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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Urgent Notice to All Jural Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

The Jural Assemblies are now being investigated as possible insurrectionist groups and/or "terrorist" groups.  

You have invited this kind of scrutiny and trouble by failure to do the paperwork and officially reclaim your name and estate and birthright political status. 

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the British Territorial "United States" is a different version of "United States" than the one you think of.  It is the equivalent of a foreign country with respect to you, and no one who accepts such Territorial citizenship has any right or business participating in an American State Jural Assembly. 

As a result, the goons are out in force looking for "Easy Pickens" --- which is anyone, like Destry --- who hasn't done their homework and recorded their paperwork and reclaimed their names and estates.  

There is also a plague of "new names" appearing.  For example, my husband has never used the abbreviation "JAS" for "James" in his entire life, but we recently received bills in this variation.  Similarly, my pen name, Anna von Reitz, was suddenly and inexplicably changed to simply "ANNA REITZ".  

This is just part and parcel of the same old fraud scheme of naming franchises after you and then pretending that these franchises are-the-same-as you, which is a crime known as "personage".  

Whenever you see any new names being used to address you, you want to haul out your Certificate of Assumed Name template and claim and re-convey that name, too.  Record it as an Extension to your original Deed of Re-Conveyance. 

This removes "you" from their playing field ---- again ---- and sooner or later, they do run out of variations.  Then they are left with nothing they can claim against. 

We are working hard to educate Americans about this venal system and how they have been entrapped in it.  We wish there were some blanket means to eradicate it, but all of this has arisen on a one by one basis as each American baby has been unknowingly "registered"--- the vermin claim that this fraud and genocide-on-paper is a protected right to contract issue. 

We do not agree. 

But for the time being, the only way to overcome this circumstance is to one-by-one repudiate any such contract and one-by-one reclaim your name and estate from out of their clutches. 

Nobody in their right mind would knowingly exchange the wealth and security and guarantees that are owed to Americans for the poverty and deprivation and servile condition of a "United States Citizen".  

That is no doubt part of the reason why the Bar Attorneys laugh and call us "incompetent", but it isn't that we are incompetent; it's that we have been deliberately defrauded and deceived and taught wrong information. 

It's like teaching a baby to say, "I am a bastard." --- with no idea what the words mean. 

It's the same way with parroting, "I am a United States Citizen." when in fact you are not and never were and if you stand up for yourself and your proper standing, never will be. 

All of you who have joined the Jural Assemblies need to get your paperwork together and recorded  ASAP and be prepared to identify yourselves as American state nationals exercising your guaranteed right to peacefully assemble.  

And nobody who hasn't done the paperwork to reclaim their actual birthright political status as a New Yorker, Virginian, Wisconsinite, Idahoan.....should be allowed to participate in any Jural Assembly functions. 

Newcomers should be welcomed.  The basic situation should be explained.  The paperwork should be given to them along with whatever local help and insight can be brought to bear --- but they should not be counted as members nor allowed to participate in meetings until they return certified copies of their recorded re-conveyances and certificates of assumed name and cancellation of all prior powers of attorney to the Assembly for confirmation.  

No meeting should convene without a Bevens Declaration -- which is basically calling out anyone who is attending as a Federal Agent and requiring them to identity themselves as such or leave the meeting. 

For their sake and for all of yours, this must be enforced.  Otherwise, the group as a whole will be ravaged and taken down and portrayed as something it isn't--- and you will have lost all the lawful and legal protection you are owed simply because you neglected to officially cancel their "private contract" with you, which was formed without your knowledge or consent just a few days after you were born. 

Do not fall into the same trap as Destry and the Colorado Nine and countless others.  Make your severance with Babylon clear and concise and record it with the Land Recorder's Office using the Deed of Re-Conveyance and associated paperwork explained as part of Article 928 on my website. 

It is only AFTER you make this decision to leave Babylon public that you begin to see and feel the benefits, and you begin to build up admissible evidence of your identity, your living status, your standing, and the great fraud that has been committed against you.  

So don't stand around and wait like Destry and the members of the Colorado Nine did --- thinking that you don't have to do this and that it should be obvious who and what you are and what is this BS anyway?   

Well, it is BS.  Unfortunately, the only way out of something is the same way you got into it in the first place. You have a "contract" --- a birth registration --- on the public record, obligating you to a lifetime of servitude and subjugation as a British Territorial "US Citizen"---- as if we were all born in Puerto Rico.   It takes an equal or greater counter-claim also established on the public record to overcome it. 

When you signed up in the "US military" you were supposed to be briefly in federal "US Territory" and were subject to the same kind of service and subjugation.  

We have recently learned that the vermin responsible for all this found means of discharging all our veterans without actually discharging them from this foreign and subservient status --- via a false presumption of their continuing "federally-connected civilian military" service status.  This, too, is a false and undisclosed "BS" contract that has to be repudiated in order for our veterans to receive the actual freedom and repayments they are so richly owed. 

Until we locate and rebut and overcome all of these traps we are at the mercy of the Euro-scum responsible for this, literally "subject" to them and their courts and their statutory "laws"---- and so far as the Public Record shows, all by our own consent. 

Why anyone reading this would not immediately understand the dangers of remaining in such a political status and the benefits of leaving it behind -- is frankly beyond me.  Would you rather be a bankrupt or wealthy?  Subjugated or free? 
In Babylon or standing safely outside it?  

The choice is up to you.  You got into this mess via unknowing acceptance of an unlawful (but perfectly legal) adhesion contract.  You have now been told the facts and given the tools to sever this contract and inherit your actual birthright.  And the only question in my mind is ---- what are you waiting for? 


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  1. This is for all those who claim they "should not have to do anything".

  2. "as a New Yorker, Virginian, Wisconsinite, Idahoan" - What would an individual who was born upon the land of Michigan be referred to as?

    1. 1FreeMan, have you personally experienced the bad guys backing off from you when you produced your recorded documents that Anna has told us we all need to do? I am not trying to be disrespectful here, but filing paperwork into "their" system needs to actually stop them. Does this paperwork get the same results as the American National passport card you have referred to in other posts? I am just trying to learn here. I need to know that filing all this paper actually does something more than just sound good in theory.

    2. Sounds funny...doesnt seem like proper English, whatever that is now....!!

    3. Not "Michigander" either, as is sometimes promoted.

    4. JHD, I have not had to use them yet but do have my ducks in a row for when I do. I have both Anna's recorded docs and my NCSN passport. I have not been pulled over yet since I got the card.

    5. Thanks for letting me know. I guess none of this is necessary if they just leave you alone.

    6. Thank you "1FreeMan" and "native american"! - I agree with you "james pansini".

  3. Can I still get my name back if I'm a felon? Thanks. Be BLESSED.

    1. YES!!! You, the woman, or man is NOT the criminal..... your PERSON written on paper is the criminal; you've just unknowingly ADMITTED you were the PERSON, rather than the authorized rep, Grantor/Settlor/Beneficiary of that TRUST relationship..... Follow the info on judge anna's website to reclaim your life, your NAME and anything having to do publicly and commercially about your LIFE life.... There are 'court' filings that would have to be done AFTER you correct the public record of your NAME. ...that's as brief as I can make it. May Yahweh bless your understanding!!! :)

    2. Hey Casey, you were never a felon if they never charged you as a man. If they charged your NAME then your NAME TRUST was the felon and not you as a man. Picture a pawn in a monopoly game. Your pawn has to pay when it lands on Boardwalk with a hotel on it. And you use funny money to pay it too. You are merely the "accommodating party" to move the pawn and to act on its behalf such as handing over the funny money to the bank, but you are never the pawn. I helped a man who had 2 trumped up felonies and a misdemeanor still obtain a NCSN passport. Now go and wash your mouth out with soap and do not call yourself a felon ever again!

    3. mean NCAN (non-citizen American National) don't you...!!!!!

    4. No, James, NCSN or non-citizen state national. Technically there is no such thing as an American national. Only state nationals since each state is its own republic. When they I got the certified copy of my DS-11, one of the clerk's scribbled in red on the bottom admin area: "Claims to be a New Jersey citizen." Of course that should have been a New Jersey Citizen with a capital "C" as opposed to a US citizen with a lower case "c".

    5. Nope. "Citizen"-not....see April 14, 2018, republic of Texas assembly, Anna von Reitz presenting .

  4. Let us all know when you get 300 Million americans doing their paperwork.

    1. You are treading on "unknown" ground Abby.. negativity is like a disease.

    2. Hey Abby, let us know when you finally do your paperwork. They got 300 Million Americans to fill out a registration of birth and SS-5 form, didn't they? And file 1040's every year. Well, now everyone has to correct that erroneous status. Even if the reset came tomorrow, everybody would still need to correct their status on the record. If Trump were to announce tomorrow that no funds would be released to people who had not corrected their status, how many people would all of a sudden file whatever document was needed? This is why we need to take the initiative to be ahead of the game. Do you want to be first or last in line?

    3. Can i ask... If the people cannot vote for a president of a company. How did trump get the presidency, especially if the board of elections is just a dog and pony show? Who is behind trump getting the presidency? With all the attacks, it seems like its being ochestrated to make trump shine... Im wondering if we have a catastrophe of astronomical proportions on order... It feels like we are being set up.... But sometimes, i feel that trump understands the actual truth, just has limited powers. If this is a good question, please start a new thread. Dont mean to take away from topic of tge day, but how trump got full of concern.. Is it time to bug out to tge hills?

    4. Trident,who says you can't vote for a president? Corporations do it all the time. If you own stock you will get a proxy in the mail. Trunk got elected because the US citizen employees of the corporation voted and the military intervened to halt the voting thefts by the Clinton camp.

    5. Im going off annas book. You know something is wrong... An affadavit of probable cause. My understanding is that the people cannot vote for the president of a company... Whether its tacobell or the federal govt. U.s. citizens are not board members...

    6. Well, that is part of the deception making people believe that they are voting for the president of a republic when in reality as a common stockholder they are voting for the CEO of the board. Trump as well as Obama (Soetaro), Bush (Scherff) and Clinton were all CEOs of Homeland Security Corporation.

    7. Patriot58, time for you to grow up and quit being such a cry baby. God did not die and put you in charge. So who are you to threaten Me?

    8. 1FreeMan, firstly, I don't answer to You. And secondly, you can stop with the financial bait; put the money on the table, then I will think about it.

    9. Doubting Thomas, Abby? You remind me of this verse:
      Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” Jon 20:29

  5. What did you expect them to do ...just roll over and die just because you claimed the name...!! It's called the "deep state" for a doesn't have a bottom...!! The only time "The name" is an issue is when you are dragged into court and charged with something.....amd in that case, it's better not to "AMSWER" to any "NAME" at all....!! One site suggest you bring someone with you to court and when your name is called you both go up and state that you are both there to address the charges ...does a judge have first hand knowledge that you are the NAME he is calling when two of you are there...Does he know you personally and willing to sign something like an affidavit under penalties of pergery...NO..!! If they don't have a name to attach to you, they have nothing and can't move forward...😭😭.

    Maybe we should just adopt a rule to only be identified by a agent 47 , and here to address said matter as a third party what..!! Without a name he has nothing...move for dismissal...!!

    1. OR better yet, the NAME you are calling does not wish to contract with you at this time...!! Some people have done this, and the sherriff started to move to the defendants to arrest them, when the judge just stopped him and "dismissed the case on the spot...!! If our whole problem is the "NAME", then quit using it....period..!!

      Remember, it's voluntary...!!

    2. Better yet, state: "I am here as the General Executor of this Estate. Where is your written permission from the Executor's office to administer this Estate? Get there early and walk up to the prosecutor or plaintiff ask them this and when they look at you like a deer in the headlights say: "So are you saying that you do not have written permission from the Executor's Office to administer this Estate?" and get them to acknowledge it however subtle. Then when the judge calls the case say: "Your honor, I am here as the General Executor of this Estate. The prosecutor/plaintiff had just admitted that they do not have written permission from the Executor's office to administer this Estate. I move to adjourn this case until such time that the prosecutor/plaintiff can present their written permission from the Executor's office to administer this Estate."

    3. Brilliant, FreeMan. Another great way to shut them down!

    4. Not bad 1FreeMan...if you can actually get the DA to talk with you before court....!! I tried something similar once and the DA immediately said I have nothing to say to you, and summarily left the discussion....!!

    5. Unknown...what dont you understand about "non-citizen" Nationals...!! Who here is calling themselves citizens of anything...only you..!!
      You insist on leaving out "NON" in front of citizen....!! Are you sure your not an attorney....."to turn things around" which attorneys are good at....!!

      Why do we need a justice systesystem ruled by card carrying morons(BAR members) who close out the courts to anyone but themselves...i have the absolute right to argue my case in chambers like everyone else and put them to shame....!! You apparently like dealing with a "handicap "..!!! That's fine but my golf game is perfect, thank you very much..!!

    6. Even better yet, order a report on the CUSIP number of your case and submit a Notice of Claim of Right of Subrogation with the clerk of the court and the AOC (Administrator Of Courts). Every court case had a bond whether civil, criminal or traffic. If they do not acknowledge your claim, file Form 56 and appoint the clek and the AOC as your fiduciaries and file with CID and copy the judge. Perhaps even separate forms, one for each. There is something about the bond becoming taxable when transferred.

  6. We have a name and the State child has a name, so, do you have the power of appointment over that estate, if so, the man is the creditor and the States child is the debtor.

  7. It should be noted that the STATE OF CALIFORNIA just passed a law that no one can be held in jail because they can't afford everyone , except a charged with a heinous crime , has to be released on OR (own recognisent). That's because to many people are being charged with non- violent drug crimes and backing up the entire system and clouging the jails with to many people for the sherriffs to handle...!! They were already doing that in L.A. because of the density population there, way before this bill passed....!! So finally people here in Calif. are making a difference...!!
    But the bad news is that it looks like Congress passed a law now that makes it mandatory to be implanted with "The chip"...!! There are some states that have supposedly already chipped their entire population already like Wyoming..!!

    And right now I'm watching the confirmation of judge Kavanaugh which means questions by Congress from both parties...But of special importance, in contradiction to what judge Anna says about 19 delagations of authority, apparently it was made clear by a democrats that there are 693 delagations of authority...thats how many it has reached....!! How does anyone expect to live under or overcome 693 delagations of authority..!! Now you know why I want the constitution re-written with an admonishment that this constitution does not apply to "The people" at large, but only to govt and govt employees that they have absolutely no authority over anyone except WASHINGTON DC and no other territories under them , like Porta Rico, Guam, and American Samoas...!!

    693 delagations of authority...straight out of the mouth of our rulers in DC....

    Would you like to weigh in on this judge Anna....!!!

    1. james, no wonder we have this deep rabbit hole that has no end.

  8. I wish that sooner my process would have started. Counties, or the incorporated shells with DUNNS numbers have been ordered at least the one I recorded in to charge 100 dollars per name. So if a document contains 10 names, 1000 bucks. The clerk was nice and recorded for me as a notice since I only had 100 dollars at the time to use. If they were not afraid that people are claiming the property rightfully belonging to them and already paid for at the county, why tack on the corporate policies jacking the price up so only those with lots of dough or a free ride like attorney and other franchise entities can make claims on variations of your name.

    1. File it in Lamar County, GA. One fee for all.

    2. 1 FreeMan When I went to file some papers awhile back the county clerk screamed at me "Who is your attorney?" and refused to file them She said I must go see the County attorney
      So I am interested in filing in Lamar County GA if you know that they will file it Please confirm if possible Thank you

    3. Carole, if you wanted to file your great grandmother's recipe for chocolate chunk cookies with Lamar County, GA, they would record it for you. Once filed and you get a certified copy back out, you can bring it right back to the same recorder and demand it be filed since it has been filed in another county.

    4. I have filed all my documents at Lamar County, Georgis. Once recorded the recorded documents fall under the Full Faith and Credit Act, to be recognized in every STATE OF...

    5. 1FreeMan/Annie and C Johnson Thank you all for your responses I am now very encouraged to file in GA Hopefully my county clerk won't run from me again!

  9. Hey Abby,
    Leaving Babylon?
    "In Babylon or standing safely outside it?"
    These articles get odder and odder. i just do not see that the separation between me and Babylon equates to filing my paperwork with Babylon.
    i do not see that this is His Holy seal of protection.

    Would you rather be a bankrupt or wealthy? Subjugated or free?
    In Babylon or standing safely outside it?
    So is this your promise? This is all it takes, me to file my paperwork?

    1. afollower, nope, I'm afraid filing papers does not rid anyone of babylon. But if these paper freaks can keep track of all those papers and spend all their nerves and time and don't mind trying to use them to defend themselves in court and don't screw it up and are wise to all the devils little tricks that come from the Bench, then I guess it might.....maybe get them thru the injustice system.
      But hell will still be awaiting. And do you notice the 'threat' thats been subtly used lately: 'ya better file yer papers or ya wont get yer money'. LOL Sheesh, I would bet on hell freezing over before they ever let those Funds be released.

    2. Yes, typical used car salesman tactics. And of course worldly gain is the bait.

    3. Oh yes and also, are these not the same tactics our current president uses?
      The sheer pride and arrogance on the world stage is and should be alarming. Obama was ridiculous and so is Trump. These two love themselves more than any i can remember.

    4. Of course you are also people who don't stand in line to renew your driver's license, or register your car, or renew your insurance, or file you taxes on time, or claim your tax refund, or pay your bills, because it is all just a Babylonian world system, right?

  10. I am "waiting for" answers to the questions I asked weeks ago, both to Paul in an e-mail, and on this blog. The answers never came, and I don't feel confident in moving forward until I get answers to items that haven't been addressed anywhere that I can find. They're not difficult questions, either. I'll try again: Regarding IRS Form 56 (Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship) - Part 1: Identification. Are we to fill in an address or city, state, and zip code? Or an identifying number? Do we attach 1 form 56 to each copy of our authenticated B/C
    when we send it in and send in both copies, or do we send in just
    one auth. B/C and keep the other one for something else?

    I agree with and vote for a step-by-step itemized list of how this is done CORRECTLY!!! Rather than screw it up, I'll just stay in a holding pattern until I find out how to move forward. Registered mail postage is not cheap, and I don't want to do this more than once! Thank you in advance for helping me!

    1. jewellsmom, I've been saying for a year now, that information is incomplete but I just get accused of 'whining and complaining' LOL. So there's that aspect that nobody ever addresses or ever cares to clear up, Plus all of it takes money and there are a few shitheads around here that think we all have a money tree growing in our shell out filing fees and other expenses involved for......pipe dreams.

    2. jewellsmom: I had a heckuva time with the Form 56 and wrote Anna for clarification, which she sent me. Here are the instructions I made up for myself based on her article and her email response. Best wishes!

      Form 56, which is the IRS Form called "Notice of Fiduciary
      Relationship". This is your Notice to Mr. Mnuchin that you are making him and his office responsible for the PERSON named after you.

      The Form 56 is very simple
      ---the name of the PERSON is the NAME on the short-form, all-caps BC which you are returning to the Treasury. (don’t use married name; include it in a note on Page 2 of Form 56 in the blank space below the signature box: "It is my instruction that my married name, MARY LISA SMITH and all variations thereof, also be included in the discharge of debts.")
      ---Identifying number: SS# without dashes (aka: Masterfile Number)
      ---Decedent’s SSN: SS# with dashes
      ---Address: PERSON’S address
      ---The name of the Fiduciary is Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury,1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220.
      ---Section A (f) --- "Other" -- Public Commercial Trust Administration
      ---Section B(4) -- Check (a) (b) and (h) "Other" and just say, "All forms that may be necessary".

      On the back, Part II, 7 (C) "Other" ---
      ---Surrender of federal "PERSON" to U.S. Treasury

      On the back, Part III
      ---"Court and Administrative Proceedings" --- enter the name and address of the agency issuing the BC.
      ---The "date proceeding initiated" will be the File Date which is never your birthday, but a few days or weeks later [the date the BC was filed—the file date is HER “berth day,” the day that MUNICIPAL “VESSEL” set sail]
      ---The "docket number" will be the State File Number on the BC.
      ---Date is actual birth date
      ---The time will be the time you were actually born,
      ---and the place of "other" proceedings will be "usa".

      On the back, Part IV,
      ---"Signature" ---- you write the word "by" like a by-line to a newspaper story----
      --by: Your Last Name, First Name Middle Name (Upper and Lower Case) [this is your trade name]
      --Authorized Representative, and
      --the date.
      ---Underneath the Signature box is a blank space. It is appropriate to say: "It is also my instruction that I be indemnified against any and all claims or losses under the sovereign usa Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US." (This is basically a bond posted in behalf of all the actual states of the Union and all the people living in those states insuring them against any further claims related to the MUNICIPAL PERSON(S) they have surrendered back to Mr. Mnuchin.)

      And that is that. You have now surrendered the MUNICIPAL "CITIZEN" back whence it came and you have insured yourself against any further claims or losses or charges brought against that PERSON.

      Step Three: Along with the Form 56 you should include a brief letter stating that
      ---it is your instruction to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liability and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT),
      ---instruct Mr. Mnuchin to open a Treasury Direct Account with the Registered Mail number you are using to mail this to him and
      ---to please inform you when it is open for business.
      ---Also ask him to settle all debts and charges related to YOUR NAME and deposit the remainder and all other credits owed into the new Treasury Direct Account.
      ---Thank him for his time and attention
      ---send this package of documents via Registered Mail to the Treasury.

    3. genevieve, have you done this process and did it help you in any way? Sounds great, but does it work to get the IRS to zero your supposed amount due? No disrespect intended just would like to know if it actually worked. Like Abby, I cannot afford registered postage for something that is just a pipe dream.

    4. Hey, JHD, it worked for me and I zeroed out 121k of tax debt in 3 months.

    5. Genevieve, THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!! So right off the bat, I have a question about filling in the "Decedent's SSN". This is to be OUR SSN? (So I can see all sorts of "issue" arising from filling this in, and have heard horror stories of people who have mistakenly been declared deceased when actually still living and the nightmare they had getting it all straightened out!!) Has this worked correctly for you or anyone reading this? If they declare this PERSON Deceased, will I stop receiving my SS money?

      Also, my other question is, do we attached a form 56 to each copy of our authenticated B/C and send them both, or just send one and keep the other one for something else? Does this information get returned to us? Should we also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope like we did with the B/C?

    6. John Henry Dough and Jewellsmom: I did the process, but can't say it's worked for me in any way because I didn't have any issues that needed work. I simply wanted to clarify my status and be ready for . . . whatever.

      Decedent's SSN = your SSN without dashes.

      I'm still getting my SS money.

      You only need to send in one authenticated BC (the bond BC that's in all capital letters that you write on/endorse according to Anna's instructions), and the only thing that is returned to you is the green card acknowledging receipt of your mailing. No need for the SASE.

      Best wishes!

    7. Sending you a HUGE HUG!! Thank you for your help, Genevieve!!

    8. A man is not issued a number, the PERSON gets the number and we are the agent who applies for the number, look at any documentation. One of the definitions for Decedent is "dying". THe body is dying after we are born but not truly dead until the spirit leaves the body.

    9. Genevieve, forgot to ask, did you have to send any money along with this paperwork to get this done (other than postage)?

    10. Also, have you checked to see that a TDA account was opened as you requested? And if so, are we free to use what's in it?

    11. This question is addressed to anyone: What does this sentence mean for us when we instruct Mr Mnuchin that we are "to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liability and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT)"? How does all of this affect my home business which I have set up as an "S" Corporation? What, if anything, do I need to change there? I wish I understood all this better.

    12. C Johnson, let me first say I wish I had the time to study all this stuff so I could begin to understand it better! The more I read, it seems the more overwhelmed I get with it all! I asked the question I did because that is the verbiage Anna told us to use in a letter to Mnuchin. I wanted to understand it BEFORE I sent it to him. Glad I asked! As for my S Corp, I set it up before I knew ANY of this, and I'm looking for a way to change the status of my business to something more "user friendly". I have to have a business set up in order to continue to keep my self-directed IRA. Would it be best to shut down the S Corp and set it up as something else? But what would be best to remain under the radar as much as possible?

      Why would Anna tell us to use such verbiage? Seems the more I get involved in this process the more confused I get! Thank you for your response to my questions. I got a letter from the IRS today telling me I owe over $3K in back taxes. I don't think I'm yet in a position to tell them to "shove it", so I'm not sure what to do about it.

    13. I know I can't tell them to shove it, but I sure would like to. Yes, I read what they sent. I believe the tax software I used to do my 2016 taxes started this problem. I did a rollover of my IRA that year, and for some reason the software showed a little over $11K as income (which it was), but also classified it as a "rollover", which resulted in that amount not being listed as taxable income. Now they "claim" that I owe taxes on that amount. It's possible the software didn't put that amount in the correct place, and if I can't find a "code" to cover that, then I have to come up with over $3K to pay them that I don't have. I don't know if they can prove it or not. They're placing the burden of proof on me. How do I find out? You have 15 years of studying and absorbing this stuff on me, and I appreciate any guidance you can give.

    14. I have always been waaaaayyyyy too trusting of others, and it's gotten me into a lot of less than desirable situations. Not so much anymore, but I still don't know how to lawfully get around this one. Based on my conversation with them today, I think they can prove their claim. You've given me a lot to think about and I'm going to sleep on all this and see if any answers come to me. Thank you.

    15. Jewellsmom, it is all much easier than this. Just file your petition with US tax court and get an order of dismissal for LOJ. Send that in with every letter you get from them that they have no jurisdiction. Done. If you want to take action until that is processed which takes about 6 to 8 weeks, you can use Anna's process to surrender the fed person and discharge your taxes on a 1099-A today.

    16. C Johnson, I did not take your "harshness" personally. Part of my growing and learning process. No worries, and thank you for everything you sent me. I will watch and learn. :-)

    17. 1FreeMan, can you elaborate a bit for a beginner? What petition do I file, what is LOJ? I'm having problems with Anna's process to surrender the fed person, that's how this all came up! And what's the process for discharging my taxes on a 1099-A? Thank you!

    18. Jewellsmom, if you will post your email, I will send you what you need.

    19. Thank you again!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Again with the "sovereign citizen" shit.....!! Only an attorney - judge would use such a term, because of their totally distorted definitions of words....!! How about I call the judge the "GOD-KING"....!! Let's see if he likes being characterized like that...just like you do unknown..!!

    2. Yup, trident, the trolls have been deleted.

  12. Thank you, Anna, for bringing this up. This kind of answers my question on abbreviations and our initials, whether they should be included on the Certificate of Assumed Name @ 928:

    Many times in my banking and workplace arenas it was required to put initials to various paragraphs, to expressly note that I read it, "understanding" it and/or "agreeing" with it.

    I also question if our email "addresses", "usernames" and website names be on the Certificate Of Assumed Names?

  13. The Judgment on Babylon
    …5For Israel and Judah have not been abandoned by their God, the LORD of Hosts, though their land is full of guilt before the Holy One of Israel.” 6Flee from Babylon; escape with your lives! Do not be destroyed in her punishment. For this is the time of the LORD’s vengeance; He will pay her what she deserves. 7Babylon was a gold cup in the hand of the LORD, making the whole earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; therefore the nations have gone mad.…
    Berean Study Bible · Download
    Cross References
    Revelation 18:4
    Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues.

    Numbers 16:26
    And he warned the congregation, "Move away now from the tents of these wicked men. Do not touch anything that belongs to them, or you will be swept away because of all their sins."

    Isaiah 48:20
    Leave Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans! Declare it with a shout of joy, proclaim it, let it go out to the ends of the earth, saying, "The LORD has redeemed His servant Jacob!"

    Isaiah 63:4
    For the day of vengeance was in My heart, and the year of My redemption had come.

    Jeremiah 25:14
    For many nations and great kings will enslave them, and I will repay them according to their deeds and according to the work of their hands.'"

    Jeremiah 48:6
    Flee! Run for your lives! Become like a juniper in the desert.'

    Jeremiah 50:8
    Flee from the midst of Babylon; depart from the land of the Chaldeans; be like the he-goats that lead the flock.

    Jeremiah 50:15
    Raise a war cry against her on every side! She has thrown up her hands in surrender; her towers have fallen; her walls are torn down. Since this is the vengeance of the LORD, take out your vengeance upon her; as she has done, do the same to her.

    Jeremiah 50:28
    Listen to the fugitives and refugees from the land of Babylon, declaring in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God, the vengeance for His temple.

    Jeremiah 51:36
    Therefore, this is what the LORD says: "Behold, I will plead your case and take vengeance on your behalf; I will dry up her sea and make her springs run dry.

    1. Even here, if I recall correctly, Babylon was at one time a spiritual city, but was overtaken with paganism. And here it still refers to spirituality. It was a city in Iraq; Ive seen pictures of it and it is dry, worthless, parched and a shambles.
      I believe it was later taken to Rome and re-established and that is why Rome continues to this day to display many many of those old pagan religious remnants, as well as many of their religious beliefs, such as sprinkling of infants and other such rituals.

  14. Jeremiah 51:45
    Come out from among her, My people! Save your lives, each of you, from the fierce anger of the LORD.

    Jeremiah 51:56
    For a destroyer is coming against her--against Babylon. Her warriors will be captured, and their bows will be broken, for the LORD is a God of retribution; He will repay in full.

    Lamentations 3:64
    You will pay them back what they deserve, O LORD, according to the work of their hands.

    Zechariah 2:7
    "Get up, O Zion! Escape, you who dwell with the Daughter of Babylon."

    Matthew Henry Commentary
    51:1-58 The particulars of this prophecy are dispersed and interwoven, and the same things left and returned to again. Babylon is abundant in treasures, yet neither her waters nor her wealth shall secure her. Destruction comes when they did not think of it. Wherever we are, in the greatest depths, at the greatest distances, we are to remember the Lord our God; and in the times of the greatest fears and hopes, it is most needful to remember the Lord. The feeling excited by Babylon's fall is the same with the New Testament Babylon, Re 18:9,19. The ruin of all who support idolatry, infidelity, and superstition, is needful for the revival of true godliness; and the threatening prophecies of Scripture yield comfort in this view. The great seat of antichristian tyranny, idolatry, and superstition, the persecutor of true Christians, is as certainly doomed to destruction as ancient Babylon. Then will vast multitudes mourn for sin, and seek the Lord. Then will the lost sheep of the house of Israel be brought back to the fold of the good Shepherd, and stray no more. And the exact fulfilment of these ancient prophecies encourages us to faith in all the promises and prophecies of the sacred Scriptures.

    Anna, speaks freely of departing Babylon, many of you say you are leaving the Beast system. All of you should be aware of what these passages say. Seek Him and His guidance in all matters.
    For me, i see this as more of a Spiritual departure from these entities than a physical fleeing. Being set-apart. Not self righteous, mind you. i also stumble. i also can be weak.
    As Babylon, the Beast and the False churches collapse and are revealed we will all see and feel the ramifications of these things.
    Finding strength and peace during this process is possible. Seek the Truth. Praise Yahuah!

    1. My very BIGGEST weakness right now - a follower - is dark chocolate covered almonds....😶

    2. a follower, absolutely scripture is speaking about spiritual matters, not political/worldly/matters. Babylon in scripture refers to pagan religions, generally. And warns people to not be affiliated with paganism or any other gospel than the One that Jesus brought and sent the Apostles out to teach to the People.

      Babylon refers to false religions of all kinds. Period. Those who believe filing papers releases them from Babylon are mistaken. I have no problem with folks who want to file papers, they can do that to their hearts content - - but papers will only do what papers are filed for; nothing more, nothing less.

      It will have no bearing on escaping Babylon nor the Beast, both of which are related to satan and has to do with that evil Spirit itself. None of this paperwork is related to the spirit world in any way.

  15. C Johnson, have you changed your status/record and has it actually done anything for you, like maybe, stop a traffic ticket or get rid of the IRS or stop the dog catcher. Do "they" care what your records show or do they just do as they damn well please?

  16. C. Johnson, I would love to talk to you about your friend and how he de-registered his private automobile. I would love to talk to you about all the other issues you have discussed. Is it possible to contact you directly? If you are open to the idea, please let me know how I might get in direct touch w/you.

  17. C. Johnson here is my email address if you would like to contact me directly. I tried to give that address to 1FreeMan a few days ago but I am not sure he got it. I would love to talk to you both when you have time to get in touch w/me. Thank you.

  18. Thanks C. Johnson. I will see what I can figure out.

  19. Thanks again C Johnson, I am very familiar w/all the general information discussed in this blog, I just have stayed out of "their" courts for the last fourteen years. I would just like to learn more about dealing w/these criminal bastards and getting them to leave me and we the people alone. That is what I am after. I appreciate all your input.


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