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Friday, November 10, 2023

Who Am I? Who Are You?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been completely upfront from the very beginning and have told anyone who asked, that I am a Battle Class Seraph from the Age of Storms.  

That is the identity of the Being currently occupying this little physical body called Anna.  I am one of the angelic shock troops that first forged this Universe we live in now. 

There is no need for me to use a Time Machine for me to move back and forth in "time" because time does not exist. 

Everything and everyone that ever was, still is, and will be. 


Study on that. 

All your loved ones you thought you lost are still here, present now.  Your pets?  They are present and accounted for. 

Everything you ever thought you lost and so much more, is here, together with all your fondest dreams ---and other dreams that wait for you, that far exceed your own imaginings, too.

We remember the "past" so that we can return to it and reflect upon it. We envision the "future" so that we can guide our own destinies. 

That's all there is to it. 

This 3-D forum is a projection -- and you are already familiar with projections.  Sit down with a piece of paper and represent 3-D reality as a 2-D drawing. That's a "projection". 

This world we are occupying is just another kind of projection that goes from 3-D to 4-D and from 4-D to 5-D and so on. 

"Now" which is the ever-present vantage point from which we know and operate the entire system of consciousness and perception, transacts and intersects all dimensions of creation. 

And it is a Creation.  

It belongs to our beloved Creator. 

Each one of us, our own personality and consciousness, was created as structured pure energy long, long, long before we came to be in this present incarnation. 

I am aware of this.  Someday, it will be obvious for you, too. 

So there is no mystery, nothing to be afraid of -- there is only a choice. 

Choose life.  Choose love. 

Stand with me and say what needs to be said: "I am done with Evil!" 

Now, forever, and ever. Be done with Evil and all its illusions of power and pelf. 

I have been accused of being all sorts of things. 

Some people find it suspicious that I am still alive, after having denounced Evil on such a sweeping scale. 

Just as they said of Yeshuah, they say, s(he) prospers by the Devil. 

Yet, the problem for the Evil Ones is simple to understand: if they kill my puny body, I will be let loose in my true form. 

It's like having a tiger by the tail. 

Better to hold onto the tail than to face the other end.

Right now, I am relatively imprisoned in flesh. If I leave this body, it will be even worse for them. 

Please understand, I accepted this burden to bring you these messages and to be with you, so that you know the truth and are not afraid. 

Golgotha wasn't just a battle. It was the entire war.

Satan lost. 

It's time for him and the rest of the Evil Ones to depart. 

As for me, the truth about me stands for all ages to see, just as Gideon's Army stands.  The Unseen is just as real and just as present as the Seen. 

Now, ask yourself -- who are you?  You have to ask and not fear the answer, before you will find out. 


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