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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Beware Your Own "Programming"

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've all been programmed. There's a reason why they call it programming on television ("television programs') and with respect to computers, too --- computer programming. 

I am less programmed than most of you because I stopped watching television and "newscasts" --- as in, casting spells --- in 1987.  

Another concept often associated with programming is "behavioral modification" --- think Pavlov's dog, trained to salivate using cues instead of food stimulation. 

Ever heard of "taking their cues" on stage? 

The insidious thing is that you don't even know you have been programmed. 

Most of you have heard the phrase "our democracy" repeated endlessly throughout your life, until you assume that America is a democracy and that it is "ours".  

Everywhere on television you hear the buzzwords, "threat to democracy". 

But America is not a democracy.  

Likewise you are told that you are a "US Citizen" so often that, of course, you believe it --- until someone shows you otherwise. 

Our British Territorial Subcontractor operating as a Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia --- they are a democracy.  We're not. 

Everyone goes around talking about "Equity Law" this and "Equity Law" that, but Equity Law isn't American, either.  It's British. And unless you are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, you can't access Equity Law.  

And what are they really talking about?  Sweat equity.  Equity Law is part of the Blood Money System based on labor and performances. 

Granted, a lot of us have a lot of sweat equity invested in the Blood Money System, but nobody tells us that, and while they are eager to consider us "Brits" for the purpose of collecting from us, they are not willing to recognize us in a Court of Equity.  

All your life you have been told that you are free and how glorious freedom is, but look around at the obvious conditions of slavery? 

And coercion? 

And depravity?

And abuse of power? 

Don't assume anything, because when you do, there are all these little trip-lever word programs ready to go off in your brain. 

All day long I hear from people who are totally confused.  

They think that their rights come from the Constitution.  

They think that they live under the Constitution.  

This is all programming and indoctrination.  You think you have to have a Social Security Number and a Driver License, too. 

But what you've been told, you've been sold. 

It's all because of programming.  And if you watch and pay attention, you can observe them programming you.  Just question the phrases and buzzwords.  

How many times do we have to hear "in these challenging times" before we believe that these are challenging times?  How about "safe and effective"?   

FYI, if they slip something like this past you at least ten times, it becomes part of your subconscious assumption.  If you don't question what you are being told, you believe what you are being told, and then, sure enough, you create it.  You make the times challenging on command.  

You are the next best thing to a Genie in a bottle. 

Remember the evil Axis Powers?

The Anglo-American Axis existed long before WWII.  

The Anglo-American Axis funded and created the whole phenomenon of Hitler, and used him to undermine Germany. 

They were the Axis Powers. Corrupt Americans and Brits. 

Not Germans.  Not Italians.  Not Japanese. 

Churchill must have busted a strut every time he heard about the "Axis Powers", because in their own sick way, they were disclosing the truth. 

All the misery and destruction of World War II really was caused by the Axis Powers.  

We were just kept in the dark about who the Axis Powers were.  
So be aware how these canary birds do it to us. Pick up on the verbiage they hurl and how often they hurl it.  Look for double meanings and transliterations, like substituting "American" for "Amorican", Aryan for Orion and re-branding efforts, like trying to call Earth "Gaia" --- folks, Earth is Terra, Mars is Gaia. 

Be on your toes. 


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For Posterity and Proof --

 By Anna Von Reitz

You guys (Ron Vrooman, Charlie White, et alia) can go on denying and ranting and raving and pulling smoke out of your ears all you want, but the history and the law do exist, despite your desire to cherry pick and redefine things to suit yourself. 

The FACT is that there is one (1) General Assembly in each State. 

The FACT is that the International Assembly, Jural Assembly, and Assembly Militia are drawn from the General Assembly membership.

The FACT is that the International Assembly, Jural Assembly, and Assembly Militia are not independent of the General Assembly. They are subsets of the General Assembly. 

The further FACT is that The Oregon Assembly was established as a peaceful and lawful General Assembly in 2019 and has populated Oregon's land and soil jurisdiction ever since.  Its claims and positions are cured and were cured years ahead of anything done by you or Charlie White. 

As the Summoning Authority calling The Oregon Assembly into Session the Federation of States bears the responsibility to make sure that Oregon and all the States assemble and do it right. 

We are here to tell you when you are screwing up and getting it wrong, and we just did so. 

The Washington Jural Assembly is like a goat's leg without a goat.  As it stands, it's just another glorified Patriot Myth ready to be taken down by the FBI or some other agency. 

And unless something really big happens in the District, they will get around to it.  

Then you and your pals will be arrested as insurrectionists and thrown in jail, and like as not, I will be blamed for that, even though I have spent all this time and effort trying to educate you just as I tried to save The Colorado Nine. 

Everyone involved in your renegade separate Jural Assembly is being struck from the membership list of The Oregon Assembly, and don't try to make it look like it's my fault or as if I am doing anything wrong or unreasonable. 

You made your choice when you went off-track and into the weeds trying to set up a separate Jural Assembly apart from the General Assembly.  And that's that. 

We are not going to let a bunch of confused knot heads endanger innocent people. 


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No, Ron....

 By Anna Von Reitz

No Constitution ever gave any rights to anyone.  Not at the Federal level.  Not at the State of State level.  Not in 1859, not ever.  I repeat....  

No American and that includes Oregonians have ever lived "under" any Constitution at all.  

The only "persons" bound by the limitations of the Constitutions are the Federal and State of State Employees that live and work under the respective Constitutions as a condition of their employment.  

You don't have to take my word for it.  There are plenty of other people out there, see Kirk's Law Course on YouTube, who are telling you the same thing. 

Or will you say they are all committing "obstruction and subterfuge" for unknown reasons? 

It is exactly what all of us say it is. See ARTICLE I Section 1 of  Oregon' Constitution circa 1859 here it is: "Natural rights inherent in people. We declare that all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper. —"

  You have had months and years to rebut us.  Now, overcome the documents in our Civilian Court of records published at It is incontrovertible or it would be rebutted and ORSJA.ORG would have published it. If you find an error please notify me and Charlie will correct it.

As for you and Charlie White, we were the ones with the prior claim, first in line, first in time, so it's you who have to overcome our claims, not the other way around. 


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The "Sale of America" -- Saga Continued

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the clencher, none of those people had any authority to sell any of our stuff.

Under international law of the sea and the land and global jurisdiction as well, possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

So all these foreign investors have been sold a pig-in-a-poke by our local criminals. 

It's just a much, much larger scale Florida Real Estate scam.  

Here's how it goes --- "I'll sell you this beautiful seaside location in Florida, 65 acres, road access, electrical services.... what more can you want?  Only $1.8 million and I'll sign it over....just Quit Claim it over to you...." 

So the victim delivers the cash and the huckster delivers the Quit Claim.  

But it turns out that the Quit Claim is no good because the huckster never had a valid claim to the property in the first place.

He delivered what he promised.  It just turned out to be a worthless gesture.  

I'll give you my Quit Claim to Capetown, South Africa, for whatever good it will do you.  

It's the same way with the "Sale of America". 

Those pretending to represent us, didn't.  Those pretending to own the natural resources, didn't. 

They never took any actual Oath of Office.  Never entered any Public Office. 

They were, in fact, working for foreign corporations that aren't even allowed to be here, except for the Residence Act.  And neither they nor their corporations can actually own land here. 

They claimed, falsely, that our land and soil was abandoned.  It's not.  They claimed that they owned the Title.  But we own the Sovereign Letters Patent and the cadastral survey and the metes and bounds survey.  

Oh, and we never knowingly and willingly enfranchised ourselves or registered our names or anything else of that sort. 

So, on both sides of the purported transactions "selling America" there has been nothing but fraud since the 1860s. 

The Principals most responsible, the British Monarch, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of London, must be held to account. 

We are not the ones who misrepresented the situation and we are not the ones who sold property in America under False Pretenses to foreign investors. 

Please, everyone, understand.  Your claims cannot be honored, because they are not valid. We are the actual owners and inheritors, and we didn't sell you as much as a hectare, nor did we benefit from the purported sale of our assets.  It was all a gigantic fraud scheme, designed to rob the actual owners and the investors, too.  

Instead of both ends against the middle, it has been the middle against both ends.  Against us, the actual owners, and against you, the would-be investors.  We are sorry and we are willing to help you go after these cretins.  They've been traitors to us and criminals to you.  

So you don't have a claim against the Americans.  You have a claim against Rome, against the King of Britain, against the Lord Mayor, against the Belgians, against the Royals of Holland, but not against the Americans and not against our country.  

This one is not our fault.  
On Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 9:04 PM Thomas Smith  wrote:

Changing Laws , Rules and rewriting history ......Start watching at the 6 minute mark ... Bushes , Clintons , Gates ....All foreign owned now !!!

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Oregonians -- A Reply to Ron

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oregonians, Wisconsinites, etc., the American People, do not "live under" a Federal Constitution, nor do they live under a State-of-State Constitution, not in 1859, not now, not ever, never. 

Our Public Employees live under the various Constitutions.  

If you don't grasp this firmly, and know that the Constitutions are Service Contracts, you will keep on making wrong assumptions about the nature of the American Government and that is a disservice and a danger to yourself and others. 

Do you get a paycheck from Uncle Sam or do you get bills from Uncle Sam? 

With that answer firmly in mind ----are you an Employer or an Employee? 

Okay, so now, here you are, identified as an Employer in your own mind, and you assume that when you get a bill from Uncle Sam it's to pay for the services you contracted to receive, right?   

That isn't what has been happening ever since the Civil War. 

You have not been identified as the Employer, even though you are.  You have been deliberately misidentified as a Municipal citizen of the United States, a member of the Confederate Army or a supporter of the Confederacy, owing war reparations and seeking to evade those war reparations. 

So you are paying on the assumption that you are paying for stipulated services, but the Usurpers have come up with an entirely different narrative and in their minds, they are charging you for war reparations and every time you mistakenly pay a bill you don't owe, that just reinforces the supposition that you are a Municipal citizen of the United States. 

If you aren't, why would you pay a bill for war reparations that you don't owe? 

You can join either "side" of this "war" or you can stand up as an indignant Third Party and a member of your State Assembly.  A whole different political status. Not under a Constitution.  

That is what The Oregon Assembly does.  It takes the people out of the commercial war zone and establishes their actual identity as living people and as Lawful People who are civilians and not aligned with either side.  

So why do I make the distinction between "living people" and "Lawful People"?  Aren't they one-in-the-same?  No. 

I have already told you that everything and everyone in international or global jurisdiction is "dead", like a playing piece on a game board.  

Therefore, the living people occupy the National Soil Jurisdiction provided by the Counties all united within the borders of each State. 

The Lawful People are "dead" --- these are our proper playing pieces, our Avatars in international and global jurisdiction of the State.  

If we go out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, our capacity changes. We are still "dead" in international jurisdiction, but on the seas we are considered Legal Persons. 

The same thing happens if we go into the jurisdiction of the Air. Our capacity changes. We are still "dead" -- still playing with Avatars, our playing pieces on the board, only now as LEGAL PERSONS.

Different laws apply in each of these jurisdictions.  

These are not sides of a conflict.  These are capacities that you have as an American.  You can function within the National jurisdiction as a living man or you can function within the International jurisdiction as "Lawful People" --- We, the People. Or you can go to sea and function as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, a Legal Person.  Or you can enter the air jurisdiction as a LEGAL PERSON.  

Are you beginning to understand?   If not, go listen to Kurt's Law Course on YouTube. He's a Lawyer and a U.S. Citizen but he knows the score. Listen to Lessons 1-3 to get a firm understanding of where your rights come from and the fact that you don't live under the Constitutions, neither the Federal Constitutions nor any State of State Constitutions.   

The only bills we ever owed were for stipulated services.  We shouldn't have been charged for anything more or else or different.  We shouldn't be addressed as "enemies" or as deadbeats trying to avoid payment of war reparations, especially as it's a "war" we didn't participate in or approve of, and a bill we don't owe.  

Yes, this is complex and it is confusing and there are plenty of conundrums like land mines throughout, which is why we all have to tread carefully.  

I don't care if you think of me as Gollum leading the Hobbits through the Swamp for doubtful motivations, or if you realize that I am more like Eowen of Rohan, at least realize that you are in a Swamp. 

Today, I have ordered that all members of The Oregon Assembly, except those who wish to continue with a lawful path forward, be stricken from the membership.  I have done this to protect them and The Oregon Assembly from being mistaken for your group.  

Anyone who wants to go the lawful way, contact Tricia to have your name reinstated.  Those who want to go with Ron and Company, go your own way.  

And while we are talking about this, let me point out another flaw in your reasoning --- you keep saying, "There's several hundred of us now!"  as if numbers mattered.  We are not a democracy, Ron.  Your indoctrination is again misleading you.  

We are a republican form of government that holds each one of us to be sacred. As long as there are two Oregonians left who know who they are and who stand in their proper place, neither you nor anyone else can take Oregon, the actual State, from them.  It is not abandoned. 


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More Questions and Answers from Oregon

 By Anna Von Reitz

Well, anyone familiar with mice....knows what I mean.  When in heat, they have no sense at all.

William the Conqueror divided England up into a patchwork of small kingdoms and granted them to the loyal Norman Barons who came with him from Normandy.  When he did this, out of his own sovereignty, as owner of the whole thing by force of arms, he made the conscious choice to give each one of these Barons "sovereignty in their own right" in England.  He made them his equals, to share forever in his sovereignty in England, after his death in 1087 A.D. 

To make this gift more absolute, he disinherited all his own children in England.  None of them received as much as a house and garden there. 

Thus, the Norman Barons became hereditary Kings in England.  And they own it all, down to the last goat. 

They still are hereditary kings in their own right, and despite Rome's best efforts, they haven't forgotten it.  The only thing different is that in 1689 they agreed to become Donors to the National Trust and to place their lands in that trust --- but if that trust is broken, as it has been, they are enabled to take it all back and manage it themselves, as if nothing has happened from 1689 to now. 

William Belle Cher, aka William Belcher was the Clan Chief in 1783, and a sovereign in his own right by virtue of the sovereignty granted to his forebears by William the Conqueror and the sovereignty of the men of his Clan, other men who had the same sovereignty bequeathed to them. 

They are all Normans in descent, French, not English. 

So how could William Belcher bequeath his sovereignty to Americans?  

In the same exact way that William the Conqueror bequeathed his sovereignty and shared it among his Barons.  

William Belcher was the only Sovereign in the Continental Army, and the Continental Army conquered, so it was the Victor by Force of Arms --- the same exact situation as the Norman Conquest. 
The only substantial difference was that William Belcher made the grant of sovereignty even more generously, for it was not just to the nobles and great men with family names and lands of their own under the feudal system, but every noble and great shoemaker, tailor, sailor, and baker, who took up arms in the name of freedom.  He gave sovereignty directly to every member of the Continental Army and their progeny, and mindful of that sovereignty, the Sons of the Revolution and the Daughters of the Revolution, have guarded it carefully. 

But even more than that, he gave sovereignty to all those who came after, all those who are born on the land and soil of this country forevermore share in the sovereignty of William Belcher and the sovereignty of William the Conqueror. 

Thus we are truly a "free and independent" people, and not even George III could argue it.  His only reference to us in the entire Treaty of Paris fully admits it. 

William Belcher became Head of State by victory in war.  The fledgling country had to enter a sovereignty in order to sail its ships in trade and commerce, had to define its relationship among all the other sovereigns including George III, so, the Belchers already owned their own Coats of Arms as sovereigns. They were sovereigns in England and became sovereigns in America, so their Arms became the basis for the Great Seals --- however, obviously, it was not William Belcher's intent to promote any Monarchy including his.  So he became Head of State -- a hereditary Guardian of the freedom and sovereignty of the American People.  

You never even knew that such an office or responsibility existed, but he and his family were here nonetheless, and in this present moment, came forward to do exactly what they are supposed to do when the sovereignty of this country is threatened by traitors who would open the borders and destroy the well-earned claim of the people of this country to hold this land as sovereigns in their own right.

Ours is a joint sovereignty, and in theory anyone born here and anyone born from a Continental Army soldier could act as Head of State. It's simply a matter of historical fact that the Belchers have the provenance and the Arms Array and claim to the Great Seals that makes it easier for them to assert the sovereignty of this country and its people ---and it's their responsibility, generation to generation to do so, so that those who have never thought about their sovereignty and how precious it is, are nonetheless protected.  

Now that you know the history, you have an equal share in advancing your own claim as sovereigns in your own right, to own your land and soil outright, your water and your air, to be free to chart your destiny and to be secure in your homes and property.  

Sovereignty in one's own right does not allow us to be lawless or disrespectful of the equal rights of others.  It does not confer any supremacy over the Common Law and Contracts--- but it does mean that we are free of all feudal allegiance, free of any presumption of involuntary servitude, and free of any obligation we do not knowingly, willingly, with full disclosure and understanding agree to. 

As for James and I--- our relationship is embedded deeply in the history of our souls, so ancient a bond that the white ribbons encircling our wrists have long-since turned to dust.  It is our private reverie to consider all that we have meant to each other and all that we have done in service to the True God, our Creator, despite the years of toil and dangers looming over us.  And ours to wonder as we leave this life if we will meet yet again as friends and lovers, in some distant future place, or at last call our service done and our role in our family of souls complete. 

I saw him before I ever met him, running toward me along a golden hard-packed beach, with a cliff on his right and the sea on his left and the golden light of sunset on his face.  My sea captain. 

So he ever has been and ever will be; a man of danger and endeavor, yet kindly and fair-minded. It has always been more the challenge to me, to accept his challenge and uncertain destiny, to rise up and be braver than I ever imagined I could be. 


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