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Friday, November 10, 2023

The Subject is Buying Power

 By Anna Von Reitz

The American people are guaranteed absolute parity in exchanges between Federal Reserve Notes and our gold and silver-based coins and currencies.  

This is the result of the 1934 Emergency Banking Act which stipulates a one to one exchange rate between Federal Reserve Note “Dollars” and our asset backed currency and coinage. 

Even though that iteration of United States, Inc., is long gone, we are grandfathered-in, and all Successors to Contract are obligated to pay, so that you don’t lose anything as a result of the Federal Reserve’s “borrowing” of our silver in exchange for their “notes”. 

If the Successors fail, go bankrupt, etc. the Principals who did this are  still responsible. 

This “deal” is what they used to legalize what would otherwise be theft of our silver.  

They either pay up, and hold us harmless, or they are subject to immediate foreclosure and damages. 

Now that you understand that, understand that these guarantees apply only to Americans and most of the people reading this are not recognizable as Americans because they have been mischaracterized as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States. 

You have to correct your political status records in order to fix this. We have taught you how to lodge your claims and provided the means to record and publish them, but if you fail to do this, the Vermin get away Scot free and owe you no consideration. 

The guarantees to Hold Harmless only apply to Americans.  Not British Territorials. Not Municipal citizens. 

Since 1934 the Federal Reserve Note has devalued many, many times—- so much so that it is worth less than half a penny or, let’s spell this out in words— each FRN is now worth one one hundred-eightieth of a 1934 Dollar.  That is 1/180th. 

That is how much of your buying power has been eroded away by the fiat money system since 1934. 

The foreign banks intend to rob us of the entire difference —if you are not an American and on the record as such. 

We have established a Vault Trust where you can deposit Federal Reserve Notes as Americans and reclaim them after “the Crash” on a one to one basis for American Federation Dollars which are gold-backed.  This will preserve your buying power so that you are held harmless. 

Each FRN dollar in the Vault will trade as 180 FRNs after this “adjustment”— 1 American Federation Dollar (gold backed) will trade for 180 FRNs. 

This restores your parity and holds you harmless from the loss of buying power inflicted on your money by the legal tender system. 

This is not an investment nor is it a conventional deposit. The funds in the Vault are not being reinvested.  They just sit there, waiting.  Except for actual emergency situations these funds are not available for withdrawals and this is not a ready-access account like a checking or savings account you are used to.  

Contrary to suppositions on the part of some individuals, the fiat Notes in the Vault are not being used as collateral to borrow against and are not being loaned out at interest and are not being spent on the new banking system.  As the name “Vault” suggests, the FRNs you deposit in the Vault are like they are in a Safety Deposit Box. 

Once we convert to AFD you will be able to spend them and convert them into other currencies at will. 
The important part is that the Buying Power of the AFD you receive will be equal to the present Buying Power of the fiat notes you put in.  

You won’t lose anything. You will be held harmless. 

Everyone else from here to Bangkok stands to lose their shirts and have the Buying Power of the FRNs they hold reduced  by a catastrophic amount. 

Who benefits from this financial atrocity? 

Certainly not you, Joe Average American.  You are having to jump through hoops just to guarantee the parity you are owed. 

The Federal Reserve Banks and their shareholders and backers benefitted from taking your silver in exchange for paper notes and similar schemes to divest you out of your gold.  The International Monetary Fund has similarly benefitted itself via commodity rigging, money laundering, and securities fraud. 

What is needed is a whole new banking system that is transparent and not subject to manipulations of these kinds. And not “just” for America— for the whole world. 

As your Fiduciary, I have done my best to encourage you to come forward and claim your birthright — to be recognized as an American who is owed Hold Harmless reparation status and whose property —both public and private—cannot be seized upon as payment for the debts of these foreign banks. 

I have also done my best to provide you and other living people worldwide with access to assets that are legitimately yours or that are owed to you, so that you can tide over the chaos and save yourselves and many others from the misery and poverty these criminals have planned for you. The methods and means for this have already been discussed.  

They have stored great wealth for themselves via fraud resulting in unjust enrichment and they have purposed to murder billions of innocent people so as to further enrich and protect themselves.  

But their fate is already written and sealed. 

The wealth of the unrighteous is stored up for the righteous. 

Only men and women of goodwill will inherit the Earth. 


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