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Friday, November 10, 2023

About Notices for State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

All our State Assemblies are in "General Assembly" meaning that everyone is properly declared, recorded, and published as either a State National or State Citizen, and everyone is "seated" in the General Assembly.  

Each State Assembly is also in various stages of completing their International Business Assembly, their Assembly Militia, and their State Assembly Common Law Courts of General Jurisdiction. Some States are far along in this process, while others are lagging behind, with the result that some States have their Courts in Session and others do not.

As our State Assemblies complete these steps it is appropriate for them to elect an Assembly Chairman (Speaker) pro-tem.  

This office will not be fully operational until the State Assembly successfully completes the assembling process, but can begin operating in terms of General Assembly functions. 

It is appropriate for Notices sent to the corporation employees to be sent out by each Assembly under the Seal of the Assembly and the signature of their elected State Assembly Chairman --- not the Coordinator.  Likewise, these Notices should not carry the Great Seal, as this is correspondence occurring at the State level, from the State to the State of State. 

Notices, such as those sent to the State-of-State announcing the restoration of the State Common Law Courts, should be sent to the United States Secretary of State, the United States Attorney General, the State-of-State Governor, the State-of-State Secretary of State, and the State-of-State Attorney General. 

If our State Assemblies or their members are having trouble with any Agency Personnel acting out of school, they need to assess which level of government is responsible for that Agency, and respond by: (1) contacting the Governor and State-of-State Secretary of State in the case of State-level misunderstandings and harassment, e.g., out of control "State" Franchise Tax Boards, "State" Highway Patrols, etc., or (2) contacting the Federation via their Coordinator if the Agency causing trouble is a federal contractor or pretending to be a federal contractor. 

It's important to understand that we are the incorporators, not the incorporated.  We are, for example, the underwriters of the State of Texas. We insure them, while we are, ourselves, owed indemnity. 

We are functioning in our proper birthright status as living people and lawful People holding General Jurisdiction on the land and sea and air pertaining to our established boundaries and borders.  

In dealing with Agencies, whether federal Agencies like the FBI or BLM, or state-of-state Agencies like the "State" Highway Patrol, it is important to understand that these entities are Subcontractors of Subcontractors, and they are unlikely to be properly informed concerning their own limitations and role. 

It is therefore necessary to inform the Federal Municipal Corporation Officials of the malfunctions of federal Agencies --- since the Federal Municipal Corporations have hired and in some cases created these Agencies.  

The State Assemblies can complain directly to the Federal Municipal Corporations regarding malfunctioning Agency personnel and practices in their State of the Union, but if those trespasses concern Delegated Authorities, the complaint or claim needs to come from the Federation. 

Similarly, it is appropriate for State Assemblies to  inform the State-of-State Officials who have hired the State level Agencies, of any malfunctions or misunderstandings.  

The only role for Coordinators in any of this, is to inform the Federation of trespasses against State Assemblies or their members by Federal Agencies having or pretending to have delegated authorities. 

Powers that have never been delegated remain with the States of the Union under Amendment X to The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America -- both. 

Amendment X is one of those Amendments brought forward in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, further defining the limitations of the Federal Government created by the Constitutions in 1787, 1789, and 1790 which govern the respective Federal Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia. 

Amendment X secures all non-delegated functions and prerogatives to the States of the Union and people thereof. 

It is therefore important for State Assembly leaders to thoroughly know and study the respective Federal Constitutions so that they know when a trespass by Federal Agencies involved a delegated or non-delegated power.  

If the trespass involves a delegated power, the complaint needs to be forwarded by the Federation. 

If the trespass involves a non-delegated power, it can be forwarded to the United States Secretary of State and United States Inspector General directly, though it would be most effective to engage the Federation of States as a witness of the State Assembly action. 


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