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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Reply to Sun-Tzu's "Von Reitz's Cock Block Road Block" -Poppycock

By Anna Von Reitz

Jeff Dougherty of Portland, Oregon, also known as Sun-Tzu ---- a man with no training at all in any of this, claims that there is an entity called "the united states of America" and that this is the "de jour" government of this country.  

Folks, over the past forty years I have read probably five million pages of government gobbledygook and only God knows how many historical documents and books --- and I have NEVER run across any reference to any entity styling itself as "the united states of America".   It doesn't exist.  It never has.  And I challenge Dougherty and his pals to come up with even one (1) credible historical document that shows the use of "the united states of America" to stand for this country or its government. 

The United States of America is the name of this country for international purposes and it is not the same as something calling itself "the united states of America."   

They are blowing steam and a lot of it 

Our American Government is vested in the living people of this country.  Not in commercial corporations. 

And I have already shown everyone how it works: 

The people give rise to the state republics that govern the national soil jurisdiction of this country and together the state republics form a Union of states called The United States.  This is an unincorporated Union of states and a completely different entity from any commercial corporation calling itself "the" United States, Inc. 

Notice the details.  "The United States" is not the same as "the" United States, Inc.  Use your eyes. 

At the next level up, the people of the state republics agree to act as State Jurors, which gives rise to the People of each State, who then "assemble" their State General Assembly, State Jural Assembly, and elect their State Officials to conduct their business.  The State represents the international  jurisdiction of each State of the Union.  These States then formed their own "union" --- The United States of America, which is also unincorporated. 

Again, notice the details:  "The United States of America" is not the same as "The United States of America, Inc."

As long as there are people occupying the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and claiming their birthright political status, our lawful American Government does not cease to exist or function.  It has been severely depopulated by efforts to overcome us by guile and disinformation over the years, but it still exists ---- and as I defiantly told members of the UN Security Council, as long as one American claims their birthright political status, our government is still standing by definition.  

That's how our Forefathers set it up.  So that even if 350 million people become absolutely stupid and reduced to running around like chickens in a barnyard, as long as there is one American left, our country is preserved. 

Those of us who claim our State Citizenship are owed every tittle and jot of the Constitutions and the Treaties, because we are the progeny of the "People" then and we constitute the "People" now.  Simple as that. 

So all these clueless claims and assumptions about the status of our actual government---- and which Sun-Tzu and friends are peddling as truth --is in fact poppycock.  

The de facto Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government have jobs to do and we can limit their overreaching just so long as we do ours. 

Sun-Tzu and Friends are also very mistaken about the effects of the "expatriation" I am talking about and spreading disinformation about that, too.  

There are some fools who go to U.S. Embassies and renounce "United States Citizenship" without stipulating which "United States" they expatriating from. 

You don't expatriate from your native and natural estate as a man or woman of the soil of this country represented by the union of states called The United States, do you?   No.  You don't expatriate from your State of the Union, do you?  No. 

You expatriate from Territorial United States Citizenship and Municipal United States Citizenship.  

Read the words on the paper.   

Don't make stupid assumptions of your own and then go blaming me for it. 

Every month or two, I get a desperate letter or phone call from someone who rushed down to the nearest Embassy and expatriated the wrong way with the wrong words and now find themselves trapped in a foreign hell hole unable to come home.  

I lead them through the steps to issue their own Passport as an American State Citizen and that's how they get home. 

There are three unions of states that make up the actual American Government and they are all states that literally belong to you.  Read it.  Understand it.  Remember it.  Tattoo it on your backsides, if necessary: 

The United States = state republics = people = (e)states = soil jurisdiction = national jurisdiction.  

The United States of America = States = People = international jurisdiction of land and sea. 

States of America = Federal States of States also called Confederate States because they operated under The Articles of Confederation = commercial corporations chartered by the States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Alabama, etc. designed to do work for our States in the global jurisdiction of the air --- commerce.  These are the "States" that are missing. 

And that we need to reconstruct. 

(1) You are in control of your destiny and the destiny of your country; and (2) You earn your rights by accepting your duty to serve your actual American Government and failing that, you have no rights; (3) You haven't been taught this in public school so you have to listen up and learn fast, because my generation is passing--- and then its all up to you. 

God help us! 

Armchair pundits and "Patriots" without real knowledge are almost as bad as Undeclared Federal Agents, and maybe worse.  

If you want to help, get off your duffs and read and think and act like full grown men.  

If a little old lady can use her real name --- all of it, all versions of it --- and take responsibility for her words, so can you.  If a little old lady can learn this stuff, so can you.  If a Great-Grandma can stand off the Feds and reclaim her country, so can you!  

So stop spreading a bunch of confusion and rot, and knuckle down and do what needs doing.  Get yourself disentangled from these European con artists.  Get your State Assemblies up and running. Mind your own store.  And learn how to be responsible, straight forward, honest men again.


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More Idiocy from Jeff Dougherty, aka Sun-Tzu

By Anna Von Reitz

These guys hiding fearfully behind their little pseudonyms and spewing garbage about me really are pathetic.  It's not even the Messenger that counts.  It's the message that counts. 

I could be the Devil himself but if the information I give you is true, then it's true.  And it is true. You can check it all out for yourselves and use your own logic circuits.

People who hide behind pseudonyms like: Sun-Tzu and Katman and Virgo Triad are not to be trusted. 

Think about it. 

Jeff Dougherty of Portland, Oregon, alias "Sun-Tzu"  is probably hiding under his bed right now, worried that the Federales are going to break down his door and take him away. 

And he should be afraid, because he hasn't taken my advice and hasn't expatriated from Federal Citizenship.  So he is still under their thumb, and doesn't have any evidence otherwise. 

Jeff Dougherty doesn't own his own name. He can't even prove that he's Jeff Dougherty and not somebody called Sam Smith. 

Despite this handicap he is telling you who he thinks I am. 

Here is what I think and teach: 

Someone who won't bear responsibility for the words they say is not anyone to put faith in. 

I have told you that the American Government created the Federal Government to provide certain enumerated services to the States and People of this country. 

That is self-evident from the existence of the Constitutions and the content of the Constitutions.  

The States agreed to delegate 19  "powers" to the Federal Government so that the Federal Government could exercise those powers and provide those services. 

Any school child can see that this is so-- but these grown men want to argue about it? 

Now, obviously, if the States didn't have the powers to grant in the first place, no Federal Government could exist.   And if the American Government apart from the Federal Government does not exist, then there is nobody and nothing for the Federal Government to serve, is there? 

It's like saying there is pony poop without a pony. 

That's what they are trying to sell you.  

But the existence of the Federal Government is proof of the American Government giving rise to it.  Just like the poop is proof of the pony. 

Now that we've dispensed with that, I am not a Federal Citizen of any kind.  I am an American State Citizen and as you all learned from the YouTube about State Citizenship that Richard McDonald made 20-plus years ago, the Federales admit it, too. 

I am not the only one teaching you about State Citizenship and the structure of the actual American Government.  Go listen to Richard McDonald.  Go listen to the John Birch Society.  They have been telling you the truth for decades but again, the propagandists have demonized and lied about all of those telling you the simple truth about your own history and Government.  

Why? To make money off of you. To better tax and enslave you. To control you. To deny you your constitutional guarantees.  To fleece you of your assets. To make you subject to the Queen and the Pope-- both. 

That's their agenda. 

My agenda is to wake you up and set you free and since I have provided you with the tools and the logic, the rest is up to you. 

I work for the American Government -- not the Federal Government.  I am a State Judge, not a State of State Judge. 

No mysteries and no lies, and I can assure you that if I were wrong about this or the least bit confused about my authority or my jurisdiction, the Federales would be on my doorstep by morning, arresting me for impersonating a Judge. 

So, here I am. Four years in Office and counting.  Two years to go on a six year term and counting the days....and training more lawyers to do the same. 

Jeff Dougherty and these other "experts" are looking for apples in the citrus bin, and they are so confused they can't tell the difference even when you point it out to them. Repeatedly. 

Or maybe they aren't confused. Maybe they are just more Undeclared Foreign Agents. More professional Liars. 

Either way, they are full of that pony poop I was talking about earlier. 

I am obviously not working for any commercial corporation or suggesting that you should, either. 

I am in fact suggesting just the opposite-- that you formally expatriate from any "presumed" obligation to serve the British Crown Corp, and while you are at it, resign from any duty owed to the Pope and his Municipal United States Government-- aka "the" United State, Inc. 

Which I don't work for and never have worked for. 

You are all already "deemed" to be nothing but chattel owned by these two commercial corporations-- and to be (a) subjects of the Queen or (b) slaves of the Pope. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reclaiming your Good Name and claiming your birthright political status. If you aren't an employee or dependent of the Federal Government you have no reason to subject yourself to their foreign jurisdiction. 

Come home. Build up your own American Government. Repopulate your State of the Union.  Operate your Public Offices.  Hold your elections. Enforce the Public Law. Enforce the Constitution. Be Americans. 

Help to finish the Reconstruction of the actual Federal States of States and you will be helping everyone concerned. 

Grandma Anna is standing here on her flat little feet taking full responsibility for every word.  You have my name, my address, my email and my telephone number. 


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For Eric Jon Phelps

From Anna Von Reitz

I must say you have an enviable and unusual grasp of history, but in terms of this country and its situation you need to go all the way back to the Civil War and the never-completed Reconstruction.  The Emergency Banking Act in 1934 is a Territorial United States fraud scheme, but the basis of the fraud--what allowed it in the first place --was the unfinished business of the Civil War. 

As for the Holy Roman Empire claws sunk into our government, I also suggest you research the history of the Post Office and in particular, the history of "the United States Company" which morphed into "the United States, Inc."

Beware the Words "Civil Liberties"

By Anna Von Reitz

When you see the words, "Civil Liberties" you know for sure that Federal Citizens are being discussed ---- not American State Citizens.  

That is because only Federal Citizens are subject to Civil, that is, Roman Law, and also because "liberty" is what they are limited to enjoy.  Liberty is a "privilege" granted by an overlord or military commander, at their whim and discretion ----as in sailors given "liberty" while in port. 

Freedom, not liberty, is what American State Nationals and American State Citizens enjoy.  

Federal Citizens lobby endlessly for freedom and all they ever get is liberty.  That is all that their system of government allows.  

Thus, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. lobbied for "equal Civil Rights" owed to black Americans who were already carrying the burden of Federal Citizenship. 

Federal Citizens of all kinds and colors continue the quest for freedom and equality and decent treatment from their employers --- the Territorial and Municipal Commercial Corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia and Washington, DC.  

We can and we should help them in their quest and we should act to ease their burdens.  These "Persons" who live and work among us, who are legitimately subject to the Statutory Laws of the States of States, deserve our help and sympathy and deserve to be educated about all this history and the issues along with everyone else.  

Those of us who can must take up the mantel of State Citizenship, but never forget those who are,  for one reason or another, legitimately in Federal Servitude. They on their part need to remember their Employers --- us, and the vital role that we play in preserving the freedoms that they also wish to enjoy when they retire from Federal Service.  

It is called "Federal Service" for a reason.  

They just announced another victory against the Territorial States of States which have gone crazy with various kinds of asset forfeiture schemes designed to confiscate private property belonging to Federal Citizens.  Although we, American State Citizens, are not subject to Statutory Laws and do not belong in their courts at all, every victory on every level that promotes respect for private asset interests helps secure those blessings for everyone concerned and helps restrain the mendacious polyglot mentality of far too many State of State Legislatures. 

 Announcing Victory (for Federal Citizens) 


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5 G --- the "Stupidest Idea in the History of the World"

By Anna Von Reitz

Agreed.  If only because 5 G towers and antennae can be weaponized to kill off most of the population.  Read on. 

I have been approached on several occasions by madmen involved in "Career Science" --- a byword for "Deep State Politically-Motivated Junk Science".  These are the same crowd that brought you Maxwell's (Incomplete) Equations, and Einstein's obviously wrong "Theory of Special Relativity" and the Double Accrual Accounting System and the completely ludicrous idea that Carbon Dioxide is causing "Global Warming".  

I'd like to plunge them all head first into the twelve foot snow berm at the end of my driveway about now.  

Much of what these professional liars in lab coats do is to cook the books on scientific test results for Big Business interests --- military contractors, communications industry moguls, transportation industry interests, and of course, Big Pharma.  

Lots and lots for them work for "the government" -- and the commercial corporations that run what too often poses for "the government".  

Because I started my life as a happy and clueless mathematician, I have a lot of Geek friends.  We do stuff like deconstruct torroidal algorithms and work fractal system geometry problems for fun.  We think memorizing the 32 naturally occurring crystal forms is cool.  So granted, it's a weird set of cocktail party jokes....

For some time now, the scuttlebutt in some circles is a plan to use scalar technology called "slice and dice" staged from naval ships and submarines to send out "kill signals" to radios and other electrical devices like cell phones. 

This is like a biological EMP.  It's a electrical resonance frequency that interferes with the electrical signal that prompts your heart to beat and your nerve synapses to function.  So, boom, your heart stops functioning and you drop down dead.  Like all those flocks of birds falling out of the sky for no reason. 

If they issue such a signal to cell phones they can limit the impact to the "local environment" --- meaning only you or someone in very close proximity gets zapped.  

About two months ago, I was approached by someone claiming to be "the Archangel Michael" ---- but he didn't pass angelic signals to me --- who suggested that it was time to start killing off billions of people.  It would be accomplished by building up a tremendous charge in the 5 G frequency and then applying it as a girdle around the most densely populated part of the Earth --- a swath of about 30-35 degrees of latitude on either side of the Equator. 

He estimated that it would take out about 4.5 billion people.  

There was no mention of screening or any attempt to tell any difference between the good or the bad, just a mass murder of staggering proportions. 

I gave him a stern warning about the interstellar consequences of doing anything like that, but it doesn't appear that he is listening and neither are certain Parties on the Majestic side of the Galactic Council.  So I will reiterate the facts for everyone again. 

There is an in-bound Andromedan-Aquarian Alliance Fleet and if they find that any such thing has been done here, they have orders to hunt down and destroy not only the pirates responsible, but the civilizations supporting this genocidal insanity.  Meaning all the home worlds, too.  Their technology is far superior and advanced over anything here. 

Moon base?  Did you hear that clearly?  
Houston?  You get that signal?  

Just stop the idiotic saber rattling and stand down.  

The time for the changing of the guards in this insane asylum is here and there is nothing you can do about it.  You either take the High Road, or you go out feet first.  Your choice, but if I were you, I'd go home and sit in front of the fireside with my family.  

Thanks for sharing this article, People!  

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”


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Residency, Public, and Free

By Anna Von Reitz

I listen occasionally to conservative media, including some of the popular radio talk show hosts like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh --- not often, but once in a while. I do so mainly to see if any of them ever figure out what actually happened in this country ---- HOW our freedoms and money and everything else has been parted from us and by whom.
So far, not.
But my curiosity exposes me to their callers, and I hear these men and women with voices choked up, almost in tears because they are in such distress over the mess this country is in, and I hear them say things that show how confused they are.
Today, there was a caller on one of the talk shows talking about "Public Service" and what that is supposed to mean.
Another was talking about this "free Nation".
And still another was talking about being a "resident".
Remember the Fence? Americans on one side (the land side) and U.S. Citizens on the other (the sea side)?
Okay, and you also remember that a "resident" is a temporary sojourner or "inhabitant"? If you are a "resident" or an "inhabitant" you are just passing through? Got that?
Now put it all together ---- when U.S. Citizens are on our turf, they are "residents", that is, temporary "inhabitants" of our land jurisdiction.
When we are at sea, we are "residing" in their watery jurisdiction and are temporary "inhabitants" of the Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES.
So the meaning of the word "resident" depends on which side of the fence you are on. They are residents with respect to us and we are residents with respect to them.
To know what the word "resident" means in any given context, you have to pay attention to who is speaking.
Territorial Government Agents consider you a "resident" of their States of States. Municipal Government Agents consider you a "Non-Resident Alien". And you, if you are educated and thinking straight, consider all of them "residents" in your States, as well.
So when they call you a "Resident" or say that you have "residency" in their State of State, you want to object and take exception to that presumption, and say --- no, I am not resident in your State of State, you are resident in my State, instead.
For example, "No, I am not a resident of the State of Minnesota. I am a Minnesotan. I live here on the land and soil and this is my permanent homestead and domicile."
Since they are standing on your soil, it is suddenly pretty hard for them to bluff their way through and pretend that you are "residing" in their State of State instead.
Our States are populated (not inhabited), so that is one helpful way to cut through the verbal maze.
"No, Judge Whitaker, I am part of the population of Maine, not an inhabitant of the Territorial State of Maine."
The concept of a "free Nation" is similar. A "Nation" by definition can mean the People populating a specific geographically defined State, or it can mean a "dependent sovereignty" within a Nation or State.
American State Citizens live in Free States as Minnesotans, New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, etc.
U.S Citizens live in a "dependent sovereignty" that they also call a "nation" --- but it is a nation of Legal Persons, not People.
Thus, American State Citizens live on the land and soil of their respective States and state republics.
U.S. Citizens live in Territorial democracies called "States of States" like "State of Iowa".
Citizens of the United States and US CITIZENS all live in Municipal oligarchies called "STATES OF STATES" like the "STATE OF FLORIDA".
So, again----which nation are you talking about, and is it a free nation, or a dependent sovereignty calling itself a "nation"?
The dependent nature of all the "state of state" entities is revealed by the fact that you can't have a "State of Minnesota" without first having (and maintaining) a "Minnesota".
Minnesotans are a Free Nation, but within Minnesota and living side by side with Minnesotans are various dependent "nations" that are not free at all.
The Persons inhabiting the State of Minnesota and their State of State Government are a dependent nation. Ditto ditto the PERSONS inhabiting the Municipal STATES OF STATES. These persons are not free. At best, they experience liberty --- which is what ship captains give their crews in port --- if and when they please.
Finally, some poor guy, a veteran almost in tears was talking about "the Public" and "Public Service" and "Public Servants".
Again --- which "Public" are you talking about?
If you consent to register as a Voter and vote in "State of Maine" elections, that's the "Public" you are promoting, and "service" to that "Public" means loyalty to the British Territorial State of State and the British Crown Commercial Corporation running the "State of Maine".
Not quite the "Public" our almost-to-tears caller means to invoke, is it?
In fact, their "Public" is our "Private", and our "Public" is their "Private" sector. It's like a mirror.
They have contrived and coerced and hoodwinked so many people into their word maze, and into unknowingly supporting their private commercial corporation enterprises doing business as "States of States", that our actual States and our Lawful Government and those enforcing the Public Law are few and far between.
We have to wake up, folks. We have to turn this around, because right now, it's upside down.
"Public Service" to a State of State organization literally means service to their own private benefit and the benefit of their commercial corporations. "Private Service" to a State of State organization means service to us, the actual Public.
So you can talk about the need for better "Public Service" to these people all day long, and to their ears, you are exhorting them to be more predatory, to steal more, to oppress more, to benefit themselves more. They hear this plea for Public Service in the same sense that a bull services a cow.
What you want is for them to attend to their "Private Service" instead ---- that is, their service owed to us.
What our tearful veteran needs is to come home and attend to our own Public Service, by expatriating from all presumed "US citizenship", by booting up his State Assembly, including his State Jural Assembly, and enforcing the actual Public Law owed to this country and its people.


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The Fence

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I described the difference between "US Citizens" and American State Citizens as being on two sides of a fence?  

Well, that "fence" is actually the separation between the international jurisdiction of the land which belongs to our States and the international jurisdiction of the sea which is largely (but not entirely) operated via delegation of our own "powers" ----by the British Territorial United States.   

That's where the interface between the American Government and the British Territorial United States Government lies --- the fence between international jurisdiction on the land and international jurisdiction on the sea. 

According to the Treaties leading up to the Constitutions, including the Territorial Constitution, the British Monarch is supposed to be acting as our Trustee and Protector whenever we venture out on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters"  --that is, in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

Instead, the Constitutions have been Breached by both the British Monarchs and the Popes responsible for maintaining and honoring the limitations of the Municipal United States Constitution, too. 

The demand that the predatory acts and false commercial claims against us must cease has to be carried forward by those of us competent to act as State Citizens, because the State Citizens known as the People, are the parties to and designers of the constitutional agreements and the only ones who can enforce them.  

Thanks to self-interested falsification of our individual records, we have all been misidentified as "U.S. Citizens" of one kind or another, a political status that prevents us from acting as State Citizens and keeps us from taking valid action to enforce the Constitutions.  

They not only robbed us, they also bound and gagged us.  

Lucky for us, the international land jurisdiction still stands, and we can -- if we wake up and do the work, reclaim our birthright political status.  

We can repopulate the actual States of this country. 

We can enforce the Public Law, including the Constitutions. 

We can take back all the property interests and rights that have been purloined by fraud.  

Your State belongs to you when you act as the People and clamber back over to your side of the fence.  

And you owe no duty to the Queen when you do.  Instead, the Queen owes duty to you. 


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Why Federal Dual Citizenship Does Not Protect You

By Anna Von Reitz

Some of the sharper tools in the shed have asked me, but, if the Federales allow Dual Citizenship, why doesn't our State Citizenship protect us no matter what?  Isn't it just a matter of wearing two different hats?  

That's the way things worked until the 1940's when the Municipal United States began usurping power never delegated to it and operating outside the boundaries set for it and establishing Municipal STATES OF STATES and creating incorporated US CITIZENS for itself.  

Before 1939-40, Americans were "presumed" to be American State Citizens and Territorial United States Citizens, both, owing citizenship obligations to both the actual State and the Territorial Government.   The Constitutional guarantees owed to your State were honored in Territorial United States Courts -- that is, the Military District Courts. 

But after 1940 another expansion of the Great Fraud occurred (see the Buck Act of 1940) and instead of being "presumed" to be an American State Citizen and a Territorial United States Citizen under Dual Citizenship provisions, you were instead "presumed" to be both a Territorial United States Citizen and a Municipal United States Citizen.  

Unless you come forward and provide "superior evidence" against these legal presumptions, you are not "presumed" to be an American State National nor an American State Citizen at all. 

In fact, according to these Liars, the American States and People no longer exist.  All that exists is chattel belonging to two foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, and you are all obligated to serve them and give them anything they want.  

So, time to get on your broomsticks and do something about their shameless lies and behavior.  You have to formally and on the record claim your birthright political status or you are considered to be just one kind or another of "Federal Citizen", having no access to the Public Law and no Constitutional guarantees, and no private property.  

It's time to bring the hammer down on the bureaucrats responsible for these travesties and upon the commercial corporations and foreign governments responsible and upon the military that has sat on its rump and let this occur on their watch.

Now that you are aware of the fraud being committed against you, it's time to take action.  

The other reason that you need to take action to adopt your birthright political status as American State Citizens is that only American State Citizens can complete the reconstruction of the actual intended Federal States of States and thereby restore the government we are owed.  

Because the actual States don't allow Dual Citizenship at all, it is necessary for those of us who act as State Citizens to fully divest or set aside by proxy (as when you name Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for the ACCOUNT associated with YOUR NAME) all duties and obligations owed to the Federal United States..  

Our States don't allow us to act for two Masters at the same time, so for that reason, it is necessary to have nothing more to do with any Dual Citizenship at all.  


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Minnesota Rule 220

By Anna Von Reitz

Minnesota Rule 220 is an administrative rule of the Territorial State of Minnesota which provides that a man can establish his identity by providing sworn or affirmed testimony from two Witnesses having reasonable first hand knowledge of his identity. 

In practical terms, you should have two Witnesses who have reasonable first hand knowledge of who you are and where you come from that matches the details on the Birth Certificate. 

Reasonable Witnesses for this purpose include: 

1. Your parents; 
2. Your other close relatives; 
3. Your long term friends and classmates; 
4. Your long term employers and workmates; 
5. Pastors and priests who have known you for seven or more years; 
6. Public officials who have known you for seven or more years; 

Because the Territorial States of States are all just franchises of the Federal Territorial Commercial Corporation they all honor each other's rules and so a rule in Minnesota or a certification process allowed in Oregon is-- unless specifically disallowed by your Territorial State of State ---  honored,  and in this case, allowed as evidence establishing a man's identity. 

I know of no State of State which has objected to honoring evidence as provided under Minnesota Rule 220. 

The actual wording used in Minnesota Rule 220 is extremely simple and you can read it for yourselves -- just web search for "Minnesota Rule 220". 

As I pointed out recently there are three pieces of paperwork needed to seize control of your Trade Name and Assumed Names and re-convey them to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State.  

And there are also three pieces of paperwork that prove that you are "the" John Tyler Brown being referenced: (1) the BC giving the details of where and when "a" certain John Tyler Brown was born; (2) and two competent Witness Testaments affirming that you are the owner/operator of the Lawful Person (Trade Name) who was born on the day and at the place shown on the BC.  

The Witness Testaments affirming your identity fulfill Minnesota Rule 220. 

The basic pieces of paper involved establish your identity and your political status and capacity and ownership interests.  They place you and your various Names firmly under the Public Law and outside the Statutory Law.  They provide you with "superior evidence" of who you are and where you are coming from and what you are owed. 

(1)  "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" ---establishes that your Trade Name is being officially removed from the international jurisdiction of the sea and from foreign places like Puerto Rico, and returned to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth State --- not a "State of State", the actual land jurisdiction State of the Union.  This repatriates your Good Name to the land and soil jurisdiction. 

(2) Expatriation Act  --- establishes that you willingly expatriate from any and all Federal Territorial and Municipal citizenship obligations and duties and return to your birthright political status.  This declares that you are not voluntarily acting in any capacity as a federal employee or dependent or franchisee. 

(3) Certificate of Assumed Names -- establishes your interest in and ownership of the various assumed names and assets attached to them which you have used in the course of your lifetime, and as you repatriate them also to the land and soil jurisdiction, you "re-flag" them as American assets, all owed the Constitutional protections and guarantees. 

(4) A certified or authenticated Birth Certificate providing the details of your actual nativity--- where, when, and parentage.  This is a private document that you don't record, but which you present as evidence of the physical event. 

(5) Two Witness Testaments affirming from without the United States and under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America,  that you are "the" John Tyler Brown (or whatever your Proper Name is) who was born on such and such a day and place and that they have reasonable first-hand knowledge of the facts. 

 And that is the only big deal about Minnesota Rule 220.  Fulfillment of it is included in the basic documents.  There is no real need to reference it unless your evidence is called into question, whereupon it helps to know that you have fulfilled Minnesota Rule 220.  This is basically saying, "Hey, it's good enough evidence in Minnesota, equal protection under the law applies...." 


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