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Friday, November 22, 2019

Yes, Martin, It Was 56 Years Ago Today....

By Anna Von Reitz

The very first email that popped up on my list this morning was a message that hit me hard on two levels.  First, it recalled for me ---very vividly---  that infinitely dark day in Dallas, when the criminals among us, blew Jack Kennedy away.  

Second, it reminded me that he was "our Catholic President".  

This stark dichotomy between the Great Good of the Catholic Church and the Great Evil of the Roman Pontificate needs to be remembered and thoroughly understood.  

The same False Catholics and False Christians, the vengeful and evil members of the Secret Societies spawned by the Pontificate,  who took part in killing President Kennedy,  are those still plaguing the actual Church today.  

It is a perennial story of Saints versus Sinners, Good Will versus Bad Faith, and it has been that way since the Council of Nicea.  

Remember what Constantine saw in his vision and how he, as a Roman, interpreted it: Rome would triumph through the sign of the cross.  

To Constantine, that meant literal and material triumph, and though the Christian Brothers might try to redefine it as a spiritual triumph, there have always been those who shared Constantine's vision instead, and who have lived their lives as "willing hypocrites".  

Such men as this killed "our Catholic President".  People who claimed to be Christians, even claimed to be Catholics, but were actually acolytes of the Synagogue of Satan, murdered our young President in broad daylight --- and to our nation's disgrace, we never got to the bottom of it.  We never brought the actual culprits to justice.  

It seems that for various reasons, the murderers are all being protected and allowed to live out their natural lifespans, and that we won't be told the truth about what happened and who pulled the trigger, until the last of the conspirators are dead. 

While they, the monsters in Washington, DC, keep us vaguely entertained by their attempts to wash their own filthy and bloody hands, their own misdeeds just shine brighter: Hillary Clinton selling our Uranium to the Russians, Joe Biden influence-peddling to the tune of over a billion dollars, all the Blue Ribbon Committees from the Warren Commission to today, lying through their teeth. 

I remember being seven years-old and crying my eyes out.  I might not have understood all the dirty double-dealing of the political hacks, the bankers, the mobsters, the oil men and all of that, but what I did understand very clearly that day, was that President Kennedy was dead, and that he left behind a family, including two little kids who were almost my same age.  

And they lost their Dad that day.  

I am re-posting the film clip that Martin sent to me this morning.  It's popularly called "JFK's Secret Societies Speech" which was given shortly before his death.  I have seen it many times, but those who haven't seen it need to watch and listen, and those who have seen it, need to remember his words again:

And all those people who are sitting on so-called "explosive information", all those would-be Whistleblowers out there, need to take a lesson from JFK's unrealized intentions.  If he had simply stepped to the podium that day and exposed the criminals directly, instead of telling us what he was 'going to do" in the future, we would be living in a very different world today.  And he, himself, might have lived out his natural days.  

The lessons?  Don't wait.  Don't confront evil in a tentative way.  Don't "leak" such information or give the evil ones any warning.  Just fall on them like Dorothy's farmhouse in the Wizard of Oz.  

Don't hesitate to expose evil, no matter how great an evil it is.  Of course, do your best to get a wide forum for the expose. Make sure your information gets logged in and can't be "lost" or subjected to "oversight".  Publish it as widely as you possibly can, and in as many different mediums as possible. 

But, don't sit around and try to tie up all the loose ends.  Don't allow considerations like elections or stock market reports to excuse inaction.  Expose the evil in our midst with gusto and let the chips fall as they may.  Be pro-active against evil.  Go on the offensive and make your arrows stick. Let the evil ones be the ones under attack and watching their backs.  Be determined, implacable, and hit the bricks as hard as you can, because as President Kennedy demonstrates, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  


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