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Friday, November 22, 2019

Are You "Stateless" or "State of Stateless"???

By Anna Von Reitz

I had a good laugh today, even though its the "Ouch!" kind of humor. 
A friend reported on what is going on in Texas. 

They still don't get the fact that they have a State of the Union called "Texas" which is the only claim to a birthright that they have.  

They are still mistaking the loss of Municipal and Territorial "States of States" as the loss of their State --- Texas.  

That's like mistaking your own dog for your neighbor's refrigerator.

And people all over --- not just Texas --- are so gullible that they buy into this "verbiage", and though they don't know what it means,  they assume that they do....  

I have it on very good authority from the person who coined the word "verbiage" that he meant it to imply "words used so deceitfully or with such little true meaning as to be come the verbal equivalent of garbage".  

And that is what this "stateless" meme is and the false claims behind it, too.  Verbal garbage.

No American is "stateless" unless they voluntarily abandon their own State of the Union.  

There are some Americans who have ignorantly agreed to be identified as Municipal "citizens of the United States" who will be left "stateless" in a sense, because their corporations operating as "STATE OF STATES" like the "STATE OF MISSISSIPPI" are going away, but that is not the same thing as being "stateless".  

These Municipal "STATES OF STATES" never had any right to exist here in the first place, and now that the Municipal United States is bankrupt, even less reason to be here.  

If the Territorial "States of States" also go away, that's no cause to think you are "stateless" either.  

Anyone born in this country is welcome to reclaim their birthright as an American and as a Minnesotan, Vermonter, Floridian, Californian...... and so on.  Whichever State you were born in is your State.  Claim it by declaring your correct political status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly.  

The actual States are all still here.  So.  The only reason you should ever be "stateless" is if you are gullible and/or fail to reclaim your birthright political status.  

Now, all those Texans have been told the truth about this numerous times, but they still have this tendency to get lost in the verbiage just like getting lost in a cactus patch and with much the same result.  

They don't know that a "Confederate State" is in fact a Federal State of State.  They don't know that Texas, the State of the Union, is an actual State and not a State of State.  

And because they mix up the two different kinds of things that are both being called "states" it's easy for them to mistake their own dog for a neighbor's refrigerator.  

These people need and deserve their State as much as anyone else, and it does hurt me to think that any of them are going to be cheated out of what is owed to them because of verbiage. 

So here's one more try for the sake of the Alamo: 

Texas is your State and it is right under your feet.  You are a Texan if you were born within the borders of Texas.  Period.  That's your actual nationality.  

You weren't ever naturally born in the Territorial "State of Texas" nor were you ever naturally born in the Municipal "STATE OF TEXAS". 

Those are both foreign political statuses pertaining to Federal Employees and their dependents.  British Territorial United States Citizens are called "United States Citizens" and are usually military personnel.  Municipal United States Federal Civil Service Employees are called "citizens of the United States".  

Those folks, if they are Americans, all need to "come home" and even if they remain "Dual Citizens" which is allowed under the Federal Constitutions, they need to reclaim their birthright political status as at least one of the two citizenship(s) they can hold. 

Otherwise, if both of these foreign "state of state" corporations go bankrupt, the Federal Employees will be "state of stateless"  with no true State of Origin on record, out of a job with no place to go, no excuse for being here.  

Helluva a situation for them and that's where you will be, too,  if you let these funny balloon salesmen tell you that you are "stateless" just because they are. 

If you are a Texan, claim Texas.  If you are a Virginian, claim Virginia.  Get off your silly butts and declare your proper political status.  Ninety-percent of you aren't Federal Employees of any kind and have no reason in the world not to claim who you are and who you have always actually been.  

And even the Federal Employees who were born here in this country have no excuse and no reason for not claiming their birth State as one of their Dual Citizenship(s).  

Remember --- our States of the Union don't recognize any Dual Citizenship, so people can't act as a State Citizen and vote in their State Assembly at the same time they are employed by the Federal Government and claiming some form of "US" citizenship.  

But also remember that so far as the Federal Government is concerned, Dual Citizenship is okay.  You can keep your federal job and if it goes away, and you are left with only your State National status, you can still come home and you are still not "stateless" so long as you have the good sense to claim your original birthright political status as a Texan or Vermonter or wherever else you were born.  

So--- here's the best advice about dogs and refrigerators.

If you are Joe Average American working in a private sector job, not on any Federal welfare (that is, receiving actual unearned Federal Benefits, not talking about or counting payment you earned as a result of military or other service) and not seeking political asylum from the Federales, declare your proper political status as an American State National (Texan, Ohioan, Minnesotan.....Whichever) and consider joining your State Assembly as a State Citizen.  

If you are a Federal Employee or Dependent of some stripe, declare your birthright political status as one of the two citizenship(s) you can have, and be proud of your nationality as a Texan, Ohioan, Minnesotan...... and look forward to the day when you can retire or quit Federal citizenship obligations and re-join your State Assembly ---and inherit back all your rights and property assets.  

So long as you were born or properly naturalized here and you claim a State of the Union as your permanent home and domicile, you are never "stateless". 


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  1. Well I am much satisified with just being myself. Their is a recording somewhere of a man ran afoul of the King County court over a ticket "drug and or alcohol" with no evidence other than nearing a white line in a car while traveling along I5.
    He submitted a bil of particulars including why King County bank records showed funds already transferred when he had not been processed or convicted yet.
    4 different judges: They asked if he was going to get an attorney and he said he had one but fired him.
    The judge asked if he was the going to represent himself.
    The "defendant" said "Your honor I am myself"
    Each judge hit a brick wall right then and could not go on, finally the last one dismissing the case.

  2. @Unknown

    I talk with people all the time and the big fear of most people is the fear of making a mistake in correcting the record. I used to be in that position too.

    The problem here is that most do not comprehend why we have to correct the record in the first place and how we got to be in this position we find ourselves in.

    When Anna introduced the Paramount Claim some months back, she also recommended Kurt Kallenbach. I had listened to Kurt a couple years ago but didn't get it. Although I had finally wrapped my head around the NAME GAME, Kurt's material gave me absolute clarification why I had to correct the record and make an Equity Claim to my land estate. If you have the ability to listen to Kurt's Material, $25 month, Start with the Perfection Series. The Perfection Series will clarify what Anna has been talking about. I'm not through all his material yet and have been a member for almost 3 months.

    A simple explanation for State of State vs state is the same as sovereign v incorporation. An apple is an apple. If you eat an apple, you have incorporated the apple into your body as Food. The Apple does not come out the other end as an apple it becomes something else called nutrition for your body. Texas has to exist before State of Texas or STATE OF TEXAS.

    Anna has a great diagram on her site which explains the hierarchy on the Land vs Sea. Take a look.

    Annie McShane

  3. Kallie hi ! I think it would be to your benefit to watch the YouTube series Justinian Deception it opened my eyes to the government's blatant misuse of grammar. The powers that be have been mixing american sign language the use of the all CAPITALIZED letters on drivers ID Cards COURT documents contracts ETC . As you watch the series you will see the deception. The Chicago manual of styles- the rule book on grammar points out the fraud . If this Helps pleas share. And also A proper name,be it a State a man woman or child is always first lettes CAPITALIZED and lower case and so on and so on. In their legalese system the words are magically converted from a proper noun into a fraudulent form ob babble .
    Cant mix the two on one document. It's a counterfeit !!
    On the land
    Colorado state.

  4. I just turned 75. I was born on Luke Field Air Force Base outside of Phoenix, Arizona in 1944 as my father was a pilot instructor there during WW2.
    I was brought to California soon after my birth where the bulk of my family lived since 1923 in Alhambra, California until 1994 when I, as the last living relative sold the last home and moved to Idaho in 1998 and am now a resident of Idaho.
    Do I have to declare myself as a native of Arizona to start this process to claim who I am?


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