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Monday, August 31, 2020

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Public Notice to United States Attorney General William P Barr


By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that a misunderstanding exists regarding your Successor-ship and your Administration of the Office of Custodian of Alien Property, which has been exercising improper restraints and improper Legal Presumptions against Americans and the assets of Americans since 1917.
The essence of this opportunistic misunderstanding appears to be rooted in the history of the mercenary conflict known as The American Civil War, and the disposition of the civilian population of this country with respect to it.
Please note that we, and our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, have been at peace since 1814. This was underscored by President Andrew Johnson, who formally acknowledged and accepted peace on the land via three separate Presidential Proclamations on May 10th of 1865, and again on April 2nd and August 20th of 1866.
There can be no doubt whatsoever that the civilian population of this country was not engaged in the Civil War and is not now and has never been an Enemy, nor have we been subject to any foreign power, including our own Delegated Power. Additionally, we have been at peace within our land jurisdiction since 1865 and this has been freely agreed to and admitted.
Unlike your government, our government is rarely in Session, but owing to the continued Bad Faith and criminal misbehavior of our Federal Subcontractors, the actual American Government has been summoned to assemble. There are now fifty properly declared and qualified State Assemblies in operation.
Any presumption of any untoward custodial interest in us or our property, must be abandoned. Any trust, public transmitting utility, public charitable trust, state trust or other incorporated entity constructed in our names, including any doing --business-as names must be dissolved and the assets contained therein or assigned under these constructs must be returned to our administration, free and clear of debt or encumbrance.
There has been an assertion made to the effect that we are required to give you Notice of our claim to own and possess our own property --- property seized by mistake by the Custodian of Alien Property decades ago and mis-administered in our names ever since by Federal Subcontractors.
The essence of this aforesaid assertion is that anyone wishing to obtain back property seized by the Office of the Custodian of Alien Property has to do so in compliance with 50 USC 4309, but---- (1) this is your internal administrative "law" not ours and we are not subject to it and have no federal contracts related to this issue, so it remains under our direct discretion per Amendment X and XI; (2) we are civilian non-citizens owed all recognition as such and all duties and guarantees, (3) we and our property assets have never been in your jurisdiction, and any Legal Presumption or Unlawful Conversion otherwise needs to be immediately cured, abandoned, and dispatched with prejudice.
Indeed, we have no need or obligation to respond to your Federal Code, but you do have an obligation to obey our Public Law ---and you and the Bankruptcy Trustees are all hereby being given full and appropriate Public Notice to return our property assets unfettered and unharmed.
We are your Employers and always have been. You have received your paychecks from our largess. Any misdirection you have received from those Principals exercising our Delegated Powers for us, needs to be corrected.
The Powers once delegated to the Federal Republic doing-business-as the States of America have returned by Operation of Law to the Delegators, The United States of America, our Several States, and our People.
Our Government is now in Session and any assumption of custodial interest that the Territorial or Municipal United States have undertaken in our purported absence must be set aside and all our property --- including but not limited to our intellectual property, our Good Names, our patents, copyrights, and trademarks, accounts, land, and all else that we are owed --- must be set free of obstruction and misrepresentation and returned to our administration without further misunderstanding.
The Generation Skipping Trust Scheme, the unconscionable conferring of foreign citizenship obligations, and the abuse of Usufruct privileges must stop.
This is your Due Notice, United States Attorney General William P. Barr. Take note and take action accordingly. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United States of America
via RE 162 265 575 US


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Dear Mr. Trump -- 31 August 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

We can help you dig out of this Mess, but you have to work with us, and take your direction from the actual civilian government of this country.  

That includes the military and your office as Commander-in-Chief.
You can all read the actual Federal Constitutions, all three of them, and you have cause to know that the Municipal "District" Government is severely limited and is meant to be severely limited on purpose.  That was not a mistake. The Constitution of the United States is our only agreement regarding the Municipal Government.  

The usurpations that the Municipal Government has engaged in have resulted in 185,000 Municipal corporations being deployed on our land and soil in contravention of our agreements with the Holy See.  

Many of those illegally and unlawfully established Municipal Corporations are now running our towns and cities as "Municipalities", "Boroughs" and similar foreign structures --- and these False Governors and False Mayors are thumbing their noses at you and at us, in a process akin to standing on someone's foot and then blaming them for violating your personal space. 

These criminals, most of them from the Democratic Party and the Globalist Movement, are allowing looting, murder, arson and other criminal activity to run rampant.  They are sitting there like toads and not lifting a finger to suppress this rampage of crime and destruction and are preventing you from doing anything about it, while using false legal arguments to pull this off. 

 And then, they are blaming you and your Administration for their own bad behavior, criminal negligence, usurpation, and Bad Faith. 

They claim that your forces are "Federal" and not allowed to take action within the Several States or within their international city-states.  

While it is true that your forces are Federal, so are their Municipal government corporations, and they have even less business existing and operating within the boundaries of our Several States.  Read Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 and understand what their actual mandate is and what their limitations are. 

The key to this is to realize that their "international city-states" are in violation of their constitutional obligations and limitations and should not even exist.  These municipal corporations, together with their "Gubernatorial" and "Mayoral" offices need to be liquidated for criminal negligence, constructive fraud, criminal trespass, Breach of Trust, and violation of their constitutional obligations. 

Pope Francis knows this and is simply not doing his duties under Ecclesiastical Law.

Liquidation of these Municipal Government sub units is the easy and peaceful and lawfully required answer.  He can do it with the stroke of a pen, and should be prevailed upon to do so. 
The administration and the assets of these illegally and unlawfully constructed Municipal Government franchises should be returned to the actual States and the actual State Assemblies, with your assistance. 

You have our permission to restore Public Law and Order under the Insurrection Act and are requested and required to do so; please feel free to expose these shameless, self-serving hypocrites for what they are.  

You are also authorized to end all participation in the United Nations World Health Organization "live exercise".  The CDC has quietly admitted that only 6% of the reported "Covid 19" deaths are actually attributable to any form of Common Cold Virus and we do not intend to let this go on any further.  Shut it down. 

You may also inform the insurance companies that these Municipal Corporations are engaged in deliberate acts of self-destruction and self-vandalism, that is, insurance fraud, and should not be allowed to recoup their damages. 

The faster FRANCISCUS gets a fire lit under his tail, the better. And the faster you realize the power of your actual office, the better.  There is a clear, continuing and public danger that you are, as Commander-in-Chief, required to act upon.  

The Municipal Mayors and Governors are functioning illegally, unlawfully, and outside their constitutionally approved boundaries. This is a matter of international crime, not politics.  

If Pope Francis doesn't move his bustle, you have our permission as the Ultimate Employers and Delegators of the Enumerated Powers, to move it for him. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United States of America


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Languages of Law


By Anna Von Reitz

Today I have had three (3) questions that all revolve around the same issue --- the languages of law.  

It comes as a surprise to many people to learn that there is more than one kind of law.  All their lives they have heard about "the" law, so they assume there is only one law, and everyone has to follow it.  

There are many kinds of law, and in the modern world, they are basically separated into two kinds: pagan and Judeo-Christian. 

The international jurisdiction of the sea and the global jurisdiction of the air use pagan law that is called "negative law" because it speaks in terms of negatives: Thou shalt not kill.  They also use negative averment: "Is it not true that you ate dinner at Dino's Salad Bar on Friday, the eleventh of June, 2014?"  And they even use contracts to guarantee true testimony: "I swear under penalty of perjury...."   

Oddly, as noted above, The Ten Commandments are stated in negative terms in the Bible, but then, these are early laws, and laws back then were all cast in the negative form.  You could just as easily (and more profitably in my opinion) recast "Thou shalt not kill." to "Thou shall preserve life." 

The development of law and the languages of law and their development in our history of the world, parallels our experience of law in our early lives as children.  One of the first words we all learn is: "No!" 

In the same way, the earlier pagan law forms focus on negatives, on what you are not supposed to do,  

One of our Coordinators asked --- hey, why does the 1779 Declaration use penalty of perjury wording, when over here in the Jural Assembly Handbook, you say that we don't use the perjury oath and use "to the best of my knowledge and belief" instead?  


Because of what they have done to remove us from our natural estate, we are all starting out "at sea", and the law of the international jurisdiction of the sea is pagan, negative law.  It uses oaths and contracts to get things done.  When you generate a document in that jurisdiction, you use its language because that is where you are. Thus, we use a perjury contract for the 1779 Declaration, but once we are back on the land, we use Good Faith affirmations. 

The language you use, as much as anything else, determines the jurisdiction you are in.  

I have a man who is attempting to claim his lawful estate, which in his case involves gold bullion.  The bullion was left on deposit at a well-known bank.  The bank acknowledges that yes, it is there and being held in his name, but they won't give him access to it.  

It's his, but it's not.  

This is because his political status was changed and he was kidnapped and unlawfully converted into a citizen of the United States.  As a citizen of the United States, he is a slave and has no property rights, and no ability to inherit lawful assets, that is, physical assets like gold or silver. 

So we've helped him recoup his natural birthright political status, so that he can shove it up the bank's nose, but he keeps straying back into their jurisdiction and keeps wanting to argue in their courts and use their definitions and language.   

Yesterday, he berated me with definitions from Black's Law Dictionary and wrote letters to Bar Attorneys, still thinking that getting control of his gold is a matter of what he does, rather than a matter of what he is.  

I had to tell him that--- big news--- we don't use Black's Law Dictionary.  That's what they use in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and we are on the land, so we use Bouvier's Law Dictionary.  

Similarly, we use the Geneva Bible, not the King James.  

If you use the language of the international jurisdiction of the sea and address their courts, use their dictionaries, and spout their Federal Code ---- what can they assume from that?  -- That you are subjecting yourself to their jurisdiction, and that you belong in their jurisdiction.  Why else would you be jabbering away in Legalese?  And quoting Black's Law?  

The same thing happens with court citations.  I've had more questions of the I-can't-find-the-court-case-you-referenced kind.  Why?  Because people are hitting the internet search bar and bringing up resources like and looking for land jurisdiction cases among Admiralty and Maritime and Commercial cases.

Why would you look for land jurisdiction cases among sea jurisdiction cases?  

To find these cases, you will need to go to a law library and look them up. It's The United States Supreme Court deciding these cases, not the U.S. Supreme Court, not the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, not the Supreme Court of the United States....  

Just like there is no such thing as "the" law, there is no such thing as "the" Supreme Court, either. 

All these different names for what appears to be the same court exist for a reason.  They exist because "the" Supreme Court decides cases that exist in diverse jurisdictions of the law.  

By far the largest number of cases they consider are Admiralty, Maritime, and Commercial cases, but they do consider land law cases to the extent of determining what is in their corral and what is not.  Because these cases are relatively few in number and foreign with respect to the vast bulk of Supreme Court case law, they aren't lumped in with the rest. 

Different language.  Different jurisdictional considerations.  Different subject matter.  

It's all part of being aware of the different languages and jurisdictions--- and the simple fact that there isn't one monolithic thing out there called "the" law.  There are many variations and kinds of law --- and we, Americans, need to learn the difference, so that we can make better use of our own  Public Law.


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Steve Baldwin Exposes Kamala Harris

 "I watched an interview with her.  She is attractive, animated and absurd.  She stated that she never had children; yet was a “Mother to her husband’s children.” And she “loved being a Mother.”  She said the children called her “Momela”. Anyway, she led her audience to believe that she mothered these kids.  I looked her up.  She married her husband when the son was in his 3rd year of college and the daughter was in 10th grade and they actually lived with their biological Mother, except for normal visits with their father—so much for Motherhood.  Right after hearing that, I discovered she was an

opportunistic liar.

She is beating Pence in the Current ratings for VP.

I do remember Kamala Harris. I had just been elected to the State Assembly in 1994 and, at that time, the ultimate “power broker” that controlled every aspect of California’s state government was the Speaker of the House, Willie Brown. He ran Sacramento like it was his own personal fiefdom and handed out jobs to loyalists and fired people who were disloyal. He broke every ethical law in the book, but was never held to account by anyone. He was married, but openly had mistresses which he showed off by bringing them to public events.

At the time I arrived in Sacramento, Willie was seeing a young girl who was in her late 20’s. He was in his 60’s. She was his mistress and he showered her with gifts and appointed her to a number of State government jobs. Her name was Kamala Harris. Willie launched her political career because she was having sex with him. The idea that she is an “independent” woman who worked her way up the political ladder because she worked hard is baloney. It is common knowledge in California that Kamala slept her way into powerful political jobs.

And now she is running for VP with a man who will be unable to govern due to his lack of mental clarity. In essence, she will function as the President of the United States should the Biden/Harris ticket prevail this November. Her views on guns, taxes, immigration, energy, etc. are far to the left of the average America, but you watch the media ignore these positions.

For example, she believes illegal aliens are eligible to ALL government services, including education, welfare benefits, health care, you name it. In other words, she does NOT believe there is a difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. That view alone will cost us billions of dollars if acted upon. Her view of the constitution is frankly bizarre and dangerous and she is willing to
enact laws restricting our 2nd Amendment rights even if such laws violate our constitution.

She will be the most radical person to run for VP in American history, but you won’t see any of this on the news. You will soon witness a massive campaign by the media to deceive you about who she is and what
she believes. Don’t fall for it."

Steve Baldwin, former Congressman, State of California

Revealed: Here is the Horrifying Sexual Assault Criminal Complaint Against Jacob Blake

 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by a Kenosha police officer last Sunday after Blake brawled with the cops, resisted arrest, shrugged off two tasers and had a knife in his possession.

The New York Post obtained the sexual assault criminal complaint against Jacob Blake and it is horrifying.

About Counties


By Anna Von Reitz

I am sad tonight, reflecting on all the many efforts that are suddenly being made by so many alarmed Americans ---- and the sheer amount of money and energy that is being wasted, because these same alarmed Americans are stumbling around in the dark and (a) trying to do things that can't be done; (b) doing things that have already been done; or (c) don't know what to do, but are determined to do something! 

They are just now taking stock of the old "You Know Something is Wrong When...."  paradigm.  

Painfully, often with a jolt, they are waking up and trying to get their bearings, and having been newly convinced that they've been lied to, used, abused, and defrauded ---- they are highly motivated, but unfocused.  And full of theories and assumptions.  It's the Jews.  It's the Muslims.  It's anybody who doesn't look like us.  It's anybody that doesn't attend the same church.  It's anybody who isn't the same color. 

This is causing a tremendous amount of confusion and bad blood for no good reason.  The structure, nature, and powers of our government are well-known and already set forth.  No need to recreate the wheel -- just need to operate the machinery that is already established. 

I've often compared our actual government of the people, for the people and by the people to an old car or other big machine that has sat out in a shed on the back forty for decades.  It has been sitting there, ready to use, but not fired up--- until we've forgotten how it works and have to read the Operator's Manual again. 

Today, I saw another beautiful website that people have spent time and money on, and yet another organization "trying to do something" about the problems we face ---- TacticalCIVICS.  These people are trying to organize and assemble all 3141 Counties in this country, and they already have 190 of them on board....

They apparently believe that the Counties, by themselves, can take on the Federal Government, but that is not true. 

The Counties have no viable jurisdictional interface with the Federal Government.  They have to go through their States. 

The Counties occupy the soil jurisdiction of this country and they hold the highest local government power, but they were deliberately "marooned" with only that supreme local power for a reason.  

They were separated out and cut off from international affairs so that they could never make a mistake and sign away their sovereign status. That is, in part, why we still have a country.  And still have 3141 Counties, too. 

Even though many county government organizations voted to incorporate themselves in order to get Federal Block Grants back in the 1960's, they didn't have any way to remove the County from the soil, or the soil from the County. 

They could remove themselves, and name a corporation after the County, but the County couldn't be moved because the Founders blocked that possibility a long time ago.  

The good news is that the States, which do have international powers, are already in  the assembly process and making steam.  As people join their State Assemblies, the County Assemblies are automatically being repopulated, too. 

When a man from LaGrange County, Louisiana, joins the Louisiana Assembly it has two automatic impacts --- Louisiana is repopulated, and LaGrange County is repopulated. Both. At the same time. As a result, your local government is being rebuilt at the same time as your State Government. 

And your State Government has international powers and is "competent" -- that is, has the necessary jurisdictional interfaces and capacities --- to deal with the Federales. 

So don't worry about organizing all 3141 Counties as separate entities and then try to build the States.  Build the States and repopulate the Counties at the same time, so that you have the means via your State organizations to address  Federal issues right now, today. 


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Posted by  | Aug 15, 2020 | 

Any readers of American Partisan who are interested in understanding the evolution of ABR (Antifa-BLM-RevCom) tactics and strategy should make Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed a daily stop. Ngo is literally orders of magnitude better than any other internet or MSM reporter when it comes to finding and uploading the most important ABR video links. Nobody comes close. I don’t quite understand why even FOX News and OANN don’t use the material he uncovers. Perhaps “normie” Americans are just tired of seeing riot videos from Portland, Seattle and other cities after more than two months of unrest. Call it “riot fatigue,” perhaps.

Read the entire article here:

Blood Oaths


By Anna Von Reitz

If you ever accepted the Apostle's Creed and took Communion, you have a blood oath,  but chances are, you are too ignorant to know that.    

You just never thought about it that way, but upon any reflection at all, that is the only way to interpret what you've done.   

What else do you do, when you accept the wine in token of his blood?  

By word and deed you have bound yourself to the Creed.  

"I believe in one god, the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, who was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified dead and buried....."

And you drank the wine and ate the bread and never thought a single thing beyond that, never recognized the Apostle's Creed as a Blood Oath bound with Communion wine and your own blood, his blood in your blood.  

How stupid can we all be, if this is not apparent?  

How many "good Christians" out there have been thoughtlessly slurping up Communion every Sunday of their lives, and never realized what they were doing?   

Lord, help us, so that we may not perish for our ignorance.... 

Many of the same people out there poking each other in the ribs and whispering, "Hey, be careful with that Anna von Reitz character, she's got a blood oath with the Pope!"  have no idea that they have a blood oath themselves---- and not just with the Pope---with every Believer, of every denomination worldwide, who accepts the Apostle's Creed and takes Communion. 

That's right, all you Methodists are yoked with all you Presbyterians, and the Church of England is cheek and jowl with the Lutherans, the Weslyans, the Nazarenes, and the Full Immersion Community Baptist Temple.  And like it or not, you are yoked to every faithful Catholic and member of the Eastern Orthodoxy, too.  

That's what it means to be "one body" in Christ.  His blood with your blood, your blood with his blood, and with the blood of all those who are sanctified, alive and dead and yet to come.  

Lord, forgive us for being stupid.  We remember your words.  We don't know what we are doing..... help us to wake up and become fully conscious....  

Blood oaths are common as dirt, and you all have plenty of them.  

What do you think marriage is, if not a blood oath?  What do you think all your kids are, but living blood oaths?  Your blood bound to your spouse's blood in living 3-D?  

Lord, give me the patience to endure to the end, all the thoughtless ignorance of this world.....


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Hawaii rolling out mandatory COVID-19 testing checkpoints on major Oahu highway

 with mandatory vaccines and quarantine camps soon to follow

Image: Hawaii rolling out mandatory COVID-19 testing checkpoints on major Oahu highway… with mandatory vaccines and quarantine camps soon to follow

(Natural News) The State of Hawaii is turning the H-3 freeway on Oahu into a mandatory COVID-19 road block checkpoint, blocking traffic in both directions and subjecting travelers to mandatory testing, reports Hawaii News Now. It means that Hawaii is being rapidly transformed into a medical police state which will soon morph into mandatory quarantine camps like we’ve already seen rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.

Read the entire article here: