent when you first sought assistance. 

You can also send letters to the members of the State of State Congressional Delegations. You will have to look up their specific names and addresses, but you can bring forward the problems that you are having because of their failure to provide clear instructions and service centers: 

Dear (Congressman, Congresswoman, or US Senator Blah-Blah), 

I live in original jurisdiction in your District and am owed the remedies provided by Public Law 73-10 and 48 Stat 112, however, Congress has not provided clear instructions as to how we are to recognize “Coupons” or “Vouchers” and process them for redemption when “billing statements” are the only things we typically receive.  

Since 1933 people have been effectively denied access to these remedies established in the Public Law, because we have not been provided with this information, and even if we figure out how to properly “Accept” such debt coupons, we are not told where to send them. 

In effect, you’ve given us a remedy, but no means to apply it and no means to actually pay a debt after you and your colleagues have forestalled the use of actual money in this country. 

I am contacting you in hopes that you will know or can find out what we are supposed to do when government agencies and franchise corporations send us “Billing Statements” for debts we literally cannot pay, and where we are supposed to send Accepted Bills for processing? 

I am specifically concerned about mortgage and property tax bills and am anxious to redeem my home from foreclosure. 


Joe McGuire  Public 
In care of: XXX Anywhere Street
Anywhere, Your State 
ZIP Code

If enough of us write these letters and “remind” the members of Congress, prodding them to set up Debt Redemption Service Centers, it’s likely that more individual claims will be paid and a clear program Administration established on their side of the table, if only because more people will become aware that Congress not only owes the remedy, but the instruction and means to access the remedy. 

It wouldn’t hurt to also remind them that every time such accepted coupons are honored, the US Debt is reduced and inflation is reduced, so they really should be anxious to promote Debt Redemption Service Centers for members of the General Public. 


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Nothing is Coincidence

 By Anna Von Reitz

Nothing is ever coincidence.  

It’s not coincidence that Beardsley Rumi, Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank in 1946, addressed a meeting of the American Bar Association that year and openly described the Internal Revenue Tax as a wealth distribution scheme. 

He knew they’d like that, because the Bar Associations have long term affiliations with organizations that approve of wealth redistribution—- especially when it redistributes wealth to them.

He also knew and shared a peculiar truth— taxes, he declared, were obsolete. 

Rumi knew that every government on Earth had been fully funded since 1941, so there was really no reason or need to collect taxes to fund government services or infrastructure investments anymore. 

He was honest and correct in his statements. Unfortunately, instead of relieving the people of the world from the burdens of taxation— the governments kept mum about their funding largesse and kept right on taxing people, added to the regulatory burden, and stepped up prosecutions for “tax evasion” —- using the excess revenue to create giant slush funds, grossly padded employee pension funds, and later, enormous pension fund associations able to control entire sectors of the economy.

These deceitful governments at all levels, continued to poor-mouth about their own chosen budget restrictions, while their Departments of Revenue held “Internally Managed” Investment Funds and hired corporations like Lindsay Goldberg to manage “Externally Managed Investment Funds”. 

While they carped endlessly about “budget shortfalls” they never mentioned the immense non-budgeted investment income pouring in from investments made all over the world. 

They certainly never mentioned all the money laundered and rat-holed away in sinking funds and “rainy day funds” and “budget reserve funds” and “limited purpose funds” and “encumbered investment funds” and capital budget funds and reinvestment funds, public corporations, NGO’s, and trusts in a dizzying array— land trusts, education trusts, mental health trusts, public health trusts and on and on and on. 

Chairman Rumi was exactly right, from 1941 on, there has been no legitimate need to promote or enforce taxation of any kind on any one. No legitimate reason for sales taxes, property taxes, import taxes, income taxes, utility rate taxes, gas and oil taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance or estate taxes, franchise taxes or any other form of taxation. 

The entire premise presented to the General Public, that taxes were necessary to fund public services and infrastructure, has been nothing but a giant fraud since 1941.  All costs of government worldwide have been fully paid for from investment accruals.  This is amply proven by gold distribution receipts, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and the Grace Commission Report provided by President Ronald Reagan. 

So when you hear that Joe Biden is hiring 87,000 new Junior Woodchuck IRS Agents to strip $3 Trillion dollars-worth of new tax revenues from the working people and business enterprises of this country, you know one of two things: either Joe doesn’t have a clue, or, Joe is purposefully unleashing a massive, illegal, racketeering operation on the General Public, which has been cruelly and criminally burdened by every aspect of unnecessary taxation since 1941. 

Americans alone spend an estimated $490 billion dollars every year on tax record keeping, tax accounting, tax attorneys, and that does not include the societal cost of tax litigation, tax enforcement, and the cost of incarcerating “tax cheats”. 

All this begs the question of who are the actual tax cheats—- those who are knowingly hiding the actual funding status of the governments and pretending that a need for continued taxation exists?  

Who are those who are purposefully “double dipping” by continuing the pretense that taxes are needed to pay for government services and infrastructure sixty years after all those needs were generously provided for? 

And long after investment income was providing for all possible services, maintenance  and infrastructure development? 

Instead, taxation is being fraudulently excused and used abusively to fill political slush funds, to target political opponents, pay for illegal and immoral “investments” in human trafficking, warfare, drugs, and unregulated gambling on an unimaginable scale. 

It’s up to the General Public to shake itself awake and realize that it is being cheated, lied to, and impoverished by people we hired to provide simple public services. 

It’s time, people, for “The Silent Majority” to wind up and speak to these and numerous other acts of coercion, fraud, crimes euphemistically described as “wealth redistribution”, inland piracy, press-ganging, unlawful conversion, and other schemes perpetuated by our public employees and members of so-called professional associations acting as crime syndicates. 


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Breaking News! Anna von Reitz Reports the American Government has Backed the US Dollar with Gold

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Global Banking and Economic Collapse Averted | US and Australian Debt Paid Off

World-rocking news, shared in a first interview on this subject, Report 298, and two recent State Assembly webinars by Anna von Reitz, Fiduciary for The United States of America: the American government has stepped forward to provide the gold to back the US dollar, a global banking and economic collapse has been averted, and US debt and Australian debt has been bought out.

Documentation About NAMES

 By Anna Von Reitz

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