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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Prepare Your Minds and Hearts

By Anna Von Reitz

I have said before that your bodies are like space suits, which allow your consciousness to dwell in this dimension, but I must add that human consciousness is not the only form of consciousness that can inhabit a human body.
Angelic consciousness and demonic consciousness can inhabit a mortal body just as well, like putting a shirt on a large dog: it may not fit well, but it will do.

And so it is that when we contend with Evil in High Places, there are those who appear to be human because they are "wearing" a human body----but are not human.
This reality is told to you plainly and many times over in the Bible, but in talking to people I get the impression that most of us have not really taken this information to heart and consciously considered what it means in practical terms.
It means that that nice lady at the PTA meeting-- or political party convention-- may in fact be a demon inhabiting a human body.
Or that man standing on the street corner with a "Work for Food" sign, may be an angel in the flesh.
To your eyes, they look the same as anyone else and you cannot tell the difference.
Adding to the confusion there are other entities that can also inhabit human flesh --- for example, beings from the Devic Kingdoms, who are Nature Spirits and have no moral consciousness at all beyond an alliance to the Truth.
And now, Artificial Intelligence, AI, is making its debut, a profane man-made melding of computerized machinery and human neural networks, further confusing an already jumbled roster of beings that appear to be fully human --- and are not.
I am bringing this to your attention because in days to come this information will help you make sense of the world.
You will hear what has been done and planned in the dark and it will horrify you. I have heard it, and it horrifies me.
You will wonder how people could think and do such things, and the answer is, simply, they are not people. They are demons inhabiting human flesh. They are the children of Satan.
They shouldn't even be here, but they are---so, we have to deal with that fact.
It will be quite a shock to your senses and your mind to deal with the realities of this circumstance, and you may feel paranoid at times --- but that will pass and you will learn to recognize all these "other" beings that inhabit our world, a learning process that will serve to eliminate their power and influence.
After all, if you could see the snake, you would avoid the snake. Or kill it. You would not invite it to tea and take its advice. You would not elect it to office. You would not let it run your educational system or control your media.


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  1. Anna, very good? What about today, i.e. not in days to come!
    It is obvious that you like writing, being the teacher, but, what about the people who don't understand you, in-the-future-message? Why don't you join us, and live today, get in the "now." Apparently you don't get it, or you just don't give a damn, but most of what you're writing, for our edification, doesn't have anything to do with the problems/hurts, now!

    I talk to many who receive your blogs and they are getting very disappointed in the direction that you have been taking with you rambling on with your blogs. I'm trying to help them to understand what you're trying to do and the direction that you're taking, "we the people", and, as of late, you seem to be "undoing" faster than "I'm doing." What the hay???

    1. Calvino, you are being unfair. Anna is providing a warning here, the illuminati or cabal is getting upset at the exposure and only a matter of time when they pull out all they have got. It is said that there are 33% of the population are on side with the zionist jews, so take the warning to your people.

    2. Dan, maybe you could step back, and ponder what has been transpiring the past few days. Take a good look at the direction she has been going in and rethink your position. We can't all be wrong in what we are seeing.

    3. Leland,
      Please tell us how you are any better?
      The problem is not with the True Jews, You see most have ignored who the True jews are. They have totally missed whom and what the House of Israel truly is.
      This house has nothing to do with genealogy, so checking your dna is pointless.

    4. Huh? A follower...Soul is neither male nor female so the whole conversation u r attempting to resurrect on DNA bs is quite pointless & rather stupid if u asked me♩

    5. Leland,
      Conversation was not about soul, was not about male nor female.
      Was commenting on Dan and his assertion of 33% on the side of zionist jew.

    6. Soul isn't jewish, Christian nor Muslim either a follower. Glad u figured that out, too🎶

  2. Very interesting. Look forward to more info coming. These 'people' stopped being human a long time ago. No offense to snakes.

    1. No offense to snakes, some just tag them,document them and send them on their way...they are called researchers.

    2. Some just kill them, those would be people, who are afraid of them, or angry mobs.(usually people who don't understand things, or people who need to control a narative) Both of which, I wouldn't care to be around on my nature tour. Lol

    3. Ahhh, but humans are a complicated bunch...they require everything to fit neatly into a box, or categorized and put neatly on a shelf somewhere. Or committed to an insane asylum. We haven't changed much since the dark ages, many of us. But if you are gonna be a story writer, then you need to carry your reader along at times, or expect them to lose interest or get frustrated.Changing narratives in mid stream, to most is disturbing, but please feel free to be yourself, Anna.

    4. And the you have your every day cave man, duh! A snake!Pound, Smash, Kill!! Then, sudden transmutation. Ahh, dinner... I myself have never found comfort in Mainstream thinking.

    5. This is a time when people in this forum need to ask themselves, where do I fit in these catagories?

    6. Well that is becoming blurred on this site lately....Anna, once in awhile can't you report on news from other sites who are having success at this problem we all have...You haven't said one word about Rod Class lately, and doesn't he have a case coming up in Sept...!! Let's hear about some winning arguments or just change this site to reflect and discuss anything they are mad about and maybe someone else will answer them like other patriot sites....!! The burger is good (historical revisionism), but where's the beef...!!!


  4. It's strange how people only want to hear certain things when they want to hear them. Even if it's truth people discount it because of the source. It's sad so many people just want what they can get, then dog you after they get it. Smh...

  5. Killing the snake...I can do that.

  6. Please friends, don't be so easily offended, it's offensive.

  7. So in seeing these people, what should we do? Laugh point and ridicule? Call names? Stand in the street and scream, shake your fist at Yahuah?
    How has that been working?
    Or point out where they are wrong respectfully. Use facts, use common sense, use manners, Use scripture well within context. One on one if possible.
    Very difficult in this day of the 'Bully pulpit' atmosphere.
    And by all means go into your prayer closet as if you truly care for the individuals you are attacking and pray for them.
    Pray for the evil to show itself and pray to cast it out!
    We should not be attacking using their same game.

    1. "the americans will eventually come to heel" -- king george, quote i believe is mentioned in rogue sabre "memos"

      hence, i recommend standing animal-based seals. "self governing"

      i also recommend our lady of guadelope 1209 paintings.

      "speak softly and carry a big stick"

      she has a cross, a large stick, with 7 demons/serpents trapped in the "law merchant" below.

      7 deadly sins? 7 stars/crowns?

      i havent figured out what the little man underneath her is, but im working on it.

      theres another beautiful (multitude in unity) painting "the plague" Arnold Böcklin which is basically the exact opposite: reptile demon lady "death" with a scythe.

      QUOTE "neko is an overpriced merchant, but he sometimes carries useful items"

      "why cats paint" "why paint cats"
      99% of fraud, they never expect anyone to hold up their end of the bargain.

      just politely ask where you can build your non-foreclosable hovel, how much cotton must i pick for "Blackmail" to cover rent, what are the precalculated rates on "maidens" the "landlord" is providing so he has more "tenants" when you die.

      bar attorney esquire, my ford mustang needs fed/new horseshoes/etc.

      frequent use of the term "redrum" also works wonders.

      "sorry telemarketer, roosevelt took all the gold"

      "hello person who wants to buy house, you say you have cash (specie)? thats a lot of coin -- how do i know you are good for it?"

      "hello politician, i would love to vote for you, but your own voter registration and state of x constitution only lets federal citizens vote"

      "hello recruiter, i would love to work for you, but i dont do law merchant. would you like to act in unincorporated mode and sign an american common law contract between 2 living people?"

      "hello person offering bogus trusts, the pledge implies noone can own anything. are you calling the us army a liar?"

      "hello john kerry, i see we are "american citizens" and "american people". is that federal or state? "

      if you google non-domestic sandcat images eating/hunting/jumping around and swiping at snakes (they are immune to the venom, but they hit them in side of head to stun them, e.g. they are smart enough to knock the snake unconscious instead of try to "claw" it)

      thus, when satan tries something, you just point out "thats not in the script, see attached diagram"

      no no no, you just quote "Devils dictionary".

      "cat: a soft, indestructible automaton provided by nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle"

      see mr. satan? it says right there: "indestructible"

      as the "jewish" talmud points out, "satan", angel of death, has to give you 30 more days if you are "studying"

      (because, it is written, people who study have a better chance of a better afterlife, thus satan cant prematurely take you, while you are in the process of affecting your afterlife)

      dont argue with satan, just agree with him. he is always based on lies, which fall apart if you actually try to hold him to them.

    2. see "a nation beguiled" website for old dog demonstrating a self-governing logo, with monopoly man knocked on the ground. obama also has beautiful lines around him indicating "panic"

      if you see "lost republic" website, again, tusk is not quite standing, but he has pinned the devil tail on the uncle sam.

      self-governing animal-based seals, is the key.

    3. what they do is "misunderstand on purpose" so the key is to "understand on purpose"

      example: "i am writing to inform you of a typo on your 'state of x' website.

      my understanding is since we're all supposed to be british now, shouldnt it say "guvnor" as in "`ello guvnor!" and not governor of the state of x?

      "no no officer, i am neither a commercial driver, nor a traveler...per the law merchant, i am CAPTAIN of this vehicle/vessel. i dont have a drivers license, but my captains log can tell you which port this vessel is home to."

      if they argue with you, just show them "road" definition maritime. law. bouviers 1856

    4. example "i see you require marriage licenses, and i see the jacobean liberty cap on the us senate logo, but my understanding is a true republican marriage means you are supposed to tie people up and toss them into the ocean, along with some kind of weight. are you guys not actual republicans? where can i find a proper priest?"

    5. example: "hello irs, this "employer" seems to be counterfeiting employees. they claim i am "human capital" "human resource" i.e. an inanimate object.

      yet, at the same time, they seem to claim inanimate objects as "employees". looks to me like they are counterfeiting employees, padding the numbers of actual people working for them. thats tax fraud. it is probably also against some kind of anti-witchcraft ordinances for them to e.g. claim a pet rock is "alive" and "works for them". looks to be like they have committed perjury by claiming more employees than they actually have."

    6. Last post here^ pretty funny🎶

  8. What does Light have to do with darkness?

    Be not unequally yoked together.

    Come out from among them, and be ye Separate.

  9. It should be clear to all who read Anna's work she is much more educated on Holy Scripture than we are, and all of you who are anti Christian will never understand her, so go back to worshiping the politicians and leave her alone. Without anything positive to say, keep your thoughts to yourself.

    1. Olddog, sorry but anna is not at all educated on holy scripture. She reads without any holy spirit at all, but with a carnal mind and then adds her own ideas into all of it. That is why there is no validity to most of her Articles. That is why she totally negates the entire Book of Revelation, gives the real Jesus no credence or place, and places herself In Charge.

      2 Tim. 3:5...'having a FORM of Godliness,but denying the power thereof; from such turn away'.

    2. Jesus wasn't an end timer fool, but St. PAUL APPARENTLY WAS😂

  10. Old Dog, this isn't a cult, last time I looked. When people don't follow a string of thoughts they are going to do what humans have always done,ridicule, question, or throw relgion at it. It is human nature.

  11. Personally, if Anna wants to go on a weird tangent that is odd, or off topic,I could care less, but it will confuse people. If one wants to be a common law judge, a preacher, a story teller, or whatever, making the point make sense, usually helps people listening to you,digest it better. Otherwise, expect what occurs.

  12. he has untied the wings of the locusts
    and on the Earth now they do dwell
    come to torment evil men five months
    then drag their souls down to hell

    The world is unfolding as it should, Anna is testing and some do not get it. Some do.

    1. blue, anna is in no position to be testing anyone.
      And the verse you quoted has not yet happened.

      Blue, did you bother to read the entire book of Rev. yet? Or are you just finding some words that you think will justify your own thinking.?

    2. "Or are you just finding some words that you think will justify your own thinking.?" ABBY - I was convinced that is your area of expertise 😅

  13. Another VERY SMART non end timer who 'gets' it♩

    [You can't make this stuff up! Just as we are on the brink of taking out the Bad Guys that have controlled our lives for over 100 years the Risks and Dangers for humanity have never been more compounded...HANG ON TIGHT!!

    EMP's, Solar Flares, Hurricanes...BRING IT ON!! (Bix Weir)

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir ]🎤

  14. "But one thing we must learn, that this plan of thought is not the ONLY ONE,and you can and will be helped in amazing ways, if we but utilise the Gifts that God gave each of us in the Beginning of Time;
    Faith,Truth,Love,ENDURANCE and PATIENCE.I know in this day and age,perhaps it is a tall order,and I know that many would laugh at such sentiments.
    But you are SEEING the seemy side of life, where it is so easy to fall into temptation and to become heartsick at the antics of so-called civilised people. It is a , and I, for
    one, do not hold it against you, because it has been a very valuable lesson within your life.

    Look at it this way,people. If we had not SEEN that kind of Life, how can we understand it? Now you have something to fight for, now you have a pit to climb out of...."

    "Doc" May 18th 1981.

    1. Robert...that is a good way at looking at it, except most people never want to really see things the way they really are, like you did...I have to admit, I might see things in myself that I really wouldn't want to see or admit to....!! I'm not ready for that yet...But condos to you for not being afraid to leap off the cliff and remove all the blinds.....most of us either couldn't or wouldn't want that much TRUTH....!! By the way, how does music sound in that altered state....just

    2. Actually James, those are not my words, but Doc's to me, after my awakening.
      Unfortunately, there was no music in my altered state, I was in L.A. at the time. I was unaware of the frequencies and resonance,stuff I only learned later. Though I would imagine that indian flute or Tibetan bowls might enhance one's experience. I wouldn't attempt to listen to most American music as I suspect it would be rather empty vibrational wise.Not to say there isn't any American music that might resonate on a higher frequency, I just have no experience there. Seems my post didn't resonate with as many here as I had hoped, though I appreciate that it resonated with you in some way.

  15. Long before the Christian myopic vision polluted common sense thinking in America...There was the ancient Hopi culture 💓


    An ancient Hopi myth describes a migration from the flooded Third World (or Era) to the Fourth World.

    The ancestral Hopi escaped on reed rafts and made their way to the mouth of the Colorado River, up which they traveled to seek their final destination upon the Colorado Plateau.

    A stepping stone on this monumental journey may have been the remote South Pacific island of Fiji. Here a fertility and youth initiation ceremony called Baki took place. 1. Its name is similar to the Hopi term paki, which means “entered” or “started being initiated.” (Hopi language does not recognize the ‘b’ sound.)"

  16. For those who wonder, Doc, is not anywhere to search on the internet or wiki-pedia. He is in the ethereal, I share this with you as it was shared with me during my awakening, Namastae.

  17. We are only beginning to really be exposed to the worst evils in the world, yet it's been here all along. Daily more and more is exposed and it is disturbing to find out the extent of it. The thing is to stay centered spiritually and remember that far, far more people are good than evil and that goes for far more angels than demons. Look to your goodness and don't let yourself feel sullied and hopeless. The evil has been able to hide itself for so long because it was strong. Now, it is unable to hide itself because it is weak. Every exposure makes it weaker, not stronger. The internet has had a lot to do with this exposure, but the development of the internet itself is a signal that it is time that what was hidden be exposed. Become a warrior for the good. Bring it everywhere into your life. And remember that in every prophecy of an end time, the light wins over the darkness, which is to say the Creator prevails. Could it really be otherwise?

  18. Don't you know, We are the Creator of our reality, even Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you, yet everyone is looking on the outside!!

    1. He was talking about our DNA...we are all connected to the SOURSE (creator), through the basic building blocks to life.....DNA doesn t just represent chemical bonds in a double helix, it is now being determined that our Lord has hidden messages he wanted us to search out and receive if we were dedicated to searcsearching for the TRUTH....and the TRUTH is that our DNA is actually a code in Arabic, which is the language Jesus spoke....he gave us numerous messages written right into our DNA.....that is how he linked us all together....!!! So when you kill a complete stranger, your really killing a part of yourself...!!

    2. Dna has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Soul...🎶

      Quoting Jesus won't make it so either😅

  19. I have experienced beings twice who were expressing through someone else. I knew it because they spoke and were not using vocabulary that was a part of the people who they were possessing. It was scary and eery. They did not respond to my words yet seemed to be aware of my presence. These people I knew closely before and after these events, both times occuring due to extreme alcohol abuse and the other glue sniffing. Playing around with such things as some people do, drugs alcohol with no knowledge or guidance I think somehow cut off our natural strength and protection allowing such beings to inhabit our bodies since we are "not home" Both times the words I heard were intelligent were not effected by the bodies drunkeness and were eerily clear. Like I recall it felt as though my hair was standing up. Most people slant toward only thinking things of the ordinary senses, that we see and hear exist round about us yet there is no proof, it only appears due to our limited senses to be the case. That is why one does not want to stray from the sheperds flock, the power of love overcomes such misadventures stay on the path for the good work, simple creations everyone can understand coming from the heart, the pure eternal fountain of life.

  20. Lets just get our feet back on the ground here. God created man as 'Body, Mind and Spirit'. Period. Nowhere does He say otherwise, and since he was the Designer, he ought to know !

    Stop with this stupid ''consciousness mantra/new age bullshit religion''. Our Body was made to be the temple of God - - not some sloppy fitting housing for some stupid 'conscience'. It is called the MIND.

    Everyone who is still alive, is conscious. If you are dead or knocked silly by 'somebody beating u up with their bible'' ......LOL......are you UNconscious. So if you are alive then you are alive. You are awake.

    You cannot ''increase your being alive and cannot increase your being awake''. All that talk is just nonsensical new age false religiosity.

    It is BAIT to whet your appetite to ''investigate and enhance'' something that gets you to open up to listen to their bullshit and be brainwashed. And that is what this New Age crap going on today, is all about. You have fallen for and gotten scammed; thats why these types talk like they are in some trance. The got falsely convinced that 'everything is gonna be like utopia''. And while they are in that trance, they are sliding right on down into hell.

    1. Abby if u want sound more intelligent in general...I suggest u stop referring to God as a 'he' unless, of course, u r referring to those impregnating space gods of biblical lore💙😅

    2. need to take some biology courses and genetics.....there is only one sex, and one sex only that determines the sex of a child.....a MAN...!! Unless you want to challenge 100 years of biological knowledge....!! That is one thing that women can never take from us...the power to create a man or a woman....could it be any different logically speaking...!!

    3. James...Soul is neither male, nor female! Seems to me u the one quite confuse on that salient r most Christians, but that is ok. Life after we go figuring it ALL out🎶

      God is love♩

    4. Leland....the bible also states that if we prefer our temporal bodies, then we can have them back...!! think that everyone will just be glowing light bulbs with a voice.....the temporal body may be dead, but not the spiritual one, which can look just like us, otherwise how do people come back to life after a :Near Death Experiance, and say they recognized everyone they ever can't do that with just light energy.....!! I don't and will never understand people who have had these NDE with perfect recall and in such detail, and yet people still don't believe them...they have first hand knowledge of it personally, yet everyone discounts their trueful testimony, and instead choose to believe something else happened...!! If none of you have ever had a NDE, then you can't discount their overwhelming evidence, which has been collaborated now by several thousand people all over the world now, who all testify to seeing basically the same thing...!! With thousands of reported NDE now , all having basically the same experiance, no matter what race , creed, or color, it is no longer considered as "anictodal " evidence, but actually TRUE scientific evidence ...!! I suggest you take any other "TRIP" ANF this time "let go" completely, ANF let God do the rest....!!

    5. St. Paul wrote of higher heavens in the 2nd Corinthian. Since earth was considered hell back then...'Caught up to 3rd heaven' would be the mental heaven(s) which still resides in time, space, matter & energy. The lower heavens r classically known as Causual (memory) heaven(s) & the emotional heaven(s) commonly known as astral plane/heaven.

      Soul heavens r above these lower heavens of time, space, energy & matter.

    6. Ps James u r projecting typical heavy astral planes emotions over your investments of your 'truths'....Soul is way, way beyond such emotional outbursts🎶

  21. Man oh man, this venue is showing bad signs of tripping out. What difference does any of that make? Makes me wanna go make an old fashioned ice cream cone and flip on an old andy griffeth show LOL

    1. Lol...and Andy Griffeth as an agent of JC ~ might visit u in a dream to update your belief systems on those end times nonsense u currently embrace, too, Abby...with love, of course & hu~mour🎶


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