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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Oregonians -- A Reply to Ron

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oregonians, Wisconsinites, etc., the American People, do not "live under" a Federal Constitution, nor do they live under a State-of-State Constitution, not in 1859, not now, not ever, never. 

Our Public Employees live under the various Constitutions.  

If you don't grasp this firmly, and know that the Constitutions are Service Contracts, you will keep on making wrong assumptions about the nature of the American Government and that is a disservice and a danger to yourself and others. 

Do you get a paycheck from Uncle Sam or do you get bills from Uncle Sam? 

With that answer firmly in mind ----are you an Employer or an Employee? 

Okay, so now, here you are, identified as an Employer in your own mind, and you assume that when you get a bill from Uncle Sam it's to pay for the services you contracted to receive, right?   

That isn't what has been happening ever since the Civil War. 

You have not been identified as the Employer, even though you are.  You have been deliberately misidentified as a Municipal citizen of the United States, a member of the Confederate Army or a supporter of the Confederacy, owing war reparations and seeking to evade those war reparations. 

So you are paying on the assumption that you are paying for stipulated services, but the Usurpers have come up with an entirely different narrative and in their minds, they are charging you for war reparations and every time you mistakenly pay a bill you don't owe, that just reinforces the supposition that you are a Municipal citizen of the United States. 

If you aren't, why would you pay a bill for war reparations that you don't owe? 

You can join either "side" of this "war" or you can stand up as an indignant Third Party and a member of your State Assembly.  A whole different political status. Not under a Constitution.  

That is what The Oregon Assembly does.  It takes the people out of the commercial war zone and establishes their actual identity as living people and as Lawful People who are civilians and not aligned with either side.  

So why do I make the distinction between "living people" and "Lawful People"?  Aren't they one-in-the-same?  No. 

I have already told you that everything and everyone in international or global jurisdiction is "dead", like a playing piece on a game board.  

Therefore, the living people occupy the National Soil Jurisdiction provided by the Counties all united within the borders of each State. 

The Lawful People are "dead" --- these are our proper playing pieces, our Avatars in international and global jurisdiction of the State.  

If we go out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, our capacity changes. We are still "dead" in international jurisdiction, but on the seas we are considered Legal Persons. 

The same thing happens if we go into the jurisdiction of the Air. Our capacity changes. We are still "dead" -- still playing with Avatars, our playing pieces on the board, only now as LEGAL PERSONS.

Different laws apply in each of these jurisdictions.  

These are not sides of a conflict.  These are capacities that you have as an American.  You can function within the National jurisdiction as a living man or you can function within the International jurisdiction as "Lawful People" --- We, the People. Or you can go to sea and function as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, a Legal Person.  Or you can enter the air jurisdiction as a LEGAL PERSON.  

Are you beginning to understand?   If not, go listen to Kurt's Law Course on YouTube. He's a Lawyer and a U.S. Citizen but he knows the score. Listen to Lessons 1-3 to get a firm understanding of where your rights come from and the fact that you don't live under the Constitutions, neither the Federal Constitutions nor any State of State Constitutions.   

The only bills we ever owed were for stipulated services.  We shouldn't have been charged for anything more or else or different.  We shouldn't be addressed as "enemies" or as deadbeats trying to avoid payment of war reparations, especially as it's a "war" we didn't participate in or approve of, and a bill we don't owe.  

Yes, this is complex and it is confusing and there are plenty of conundrums like land mines throughout, which is why we all have to tread carefully.  

I don't care if you think of me as Gollum leading the Hobbits through the Swamp for doubtful motivations, or if you realize that I am more like Eowen of Rohan, at least realize that you are in a Swamp. 

Today, I have ordered that all members of The Oregon Assembly, except those who wish to continue with a lawful path forward, be stricken from the membership.  I have done this to protect them and The Oregon Assembly from being mistaken for your group.  

Anyone who wants to go the lawful way, contact Tricia to have your name reinstated.  Those who want to go with Ron and Company, go your own way.  

And while we are talking about this, let me point out another flaw in your reasoning --- you keep saying, "There's several hundred of us now!"  as if numbers mattered.  We are not a democracy, Ron.  Your indoctrination is again misleading you.  

We are a republican form of government that holds each one of us to be sacred. As long as there are two Oregonians left who know who they are and who stand in their proper place, neither you nor anyone else can take Oregon, the actual State, from them.  It is not abandoned. 


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