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Friday, November 10, 2023

The Subject is Buying Power

 By Anna Von Reitz

The American people are guaranteed absolute parity in exchanges between Federal Reserve Notes and our gold and silver-based coins and currencies.  

This is the result of the 1934 Emergency Banking Act which stipulates a one to one exchange rate between Federal Reserve Note “Dollars” and our asset backed currency and coinage. 

Even though that iteration of United States, Inc., is long gone, we are grandfathered-in, and all Successors to Contract are obligated to pay, so that you don’t lose anything as a result of the Federal Reserve’s “borrowing” of our silver in exchange for their “notes”. 

If the Successors fail, go bankrupt, etc. the Principals who did this are  still responsible. 

This “deal” is what they used to legalize what would otherwise be theft of our silver.  

They either pay up, and hold us harmless, or they are subject to immediate foreclosure and damages. 

Now that you understand that, understand that these guarantees apply only to Americans and most of the people reading this are not recognizable as Americans because they have been mischaracterized as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States. 

You have to correct your political status records in order to fix this. We have taught you how to lodge your claims and provided the means to record and publish them, but if you fail to do this, the Vermin get away Scot free and owe you no consideration. 

The guarantees to Hold Harmless only apply to Americans.  Not British Territorials. Not Municipal citizens. 

Since 1934 the Federal Reserve Note has devalued many, many times—- so much so that it is worth less than half a penny or, let’s spell this out in words— each FRN is now worth one one hundred-eightieth of a 1934 Dollar.  That is 1/180th. 

That is how much of your buying power has been eroded away by the fiat money system since 1934. 

The foreign banks intend to rob us of the entire difference —if you are not an American and on the record as such. 

We have established a Vault Trust where you can deposit Federal Reserve Notes as Americans and reclaim them after “the Crash” on a one to one basis for American Federation Dollars which are gold-backed.  This will preserve your buying power so that you are held harmless. 

Each FRN dollar in the Vault will trade as 180 FRNs after this “adjustment”— 1 American Federation Dollar (gold backed) will trade for 180 FRNs. 

This restores your parity and holds you harmless from the loss of buying power inflicted on your money by the legal tender system. 

This is not an investment nor is it a conventional deposit. The funds in the Vault are not being reinvested.  They just sit there, waiting.  Except for actual emergency situations these funds are not available for withdrawals and this is not a ready-access account like a checking or savings account you are used to.  

Contrary to suppositions on the part of some individuals, the fiat Notes in the Vault are not being used as collateral to borrow against and are not being loaned out at interest and are not being spent on the new banking system.  As the name “Vault” suggests, the FRNs you deposit in the Vault are like they are in a Safety Deposit Box. 

Once we convert to AFD you will be able to spend them and convert them into other currencies at will. 
The important part is that the Buying Power of the AFD you receive will be equal to the present Buying Power of the fiat notes you put in.  

You won’t lose anything. You will be held harmless. 

Everyone else from here to Bangkok stands to lose their shirts and have the Buying Power of the FRNs they hold reduced  by a catastrophic amount. 

Who benefits from this financial atrocity? 

Certainly not you, Joe Average American.  You are having to jump through hoops just to guarantee the parity you are owed. 

The Federal Reserve Banks and their shareholders and backers benefitted from taking your silver in exchange for paper notes and similar schemes to divest you out of your gold.  The International Monetary Fund has similarly benefitted itself via commodity rigging, money laundering, and securities fraud. 

What is needed is a whole new banking system that is transparent and not subject to manipulations of these kinds. And not “just” for America— for the whole world. 

As your Fiduciary, I have done my best to encourage you to come forward and claim your birthright — to be recognized as an American who is owed Hold Harmless reparation status and whose property —both public and private—cannot be seized upon as payment for the debts of these foreign banks. 

I have also done my best to provide you and other living people worldwide with access to assets that are legitimately yours or that are owed to you, so that you can tide over the chaos and save yourselves and many others from the misery and poverty these criminals have planned for you. The methods and means for this have already been discussed.  

They have stored great wealth for themselves via fraud resulting in unjust enrichment and they have purposed to murder billions of innocent people so as to further enrich and protect themselves.  

But their fate is already written and sealed. 

The wealth of the unrighteous is stored up for the righteous. 

Only men and women of goodwill will inherit the Earth. 


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Today the Silver is from South Africa and Tuvalu

 From Paul Stramer

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From 2005 Until Now -- Demand for Forfeiture of the IMF and SWIFT

 By Anna Von Reitz

From 2005 Until Now -- Demand for Forfeiture of the IMF and SWIFT
(Complete Translation)

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals

Some very strange things happened in 2004.  One of them was the purported adoption of a new United States Peacetime flag, supposedly by nine States of the original thirteen (a quorum thereof), which displayed nine vertical bars instead of thirteen.  

This was purportedly an update based on the fact that only nine original "States" were still in Session at that point, however, our examination later established that the "States" being referenced were in fact British Territorial States-of-States, aka, "Confederate States" and not the actual States at all.  Akin to the "Commonwealths" established in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Virginia, these "States" are foreign entities having no standing to act as States of the Union. 

The foreign States doing this were all inhabited by non-declared Americans otherwise counted as resident Dual Federal Citizens/citizens of the United States, so their actions lacked provenance, standing, and general jurisdiction. 

This was eventually recognized and their actions were nullified. 

Nonetheless, this aberrant attempt to restore the Union was undertaken, and it did have some odd effects beyond temporarily reducing the number of stripes and bars on the flags. 

For one thing, the (Global) Department of the Federal Treasury in Switzerland, lost its mind and thought that they no longer had to pay their debts or honor their responsibilities.  

Instead, it was declared that vast reserves of gold, silver, land, cash, and corporate assets belonged to unknown foreign persons (that is, us, the living people) and were "abandoned" -- that is, ripe for the courts and the banks and "government" corporations to claim under abandonment.  

Under this scheme, the banks seized all the "unclaimed assets" and labeled them with various nice-sounding names, like "Legacy Trusts" and "Heritage Trusts" and "Global Collateral Trusts" and so on.  

The politicians then used these purported public trusts as collateral to borrow against and the bankers raked in the profit from the interest. The actual owners not only got zip off these cozy arrangements, they were left to pay the interest on the loan of their own credit back to them.

I have a complete set of these documents all properly apostilled by the United States Secretary of State, bonded as Public Trusts under "Good Faith and Credit" --- in my name.  This is hard evidence of what they have done and what they have claimed against me and against everyone else who was similarly press-ganged. 

There are tens of thousands of Americans in possession of similar documentation, and no way to avoid this evidence and the evidence provided by the various Certificates -- Birth Certificates and Baptismal Certificates -- anymore.

Be aware that press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years, and securitization of living flesh has been outlawed since 1926.  

We, Americans, Aussies, Brits, Germans, et alia, the actual owners who were present and accounted for the whole time, were misrepresented as unknown "foreign sovereigns" by our sea-going employees, while we were all standing on our own land and soil the same as we ever had.

This is the same logic by which average Americans have been characterized as "non-resident aliens" with respect to the District of Columbia and its Municipal Corporations throughout the IRS Code.  

So we were conveniently "missing" on the land jurisdiction as a result of their deliberate legal chicanery and fraud against their long-suffering employers, and at the same time, deemed to be "at sea"--- our names and political status magically transferred to the jurisdictions of the British King and Pope, both, via the undisclosed registration and certification processes used to impersonate us.  

This reads like a Grade B movie: heirs to a vast fortune are kidnapped as babies by disloyal household staff and raised on ships at sea, unaware of their own identity, made to swab the decks like any seaman for hire, but never paid a penny for all their work--- while their erstwhile employees live the high life and embark on more crimes and capers designed to fill their own coffers.  

This fraud was accomplished by a series of undisclosed contracting and registration procedures allowing the crooks to claim (falsely) that we had all voluntarily agreed to "waive" our estates in America and had knowingly and voluntarily enfranchised ourselves to their foreign corporations instead. 

Only a madman would do that and as babies we were too young to sign their contracts, so they also declared us "incompetent" and left a place for themselves to step in as administrators of our "public trusts" and to dispose of us and our property as they saw fit.  

They deliberately set things up to allow themselves to act as Executors de Son Tort, in other words. 

Thus, we were left at the end of 2005, with the banks trying to destroy all private property interests simply by pretending that we, the living people, the actual owners, no longer existed.  

All that remained of us, the living people, according to them, were all these waived "infant decedent estates" and  "abandoned" public trusts. 

This scheme also allowed them to evade their contractual obligations actually owed to the Americans and the American States -- this is because the Constitutions and their Guarantees are owed to us, as Americans, not as British Territorial emigres--- the foreign political status they "conferred" on us by registering us as such and issuing Birth Certificates in our names.  

So they fraudulently and unlawfully converted our birthright political status one by one via the birth registration and certification process, defrauded us as babies and our parents as adults, and at the same time, evaded their obligations to us under the Constitutions. 

It was quite the Grand Slam Legal Sting operation and by 2005, they were wrapping it up. 

Enter a few (900+) remaining Americans, all coming from different directions, together and apart, all objecting to these False Claims in Commerce, all bringing forth claims in Original Jurisdiction, all enforcing contracts that had been evaded and bypassed in breach of trust for decades. 

We have noted that the Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia have repeatedly promoted the idea that their private corporation policies overcome Public Law; they have gotten away with this via this vast impersonation fraud scheme that includes substituting British Territorial States-of-States for American States-of-States, and creating unauthorized foreign Persons/PERSONS in our names via undisclosed registrations and implied contracts to promote barratry in their foreign corporate tribunals and Maritime/Admiralty courts. 

We hold General Jurisdiction in this country and we have formally and with abundant proof objected to any such suppositions and presumptions against the Public Law and also against their evasion of the limits imposed by our respective federal Constitutions. 

The founders and principal shareholders of the International Monetary Fund are the progeny and heirs of the same Standard Oil executives and Board Members and Shareholders that promoted and profited from the monopoly of oil transfer systems in America --- a crime for which Standard Oil, Inc., stands convicted --- and which the progeny of these same corporate criminals have simply repeated and applied to a different commodity: currencies transferred by the SWIFT system. 

This illegal, unlawful, and immoral monopoly interest in the currency transfer system has allowed the IMF and the SWIFT system to obstruct trade and commerce, both, and to illegally regulate and manipulate the flow of credit and deployment of actual assets worldwide, serving to ham-string the use of capital assets and credit belonging to others. 

As the nature of and liability for this same crime has already been established in the proceedings related to the liquidation of Standard Oil, Incorporated, we see no need to pursue additional court action or undue discovery in the face of self-evident wrong-doing of the same kind applied to a different commodity by the same Bad Actors.  

We call for recognition of stare decisis in this matter and consummate forfeiture of the IMF assets and the SWIFT asset transfer system to The United States of America, Unincorporated, as required by global and international law, and the Public Law of this country. 

We also call for recognition of the fact that the so-called National Defense Authorization Act applies only to the actual employees of the Municipal Corporations resident in the District of Columbia and all encroachment into the States of the Union is contractually prohibited, as well as any presumptions against our credit for purposes of international aggression, illegal surveillance, enforcement of bills of attainder, and other crimes prohibited by our Constitutional Agreements.  

Our contracts with the other Principals clearly say that our credit is to be extended for our defense and as these contracts retain the meaning and content present at the time of their signing, they are not subject to reinterpretation or redefinition of the word "defense" to allow peremptory actions against imaginary threats, such as the so-called weapons of mass destruction invoked by George W. Bush as an excuse to promote aggression at our expense against Iraq, the invasion of Libya, or Joe Biden's expenditures in support of a proxy war in the Ukraine. 

Such actions do not constitute defense of our States and the costs and liabilities associated with these mercenary conflicts are not accepted as any contractual obligation of the American Government. 

All mercenary conflicts are illegal and unlawful already and there is no need to further justify or pursue condemnation of such actions, such as the 2005 Kuala Lumpur Declaration to Criminalize War. 

Those who forget history are destined to relive it. 

War for any purpose but self-defense has always been a crime. 

It's time for these war-monger corporations to pay their own bills and for their trustees and boards of directors to spill their own blood. 

Demand Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

November 9th 2023


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Who Am I? Who Are You?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been completely upfront from the very beginning and have told anyone who asked, that I am a Battle Class Seraph from the Age of Storms.  

That is the identity of the Being currently occupying this little physical body called Anna.  I am one of the angelic shock troops that first forged this Universe we live in now. 

There is no need for me to use a Time Machine for me to move back and forth in "time" because time does not exist. 

Everything and everyone that ever was, still is, and will be. 


Study on that. 

All your loved ones you thought you lost are still here, present now.  Your pets?  They are present and accounted for. 

Everything you ever thought you lost and so much more, is here, together with all your fondest dreams ---and other dreams that wait for you, that far exceed your own imaginings, too.

We remember the "past" so that we can return to it and reflect upon it. We envision the "future" so that we can guide our own destinies. 

That's all there is to it. 

This 3-D forum is a projection -- and you are already familiar with projections.  Sit down with a piece of paper and represent 3-D reality as a 2-D drawing. That's a "projection". 

This world we are occupying is just another kind of projection that goes from 3-D to 4-D and from 4-D to 5-D and so on. 

"Now" which is the ever-present vantage point from which we know and operate the entire system of consciousness and perception, transacts and intersects all dimensions of creation. 

And it is a Creation.  

It belongs to our beloved Creator. 

Each one of us, our own personality and consciousness, was created as structured pure energy long, long, long before we came to be in this present incarnation. 

I am aware of this.  Someday, it will be obvious for you, too. 

So there is no mystery, nothing to be afraid of -- there is only a choice. 

Choose life.  Choose love. 

Stand with me and say what needs to be said: "I am done with Evil!" 

Now, forever, and ever. Be done with Evil and all its illusions of power and pelf. 

I have been accused of being all sorts of things. 

Some people find it suspicious that I am still alive, after having denounced Evil on such a sweeping scale. 

Just as they said of Yeshuah, they say, s(he) prospers by the Devil. 

Yet, the problem for the Evil Ones is simple to understand: if they kill my puny body, I will be let loose in my true form. 

It's like having a tiger by the tail. 

Better to hold onto the tail than to face the other end.

Right now, I am relatively imprisoned in flesh. If I leave this body, it will be even worse for them. 

Please understand, I accepted this burden to bring you these messages and to be with you, so that you know the truth and are not afraid. 

Golgotha wasn't just a battle. It was the entire war.

Satan lost. 

It's time for him and the rest of the Evil Ones to depart. 

As for me, the truth about me stands for all ages to see, just as Gideon's Army stands.  The Unseen is just as real and just as present as the Seen. 

Now, ask yourself -- who are you?  You have to ask and not fear the answer, before you will find out. 


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Federalism 1.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

In all my many years of study of Law, religion, and Government, the best and most succinct explanation of "Federalism" I have ever encountered is that offered by the Cornell Law School online: 

"Federalism is a system of government in which the same territory is controlled by two levels of government. Generally, an overarching national government is responsible for broader governance of larger territorial areas, while the smaller subdivisions, states, and cities govern the issues of local concern.

Both the national government and the smaller political subdivisions have the power to make laws and both have a certain level of autonomy from each other." 

The only corrections or additions I would make to this definition would be to rewrite it thus for application in our country--note the comments in parenthesis: 

Federalism is a system of government in which the same territory (a State of the Union is not a "territory")  is controlled by two (or more) levels of government. 

Generally, an overarching national government (provided by our Counties) is responsible for broader governance of larger territorial areas, while the smaller subdivisions, states, and cities govern the issues of local concern. (This applies in many other countries, but isn't exact for ours, because our "national government" is vested at the County level.) 

Both the national government and the smaller political subdivisions have the power to make laws and both have a certain level of autonomy from each other."

Our country is a little bit different when it comes to "Federalism".  

We do not have a National Government in the same sense that other countries have a National Government --- which protects us and causes consternation for everyone else. 

Please take yourselves back to the situation that prevailed at the time that this country and its government was being organized. 

Our country was populated by a variety of nations. From the beginning, we have had Native Nations, and we have had various European, African, South American, Asian, Australian, and even Pacific Islander nations populating our land and soil.  

How then, to make a single Nation out of this polyglot of separate national (formerly colonial) interests?  It's like a Crazy Quilt.  

Dutch colonists in Pennsylvania still owing allegiance and paying taxes to their European Monarchs, British colonists doing the same with respect to the British Monarch, Africans still owing allegiance to their Sultans and Kings, Natives owing allegiance to their tribal nations, people in Maryland, Delaware, and throughout the Eastern Seaboard owing allegiance to the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, and Pacific Islanders on the West Coast all owing allegiance to their respective home nations and governments. 

How could we possibly forestall constant interference in our affairs from European and other Governments coming in here and claiming bits and pieces of our States as property belonging to their subjects? 

The answer our Forefathers worked out was to vest our National Interests --- our Soil Jurisdiction --- in the Counties, and separate the Counties off from the hurly-burly of international politics, which was vested at the State level in this country. 

This prevented international interests from coming in and "peeling" away our Counties via referendums of people having prior allegiances to these foreign governments. 

Instead, these foreign governments were restricted to interactions at the State level, and couldn't access the Counties holding our joint National Interests outside of international jurisdiction. 

This was called "American Isolationism" long before this same phrase was applied to trade policies. 

The Dutch, British, French, Italian, German, and other Monarchies were unable to attach to or attack or convert our National level of government, because the National Government vested in our physical Counties and living people was isolated from our International State jurisdiction. 

They couldn't get through the State "door" to reach our Counties. 

By the same token, our Counties couldn't get past the State to interact with all the foreign governments that had a prior interest. 

In this way, and by a process of individual declaration, Americans claimed and inherited all the land and all the soil of this country, no matter what nationality they originally had. 

This is just as true of Dutch settlers as French, as true for British colonists as Algonquin natives. We were all brought together via this "exceptional" investiture of our National soil jurisdiction in the physically defined Counties. 

Here, within the borders of our physically defined Counties, we all have equal standing and control of our daily lives and possession of our property interests. 

The over 3,000 physically defined Counties represent our National Government and they, together, represent the physically defined State's International Government.  

Our Counties share designated portions of the same land with their associated physically-defined State of the Union, which occupies and populates the international jurisdictions belonging to each State. 

Thus, Wisconsinites derive their nationality from their State of the Union in international terms, and derive their sovereignty as a national of their County's soil jurisdiction. 

This is the first level of "Federalism" defining our country's government. 

The National soil jurisdiction of each physically defined County is wedded to the international land and sea jurisdictions of the associated physically-defined State of the Union.

Most countries are organized so that Federalism occurs only between the international jurisdictions of land and sea and the global jurisdiction of the air. 

Picture the air encircling the globe. Then picture the land masses separated from the expanses of the sea. Obviously, you can touch the global air jurisdiction from either the land or the sea, however, when you do so, different laws apply and different authorities as well. 

When you access the global jurisdiction of the air from the sea, you are obliged to operate in the realm of Maritime Commerce.  When you access the global jurisdiction of the air from the land, you are obliged to operate in the venue of Global Commerce. 

Federalism between land and air, and sea and air, results in our States of the Union being able to operate in either Global or Maritime Commerce and all of our living people can likewise operate as either a Lawful Person accessing the Land-Air jurisdiction of Global Commerce, or as a Legal Person accessing the Sea-Air jurisdiction of Maritime Commerce. 

So Americans have three levels of Federalism while most countries have only two:

We have National/International federalism between our physically-defined Counties and States, and International/Global federalism between both Land/Global and Sea/Global jurisdictions. 

This is the result of the brilliant answer our Forefathers implemented as a way to keep foreign interests from interfering in our new country and keep them from continuing to promote colonial interests here.

This dual layer of Federalism continues to protect our people and our country to this day, providing a bulwark to enable local government and self-determination to triumph over the most sophisticated wiles of the old European Monarchies and Papal State executives. 

The Cornell Law definition of Federalism is wonderful and succinct, except that it refers only to "territorial" Federalism, as it is practiced in the rest of the world --- meaning Land-Air or Sea-Air  Federalism, and not the non-territorial or extra-territorial Federalism of our country and its County-State Federalism. 

Ironically, it is precisely this latter and lesser-known form of "federalism" that has enabled our country to withstand decades of violence and impersonation and breach of trust. 

Always remember that many nations may peacefully live on the same land and soil, but at the end of the day, both land and soil are only possessed by the living people of each country--- all of us, together. 

In this way, we find our inheritance intact, our lives secured, and one nation formed out of many: e pluribus unum. 


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About Notices for State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

All our State Assemblies are in "General Assembly" meaning that everyone is properly declared, recorded, and published as either a State National or State Citizen, and everyone is "seated" in the General Assembly.  

Each State Assembly is also in various stages of completing their International Business Assembly, their Assembly Militia, and their State Assembly Common Law Courts of General Jurisdiction. Some States are far along in this process, while others are lagging behind, with the result that some States have their Courts in Session and others do not.

As our State Assemblies complete these steps it is appropriate for them to elect an Assembly Chairman (Speaker) pro-tem.  

This office will not be fully operational until the State Assembly successfully completes the assembling process, but can begin operating in terms of General Assembly functions. 

It is appropriate for Notices sent to the corporation employees to be sent out by each Assembly under the Seal of the Assembly and the signature of their elected State Assembly Chairman --- not the Coordinator.  Likewise, these Notices should not carry the Great Seal, as this is correspondence occurring at the State level, from the State to the State of State. 

Notices, such as those sent to the State-of-State announcing the restoration of the State Common Law Courts, should be sent to the United States Secretary of State, the United States Attorney General, the State-of-State Governor, the State-of-State Secretary of State, and the State-of-State Attorney General. 

If our State Assemblies or their members are having trouble with any Agency Personnel acting out of school, they need to assess which level of government is responsible for that Agency, and respond by: (1) contacting the Governor and State-of-State Secretary of State in the case of State-level misunderstandings and harassment, e.g., out of control "State" Franchise Tax Boards, "State" Highway Patrols, etc., or (2) contacting the Federation via their Coordinator if the Agency causing trouble is a federal contractor or pretending to be a federal contractor. 

It's important to understand that we are the incorporators, not the incorporated.  We are, for example, the underwriters of the State of Texas. We insure them, while we are, ourselves, owed indemnity. 

We are functioning in our proper birthright status as living people and lawful People holding General Jurisdiction on the land and sea and air pertaining to our established boundaries and borders.  

In dealing with Agencies, whether federal Agencies like the FBI or BLM, or state-of-state Agencies like the "State" Highway Patrol, it is important to understand that these entities are Subcontractors of Subcontractors, and they are unlikely to be properly informed concerning their own limitations and role. 

It is therefore necessary to inform the Federal Municipal Corporation Officials of the malfunctions of federal Agencies --- since the Federal Municipal Corporations have hired and in some cases created these Agencies.  

The State Assemblies can complain directly to the Federal Municipal Corporations regarding malfunctioning Agency personnel and practices in their State of the Union, but if those trespasses concern Delegated Authorities, the complaint or claim needs to come from the Federation. 

Similarly, it is appropriate for State Assemblies to  inform the State-of-State Officials who have hired the State level Agencies, of any malfunctions or misunderstandings.  

The only role for Coordinators in any of this, is to inform the Federation of trespasses against State Assemblies or their members by Federal Agencies having or pretending to have delegated authorities. 

Powers that have never been delegated remain with the States of the Union under Amendment X to The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America -- both. 

Amendment X is one of those Amendments brought forward in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, further defining the limitations of the Federal Government created by the Constitutions in 1787, 1789, and 1790 which govern the respective Federal Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia. 

Amendment X secures all non-delegated functions and prerogatives to the States of the Union and people thereof. 

It is therefore important for State Assembly leaders to thoroughly know and study the respective Federal Constitutions so that they know when a trespass by Federal Agencies involved a delegated or non-delegated power.  

If the trespass involves a delegated power, the complaint needs to be forwarded by the Federation. 

If the trespass involves a non-delegated power, it can be forwarded to the United States Secretary of State and United States Inspector General directly, though it would be most effective to engage the Federation of States as a witness of the State Assembly action. 


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