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Saturday, February 25, 2023

China-Russia and Russian-American Alliance is Good News

 By Anna Von Reitz

What it means is that the largest and most technologically advanced nations on Earth are cross-aligned, with Russia being the common denominator. 

While it would be impossible for a direct alliance with China at this time, owing to the gross misrepresentations that have gone on, the venerable Russian-American (also called American-Russian Alliance) of 1858 still stands.  

Russia has numerous peace and prosperity alliance agreements in place with China.  So, it is to China's advantage not to attack Russia's Allies, our organic States of the Union, just as it is to our advantage to pursue peace with China and Russia. 

Once you understand that all the nastiness that has been going on has been promoted by renegade commercial corporations masquerading as governments, it is easy to put things in proper perspective.  

It's also relatively easy to remove the threats posed by corporations, as they are subject to involuntary liquidation at the hands of the Pope and the Roman Curia; and, when they engage in unlawful activities that result in injury to living people, they are subject to involuntary liquidation under Statutory Law, too.  

We must keep our heads screwed on and know for sure that the issues before us are matters of international crime, not politics.  

We must know, for certain, that these crimes have been promoted as profit-making schemes by foreign commercial corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, and that they have acted under false legal assumptions and presumptions as enemies of the American people who have in fact been paying their pensions and paychecks. 

The pandemic scheme was calculated to achieve a number of corporation goals: (1) to rapidly kill off elderly people who might otherwise linger and cost these corporations more for end of life care; (2) to create long term death and disability that equates to profits for the regulated medical/health care sector of the economy; (3) to recoup life insurance policies taken out on the victims; (4) to deploy undisclosed nanotechnology designed to identify, surveil, and control members of the public; (5) to create obscene claims of ownership interest in the victims by advancing the idea that secretive introduction of patented mRNA would serve to render the victims chattel "Genetically Modified Organisms" and no longer "human" and no longer protected by Human Rights.  

These are crimes of genocide, fraud, coercive rackeeteering, and attempted enslavement.  

Those responsible for the existence of these corporations are being called to account, and the combined force of the American States, Russia, and China are being employed to compel the liquidation and reorganization of these corporations, and the discipline of the corporate officers responsible. 

As for the banks that have colluded and backed these and other criminal schemes and profited from them, we, the Principal Owners and Shareholders of the Global Collateral Accounts are foreclosing on them and enforcing our ownership and contractual guarantees, including our treaties, tax agreements, and guarantees owed to us as the underwriters.  They come to heel or we liquidate them. 

The peaceful people of this world are full up, sick of, and no longer tolerating those who make their money off of death, destruction, and war, war, war.  

NATO, another corporation, allowed its members to engage in criminal proliferation and development of outlawed bioweapons and NATO agencies created and imposed upon the Zelensky government in the Ukraine to act as the host for this criminal activity. 

These and other crimes must be addressed openly and honestly in international forums of justice and these corporations must be defunded and exposed as crime syndicates.  They have to be liquidated and their officers must be punished and prosecuted as criminals.  

Again, this is not about politics.  This is about crime.  

Forget about all the labels you have been taught.  Forget about Yankee Doodle and Mother Russia and the Chinese Menace propaganda.  These corporations which have no natural right to exist, have murdered and maimed, defrauded and imprisoned, and illegally confiscated and mortgaged the property of their own employers -- for profit. 

These "entities" have no reason to exist and are merely international crime syndicates glued together by illegal interlocking trust and management directorates.  

It's time for them to be brought to justice and for the men managing them and misdirecting them to be punished.  

We take a stand for peace and for the right to conduct our own business as we see fit without interference from our employees or from other Principals that owe us good faith and service under contract. 

The Wheels of God

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since the Temple Veil was torn in half, Almighty God, the Father, our Creator, has taken up his abode with men.

You are the temple he built for himself.  Your heart is his sanctuary. Your feet and hands are his. 

What the Irish call "the All of it" already stands revealed.   

While you have wondered how and why, he has known the answer. 

Bidden or unbidden, he is, was, and will be present. 

Breathe in. You have not waited or hoped in vain.  

The wealth of the unrighteous are saved up for you. 

The light of Heaven rains down on you.  

Not by power and not by might, but by his spirit alone. 

By his hand and wisdom is each one chosen. 

See the wheels of God set in motion in far distant times 

Ever onward to this moment, he arrives.

With mercy and the sword of truth he comes. 

His goats and his sheep stand before him.  

Surely his great kindness yet endures.

We are appointed to this hour, so let it come. 

May the fire in our hearts destroy the world

May the Lord of our hearts make it new

And may the Earth be saved with all the good upon it. 

By these miracles you have seen and yet will see

Know that the wheels of God are turning.  


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