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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The History and Current Status of The White Snake

By Anna Von Reitz

The White Snake (Dragon) came to Britain in Megalithic times, at least 10,000 years ago.
It's image was used as the battle standard of King Vortigern, circa 450 A.D, when Merlin made his first prophecy, saying that the white dragon (Vortigern) would be defeated by the red dragon (Uther Pendragon).

The red Welsh dragon and the white Scottish dragon have been at war ever since.
That suits them, as dragons are devoted to perpetual war, war, and more war. This is because war profits them at every one else's expense. And they grow stronger in an atmosphere of anger and fear.
A statue of the red dragon stands in the courtyard of the Inner City of London to this day, it's demonic presence still being felt to the ends of the Earth.
And the white dragon?
Went home to Scotland, there to sulk and scheme and rebuild its strength.
With Satan in chains and the foundations of the Inner City shaken to the core, The White Snake now stirs itself in the form of The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Lord High Admiral.
The White Snake, like Philip, is old and sick and weary to its bones, wise with the plunder of many defeats, impatient for its aims to be won; it is uncoiling itself and spreading its cobra-like hood, resting on the narrow beach of Loch Lamond.
The White Snake still has the run of its portal to the open sea. It still mocks the world of men and the name of God.
"Crown them with seven crowns," he mocked, about the churches, "and pluck them from the depths of the sea. These men are nothing to me. Their weapons have no sting. Their words ---- they have no meaning."
So he turned his back and looked seaward, no longer troubling himself to answer me, though he knows better.
And I took my path homeward to the heights of Mt. Snowden and called down the vengeance of Our Father.
Be aware that Elizabeth II reigned as a Christian Monarch for exactly three days. Her reign ended on June 6, 1953.


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  1. Again! Holy crap! Anna, you're loosing it; get control of yourself. Stop trying to impress, "we-the-people." I see that not as many people are commenting, or as often as just a short time ago. Anna, wake up. Put your EGO aside and get down in the dirt with the rest of us, and maybe, together, we can clean up the mess, but we can't join you from where you're going.

    After thought. Maybe you should take a break. You've made many statements that you can't back up. Think back to: Larry Becraft. If I have spelled his name incorrectly, I apologize, Larry.

    1. I read every one of her blogs. Not all have comments and I don't always comment, but appreciate every one she writes. Get over yourself Calvino, she is not specifically here to entertain only you! Oh and by the way, Becraft screwed up.

    2. Calvino, I agree with you. This Article sounds like nothing but mythology; surely nothing anyone ought to take as Real. I sense a lot of mental instability by the writer. Many of us have increasingly ''called Anna on much of her stuff lately' and she has had every opportunity to answer that call by simply proving what she says, as having any validity. But she has not. Silence is relenting. And so there you have it. For me, credibility of the author has been lost.

    3. As an end timer Abby....u r so lost that Jesus sent me to help u with your dis-ease....🎶

  2. Where is the evidence queen no longer reigns common wealth ? What document link?

  3. Anna, you have my phone number and e-mail, why don't you give me a call?

  4. Well...glad someone is calling her to task. Maybe, she is trying to make a point of Ol' Queenie being possessed or dead spiritually?? Or that she is a demon in the flesh. Can't help but agree with

    1. Anna explained this many moons ago. I can't target the exact document though. Perhaps she will chime in on it though.

  5. Ruling Bloodlines are psychopathic monsters. Believe in transgendering their children so Queen very possibly a man with mental deformities. They hail satan.

  6. I would like some links to the info stated here to 'vet' the info as best as possible. Sounds like a novel

  7. here is a bit more about the queen--

  8. "This is why all the murders and child sacrifices and other dirty business always occurs underground.  This is why Princess Di was killed in a tunnel.  This is the "Royal Secret".  This is how Elizabeth could take The Coronation Oath with her living breath and promise to honor the Public Law and all the other good things that The Coronation Oath requires, and then, three days later, turn around and break it all. "

    1. No,'All' the murder and child sacrifice do not occur underground.
      Have you ever heard of planned parenthood? Also an oxymoron as so many of you are fond of.
      Planned parenthood is the opposite. And is still funded by we the people.
      And as far as dirty business. Is it hidden? Or do we see it daily?
      Has all this sin been normalized?

    2. So is and remains at present the prince of this world? What entity does all this murder and blood sacrifice serve?
      It is not over folks. We do know who wins in the end, and we do know this is a race of endurance. So yes above all seek and spread the absolute Truth as you go. And do not be afraid to admit your mistakes along the way. All Truth is not revealed at once.
      And always give praise and thanks in all circumstance.

    3. a follower,in many ways, it is a test of endurance; however, Jesus is about to bring it all to a very abrupt end. We just don't know exactly when that will be, but 'by the signs of the Times' we do know that Time is upon us.
      Personally, I can not see any valid reason for delay.

    4. More end times idiocy from Abby....Jesus loves u, too, & eagerly awaiting your evolution to smarter THINKING 🎶

      Since Jesus didn't come in 2016^....😅

    5. Abby, what about the 3.5 to 7 years that some claim Satan will be thrown down to Earth ? Aka the anti-christ. Is not that supposed to be first according to your script ? Remember revelations re "my new name " is a valid reason for the delay, keep an eye on Lucifer .

    6. blue, satan was thrown out of heaven long long ago and has been roaming to and fro on the earth seeking whom he can devour.1 Peter 5:8
      In fact the serpent in the Garden was satanic.

      As for the 7 yrs. of the great tribulation, there is coming a Man who is already born and somewhere on earth, who will become the One World Dictator, who will then become totally demon possessed and a tyrant like has never been seen before, personified and in the flesh.

      He will rule for 7 yrs. But I can't find that scripture right now. If I find it later, I will pass it on.

      Lucifer does not dictate what God does. No, lucifer does not cause delay. I think it is just a matter of things getting positioned or something like that. But all that needs to happen, has already happened, so all systems can GO anytime now.

    7. "
      He will rule for 7 yrs. " 😎

      Maybe it is Trump😂

    8. Yes, Leland,perhaps it is Trump
      Scripture shows The game is not over until certain events come to pass. Something Anna neglects to take into acct.
      Trump does not get called out by the right for the exact same things they so vehemently called Obama out for.
      Perhaps Obama was merely a shadow of things to come?
      The Donald
      Married to the Mob- America We Have a Problem

    9. Over 20 years ago I spent an evening with Al Bielek...A old friend originally born in Portugal & raised in England sent me this under 5 minute video on Al tonite🎶

      "This video had an eerie ring of truth to it. The future he apparently went to of 2700 is interesting. Sounds like the only way we'd ever achieve that though is through alien intervention at some point. I doubt otherwise the human race would ever change for the better. I also like that the New World Order gets to collapse!!" ☇

    10. 😂😂😂💙💙😎 Abbby thanks for your nuttiness post yet!🎶

    11. Abby,
      How does the phrase (having no natural desire for women) begin to = Will be a homo?

    12. Abby,
      a follower,in many ways, it is a test of endurance; however, Jesus is about to bring it all to a very abrupt end. We just don't know exactly when that will be, but 'by the signs of the Times' we do know that Time is upon us.
      Personally, I can not see any valid reason for delay.

      i can see reason for delay, all things have not been accomplished, as foretold.

      Luke 21:9-
      Also remember He is long suffering, remember the why,
      It is His timing not ours. This is something Anna and many do not see.
      And i do not believe the 'end'scenereo as described by men.

    13. a follower, what is it that you think still needs to happen?

    14. Abby,
      i do not believe there is anything to speak of left to happen. Perhaps just more increase in the occurrences we are now witnessing.
      Perhaps my thinking is more of a wish. i wish more people would see these things are happening. Is this not also His will?
      mankind (satan) has so distorted the end time scenero that i wonder how many will not even recognize these days are here.
      We are told the man of perdition will be revealed and yet how many will recognize him? Some will, some will not.
      Every one will not be fooled. Every one will not love him.

      This is an interesting read.The Catholic Church Is Breaking Apart. Here’s Why.

      Seeing this "church" fall apart as many of the governments and nations are also in great turmoil. Whew.

    15. Abby,
      The more i thought about a 'natural' desire for women.
      So what is natural and what is un-natural.
      No answer needed just think about it.
      A demon possessed Tyrant can and will cloak himself as good,

    16. Classic example is Byzantine Emperor Justin...

      "The Emperor—Possessed?

      But it was not earthly power alone that accomplished this evil. Demonic forces were working behind the scenes, powers that saw their chance and knew how to take advantage of it. Because if it is possible to take away mankind’s belief in the atonement of their misdeeds and the resulting reincarnation, then not only can you subvert their sense of responsibility, but you also make them helpless and insignificant. The people will forget their true divine goal (to someday become gods and goddesses themselves), giving themselves over to the mercy of an external god and forgetting their own divinity. They wait for a salvation that will never come, because in reality, each person can only save himself. Such an humanity will easily surrender the world to evil.

      The powers of darkness had found two helpers with tremendous influence in Theodora and Justinian. So it isn’t really surprising that both of them were reported to be possessed. The contemporary historian Procopius offers many examples in his Apocrypha. He tells of a monk who travelled to Constantinople to present the case of a farmer who had suffered an injustice. He was immediately admitted, but just as he entered the throne room, he cringed and withdrew, refusing to appear before the Emperor, and rushed fearfully back to his room. Once there, he told the chamberlain that he had seen the ‘Lord of Demons’ sitting on the throne and his presence was so terrible that he was not able to bear it. We should bear in mind that clairvoyance was more prevalent at that time. The demon that the monk saw was by no means a product of his imagination, but a reality from the astral realm that we are not usually able to perceive today."

    17. a follower, I think God has made it very clear what is 'natural affects'' and what is not 'natural' in Romans 1:27, 28.

      When the end time events of the great tribulation period begins, there will be no mistake about it. It will be very very pronounced and sudden; God will make sure of that, as He has already outlined in scripture.
      Right now, things are just leading up to that final 7 yrs. of 'this world being as we have known it'. Where we are right now IMO is that ''those things that have been done in secret, He is now exposing all of them openly''. And this should be obvious to anyone who is breathing in and out.

      All of the havoc and turmoil that will be going on during the GT would only be a distraction from all this Exposure going on....and God wants all the focus to be on the Light he is shining on all the cockroaches; no more hiding in the dark secret places. No more getting away with their crap, LOL.

      So its like a sideshow at a circus, just watching all the buggers getting exposed. I think thats all that this 'delay' is about.....IMO. And its not just in politics and on the world stage, either.

      As for many of the things that have not yet happened, those things are what happens AFTER the believers are raptured up and out of the way. (the rapture of the believers is akin to the Noah's Ark incident. The major difference is, now there is no safe place on this earth 'to just take a 6 months cruise, lol)

    18. The only sideshow here Abby is in your egoistical interpretation to think & feel that u remotely have the skill & brains to decern coming cosmic earth events via your extremely arcane & mentally deranged perceptional abilities via ridiculous bIblical quotes🌈

    19. Abby,
      i do not believe there is anything to speak of left to happen. Perhaps just more increase in the occurrences we are now witnessing.
      Some see six years of tribulation, 1 year Great tribulation.
      Six years of tribulation to wake up.
      i do not hold much with the left behind movie and book series or the ministers that have jumped on this bandwagon.
      i myself do not agree with the pre trib rapture. nor do i hold much with the mid trib rapture. (Also there is no need to go to war with me over this.) We can have a conversation, right?
      These "churches that hold to this group escape, this group salvation, seem to lack the recognition that we are all individuals, we are not robots with fake smiles. He treats every single one off us as individuals daily. i might be gone tommorro, swoosh whisk.
      The Bible has so many verses and examples describing the removal of the weeds. i hold with these teachings. i do not think i will escape this world and laugh at those behind as so many do, is a thing Yahusha will take lightly. i do not laugh or snicker as the John Haugees of this world seem to do, at certain sinners who do not believe. i know our Master still suffers for these sinners.

      i do believe however He will protect His servants accordingly just as He has in the past. Remember those with the Lambs blood on the door post? This is the blood oath we should be focused on. His seal, His protection.
      People that think they will be whisked away, before the grass and trees burning, before the storms increase, before the earthquakes, before the plauges, before the families turning on one another, before mankind hating and waring on each other, are simply not paying attn.
      Christians that brag about this escape, beforehand have some issues.
      1. The two witness prophecy, Has it happened, or is it underway? There is a time limit on this.
      2. The Obomination of desolation. This also has a Time period, a length of endurance to hold to the TRUTH.
      3. No i am not perfect, i still sin, yet i am trying to get better, one day at a time. As i hope we all are. As He leads us.
      There is no delay! Yahuah is not slow in regard to the promise, as some count slowness, but is patient towards us, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
      Do you see His Love? Even before they repent.

    20. Perhaps end timers r being brainwashed by Mossad😂

      ‘End of days’ prophecy announced by Jewish fundamentalist group linked to Israel government"😈

    21. a follower, I have never gotten my beliefs from any church or group, but pre trib rapture is made clear in scripture and thats all that we should adhere to. We also must realize that the entirety of scripture must meld together without contradiction.....which we can see as we grow and mature in the word by studying it. We can not generally derive any belief based on just one or two verses. However, for the sake of brevity the rapture of the believers is noted in 1 Thess. 4:16 for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God and the dead IN Christ shall rise first
      17 then we (who are In Christ) which are alive shall be caught UP to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 18 therefore, comfort one another (of the brethren) with these words.
      But first take note of who is being addressed in this 4th chapter ...'we beseech you, BRETHREN. So you see this is the rapture that only involves the believers and there are no two ways to read that.

      Now we can easily know that this is a pre-trib event if we look at Zech. 14 in the early verses there and we can see that it speaks about the Return of Christ saying that ''his foot steps on the mt. of olives' which we know is in Isreal....and then note that it says clearly ''and all the Saints WITH him''.

      If we use our common sense we can then know that the believers were indeed pre-trib raptured or how else could we be returning with him? And of course, we know we are NOT yo-yo's , right?

      There are many other scriptures and studies that show us there is pre-trib rapture, but that should suffice, especially since I am not being paid to teach, lol.

      It also requires understanding the extreme severity of the Great Tribulation to quickly realize there is little hope of surviving that period of time. Such as 'men's hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth'.

    22. Nor should u be paid to 'teach' Abby, since u represent the lunatic fringe of end timer's Christianity in general.

      But Jesus will probably forgive u for misleading ALL those who should choose embrace your end timers idiocy...eventually📯

  9. "Be aware that Elizabeth II reigned as a Christian Monarch for exactly three days. Her reign ended on June 6, 1953."

    I find it synchronistic that Anna came out of her Mother's womb three years after this queen's reign ended. And look at Anna, James & LLF's tracking of all the records. Truly wonder filled and inspiring. Thank you Anna, et al. Peace.

  10. Clever cover up and how to be a laughing stock. Live in the last 70 years, attend church and think modern science has redefined magic and demons, explained it away for those arrogants who by ignorance do not pay attention to facts. Psychiatry has twice diagnosed Jesus and the disciples as having severe mental illness and say he should have been a carpenter and might have done OK. How many so called Christians know that or care to look it up? How your trusting doctor is involved with such beleifs that stem from Eugenics ( and the books still exist for this ritual practice hidden away in Europe) a kind of culling of people using laboratory tests about the same as today then predicting the future behavior of people for sterilization and farm animal like categorizations. The forbidden use of state power of course or hidden dark energy flows through people involved in such actions. The words travel and through a long process return fruitful. Sometimes the best teachers seem mysterious at times and only later will one see the bigger picture as it comes together more and more.


    2. AirCarving, what the hell is your point? What are you talking about? Very garbled up mess of a post, who could get anything out of that? lol

    3. Certainly nothing ther for an end timer biblical fanatic like u Abby😙

  11. OK... As I'm going to be critical here, I feel I should express appreciation first.

    Anna, I admire your passion,dedication and generosity. I am grateful for the work you have done, even though I only know a small fraction of it. I can see your heart is in the right place, and you truly want to help humankind to the best of your abilities, which are considerable. Your knowledge and understanding of law are quite impressive, and I can only commend your determination to uncover the truth and come up with remedies.

    I was aware of a good part of what you are informing us about, but I learned about some interesting aspects with you regarding the chronology of the corporatization of the world, and more specifically the USA.

    The fact is, I'm not American and so, at this point, I'm not really concerned by the process you have set into motion. Even if I was, I, like others on the comments section of this blog, would find it very difficult to act upon it, as the information seems to be scattered all across your website and blog articles. Why not create a section where the necessary information can be accessed as a clearly defined, described and detailed step-by-step process? Whether for free or for a fee, I believe many people are waiting for it.

    Now, all that being said, some of your last posts, especially this one, makes me feel like I should stop following your blog. Life and spirituality are one, so I can appreciate that you're trying to put the legal context in a broader perspective. But for me personally, as I am not religiously inclined, I feel really uneasy with some of your statements. Passages like "I called upon him the vengeance of Our Father" make you sound like the high priestess of a cult to me; it just brims with judgemental spirit and self-righteousness.

    To say it bluntly, I'm concerned that at the end of the day, you'll help people to get out of a small cage, just to bring them into a bigger cage. The manichean good guy/bad guy thing can be quite a trap.

    And ego inflation can be quite a trap too. I've seen it time and again, people starting to believe and claim that all positive evolution in the world, all good things are coming from them and what they do alone ; that they somehow are the pivot point of the world.

    Finally, I want to say that the way you describe dragons in this post doesn't match my experience of them at all. Dragons are not demons. Some of them can be malevolent, yes, like in any other species, I guess; but so many are wise, benevolent beings. And they can be quite intense, yes; that doesn't mean they are warmongers. So, frankly, writing that "dragons are devoted to perpetual war, war, and more war. This is because war profits them at every one else's expense. And they grow stronger in an atmosphere of anger and fear", that feels like character assassination to me.

    1. 🎶 Then there is the White Dragon Society that has reportedly some serious gold holdings in Ben Fulford's latest reports😃

      In defense of Anna's seemly quite irrational Biblical views is this recent report from China💣

    2. Marc, Anna seems to be drifting out into never never land with high winds blowing and without a paddle. The danger here is that she has turned to mythological antics; perhaps to hide what she is really up to; but time will eke it out. Muddying up the waters badly; creating more and more confusion.

      Simply put, people are people and animals and creatures are animals and creatures. People are not snakes nor are they dragons. Some organizations may take on those names such as sports teams do, but thats as far as it goes.

      I don't know why Anna just cannot bring herself to come out and say 'some people are demon possessed'' and some are strongly led by that satanic spirit. In simple truth, people are led by either a satanic spirit or a godly spirit. There is nothing else except that those two can be of various degrees in strength.
      Some folks are actually demon possessed, while others are simply influenced by that satanic spirit.

      This idea of adding serpents and snakes and dragons into the mix is just plain nonsense. Those 3 'entities' or creatures are ALL biblical icons and labels referring to Satan or satanic beings.

      So for that stuff, it can be very simple. No need for spreading that paint allover the table here. Keep it simple.

      As for her calling vengeance on anyone, she has no power to do that because she herself is not in the Hands of God to begin with. However, God is a God of vengeance and he will use it in the upcoming Great Tribulation period. In fact, He uses it periodically even now, and in the past. I've seen it happen.
      It can be anywhere from rather mild to very harsh, even to death.
      An example: My own younger sister was viciously backstabbing me over and over. Finally she got cancer in the aorta, inoperable. Still, I tried to come up with alternative help for her (cyber knife targets pinpoint areas that are otherwise inoperable).
      She rejected that, and continued to backstab me by trying to turn my own son against me and he is my only child.

      She then got cancer spread up into her shoulder. Still refused to repent or change her ways or make amends with me. Then she got brain cancer. Endured chemo and radiation for about a yr. off and on, appeared to be mending, but suddenly got staph infection and died.
      And no, I never called down vengeance on her, I just left her alone, not wanting to strife with her. God does settle scores and he is known to 'remove people'.

    3. Lol...Abby...Jesus told me to tell u he still loves u in spite of your insane ravings here & misusing his sacred name for lunatic end timers craziness♩💗

    4. Leland,
      Is His Name Sacred? To you?
      Be honest.

    5. Of course Jesus name is sacred to me....a follower.

      Poor guy had to put up with ALL the murderings done in his sacred name because of idiotic interpretations of fable book.

      Jesus loves u, too♩

    6. And yet He warned us of this. All of this and more. He warned of those who would come in His name and proceed to lead people astray.
      And yet you do ridicule.

      Leland what do you make of Annas statement.
      " And I took my path homeward to the heights of Mt. Snowden and called down the vengeance of Our Father."

      So kinda an odd ending. Mt. Snowden? Any ideas ? Notice the spelling, and remember Anna is a writer.

    7. Jesus taught reincarnation, yet those who point out that 'fact' r often ridiculed by so called 'Christians', yet those same 'Christians' murder in his name with impunity....hmmm a follower - what says u on that pertinent truth?

      "Then three times, that we know of, Jesus assured his disciples that John the Baptist really was Elijah returned:

      "But I tell you, Elijah has come, and they have done to him everything they wished, just as it is written about him."
      (Mark 9:13)

      "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come." (Matt 11:13-14)

      "But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him…" Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.
      (Matt 17:12-13) "

    8. He taught, 'everlasting life.'
      Is this the same as reincarnation? i do not know.
      Yet i do not expect to have a body of a flower or a dog. Ya know what i'm saying?
      Just because people call themselves "christians" it does not make it so. Not one of us was promised a life here on this earth minus ridicule.
      So any thoughts at all on Mt. snowden?

    9. Most so called 'Christians' use ridiculous 'flower or a dog' naratives to advance their overall agenda usually in ignoring the obvious implications of alternating from male to female human beings generally from life to another life here on earth.

      Yet, that p.o.v. was quite common in the early days of Christianity....& still is dominant in this world today - by including the people numbers of other spiritual paths currently available on this planet🎶

    10. i see.
      My wifes brother, when he was very young seemed to have memories of a past life. war memories.
      i do not discount such things.


  13. " And I took my path homeward to the heights of Mt. Snowden and called down the vengeance of Our Father."

    So kinda an odd ending. Mt. Snowden? Any ideas ? Notice the spelling, and remember Anna is a writer.

    1. a follower, first of all she spelled it wrong; its Snowdon. And its supposedly the highest mountain in Wales, about 3500 ft above sea level. So what does that have to do with anything, lol.

      It implies another Tower of Babel bit of nonsense IMO; where those messed up folks also thought they had to ''get up as high in the sky as they could to be heard by God or to reach God'.

      So this entire article goes once again to show lack of biblical knowledge and negates the Holy Spirit, who, for those that are In Christ have the HS who carries our prayers to God for us. In Fact..'He is even the Discerner of our thoughts'. That is how God knows what we want even before we pray for it.

      P.S. Only the born again folks have the Holy Spirit come and reside in them; note that this does not apply to to 'everyone'. I say this only to clarify so as to not mislead the masses.

    2. Don't worry Abby...u can't miss lead too many with your end timer hallucinations....🎶

  14. I enjoy and appreciate all Anna's writing s and her hard work and she has been right on the money and I haven't yet been able to discredit anything she has wrote so far! I don't care if she is a judge of not because what she has done by exposing ,and educating us is priceless! This Virgo hasn't obviously read Anna s writings of she had she would have gratitude! I given this Virgo person my personal opinion! What has this Virgo person done for us? Anna if you read this please never stop over ignorant people i wouldn't be surprised if they are contractors or sub contractors for state and government and they are all bonded! We know you can not trust them may be there trying to stop you because your waking up the people with the reality of the corruption and fraud ! We're on your side and you have your loyal supporters! We got your back ! Those who speak to bash you they have serious issues!Fear! Love ya!


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