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Friday, November 22, 2019

My Thanksgiving

By Anna Von Reitz

Our family will be apart—again—this Thanksgiving.  It has been more than a decade since we’ve seen our oldest son. It isn’t a matter of estrangement, it’s a matter of Duty Stations. 

Our eldest daughter is clinging to life, beset by many health problems. One is reminded of a magnificent bear beset by wolves. No one malady can take her, but they hunt in packs. 
Thyroid imbalance cooperates with adult onset diabetes and they collude with chronic back pain caused by a freak accident, and bit by bit, she slips away. 

She won’t have the health to spare to come to our Thanksgiving table this year. 

Our middle son is the typical rising star can-do-it-all guy, with all the problems that go with that.  Has to work all the time, be on call, run, run, run.... lucky that he and his wife can slip away to a restaurant somewhere at the end of the day and pay someone for a shadow of a Thanksgiving Dinner. 

So we will have what we have, with those similarly afflicted, and we will cobble together a time to cheer each other up, make the best of it, and be thankful for those blessings that remain. 

My dog is still alive.  An ancient Labrador Retriever that the vets gave up on more than a year ago, is still frisking in the snow and laughing at me with his eyes every morning. 

My husband, who according to the experts, should have died a long time ago, is similarly ill-disposed to comply with the opinions of the doctors.  His cheeks are pink, his eyes are bright, at pushing eighty, he is shoveling snow and clicking right along. 

It appears that life and love do count for something, after all. 

And we are blessed by friends both near and far.  Those who love this country and who love the Earth and who love freedom, have come from all the corners of the Earth, and both in fact and in spirit, they will be here with us on Thanksgiving Day. 

It’s not likely to be any big, fancy deal. Just a basic Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, green beans, cranberries. 

And we will share that simple menu and be very grateful for it. 

We will remember the Wild Turkeys that fed our forefathers and the domestic turkeys we raised ourselves in years gone by.   We will remember the smell of the earth as we harvested potatoes and the blossoms of the beans nodding on the summer wind. We will remember picking wild rice and wild cranberries and the full moons of September and October rising above the lakes we have traveled in canoes from shore to shore. 

We will remember every place we have ever called home, and all our friends and family, our co-workers, our mentors, and all those who made a difference in our lives for the better—those that are here with us and those who are gone.  We will stop and savor “the All of it”. 

The ebb and flow of seasons. The smell of pine and wood fires and snow. The snug feeling of being where we belong, and being who we are, and being at peace with the mystery that surrounds us. 

And most of all, the mystery of being together in spite of everything that tries to keep us apart. 


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For David:

By Anna Von Reitz

I received two heart-wrenching messages from Readers in pain, wondering where their deliverance is, and why everything seems delayed and why our True God seems far away. Here is my reply:

I do understand. 

What you need to grasp is this odd fact -- even the True God completely honors the Law of Freewill.  

And so each one of us is being "queried" as to what our freewill is.  What do we want? But because we don't "hear" this with our ears and haven't been trained to use our other organs of perception, we don't even know that we are being asked any question, nor do we know what that question is.  

It's sort of like the unconscionable contracts they issue against us while we are still in our cradles.  We can't object to a contract that we know nothing about.  We can't answer a question we can't hear.  But I am here to tell you that you are being asked a question and what that question is.

And strangely enough, it is the one question in the whole pantheon of questions, that you are truly able to answer. What do you, yourself, as a unique living being ---- want?

Think beyond things like a new car or money, because that is so trivial and taken for granted by those who are asking. Think about life-style. Think about relationships. Think about jobs. Think about peace for this country and the world. Think about healing for yourself and others. Think about your own heart, what it truly, deeply, maybe even secretly wants. And answer that question -- "What do you want?" --- honestly.  

Do you want to let go of your past and all the hurtful things in it? Say so.  Just say, "I want to release and be free of all the hurtful things that impact my life, all grudges, all illnesses, all pains, all regrets." 

Do you need help?  Say so: "I need help here. I need the highest and brightest and kindest help that can come to me." 

Do you yearn to be free?  Say so: "I wish to be set free from the oppression of the world and enabled to live my life as my Creator intended." 

Do you want to make this a better world?  Say it: "I wish to serve my Creator and be blessed and also be a blessing to others." 

Do you need more material things to be comfortable? Say it: "I don't worship money, but in this world, I need more of these tokens to get things I need."

Whatever it is, that you most truly wish for, whatever your actual free will is---- say so. 

You are now directly connected to the Divine.  It used to be that just a few people got through the maze of distortion and illusion and were able to communicate. 

But now all people are invited to tell those who are listening intently -- what do you really want? The Answer is at least slightly and often greatly different for all of us. 

Yet you are so loved, so dear, that nobody will trample on you or judge you or interfere with your free will. Even the True God doesn't order us around or impose himself on us. 

I have had experience of this in my own life.  I didn't know what He wanted me to do or what He prepared me to do, until I asked. I had to volunteer.  I wasn't forced to undertake these tasks.  I had to come to the point where I, myself, of my own free will, turned to my Creator in gratitude --- and asked: "You must have had a purpose, Lord, so whatever it is that you want me to do, here I am." 

And so this road opened up before me, and I have followed it ever since. 

Be careful what you say, to the Divine World.  Don't try to lie or hide anything.  The Truth is always fully known. Don't cringe or be fearful, don't use fancy language, don't make excuses.  Speak from the heart.  Emotion carries the message home far better and more directly than thought.  

So when you feel something intensely, as you did this morning when you wrote to me --- just put it out there, as is. This is how I really feel, Father.  My hurt.  My confusion. My despair. But also....  don't forget to share: My wonderment.  My joy.  My surprise.  My gratitude.  My acceptance. Because our Creator, our Father in Heaven, wants to be part of our lives, wants to be loved, wants to delight us. Just as any good father does. 

And just because we cannot see him with our limited eyes, nor always hear his voice.... He sees us as we are meant to be, as he created us to be, as perfected and unique selves. He sees how beautiful we are, and being hurt and broken in this present life doesn't matter. It only means that we have learned many, many lessons.  Take the lessons to heart. 

Know that he sees us as whole and golden and never broken, never sinners, never anything but his sons and daughters. Know that that wholeness and power and abundance and eternal life is what he cherishes for each of us. Know that his knowledge of us is so intimate and precise that we can't even imagine the love and care he gives us. 

But you must choose.  You must turn and answer what you want.  And it better be something more and higher than a new couch, because when you are asked, "What do you want?" The Divine World is asking ---what is your highest aspiration?  Your deepest need?  Your most profound desire? What do you want to happen here, upon the Earth?  


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Yes, Martin, It Was 56 Years Ago Today....

By Anna Von Reitz

The very first email that popped up on my list this morning was a message that hit me hard on two levels.  First, it recalled for me ---very vividly---  that infinitely dark day in Dallas, when the criminals among us, blew Jack Kennedy away.  

Second, it reminded me that he was "our Catholic President".  

This stark dichotomy between the Great Good of the Catholic Church and the Great Evil of the Roman Pontificate needs to be remembered and thoroughly understood.  

The same False Catholics and False Christians, the vengeful and evil members of the Secret Societies spawned by the Pontificate,  who took part in killing President Kennedy,  are those still plaguing the actual Church today.  

It is a perennial story of Saints versus Sinners, Good Will versus Bad Faith, and it has been that way since the Council of Nicea.  

Remember what Constantine saw in his vision and how he, as a Roman, interpreted it: Rome would triumph through the sign of the cross.  

To Constantine, that meant literal and material triumph, and though the Christian Brothers might try to redefine it as a spiritual triumph, there have always been those who shared Constantine's vision instead, and who have lived their lives as "willing hypocrites".  

Such men as this killed "our Catholic President".  People who claimed to be Christians, even claimed to be Catholics, but were actually acolytes of the Synagogue of Satan, murdered our young President in broad daylight --- and to our nation's disgrace, we never got to the bottom of it.  We never brought the actual culprits to justice.  

It seems that for various reasons, the murderers are all being protected and allowed to live out their natural lifespans, and that we won't be told the truth about what happened and who pulled the trigger, until the last of the conspirators are dead. 

While they, the monsters in Washington, DC, keep us vaguely entertained by their attempts to wash their own filthy and bloody hands, their own misdeeds just shine brighter: Hillary Clinton selling our Uranium to the Russians, Joe Biden influence-peddling to the tune of over a billion dollars, all the Blue Ribbon Committees from the Warren Commission to today, lying through their teeth. 

I remember being seven years-old and crying my eyes out.  I might not have understood all the dirty double-dealing of the political hacks, the bankers, the mobsters, the oil men and all of that, but what I did understand very clearly that day, was that President Kennedy was dead, and that he left behind a family, including two little kids who were almost my same age.  

And they lost their Dad that day.  

I am re-posting the film clip that Martin sent to me this morning.  It's popularly called "JFK's Secret Societies Speech" which was given shortly before his death.  I have seen it many times, but those who haven't seen it need to watch and listen, and those who have seen it, need to remember his words again:

And all those people who are sitting on so-called "explosive information", all those would-be Whistleblowers out there, need to take a lesson from JFK's unrealized intentions.  If he had simply stepped to the podium that day and exposed the criminals directly, instead of telling us what he was 'going to do" in the future, we would be living in a very different world today.  And he, himself, might have lived out his natural days.  

The lessons?  Don't wait.  Don't confront evil in a tentative way.  Don't "leak" such information or give the evil ones any warning.  Just fall on them like Dorothy's farmhouse in the Wizard of Oz.  

Don't hesitate to expose evil, no matter how great an evil it is.  Of course, do your best to get a wide forum for the expose. Make sure your information gets logged in and can't be "lost" or subjected to "oversight".  Publish it as widely as you possibly can, and in as many different mediums as possible. 

But, don't sit around and try to tie up all the loose ends.  Don't allow considerations like elections or stock market reports to excuse inaction.  Expose the evil in our midst with gusto and let the chips fall as they may.  Be pro-active against evil.  Go on the offensive and make your arrows stick. Let the evil ones be the ones under attack and watching their backs.  Be determined, implacable, and hit the bricks as hard as you can, because as President Kennedy demonstrates, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  


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The Municipal United States Government

By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal United States Government was created by the original Constitutional Agreements, and specifically by The Constitution of the United States adopted in 1790.

The current updated version of The Constitution of the United States was commonly available in bookstores as recently as 2012, when I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble. It is a simplified, stripped-down version of the original written in modern English with several key restrictions and limitations removed, apparently without notice to or consent of the People presumed to be upholding the other end of the agreement.

I can tell you that reading it was quite a shock to my sensibilities after a lifetime of dealing with the difficulties of reading 18th century legal documents. I can also tell you that like so many other books, documents, court cases, and quotations that have been altered or buried or burned to serve political agendas during the past one hundred and fifty years, when I went back to buy a few more copies, it had disappeared. Out of print.

The physical location of the Municipal United States Government is limited to the ten miles square of Washington, DC, enclosed within the Boundary Stones of that "independent, international city-state" chartered by the Roman Curia and originally administered by the Holy See from 1790 to 1933, whereupon its administration was unlawfully converted and taken over by the Roman Pontificate--- the pagan Holy Roman Empire promoting itself as the "Secular Church".

Apparently this profane religion adores oxymoron expressions and purposefully proliferates such nonsense in order to further promote confusion and illogical thinking. Maybe also as an intelligence test?

This pagan Municipal United States Government has been operating under Roman Civil Law on our shores and its rulers are plenary oligarchs -- the members of "the" United States Congress, as stipulated at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

The clear intention of the Founding Fathers was to establish a capital city where everyone could meet in pleasant and secure circumstance, and on even terms. The members of Congress were entrusted to form a city government and keep it in good order for the intended purposes.

That same government has, since 1945, acted to grossly defraud and dis-serve the American States and People and has usurped upon their lawful government for 150 years, acting in perennial Breach of Trust, and since 1934, with increasing boldness and disregard of any law.

They prefer to practice "the Rule of Law" which is no actual Law at all, but merely a proliferation of Court Rules and Procedures designed to enable them to obtain whatever end result their minions desire simply by interpreting certain words in different ways and claiming "judicial discretion".

This same foreign municipal government has established Municipal Districts and Municipal Courts and Municipal STATES OF STATES in every State of the Union, expanded its administration with over 350 new "Agencies" and allowed those agencies to operate under color of law on our shores.

Via the use of "Federal Block Grants" used as bribes with undisclosed consequences---basically kickbacks from racketeering--- the Municipal Government has expanded to over 185,000 municipalities and municipal corporations in this country. And none of them have any right to be here.

The intent of the Founders and Signers of the original Constitutions to provide a congenial meeting place on the banks of the Potomac and their equally simple entrusting of this duty and oversight of the capitol city government to later members of Congress, has been grotesquely expanded and trampled, and stands against the Constitutions, including The Constitution of the United States. As such, their actions and presumptions are null and void.

It is a peculiarity of the Roman Civil Law that the Municipal Government adopted, that you can lie, cheat, steal, and defraud to your hearts delight, so long as you don't get caught. However, once fraud is discovered, everything tainted by it must be disallowed and wiped clean: fraud vitiates everything.

The Great Fraud was discovered by loyal Americans in 1980 and initial action was taken to oppose and expose it.

The Municipal United States Government has been operating against the requirements of the Roman Civil Law ever since, and has continued to defraud Americans and racketeer against them in criminal violation of their Constitutional obligations.

In 2004 these same Americans reported an uptick in Municipal Agency activity aimed at militarization of Municipal Police, importation of foreign military personnel, vast inexplicable building projects staged in Free Trade Zones and the development of FEMA relocation camps, apparently using the same plan as Hitler's Concentration Camps.

We accordingly took our objections to the Holy See in Rome, which is also the seat of government for the Roman Pontificate. We pointed out that our agreements are with the Holy See, not the Roman Pontificate. We expressed our concerns and objected to the mistreatment, fraud, and mis-characterization of Americans as "citizens of the United States", the threatening actions undertaken by the Municipal United States Government in violation of their Constitutional obligations, and much more.

For the next seven years, we served Notice and Due Process upon Municipal Employees at all levels of the Municipal United States Government, including members of the Municipal United States Congress. In 2011, the Holy See closed the Roman Pontificate and moved to liquidate the underlying trusts. In 2014, we finished the Notice and Due Process, and issued our findings as a Final Civil Order Judgment.

We also issued General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs in July of 2014, alerting them to the looming danger posed by militarization of the municipal police and Agency Personnel, construction of concentration camps on our soil, purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition and other vast armament supplies including 30,000 guillotines by the Municipal United States Government, the presence of foreign -- especially Chinese factory workers in large numbers in Free Trade Zones located at critical communication and transportation hubs, and the sale of military equipment and natural resources such as Uranium to both the Russians and Chinese Governments by members of the Municipal Government.

In this way, their cover was blown and no plausible deniability remained for the Joint Chiefs, either.

With the selection of Pope Francis and the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, progress ground to a halt. Nothing truly effective has been done to shut down the operations of the rogue Municipal United States Government, which owes its charter to the Roman Curia. Their operations were liquidated on paper, but they were allowed to form a new series of corporations, and sail right on. The Great Fraud allowed by the Roman Pontificate and its minions in Washington, DC, has not been exposed to the people of this country, much less to the world, and the criminality underlying it has not been brought under control, much less to a stop.

Instead, we have reports of municipal franchise corporations and municipal agency personnel --which have been heavily supplied with military grade armaments via the process already described-- getting "ready for action" against innocent American civilians.

The lawful government of this country, The United States of America, has done and is doing everything that it can do to protect the people and to recoup the purloined assets of this country. We have called out the Holy See and we hold the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Curia absolutely responsible for this Gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract; we also hold the British Monarch responsible for these crimes against us.

Let it be set before the whole world and particularly the members of the United Nations Organization, that the Roman Curia controls all incorporated governments via the issuance of charters, so that action by the United Nations is ultimately action undertaken by the Pope.

Let it be seen that the Roman Curia also holds the charter and is responsible for the Municipality of Washington, DC, and that any action undertaken by the Municipal United States Government is also ultimately action undertaken by the Pope.

Finally, let it be seen that the Pope also indirectly controls the British Territorial United States, which is a Commonwealth overseen by the British Monarch in behalf of the Pope.

All roads lead to Rome, and any "civil war" engaged in on our soil in violation of our Public Law and our Land Law and our international treaties and our solemn trust indentures and the service contracts owed to us, is fronted by the Pope on both sides of the issue.

Whereupon we bring forward our condemnation of the Pope and the Roman Curia for promoting and allowing this situation to exist and for pretending that they are not fully responsible for it and accountable to our lawful Government for this circumstance.

The Pope cannot fight against himself, and he cannot order his minion, the Queen, to fight against him, either, and have any plausible excuse for the disruption, bloodshed, and misery this one man is proposing to cause by fomenting a phony civil war on the soil of a foreign nation -- ours.

We ask all treaty and alliance members for their urgent assistance to prevent any such travesty, and ask them to begin Counterpoint Operations to make sure that the Pope and the Queen both receive our message via taking up stations.

The same Roman Pontificate which has used the Catholic Church as a storefront for its venal operations is proposing to use the United Nations in the same way --- as a storefront to hide its own unsavory activities and get innocent people to pay for their own destruction.

As long as the governments of the various countries continue to operate as incorporated franchises under charter and patent of the Roman Curia, this is a foregone conclusion, and so is the predatory criminality with which the Holy Roman Empire has fostered and formed the threat of global Corporate Feudalism.

So now you know what we are up against and who is behind it, no matter how they twist and turn it. This is just another instance of "Holy Roman Empire" war-mongering for profit, another instance where these pirates in clerical costume and nice suits propose to kill off their Primary Creditors rather than return our purloined assets to us--- and offer to use our own assets and our own deluded countrymen to do their dirty work, too.

Let every American wake up and smell the java. Let every officer of every Municipal Agency lay down his gun or never pick it up. Let every official of the Municipal United States Government hang their heads in shame.

In the same way that they have waged a secretive and unholy war by guile and deceit upon the American States and People, they have promoted the same aims of "quiet conquest" against the whole world and every national government, and they now propose to ignore even their own Roman Civil Law.

Many members of the United States Military and the Federal Civil Service have been led astray by promises of great wealth and reward for themselves.

The bankers have led them on and they have sold their honor for nothing.

And this, to date, is the status of the Municipal United States Government.


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Are You "Stateless" or "State of Stateless"???

By Anna Von Reitz

I had a good laugh today, even though its the "Ouch!" kind of humor. 
A friend reported on what is going on in Texas. 

They still don't get the fact that they have a State of the Union called "Texas" which is the only claim to a birthright that they have.  

They are still mistaking the loss of Municipal and Territorial "States of States" as the loss of their State --- Texas.  

That's like mistaking your own dog for your neighbor's refrigerator.

And people all over --- not just Texas --- are so gullible that they buy into this "verbiage", and though they don't know what it means,  they assume that they do....  

I have it on very good authority from the person who coined the word "verbiage" that he meant it to imply "words used so deceitfully or with such little true meaning as to be come the verbal equivalent of garbage".  

And that is what this "stateless" meme is and the false claims behind it, too.  Verbal garbage.

No American is "stateless" unless they voluntarily abandon their own State of the Union.  

There are some Americans who have ignorantly agreed to be identified as Municipal "citizens of the United States" who will be left "stateless" in a sense, because their corporations operating as "STATE OF STATES" like the "STATE OF MISSISSIPPI" are going away, but that is not the same thing as being "stateless".  

These Municipal "STATES OF STATES" never had any right to exist here in the first place, and now that the Municipal United States is bankrupt, even less reason to be here.  

If the Territorial "States of States" also go away, that's no cause to think you are "stateless" either.  

Anyone born in this country is welcome to reclaim their birthright as an American and as a Minnesotan, Vermonter, Floridian, Californian...... and so on.  Whichever State you were born in is your State.  Claim it by declaring your correct political status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly.  

The actual States are all still here.  So.  The only reason you should ever be "stateless" is if you are gullible and/or fail to reclaim your birthright political status.  

Now, all those Texans have been told the truth about this numerous times, but they still have this tendency to get lost in the verbiage just like getting lost in a cactus patch and with much the same result.  

They don't know that a "Confederate State" is in fact a Federal State of State.  They don't know that Texas, the State of the Union, is an actual State and not a State of State.  

And because they mix up the two different kinds of things that are both being called "states" it's easy for them to mistake their own dog for a neighbor's refrigerator.  

These people need and deserve their State as much as anyone else, and it does hurt me to think that any of them are going to be cheated out of what is owed to them because of verbiage. 

So here's one more try for the sake of the Alamo: 

Texas is your State and it is right under your feet.  You are a Texan if you were born within the borders of Texas.  Period.  That's your actual nationality.  

You weren't ever naturally born in the Territorial "State of Texas" nor were you ever naturally born in the Municipal "STATE OF TEXAS". 

Those are both foreign political statuses pertaining to Federal Employees and their dependents.  British Territorial United States Citizens are called "United States Citizens" and are usually military personnel.  Municipal United States Federal Civil Service Employees are called "citizens of the United States".  

Those folks, if they are Americans, all need to "come home" and even if they remain "Dual Citizens" which is allowed under the Federal Constitutions, they need to reclaim their birthright political status as at least one of the two citizenship(s) they can hold. 

Otherwise, if both of these foreign "state of state" corporations go bankrupt, the Federal Employees will be "state of stateless"  with no true State of Origin on record, out of a job with no place to go, no excuse for being here.  

Helluva a situation for them and that's where you will be, too,  if you let these funny balloon salesmen tell you that you are "stateless" just because they are. 

If you are a Texan, claim Texas.  If you are a Virginian, claim Virginia.  Get off your silly butts and declare your proper political status.  Ninety-percent of you aren't Federal Employees of any kind and have no reason in the world not to claim who you are and who you have always actually been.  

And even the Federal Employees who were born here in this country have no excuse and no reason for not claiming their birth State as one of their Dual Citizenship(s).  

Remember --- our States of the Union don't recognize any Dual Citizenship, so people can't act as a State Citizen and vote in their State Assembly at the same time they are employed by the Federal Government and claiming some form of "US" citizenship.  

But also remember that so far as the Federal Government is concerned, Dual Citizenship is okay.  You can keep your federal job and if it goes away, and you are left with only your State National status, you can still come home and you are still not "stateless" so long as you have the good sense to claim your original birthright political status as a Texan or Vermonter or wherever else you were born.  

So--- here's the best advice about dogs and refrigerators.

If you are Joe Average American working in a private sector job, not on any Federal welfare (that is, receiving actual unearned Federal Benefits, not talking about or counting payment you earned as a result of military or other service) and not seeking political asylum from the Federales, declare your proper political status as an American State National (Texan, Ohioan, Minnesotan.....Whichever) and consider joining your State Assembly as a State Citizen.  

If you are a Federal Employee or Dependent of some stripe, declare your birthright political status as one of the two citizenship(s) you can have, and be proud of your nationality as a Texan, Ohioan, Minnesotan...... and look forward to the day when you can retire or quit Federal citizenship obligations and re-join your State Assembly ---and inherit back all your rights and property assets.  

So long as you were born or properly naturalized here and you claim a State of the Union as your permanent home and domicile, you are never "stateless". 


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