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Thursday, July 20, 2023

The "Sale of America" -- Saga Continued

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the clencher, none of those people had any authority to sell any of our stuff.

Under international law of the sea and the land and global jurisdiction as well, possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

So all these foreign investors have been sold a pig-in-a-poke by our local criminals. 

It's just a much, much larger scale Florida Real Estate scam.  

Here's how it goes --- "I'll sell you this beautiful seaside location in Florida, 65 acres, road access, electrical services.... what more can you want?  Only $1.8 million and I'll sign it over....just Quit Claim it over to you...." 

So the victim delivers the cash and the huckster delivers the Quit Claim.  

But it turns out that the Quit Claim is no good because the huckster never had a valid claim to the property in the first place.

He delivered what he promised.  It just turned out to be a worthless gesture.  

I'll give you my Quit Claim to Capetown, South Africa, for whatever good it will do you.  

It's the same way with the "Sale of America". 

Those pretending to represent us, didn't.  Those pretending to own the natural resources, didn't. 

They never took any actual Oath of Office.  Never entered any Public Office. 

They were, in fact, working for foreign corporations that aren't even allowed to be here, except for the Residence Act.  And neither they nor their corporations can actually own land here. 

They claimed, falsely, that our land and soil was abandoned.  It's not.  They claimed that they owned the Title.  But we own the Sovereign Letters Patent and the cadastral survey and the metes and bounds survey.  

Oh, and we never knowingly and willingly enfranchised ourselves or registered our names or anything else of that sort. 

So, on both sides of the purported transactions "selling America" there has been nothing but fraud since the 1860s. 

The Principals most responsible, the British Monarch, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of London, must be held to account. 

We are not the ones who misrepresented the situation and we are not the ones who sold property in America under False Pretenses to foreign investors. 

Please, everyone, understand.  Your claims cannot be honored, because they are not valid. We are the actual owners and inheritors, and we didn't sell you as much as a hectare, nor did we benefit from the purported sale of our assets.  It was all a gigantic fraud scheme, designed to rob the actual owners and the investors, too.  

Instead of both ends against the middle, it has been the middle against both ends.  Against us, the actual owners, and against you, the would-be investors.  We are sorry and we are willing to help you go after these cretins.  They've been traitors to us and criminals to you.  

So you don't have a claim against the Americans.  You have a claim against Rome, against the King of Britain, against the Lord Mayor, against the Belgians, against the Royals of Holland, but not against the Americans and not against our country.  

This one is not our fault.  
On Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 9:04 PM Thomas Smith  wrote:

Changing Laws , Rules and rewriting history ......Start watching at the 6 minute mark ... Bushes , Clintons , Gates ....All foreign owned now !!!

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