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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Minnesota Rule 220

By Anna Von Reitz

Minnesota Rule 220 is an administrative rule of the Territorial State of Minnesota which provides that a man can establish his identity by providing sworn or affirmed testimony from two Witnesses having reasonable first hand knowledge of his identity. 

In practical terms, you should have two Witnesses who have reasonable first hand knowledge of who you are and where you come from that matches the details on the Birth Certificate. 

Reasonable Witnesses for this purpose include: 

1. Your parents; 
2. Your other close relatives; 
3. Your long term friends and classmates; 
4. Your long term employers and workmates; 
5. Pastors and priests who have known you for seven or more years; 
6. Public officials who have known you for seven or more years; 

Because the Territorial States of States are all just franchises of the Federal Territorial Commercial Corporation they all honor each other's rules and so a rule in Minnesota or a certification process allowed in Oregon is-- unless specifically disallowed by your Territorial State of State ---  honored,  and in this case, allowed as evidence establishing a man's identity. 

I know of no State of State which has objected to honoring evidence as provided under Minnesota Rule 220. 

The actual wording used in Minnesota Rule 220 is extremely simple and you can read it for yourselves -- just web search for "Minnesota Rule 220". 

As I pointed out recently there are three pieces of paperwork needed to seize control of your Trade Name and Assumed Names and re-convey them to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State.  

And there are also three pieces of paperwork that prove that you are "the" John Tyler Brown being referenced: (1) the BC giving the details of where and when "a" certain John Tyler Brown was born; (2) and two competent Witness Testaments affirming that you are the owner/operator of the Lawful Person (Trade Name) who was born on the day and at the place shown on the BC.  

The Witness Testaments affirming your identity fulfill Minnesota Rule 220. 

The basic pieces of paper involved establish your identity and your political status and capacity and ownership interests.  They place you and your various Names firmly under the Public Law and outside the Statutory Law.  They provide you with "superior evidence" of who you are and where you are coming from and what you are owed. 

(1)  "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" ---establishes that your Trade Name is being officially removed from the international jurisdiction of the sea and from foreign places like Puerto Rico, and returned to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth State --- not a "State of State", the actual land jurisdiction State of the Union.  This repatriates your Good Name to the land and soil jurisdiction. 

(2) Expatriation Act  --- establishes that you willingly expatriate from any and all Federal Territorial and Municipal citizenship obligations and duties and return to your birthright political status.  This declares that you are not voluntarily acting in any capacity as a federal employee or dependent or franchisee. 

(3) Certificate of Assumed Names -- establishes your interest in and ownership of the various assumed names and assets attached to them which you have used in the course of your lifetime, and as you repatriate them also to the land and soil jurisdiction, you "re-flag" them as American assets, all owed the Constitutional protections and guarantees. 

(4) A certified or authenticated Birth Certificate providing the details of your actual nativity--- where, when, and parentage.  This is a private document that you don't record, but which you present as evidence of the physical event. 

(5) Two Witness Testaments affirming from without the United States and under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America,  that you are "the" John Tyler Brown (or whatever your Proper Name is) who was born on such and such a day and place and that they have reasonable first-hand knowledge of the facts. 

 And that is the only big deal about Minnesota Rule 220.  Fulfillment of it is included in the basic documents.  There is no real need to reference it unless your evidence is called into question, whereupon it helps to know that you have fulfilled Minnesota Rule 220.  This is basically saying, "Hey, it's good enough evidence in Minnesota, equal protection under the law applies...." 


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  1. THE TRUTH ABOUT MINNESOTA RULE 220 A good explanation..

  2. Great Anna
    I'll start this process immediately, just one question...
    Is there any way that the 2 witness testament documents should be typed up? and where do i submit these documents?

    Kimberly Bonds

    1. Kimberly...the short And we is NO....When I went to jail for a few months, there are no notories in there, only other inmates...and every time I wrote to the judge, prosecutor, court clerk, and the city treasurer and auditor, I simply had two inmates sign there names as witnesses to my paperwork....and apparently it works because one thing about being in jail that no one takes advantage of is that every inmate has the right to communicate with the judge and court officers directly...and by law they cannot refuse delivery like they can if fighting from home...!! I even sent a letter to the "Watch Commander", who is the highest Sherriff in the jail system that runs his jail and even threatened him with fraud and criminal activities....thats when I starting hearing that they were planning on sending me to a mental never happened , but when all else fails, they will work on your FEAR...!! Two witnesses I my opinion works even better than a notary because they are real men and woman that have no "nexus" with the Corp State or their false corporate names...."persons"..!! If you can do that in jail imagine how much more effective it would be if you are free at home...!!

    2. James, I appreciate the extent that you are a true American veteran of the war on freedom.

  3. Paul or Anna
    I have a couple questions.
    Please see my second donation reply today 2-21-19


  4. Sunday night Status Correctipn Help call
    8pm est till whenever
    Please join us, we have help from people going through the process , there are rescources available to help with this process.

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    All welcome
    Its free. It doesnt hurt . We are doing this because it can be daunting to do alone without others with experience to ask questions of. Anna asked me in articles 519 and 520 to " run , don' t walk" in regards to getting my status corrected and forming the Jural Assemblies".. Here I am .

    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084

  5. I had my mother rescind her signature on my BC for fraud, had it notarized and register mailed it the SOS where the event of record happened. I am done with all the BS. I don't care to be a creditor/debtor/beneficiary for a FIAT system. To me it seems pretty simple. GET RID OF THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT!

  6. If Minnesosta law is good for all states, then why are some states still having problems with passing pot laws.....i don't believe that law one bit, or no one will ever recoginize it in states that refuse to obey "Public Law", Public Policy, or any law whatsoever if they want....what are you going to do about it Anna....nothing....!!!

  7. james Public law and Public Policy corruption and you think its all up to Anna??The more people that correct their status and join the Assemblies at their own states and fill the vacated seats STRIPPING the UNAUTHORIZED power from the CORPORATE stoolies and bringing it BACK to the land WHERE it belongs and NOT drag there hind ends DOING IT the sooner PEOPLE will QUIT making it sound like Anna has a ton of EXTRA time to hold every ones hands while some = think she should do more = REALLY nuff said.................................