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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quote Me

By Anna Von Reitz

Recent reports have described Nathan Rothschild as being one of  "the good Rothschilds" and certain sources exude sheer happiness that "Nate is back!". 

I myself know some Rothschilds that I would describe as sane and "good" people. They appear erratically, like Throwbacks to some illustrious unknown ancestor.  They are always a little different in their appearance and mannerisms, too.  And, most notably--- they have all suffered for their goodness, played with since birth like mice born into a family of cats. 

They are seldom killed, but they are always terribly abused. 

And certainly no member of that Family ever arose to the pinnacle of power in either Britain (Nathan)  or France (Jacob) without being severely and absolutely vetted and approved by the rest of the clan, because that is what it takes to attain such a position. He must basically agree to the self-interest, motives, and modus operandi of the other family members in all respects or they won't accept his leadership and there will be constant internal struggles and in-fighting that detracts from profits. 

And we can't have that, can we?   

This Is Your Story, America

By Anna Von Reitz

Your real name is Juan Xavier Catalan y Hermes and you are the only son of one of the richest men in Spain. Your family is ancient and noble and you are the heir of vast holdings of land and livestock, vineyards and villages --- but, while you are still very young, both your parents died.
Unfaithful servants then see their chance to inherit all that is yours, so while you are still a baby, they hatch a plot to kill you. Before they can do this, one servant does what she can to save you. She puts you adrift on the outgoing tide in a small open boat with blankets and toys and enough food and water for a week, hoping you will reach the sea lanes and someone will find you.
Night comes and day and another night. You are alone and cold and frightened, but your light little boat has drifted far and wide on the current and you are spotted by an Irish fishing trawler. The amazed Irish fishermen take you aboard and, finding no clue about your identity, one of them decides to take you home and raise you as an "extra" son.
Everyone in your new hometown knows your strange history and they can see from your huge dark eyes and black hair that you are not one of them, but you have an honest heart and work hard and you learn your adopted Father's trade. Like all your older adopted brothers, you join the Irish fishing fleet. You marry a local girl and settle down and, despite the nagging sense of not really belonging here, you are modestly happy.

Urgent Notice to All Jural Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

The Jural Assemblies are now being investigated as possible insurrectionist groups and/or "terrorist" groups.  

You have invited this kind of scrutiny and trouble by failure to do the paperwork and officially reclaim your name and estate and birthright political status. 

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the British Territorial "United States" is a different version of "United States" than the one you think of.  It is the equivalent of a foreign country with respect to you, and no one who accepts such Territorial citizenship has any right or business participating in an American State Jural Assembly. 

As a result, the goons are out in force looking for "Easy Pickens" --- which is anyone, like Destry --- who hasn't done their homework and recorded their paperwork and reclaimed their names and estates.