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Thursday, July 20, 2023

For Posterity and Proof --

 By Anna Von Reitz

You guys (Ron Vrooman, Charlie White, et alia) can go on denying and ranting and raving and pulling smoke out of your ears all you want, but the history and the law do exist, despite your desire to cherry pick and redefine things to suit yourself. 

The FACT is that there is one (1) General Assembly in each State. 

The FACT is that the International Assembly, Jural Assembly, and Assembly Militia are drawn from the General Assembly membership.

The FACT is that the International Assembly, Jural Assembly, and Assembly Militia are not independent of the General Assembly. They are subsets of the General Assembly. 

The further FACT is that The Oregon Assembly was established as a peaceful and lawful General Assembly in 2019 and has populated Oregon's land and soil jurisdiction ever since.  Its claims and positions are cured and were cured years ahead of anything done by you or Charlie White. 

As the Summoning Authority calling The Oregon Assembly into Session the Federation of States bears the responsibility to make sure that Oregon and all the States assemble and do it right. 

We are here to tell you when you are screwing up and getting it wrong, and we just did so. 

The Washington Jural Assembly is like a goat's leg without a goat.  As it stands, it's just another glorified Patriot Myth ready to be taken down by the FBI or some other agency. 

And unless something really big happens in the District, they will get around to it.  

Then you and your pals will be arrested as insurrectionists and thrown in jail, and like as not, I will be blamed for that, even though I have spent all this time and effort trying to educate you just as I tried to save The Colorado Nine. 

Everyone involved in your renegade separate Jural Assembly is being struck from the membership list of The Oregon Assembly, and don't try to make it look like it's my fault or as if I am doing anything wrong or unreasonable. 

You made your choice when you went off-track and into the weeds trying to set up a separate Jural Assembly apart from the General Assembly.  And that's that. 

We are not going to let a bunch of confused knot heads endanger innocent people. 


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