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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The conspiracy to stop Ron Paul

The criminals in the media and the criminals in the Republican Party will stop at NOTHING to stop Ron Paul from restoring freedom in our country!

Don't take my word for it!  Read this article then tell me it's not true.

By and large the main stream media talking heads have sold their soul and their brain for a paycheck. They couldn't tell the truth if it slapped them in the face. They are all MENTAL PROSTITUTES if they won't tell the truth about what is really going on in the Ron Paul Revolution inside the Republican Party.

The reason?   Because they have visions of their stranglehold on the Amreican Power centers disappearing like a vapor in the night, and they can't stand the thought of having to compete with real news in a free society of open ideas. They know they would lose their power, money and jobs.

And the so called "Republicans" at the top are even worse. They conspire to break laws, and their own rules to stop what they percieve as a threat to the status quo, one that has brought us the bankruptcy of the country by compromise of the original principles Republicans have stood for in the past, and by the one party Republicrat mergers of the present in DC, where principle doesn't matter and insanity rules.
If insanity is defined as " Promoting the same solutions over and over and expecting a different result " we certainly have it in DC.

Neither the media or the so called Republicans can win a discussion with Ron Paul on the real issues that matter in our time, so they resort to dirty tricks, breaking their own rules, and yes criminal activity to maintain their power.  They maintain a sort of tyranny over the real ideas of freedom on their networks and in the party discussion. They won't admit the truth that a real revolution of ideas is happening in the Republican Party. That, my friends is a form of tyranny.

Webster's dictionary on line defines tyranny as follows:
1: oppressive power ; especially : oppressive power exerted by government

2a : a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler; especially : one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state
  b : the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant
3: a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force

4: an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act : a tyrannical act

So we have tyranny at many levels in Amerika today, and I wonder how far these tyrants will go to keep their power.  We know what Obama will do if elected. We know he will be the worst tyrant in the history of America but how will the tyrannical "Republicrats" be any different if they are willing to violate everything that is sacred and holy right in their own party workings. Hypocrits one and all. They operate on a double standard. This for me and that for you.  I would not want to trade places with them when they meet their maker. I have enough to answer for without selling out my fellow countrymen to the power brokers of the world just for a position and money.
God have mercy on America.
Paul Stramer

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