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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reply IV to Sun Tzu, aka, Jeff Dougherty

By Anna Von Reitz

The reason that you sign over the Federal ACCOUNT represented by YOUR NAME to the Fiduciary responsibility of the Secretary of the Treasury is just common sense. 

It makes Mnuchin and his successors legally responsible for administering that Federal ACCOUNT --- not you, and severs you from any possible accusation of wrong-doing associated with that ACCOUNT.  

So when any charges are brought against that ACCOUNT, criminal or civil, in any State of State  or Federal Court, what do you do?  

You stand outside the bar -- the railing separating the court from the gallery of onlookers.  You are serving as a Witness in the matter, not a Defendant. 

You show up, you say, "I, a man possessing the name John Allen Brown,  am visiting this court today as a Lawful Person and placing everything I say and present as evidence by, for, and on the Public Record of this court as a Third Party informing the court that a mistake has been corrected and that the DEFENDANT ACCOUNT has been assigned to the Secretary of the Treasury and any claims or charges against this DEFENDANT must be addressed to Secretary Mnunchin.  I also testify for the record and from without the United States  that I have not knowingly made any such claim or charges and have not authorized the Prosecutor to make any.  If there is evidence otherwise let it come forward and let this copy of Federal Form 56 dated ______ be entered into the public record." 

You, an American standing on the land and soil of your State of the Union shouldn't even have a Federal ACCOUNT, but one has been "conferred" upon you.  Sending it back to the Federales and making them responsible for IT is the only safe and honest thing you can do.  It's not yours to deal with. 

When they conferred it, they made you the de facto Donor and unpaid administrator of your own estate, while they took over as the beneficiaries and Trustees of your estate. 

If they fail to administer it properly after you assign it to Mnuchin, its the Treasury's liability. By assigning it to Mnuchin you shed that unpaid "duty" as administrator and any beneficial interest there may be in that account is still yours to claim as the "presumed" Donor.  

If the State of State Courts bring charges against that ACCOUNT, its their liability, and they have to bring those charges to Secretary of the Treasury --- not to you.  If their State of State franchise brings charges against that ACCOUNT they have to charge their parent company directly, not you.  

Guess how long it takes for the TSTHTF after the States of States start charging DC instead of you?  

By turning in that Form 56, you are shuffling off an unpaid administrative duty and liability, placing a bar in the way of these carpetbagger courts preventing them from coming after you and your assets, and you are establishing further credibility for your claim that you are in fact an American and not a "US Citizen".  

And now that you aren't "volunteering" anymore to act as an unpaid administrator of your own estate, you can press your claim as the presumed "Donor" of your own estate to receive it back.  Safely.  Properly.  With no threats from your employees. 

So, Mr. Dougherty, hiding behind your pen name, so much for your nasty false claims and wrong assumptions.  But what could I expect from someone promoting NESARA as any kind of likely resolution to this mess, more than three decades after the US Supreme Court agreed that we were right, but that the parties responsible were insolvent?  

You weren't there.  I was.  And so far as I know, and as far as the Public Record shows, there is absolutely no motion toward the enactment of NESARA and hasn't been for twenty or more years.  

I would be extremely pleased if  NESARA was adopted, but..... unless you can prove otherwise, that's like expecting Scrooge McDuck to voluntarily part with his gold.  It's time to face facts and change your masthead.  And your attitude.  And your assumptions.  


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    Enter the access code: 443602

    Stop sitting on the fence , you will get splinters

    Status correction help..

    Sundays @ 8pm est till whenever

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    1. Hi Kevin. I tried to email you at but was told your address was not valid. ??? Is there another address you can be reached at? Will try the call-in number on Sunday.

  2. I can make a change in any state as a constituent demanding "NESARA". Ff any of u can got her info to contact Anna Von Reitz please share. :)

    1. Anna's contact info is in here:
      See this article and over 1500 others on Anna's website here:
      I suggest you study her work and not bother the lady... If you take the time to learn from her site, there really is no need to contact her personally.

  3. N.E.S.A.R.A.

    Can't we as the Living come out of LEGAL FICTIONLAND and Govern ourselves on the Land? An ACT is not Public Law and will surely never resemble any such thing when enacted by a foreign Congress, that has no obligation to the People and a body who considers it's own citizens enemies.
    Fire them all and get new employees!


  4. I love that part about the feds getting the trouble,and not me. Yes . Thanks. I was wondering about sending that form 56 in .

  5. Today i got the green card back from sending my documents registered mail with a return receipt to the secretary of the treasury and there was no signature on it .It was mailed out december 6th .It is stamped february 12th Ogden utah IRS OSC recieved The package was sent to the treasury in DC and was stamped in Utah.This means that the IRS form 56 is in the hands of the IRS .I have the original which means the IRS has been NOTIFIED that mnuchin is now responsible for ANY infractions brought against the trade name BC that was canceled to mnuchin . And i videoed the whole packet at the post office in front of the postmaster who wittnesed FRONT AND BACK of every document that went in to the manila envelope to Steven T Mnuchin . VIDEOED entire process .Iwill now give Steven ten days to credit my new account Which i might mention is the REGISTERED number on that registered mail packet RECORDED VIDEO

    1. According to this they have 10 mini Washington DC's set up throughout the country - How does this affect the process - Does it all roll back to DC or hold these region representatives feet to the fire and assign back to that region
      After reading the information you will see what I am asking
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. If you watch this video you will see in here this is how they broke up the country into regions as per the UN Agenda 21 plans
      In reading the below you will see where they have completely erased the southern borders - so all this crap about a border wall is complete bullshit
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Anna wrote:
    "By assigning it to Mnuchin you shed that unpaid "duty" as administrator and any beneficial interest there may be in that account is still yours to claim as the "presumed" Donor."

    If there is a "donor," then there is a trust that results from the donor's gift.

    The donor is the grantor (or settlor) of the trust. A grantor can make himself a trustee in the trust indenture, although this is not often done with regard to statutory trusts (but often done with ecclesiastical trusts because of the biblical principle that a man is a steward for Christ of all the property under his control). Or the grantor can appoint another as a trustee, but that trustee must accept the appointment.

    A grantor may also appoint himself as a beneficiary of the trust, although this is not usually done. I believe that if a grantor wants to retain a beneficial interest in the trust, he should express that in a written indenture, because the usual purpose of a trust is to make someone other than the grantor a beneficiary. The grantor cannot claim a beneficial interest as a donor; that would make him a dishonorable giver, i.e. an "indian giver." The grantor should define himself as a beneficiary when he first expresses the trust.

    So if one is planning to claim a beneficial interest in a gift one has made, such a one should express his intent in a written indenture.

    If one makes a gift of the authenticated certificate of live birth to the Secretary of the Treasury, I believe the best practice is to write an indenture, have it witnessed by two other living men, and then send the authenticated C.O.L.B., a conformed original of the indenture, and a Form 56 appointing the Secretary of the Treasury as the trustee to the Secretary. The Secretary, by virtue of his public office, must accept the appointment because he owes a fiduciary duty to each American people, the constituents of the sovereignty. The trustee is then obligated to serve as an administrator or see to it that the service of competent administrators is retained. Appointments of administrators can be for specific purposes and of specific duration, or they can be open-ended. One of the great frauds perpetrated upon us is that we are regarded as agents or administrators, yet there has been no notice to us of this fact, nor have we been paid for this presumed service.

    I am personally undecided about the practice of returning the authenticated C.O.L.B., because the value that was assigned to it when US GOV offered it as collateral was based on a presumption that there was a bona fide pledge of the life energy of a living man. In my own case, that presumption is false. My father and mother dedicated me to The Living God shortly after my birth, and as a grown man I have ratified their act. So US GOV's claim that my mother pledged me to them is false. In fact, I already rebutted that false claim in the Notice in the Nature of Expatriation that I served on US GOV and STATE OF GEORGIA and State of Georgia. It seems to me that a better approach is to expose the fraud and make US GOV return what they borrowed and make restitution for the harm it caused by its fraudulent presumption.

    1. Joseph. a; could you explain why the certificate of live birth is used instead of the birth certificate ; I have both...

  7. I endorsed the Authenticated BC with a by line and dated it in the upper left hand corner accepted by drawee .Because the by line is in place it separates the living man from the trade name.Through the notification that as of my 21st birthday i am beneficiary and no longer a child ward of the state. I also ran a add in the paper 3 weeks describing my trade name where i was born the day and date the town and state and left a po box for anyone to rebut that i am who i am and got the recorded receipt from the news paper office showing the time it was put in and a currency transaction that took place. I also notified governor Scott Walker at Wisconsin State that i was of sound mind and over the age of 21 and was no longer presumed lost at sea. I am hesitant to put the UCC financing statement in un till it is clear that by putting a lien on the trade name wont harm this process . Joseph i thank you for your input on this matter and hope you share your thoughts as well as any one else thoughts also.

  8. Joseph if you dont endorse the Authenticated certificate of live birth with the by line and close the account causing any remaining bills to be paid the account stays open and the monetizing continues and we are presumed a proxy to a liability . When i endorsed it accepted by drawee and dated it THAT gave notice not only of the closure of the account it canceled my presumed liability also. Also the document instructing mnuchin to close the accounts pay any remaining debts and transfer all remaining balances to my new account . I dont want to be the executor of a Corporate Estate. You really have to know your stuff to get in the ring there.

  9. Mnuchin is my Fiduciary the new account balance is tax free .Why not put him to work now with IRS form 56 he has a Fiduciary obligation to me and i can hold him to that job description .I believe he has had 60 days to get my new account in order. On top of all this my green return card from the registered mail took 60 days to return to me and it was stamped by the IRS and NO LIVE man or woman SIGNED for it which i believe constitutes postal fraud because i paid to have it signed by the addressee . I will push a investigation into this matter. I am the Creditor .

  10. I went on Annas site to look at the post Master info under 119 and 392 and got a lesson that the true universal Postal Union Post Master has been vacated for a long time. So asking the POSTMASTER GENERAL of the CORPORATION is like asking the enemy for help is the way i see it??How would someone report a issue being a American National? Any input would be more than i do not have.

  11. I sure was glad Anna got a way for people to get help correcting their status .That is a God send.