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Monday, October 14, 2019

May Day! May Day!

By Anna Von Reitz

I want everyone to thoroughly understand the fact that Queen Elizabeth acts as "Queen of the Commonwealth" --- and in that position, she acts as an overseer for the Pope.  The origin of this is cozy arrangement goes all the way back to her ancestor, King John. 

The British Territorial United States including Puerto Rico and other "Insular States"  is a Commonwealth.   So the Queen manages it for the Pope.  

People also need to understand that the Pope's minions manage the Municipal United States Government directly, and they always have.  This is part of the  Power-Sharing Agreements hammered out in the various treaties settling The War of Independence and implemented by the Constitutions.  

So we essentially have two foreign governments on our shores, both apparently at odds, but both ultimately belonging to and being the responsibility of, the Pope.  

Take in what I just observed to you.  Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States "Governments" --- that is, the foreign governmental services corporations that have been running amok here for years --- are actually under the control of the Pope.  

He controls the Territorial Government indirectly through the Queen, and he controls the Municipal Government directly through the Roman Municipal Government System created by the Pontificate.  

So if there is any "Civil War" or other criminality or disturbance here, the road does indeed lead directly to Rome and nowhere else.  

Now, I think its time that you all should realize that there are factions of people in Rome who are largely nutcases.  They, together with similarly-minded Muslims and Zionists,  think that they can and should "fulfill" Biblical prophecy by their own hands.  So, in keeping with that, they propose to destroy the world by fire. 

What is happening in California right now?   

Fires are being set by teams of arsonists that came through our unguarded Southern Border.  We shall shortly know who ordered the hit on America, but I think it is fairly clear that this is part of the Religious Nut Case Grand Plan.  

The enemies of mankind have progressed in secrecy and stealth and used all manner of devices and human failings to divide us and undermine us, but I have news for you this morning --- it doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat, a Catholic or a Jew,  when the ship is sinking and you hit the water.  

There is one man and one office on this planet who is singularly responsible for everything bad that has happened to this country since 1860, and who is still uniquely responsible: the Pope.  

Repeat after me:  Pope Francis ultimately owns and controls both sides of any civil war being promoted in America.  He controls the Territorial Government through Queen Elizabeth.  He controls the Municipal Government via his own machinery.  

So if we have a problem here, much less a civil war --- who should we, and the rest of the world, hold accountable?  


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