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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Beware Your Own "Programming"

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've all been programmed. There's a reason why they call it programming on television ("television programs') and with respect to computers, too --- computer programming. 

I am less programmed than most of you because I stopped watching television and "newscasts" --- as in, casting spells --- in 1987.  

Another concept often associated with programming is "behavioral modification" --- think Pavlov's dog, trained to salivate using cues instead of food stimulation. 

Ever heard of "taking their cues" on stage? 

The insidious thing is that you don't even know you have been programmed. 

Most of you have heard the phrase "our democracy" repeated endlessly throughout your life, until you assume that America is a democracy and that it is "ours".  

Everywhere on television you hear the buzzwords, "threat to democracy". 

But America is not a democracy.  

Likewise you are told that you are a "US Citizen" so often that, of course, you believe it --- until someone shows you otherwise. 

Our British Territorial Subcontractor operating as a Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia --- they are a democracy.  We're not. 

Everyone goes around talking about "Equity Law" this and "Equity Law" that, but Equity Law isn't American, either.  It's British. And unless you are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, you can't access Equity Law.  

And what are they really talking about?  Sweat equity.  Equity Law is part of the Blood Money System based on labor and performances. 

Granted, a lot of us have a lot of sweat equity invested in the Blood Money System, but nobody tells us that, and while they are eager to consider us "Brits" for the purpose of collecting from us, they are not willing to recognize us in a Court of Equity.  

All your life you have been told that you are free and how glorious freedom is, but look around at the obvious conditions of slavery? 

And coercion? 

And depravity?

And abuse of power? 

Don't assume anything, because when you do, there are all these little trip-lever word programs ready to go off in your brain. 

All day long I hear from people who are totally confused.  

They think that their rights come from the Constitution.  

They think that they live under the Constitution.  

This is all programming and indoctrination.  You think you have to have a Social Security Number and a Driver License, too. 

But what you've been told, you've been sold. 

It's all because of programming.  And if you watch and pay attention, you can observe them programming you.  Just question the phrases and buzzwords.  

How many times do we have to hear "in these challenging times" before we believe that these are challenging times?  How about "safe and effective"?   

FYI, if they slip something like this past you at least ten times, it becomes part of your subconscious assumption.  If you don't question what you are being told, you believe what you are being told, and then, sure enough, you create it.  You make the times challenging on command.  

You are the next best thing to a Genie in a bottle. 

Remember the evil Axis Powers?

The Anglo-American Axis existed long before WWII.  

The Anglo-American Axis funded and created the whole phenomenon of Hitler, and used him to undermine Germany. 

They were the Axis Powers. Corrupt Americans and Brits. 

Not Germans.  Not Italians.  Not Japanese. 

Churchill must have busted a strut every time he heard about the "Axis Powers", because in their own sick way, they were disclosing the truth. 

All the misery and destruction of World War II really was caused by the Axis Powers.  

We were just kept in the dark about who the Axis Powers were.  
So be aware how these canary birds do it to us. Pick up on the verbiage they hurl and how often they hurl it.  Look for double meanings and transliterations, like substituting "American" for "Amorican", Aryan for Orion and re-branding efforts, like trying to call Earth "Gaia" --- folks, Earth is Terra, Mars is Gaia. 

Be on your toes. 


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