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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

How Inflation Plus Taxation Equals a Housing Bust

 By Anna Von Reitz

A hundred and fifty years ago people didn't use credit to buy things.  Transactions were "cash on the barrelhead".  So, if you had a house, you worked for it, earned it, and then lived in it.  If you had children you fell in love, got married, and supported the children that resulted.  If you had food, you or someone quite close to you, raised it and brought it to market. 

There was a simplicity and logic to everything.

You didn't use someone else's money to buy your house and then pay them back with interest, which is a practice that developed after the civil war when "credit markets" opened up to "individuals"--- that is, franchises of the government corporations. 

Under our Forefathers' simple cash-based system, the banks and merchants were curtailed as to what they could sell you, because your own means limited the size and number of sales they could expect.  From the perspective of the banks and merchants,  "lack of credit" was seen as an obstacle standing between them and profit that they could otherwise make from selling stuff to you "on ticket".  

Credit at that time was something that governments and banks dealt in and as a result, average people had very little contact with or understanding of credit and the commercial paper underwriting it, but if you read any version of Constitution, you will notice that the Federal Government contractors are obligated to function on credit, while the States of the Union are obligated to pay in silver or gold. 

Their preoccupation with credit arises from their inability to function on anything else. 

This original arrangement threw a sop to the banks and merchants, and stimulated the economy via government purchases on credit, but at the same time, this system presumed that the members of our Congress would be acting as Fiduciary Deputies bound by The Prudent Man Standard, which would naturally keep government spending in check and make the members of Congress accountable. 

In the system our Forefathers created, the government had the ability to borrow money and "exercise the nation's credit" when needed, but the people held the purse-strings and decided what the money was spent on and how much was "extended" as credit for future repayment. As you can see, the government was placed in the permanent role of a debtor, because it could only operate on credit --- and the government's creditors were always the people underwriting it.   

Please also note that the government raises funds from you via taxation, service fees, and tariffs.  It sells you services, and to a limited degree sells you products (paper money and postage stamps and licenses, for example) and so, was in the same position as the other merchants and the banks.  Your lack of credit and your pesky members of Congress acting as Fiduciary Deputies limited their sales to you--- and that limited their profits and spending, too.   

By the mid-1800's the then-Queen and her advisors hit upon a scheme of "enfranchisement" which would vastly enrich the Queen and the amount of collateral she had access to borrow against, and all without Parliamentary oversight. All she had to do was create a corporation and encourage the British people to buy into it as franchisees--- that is, get them to enfranchise themselves (and their property) voluntarily, and voila, she could borrow all she wanted based on their assets --- their homes, their businesses, and their labor. 

In exchange, she would give them a vote as shareholders --- but their vote wouldn't count for much.  They could elect the members of Parliament, as usual, but the Parliament would only control the budgeted portion of the corporation receipts. The rest, the entire wealth of the nation and the commonwealth, would be the Queen's to invest or not invest, in whatever opportunities appealed to her. 

Queen Victoria used this "new arrangement" to fund the conquest and subjugation of India.  And the British Public, including quite a few members of Parliament, were none the wiser.  

What, you may ask, does this have to do with a housing bust 150 years later?  

While the Queen and her Finance Ministers were busy purloining private assets to pay for their public debts and to finance a virulent new era of "public investment" using private assets as collateral for credit extended to the government --- mostly bypassing Parliament ---  the banks were busy introducing the victims of this con game to the concept of buying on credit.  

Even though the victims of this scheme had unwittingly lost the ownership of their land, bodies, homes, businesses, minds, and souls--- they still had a portion of their labor and creativity that could be used as excess earnings pledged to pay off additional debts for consumer goods.   Soon the banks were offering a dizzying array of "consumer loans" and there were pawn shops, rent-to-own establishments, credit unions, insurance agents, real estate agents, and debt collection agencies in every small town. 

Stop a moment and think: less than a hundred years ago, these things didn't exist in America, because consumer credit didn't exist. 

As you can see, the government had transformed itself into a commercial corporation and begun operations as such using the people's assets as collateral and all they gave the people in "equitable exchange" for their "investment" was a vote that the people were already owed.  All the privately owned assets of millions of people were quietly transferred to the Queen, including the value of the people's lives, labor, and the products of their unions --- ownership of their children.  

This modern day enslavement racket netted vast capital gains for the Queen at the expense of her Subjects, and she invested this wealth in war and expansion of the British Empire. When things got rocky and the banks began to balk at extending the Government still more money based on the same old assets,  all she had to do was come up with more new Subjects to voluntarily "invest" -- that is, enfranchise themselves as voters --  and provide her with more new collateral. 

Britain's enslavement funded India's enslavement which funded the enslavement of America which funded the enslavement of the Middle East, the  Commonwealth, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines,  and finally, thanks to the investments in war, the entire bulk of western Europe. This was all based on collateral secretly purloined from people in Breach of Trust and enforced via hypothecation of debt. 

Soon, all the governments in all the occupied and subjugated countries were using the same mechanisms of "privatization" to enslave their people, too.  

At a certain point, circa 2005, the banks that glutted themselves by providing all this credit, got nervous and began feeling that they were over-extended. They placed false claims of "abandonment" on the remaining private money resources on deposit in their banks, and began an active program of self-reinvestment in the stock markets and currency markets to shore up the tottering mountain of so-called "public debt". 

That is, they began buying their own stocks to make their stocks look valuable.

There's just one little problem.  There is no public debt by definition.  The people of this world continued to pay for everything they received, as they received it. They simply weren't credited for their equal contributions.  As slaves they weren't owed credit for their labor and goods, but as slavery is both unlawful and illegal, some accommodation had to be made to paper-over this gross criminality. 

So "foreign estate accounts" were set up in our names in the form of generation skipping trusts, but we conveniently never receive any of the money or credit generated by these accounts.  The receipts pass on to our grandchildren, and in the meantime, form gigantic investment trusts used as Slush Funds and Sinking Funds by the rats and for the rats responsible for all this. 

Sound familiar?  Is there any difference between Queen Victoria investing in the conquest of India and Nancy Pelosi investing in the conquest of Ukraine?  

It's your money, your assets, and your life being put at risk, but you aren't getting anything out of it but the risks and taxes ---- never the returns. 

Lately the banks are getting very restive.  Like the General Public, they are milling around like cattle in a feedlot.  The feeble efforts of the Federal Reserve to forestall inflation by hiking interest rates is doing nothing but further stalling the world economy and as the market for credit collapses, so does everything else. 

Next, in a further effort to control inflation, Joe Biden hires 87,000 new IRS Agents to collect new draconian income and asset taxes from the Municipal citizenry--- and everyone else they can "mistake" as  Municipal citizens of the United States.  These vultures will be at your doors, collecting for the Creditors of the US CORPORATION, and you won't even realize that you are the Preferential Creditors of the US CORPORATION.  

All the tax money they collect will be written off the books -- withdrawn from circulation -- and that will help curb inflation by reducing the amount of currency available in the marketplace, but don't forget, in various places around the world, Mr. Obama's printing presses are running night and day, counterfeiting "dollars" in your name.  It's like trying to mop up a flooding river. 

You will also notice that it's Good Ole Joe Q. Public paying the ticket for all this "adjustment" -- whether via taxation or inflation, both things amount to a form of taxation that you are being forced to pay.  And in the end, what predictably results?  A housing bust. 

As the desperate government debtors and the banks supporting them grasp at straws, they will try to take refuge in their favorite investment ---- war.  If that doesn't work, or doesn't work fast enough to kill off enough creditors, they will start evicting millions more people from their homes and businesses to collect on debts that the victims owe to themselves. 

Unfortunately for the victims of this fraud, their homes tend to be their largest lifetime investment, and with millions more homes repossessed by the banks to pay off government debt, the housing market will go bust at the same time that millions of people are left homeless, and at the same time that inflation and taxation and economic stagnation are combining to impoverish everyone worldwide, leaving factories idle, and hundreds of millions of people unemployed. 

All this insanity has been brought to you by Queen Victoria of England--- a perfect storm fueled by odious debt and a grossly illegal British Enslavement Racket. 

There is a simple answer: end the British Territorial U.S. Military (Raj) occupation that has been used as the excuse to enforce Admiralty Law on dry land throughout the world, write off the actual debt against the actual credit, and discharge the Odious debts as they deserve. 


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