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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quote Me

By Anna Von Reitz

Recent reports have described Nathan Rothschild as being one of  "the good Rothschilds" and certain sources exude sheer happiness that "Nate is back!". 

I myself know some Rothschilds that I would describe as sane and "good" people. They appear erratically, like Throwbacks to some illustrious unknown ancestor.  They are always a little different in their appearance and mannerisms, too.  And, most notably--- they have all suffered for their goodness, played with since birth like mice born into a family of cats. 

They are seldom killed, but they are always terribly abused. 

And certainly no member of that Family ever arose to the pinnacle of power in either Britain (Nathan)  or France (Jacob) without being severely and absolutely vetted and approved by the rest of the clan, because that is what it takes to attain such a position. He must basically agree to the self-interest, motives, and modus operandi of the other family members in all respects or they won't accept his leadership and there will be constant internal struggles and in-fighting that detracts from profits. 

And we can't have that, can we?   

There is, somewhat, an inheritance factor added in, but if the "Chosen One of God" is a mouse, the cats will find ways to disinherit him.  

 And the beat goes on.... they are consolidating their Hundred Year Plan to put the world back on the gold standard just a few years delayed from what they set up in 1907.  

Profits, first, last, and always is what the Rothschild Family is about.  Profits in the morning and profits at night.  Profits for breakfast. Profits for lunch. Profits for dinner time, too.  There is no time for long discussions of politics or philosophy---unless, of course, these things affect ..... profits.  There is only time enough (just barely) for strategic planning to do what?  Acquire more profits, of course.  They care nothing--- absolutely nothing---- about anything in the world, apart from its impact on profits, the opportunity it presents to make profits, and its potential for endangering ---- you guessed it ---- profits. 

With the Rothschild Patriarchs there is no good or bad, only roles to play and profits to be made. 

They aren't immoral.  They are amoral.  Issues of morality simply don't appear on their horizon unless they relate to profit. 

Quote me.  Remember it.   Believe it.  Know it.  Take it seriously.  And never forget.   

These men would, truly, do anything for profit.  If they could find a way to turn dog poop into a "delicious steak substitute" they wouldn't hesitate a nanosecond.  And the real source of the "steak substitute" would be a closely guarded "trade secret" connected to "national security"--- just to make sure that nobody ever found out. 

This single-minded focus on profit, profit, and more profit makes the Rothschilds very useful and reliable tools; all you have to do is offer them an opportunity for profit, the more profit the better, of course ---- and if it requires murdering millions of babies via legalized abortion and then selling their fetal body parts, tissues and DNA ----they will have nothing but practical objections:  

Who will buy such products?  Can we corner and control the market?  How are we going to get it through Congress?  What's the cover story?  Can we patent it?  How much media should we focus?   Who do we need to "convince"?    How do we redefine and package age-based genocide as something good?  Won't old people object, seeing as how they are --- logically----next in line?  Well, what can we do with them?  As body products?  Animal feed, maybe? ....  Any market for wrinkled human skin handbags?   Old School Handbags.... trademark it.  It's already trademarked, you Putz.... 

Hey, some people think wrinkles add character.... 

This is the kind of outrageous talk that goes on, day after day, like a ticker tape machine. And these discussions, outrageous or not, get acted upon as long as there is some reasonable likelihood of profit to be made. 

If the role the Rothschilds are playing pleases you and profits them, so much the better.  They can play Angles of Light just as easily as they can play Chinese Businessmen.  To them, it doesn't matter.  That's all just "grease" for the deal. And whatever makes the deal go down better, that's what they will do.  

As a result, the other thing that you can count on with the Rothschild Patriarchs is that they have absolutely no attachment to any country, flag, or religion.  To them, it is all a game on a single game board--- and who laughs and who cries --- is simply a matter of who profits.  


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  1. Do they bleed ?.. then they can be killed ...end their game.

  2. The really sad thing about this article is, there are far to many young people in America who have no clue what and who these scumbags are or what they have done to every economy on earth. Humanities greatest problem is the lack of knowledge and self interest among our children. As long as they are happy, all is good.

    1. Olddog...your last line says it all....As long as people are happy, all is good...!!

      The only reason why people are waking up is because after 150 years of deception and greed, too many people lost their homes and broken up families, and for the first time they are totally unhappy, even to the point of finally doing something about it...but they feel helpless and scared...So they finally came across someone thought would do the job for them...hence, the election of Trump...!!

    2. You are ABSOLUTELY Right! I know my family believes nothing I say.

    3. There are many things that are our 'greatest problem' however it all boils down to a couple of things: Sin.....and.....corruption.
      Those two things are at the root of everything.
      For instance, lying is a sin. And look at how much lying is going on and how it multiplies and grows so much until we have no idea of any Real Truth of anything these days. And then that leads to a whole host of other 'greatest problems'. Lying is just a drop in the bucket and then it goes from there. So ultimately Sin is The Problem.

  3. "As a result, the other thing that you can count on with the Rothschild Patriarchs is that they have absolutely no attachment to any country, flag, or religion."
    You say this as it is a bad thing? Perhaps the opposite should be true for those of good?
    Idol worship on any level is bad. Becoming set-apart is when we begin to see these things.
    When we begin to 'Truly' put God first (The One God) and each other next (the people.) All people, not just those who love us,we begin to see things in a different light.
    Finding peace in tribulation is possible.
    What is in your heart, your mind, your hands? This is what matters.
    Becoming set-apart in the Spirit of Mashiak is kin to departing Babylon.
    All the paperwork in the 'world will not fix you in the Spirit. will not bring you wealth (of the world,) will not offer protection (in the physical,)
    But perhaps the journey will?

    1. a follower, I agree. It takes being 'set apart' to be able to really see the real picture. That is when we fully realize what scripture means when it says 'you are still in the world, but you are no longer OF the world'. This cannot even be understood by those who have not been 'set apart from this world, by God''.

    2. Abby, go read the link before this one, Anna responded.

    3. Abby in obe land? What a shocker❣πŸ˜…

  4. Who gets to decide ?.... no volunteers ?...ok me .it will be one question , " Are you a Rothschild "?... if in fact they have profited from the suffering , death or undisclosed adhedion contracts , peonage, barrity, trafficking, slavery, profit off others, then off with their heads...all of them and everyone knowingly involved with them....the list may be a big one but an infitessimily small fraction compared to the ones that suffered and died for their profit....then a cancer is gone and mankind can begin to learn that lesson and never return to it again.

  5. And the info in this Article comes from ....where? Just how do you know? And what difference does that make to us. You had time to write this ARticle, but don't have time to answer anyone's questions?
    You lost me way back in the beginning at the first filing of papers stage, when some of us spent hours searching for our 'States Sessions Laws' which were not to be found. And then finally Anna posted her son Eric's copy which was just about the worst mess I've ever seen; totally impossible to transpose or adapt to our own use.
    Thats when I said....'to hell with it all'.

    I saw back then, the wild goose chase we were being sent on, and I also see it still continues today. And nobody needs to bother trying to pounce on me for saying this; I am not the only one saying and thinking this; there have been Many in here.
    But never mind. Just keep on wasting your time writing meaningless unnecessary ARticles like this one.

    P.S. What is so ironic is that over a Year AFTER so many of us spent hours and hours searching for our individual state sessions laws - a very simple Statement was provided along with the end note that ''this eliminates having to use your state sessions laws''.

    1. Just go here:
      and scroll down to:
      560. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

    2. robert, because you asked me to go read #560, I did. Didn't see a whole lot of reason why, tho. I noticed on the last part, Liens, a lot was missing there. No way to locate the culprits, and no place to file the Lien, or what the hell to do with it, or what is to be gained from it.

      You see, now in my older years, I don't do anything if there is no gain it in for me, LOL. Otherwise, I just use up the remaining limited amount of energy I have left, and I'm trying to make my self last as long as I can, Lol.

  6. Abby, I so totally agree w/you. Anna should have been an author/writer. All she likes to do is write articles and never shows any examples where her "ideas" actually worked. I never see any examples where she helped someone to stop a traffic ticket, the IRS, or some other corporate agent. She says she is saving the world, but you couldn't tell it by me. I read her articles sometimes but most are just long winded and verbose. I do like the blog here though as there are some really good people here that seem to know their stuff.

    1. John I generally do not even think Anna is a good Writer. The Rules of Writing are sadly missing. Those Rules are:

      1. Open your writing with a Thesis, which tells what you are going to be writing About.

      2. Next comes the Body of the Writing, which expounds and explains what you are writing about. It should be quite thorough and concise and understandable, not glib.

      3. Thirdly, it should wrap up with a Summation of what you are writing about; it should always bring back the Thesis which you began with, and then TIE IT ALL TOGETHER. There should never be left a question as to what the purpose of the writing is. It should never leave readers saying........? Yeah, so....? What are you saying here? What are you trying to say here? So......what about it?

      Instead, things are invariably left up in the air; its anybody's guess as to what the bottom line is. This is the very reason why NOTHING really gets accomplished. This is why all these 'steps' were given well over a yr. or two ago, and STILL people are having to ask questions about ''the how to'' about them.
      This is why people are still coming back saying they are having problems, not getting responses, or ?

      Just sayin'

  7. THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL REVEALED 2012..Hello people..I would never get involved in such a controversy..but this is a very interesting fact..Me and my 5 sisters were brought up to believe we were from Italian & Irish lineage ONLY..actually the whole family..until several of us/them had their DNA done.Many questions arose as each wondered where in the hell did the Jew come in..Syria..Middle Eastern parts in some members of the family..on my Mothers side..No dark sinned people that I know of..a couple of them with a small hint of Asian eyes.As each received back their DNA results we all got together and compared those can add first cousins..aunts..uncles and so on..We all noticed everyone of them had something in common besides what we already knew,the Italian and Irish..other than certain percentages of Jewish..and different areas of the Middle East..The most common was CAUCUS..well the person that I am..that I have to always have answers and find out the TRUTH..I began my quest to find what in fact was that Caucus that was widespread throughout the family..and what was the significance?
    I found out that It's a mountain region. The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system in West Asia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region. The Caucasus Mountains include the Greater Caucasus in the north and Lesser Caucasus in the south=Caucasian.Then I did some in depth study of who these caucus people were and where they began.I specifically remember something in my Bible studies about the lost northern tribes of Israel,when the Lord had them scattered after or during the ASSYRIAN Captivity.. Israelites.I began to follow the Caucus people from the Bible by reading the whole Bible and researching everything in my sight+ listening to videos.Of Course everyone now days are claiming to be these lost tribes.So be careful..I suggest you follow what your DNA results has given you or will give you..if you choose to check yourself out.I had to be careful as I went on a very long journey for 2 yrs reading & listening.There is allot more to just following these people out of Israel over the Caucus Mountain region and where into EUROPE they all went..there are Nation Emblems and many other important FACTs as well that tell who we all are..
    Given that someone out there in TPTB land is very much trying to stop people from having their DNA completed..telling us that it's just another way for us to be tracked and use our DNA for Nefarious a big fat lie..well, we didn't let that stop us..anyway the information I found is very telling as to who the European people are and where they came from..If any of you who read this have questionable markings in your DNA..I suggest you start a journey.Because once again and as always WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO..start here if you like and Good Luck and God Bless each of you who journey into more TRUTH UNTOLD..Remember never take anyones word for anything..DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH as not to be deceived..Just Thoughts - The Lost Tribes of Israel REVEALED 2012 Don't forget to read the may also want to listen to Arnold Murray who teaches the Bible scripture by scripture verse by verse on video..

    1. Jean, I don't know where you had your DNA tested, but it is now well known that ancestry dot com is extremely unreliable. We know this because there were identical triplet girls that had ancestry do theirs, each now having married last names, and all 3 of their Tests came back as tho they were not even in the same family.

      Actually, it is very unadvisable to allow anyone to receive your DNA, and especially bad to send it out to 'strangers' simply because there are some very nefarious things being done with OUR DNA these days, that you would not approve of.

    2. Yeah, how would you like to have a clone of yourself with it's own free will going on about it's business?? It staggers the mind.

  8. Rothschild owns Ca. Public Gas and Electric, and what they are doing to us is proof they care nothing about people.


  9. [Jasun
    September 5, 2018 at 5:20 AM
    Patriot58 I was hoping for the Gallows!]

    I will help finance that for future profits$πŸ“―

  10. Re: "Profit" - "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul-life?" Mark 8:36

  11. Replies
    1. Be sure sure to tell your fellow criminals Ucadia about this, too🎀

      "Under former decisions here, the settled doctrine is that the 16th Amendment confers no power upon Congress to define and tax as income without apportionment something which theretofore could not have been properly regarded as income...the provisions of section 20282 which fixes the basis for determining the gain or loss in the case of property acquired by gift is constitutional for the reason that it results in a tax upon income and not upon capital." 1928 Supreme court case of Caft v. Bowers (71 Lawyers Ed. 463), Cites Eisner v. Macomber, Merchants Loan & Trust v. Smietanka (1921) and the Pollock v. Farmers Loan and Trust Co. (1895)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    4. UCADIA Ecclesia FoundationSeptember 6, 2018 at 5:19 AM
      You people are just bored.
      Apparently you are as well or why be in here throwing your dirt???


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