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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The History and Current Status of The White Snake

By Anna Von Reitz

The White Snake (Dragon) came to Britain in Megalithic times, at least 10,000 years ago.
It's image was used as the battle standard of King Vortigern, circa 450 A.D, when Merlin made his first prophecy, saying that the white dragon (Vortigern) would be defeated by the red dragon (Uther Pendragon).

The red Welsh dragon and the white Scottish dragon have been at war ever since.
That suits them, as dragons are devoted to perpetual war, war, and more war. This is because war profits them at every one else's expense. And they grow stronger in an atmosphere of anger and fear.
A statue of the red dragon stands in the courtyard of the Inner City of London to this day, it's demonic presence still being felt to the ends of the Earth.
And the white dragon?

Prepare Your Minds and Hearts

By Anna Von Reitz

I have said before that your bodies are like space suits, which allow your consciousness to dwell in this dimension, but I must add that human consciousness is not the only form of consciousness that can inhabit a human body.
Angelic consciousness and demonic consciousness can inhabit a mortal body just as well, like putting a shirt on a large dog: it may not fit well, but it will do.

And so it is that when we contend with Evil in High Places, there are those who appear to be human because they are "wearing" a human body----but are not human.
This reality is told to you plainly and many times over in the Bible, but in talking to people I get the impression that most of us have not really taken this information to heart and consciously considered what it means in practical terms.
It means that that nice lady at the PTA meeting-- or political party convention-- may in fact be a demon inhabiting a human body.
Or that man standing on the street corner with a "Work for Food" sign, may be an angel in the flesh.
To your eyes, they look the same as anyone else and you cannot tell the difference.

On the Morning of 9/11 - The Truth In 5 Minutes - James Corbett

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