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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Why, Why, Why?

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's because what appears to be "the" government in most cases (Britain, The United States, the former Commonwealth, seventeen occupied countries in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, et alia) is instead a foreign Municipal Corporation in the business of providing "essential government services" --- an entirely different, and self-interested beastie that has its own profit motivations front and center.

Sure, you pay them to defend you, but how do you oversee and enforce the contract? There's the rub.

So when these Municipal "Service" Corporations get hungry, they tend to forget who they serve and they tend to forget their customers' welfare and the whole situation devolves to the scenario we have here.

The purported defenders are attacking their own customers, racketeering, and committing every other kind of crime-for-profit scheme against their own employers.

The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC., literally owns NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ, the FBI, the UNITED STATES TREASURY, and even owns its very own United States Congress, Incorporated. (See the proof published on my websites:

So look no further for the villains responsible.

For one Current Events example, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation doing business as the United States of America Corporation and operating as the DOD, INC. told its very own bought-and-paid-for Congress to pass a law back in 1986, accepting all liability for vaccines, and holding the pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines harmless for anything they put in the vaccine and any bad results that accrue.

So the vaccine manufacturers think they are set free from any obligation to the public and have zero liability. They can put cow dung in their vaccines and be held harmless. Big Sugar Daddy, the DOD, INC., through its subsidiary, the United States Congress, Inc., will pay any liability claims and carry all the water.

This is why the only remedy offered is in the Consumer Protection Act, buried under about a thousand pages of legal gobbledygook and defended by unauthorized "military district courts" ----that the same players own outright.

Isn't that wonderful for us and our families on the receiving end of this Gross Breach of Trust? And for the DOD, INC., which took out life insurance policies on each and every one of us?

Earth doesn't have a population problem. It's got a military population problem.

All those life insurance policies look pretty good, and people aren't dying fast enough. Even worse, The Corporation is facing the end of life costs for all those pesky Baby Boomers.

So they, the DOD, INC., made population reduction a priority policy, and Prince Philip cut a deal on all his purported North American interests. He was paid $950 Trillion dollars worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" in April 2017, three days before his retirement from Public Life.

And here, right in River City, our population is being reduced and the survivors are being entertained with such vacuous verbiage as "excess death" to describe the situation.

We don't have to worry about Russia or China. They have enough problems with their own militaries. We have to worry about --- and ultimately, deal with --- the British Crown Mercenaries that have been running our "armed forces" and misdirecting them.


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Red Flag -- Why Do They Keep Calling It "The Show"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all the Q-Anon and MAGA friends out there, I want you to stop a moment and think about the fact that you are listening to sources that are all associated with the British Territorial military subcontractors who have been in control of this "show" since 1863, and who have in fact created this entire mess.

So when they start talking about "shows" they are talking about "theaters" and "theaters of war" and the use of psyops--- both on the part of the regular military and any reformers, too.  To them, all this political nonsense is like a stage show, and all they have to do is come up with a plausible narrative, an "acceptable storyline", to fool the public and quiet us down.  

Then they waltz into our American Federal Republic and substitute their British Territorial Citizen selves for us, "as if" they were operating as honest Americans and as if they had any right to substitute British Territorial Citizens for Americans, and they "seize upon" American Government institutions and properties that belong to us and sit there pretending to "represent" us and being paid to defend us---while actually serving themselves and acting in Gross Breach of Trust. 

That's how this country has gotten into the mess it's in: wanton deceit from public employees, and innocent people falling for their "shows".  

Unfortunately, Mister Trump has already announced his intention to pull this Substitution Fraud, and there is plenty of historical precedent for the same actors doing the same thing in the past.  

After the Civil War, the Brits came in and substituted their own "State of State" organizations for our American State of State organizations, and thereby gained control of our business operations without firing a shot.  

Now, they are after another plum in violation of international law, and their only chance of pulling it off is if we are so clueless that we support them in the theft and Breach of Trust they have in mind. 

Then they really would be in the cat-bird seat, with British Territorial Officers operating the American Federal Republic, and appearing to have all the authorities of the American Federal Republic backing them up. 

Anyone working for the British Territorial United States can tell me how much they love America all day long, but in order to prove it, it's a matter of what they do and not what they say.  

Trying to enter upon the American Federal Republic while working for foreign governments and foreign interests --- is a Gross Breach of Trust. 
It's not a "show" it's a violation of treaties, contracts, and international law against the interests of the American People. 

So, wake up and smell the java.  The various Municipal Corporations masquerading as your armed services, have been pillaging our country under the direction of the British Crown for 150 years.  

If all they have to do is put on a good play to get another run, they'll put on a show for you, but don't you believe it. 

If Trump and Company are sincere, they will align with the American People and forego any duplicitous "occupation" of our American Federal Republic.  

If not, well, then, you know who they are: more foreign federal employees operating in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Service Contracts.  


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More Steps

 By Anna Von Reitz

I just released an article about Spiritual Warfare and talked about renouncing evil versus resisting it, and here I find this wonderful quote which far more eloquently explains the situation, sitting in my inbox:

"There is a great difference between resisting evil and renouncing it. When you resist evil, you give it your attention; you continue to make it real.

When you renounce evil, you take your attention away from it and give your attention to what you want.

Now is the time to control your imagination and give your energy to what you want.”

— Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

There are two great schools of thought and energy management  -- one that teaches you to empty yourself and let go of your singular viewpoint of reality, so that you can better discern the universal truth, and one that teaches you how to activate your own mental-emotional powers.  Obviously, the quote above comes from the second school and has immediate utility. 

Long ago, 12,000 years ago and more, both schools were taught together, but because they have evolved as separate schools since then, they are not taught together now; this is lamentable, for truth without action is useless, and action without truth is equally crippled.  

It seems that, once again, we have been dumbed down by those wishing us to fail--- and all by separating these two disciplines, so as to make them appear to be in competition, instead of revealing them as two necessary parts of a dynamic whole. 

We must push beyond these superficial obstacles to integrate the discipline of our consciousness. 

I have begun with the oldest, most fundamental practice, encouraging you to observe yourself and as you do, to realize that the body you observe walking and talking and prattling about, is not you, and even the mind within the body is not you.  

If these externalized things were you, you would not be able to project your awareness of yourself  to a location outside of your own body and be able to observe yourself speaking to friends, washing dishes, whatever you may be doing at the moment.  

The fact that you can observe yourself means that you are not a sealed system of bones and blood and skin.  

You are not limited to the constant dialogues occurring within your mind, either. You can, if you wish, tell yourself and any other voices which are received like radio signals, to be silent --- and you can relax into that silence. If you were really equivalent to your mind, you would not be able to silence this internal chatter. 

As these simple exercises prove, you are not your body and not your mind, either.  Any time that you can exercise your awareness from outside of a system, you have proof of two things --- there is a system, and you are not the system, even though you may participate in it. 

You are in fact something else, a power sitting beyond either the physical or mental aspects of yourself that you project and manipulate as tools.  

Now that we have determined what you are not -- not your body, not your mind --  we can proceed to equally simple exercises to prove what you are. 

Being able to discern what you are and are not, is a first step toward finding the answers to all the other questions involved in "knowing thyself and knowing thine enemy."  


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Spiritual Warfare

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing that we must notice is that "spiritual warfare" takes place in the realm of the Unseen; in terms of law, that means that the battles take place in the Jurisdiction of the Air, under Ecclesiastical Law. 

More personally for us,  it is a "war" between what is true and what is false, between belief and knowledge, wisdom and foolishness, intentions and results. 

For millions of Christians this battle is to be won, according to the words of The Book of Revelation, "not by power, not by might, but by my (God the Father's) spirit alone." though this does not imply that we can sit on our rumps in the middle of a spiritual war.  

Our actions may not count for much, but we must still make decisions for ourselves.  How will we recognize evil?  What is our own answer to evil? 

As a wise man once put it, we can resist evil, but what we need to do is to renounce it, to turn our backs on it, and walk away, putting our attention and energy elsewhere. 

This is what Hunter is talking about when he says,  "I am done with evil." and this is a simple statement of fact. 

We all need to be done with evil, not afraid of it, not concerned by it, not  focused on it, not confused by it--- just done with it.  Like a false friend or a bad recipe -- done with it.  

We need to tell the truth, walk the truth, and become the truth -- and let the rest of the chips fall.  We need to be free, by setting ourselves free.

In the end, we are the authorities who rule over our own lives. 

Throughout my work, I have been describing the works of evil and how evil operates, so that you can recognize the modus operandi of evil. 

For example, they always pretend to be part of the group they are targeting for destruction.  

If they want to target Jews, they pretend to be Jews. If they want to destroy Catholics, they pretend to be Catholics.  If they want to destroy a nation, they pretend to be part of that nation.  

Just as our Municipal Corporation Subcontractors look like Americans, sound like Americans, and in all ways appear to be Americans, while in fact adopting a foreign political status and taking their orders from foreign governments.  

They also accuse their opponents of doing whatever they are doing themselves, a process that our Medieval Forbearers called, "the pot calling the kettle black".  

So, if they are lying, they accuse you of lying. If they have just stolen a horse, you are accused of being a horse-thief. 

This afore-mentioned trait of evil is especially reliable.  

The Evil Ones always seek to distract and deflect the attention of their opponents, so that you don't see what they are doing, much like a magician deflects your attention to pull a trick. 

Look closely at all the nonsensical subjects that are constantly center stage in the mainstream media for no apparent reason.  Your attention is being captured and focused on things that (a) don't impact your life, or (b) things you can't do anything about. That means your imagination and your time is being wasted, too.

There is a reason that the BBC's motto is: "Listen and obey."  

They and all the other major "news" producers aren't really in the business of truthfully reporting anything to you anymore.  They switched to a new product line without telling you.  They are instead in the business of molding your opinions for you, choosing your candidates, your toothpaste, and even your beliefs. 

Their narrative about "Human-Caused Global Warming" is a good example.  

People believed in this because the news media and politicians and purported experts and authorities promoted it. 

And then, one realizes that a single large volcano can produce more carbon dioxide in a single day than humans have released during their entire sojourn on Earth.

The whole pseudo-scientific hoax was all nothing but an excuse to seize more regulatory control and impose more taxes, taxes, taxes.  

The Evil Ones also misrepresent and deflect in other ways. 

They do things like creating false paperwork concerning you and your political status. 

They make up False Narratives about your life and occupations. 

They keep these phony dossiers in coded Masterfiles so that you are never likely to read them and object to the Big Lies they have "established" about you.

In this sprawling Kingdom of Lies, normal great-grandmothers are running distilleries and smuggling rum into The United States, and all the public employees who feel like they are "insiders and in-the-know" believe this tripe without a question. 

Middle-aged accountants are suddenly drug runners. High School students are trafficking toddlers. And the local plumber's union hall is a gathering place for dangerous social deviants and insurrectionists. 

Provided with such misinformation from higher ranking authorities, the pawns bring SWAT team members to the door of a farmhouse and blow apart housewives and babies like they did at Ruby Ridge, and deploy industrial flamethrowers and tanks against peaceful members of a religious sect, like they did at the Branch Davidian Community in Waco, Texas.  

This, in a country founded on religious freedom. 

And everybody knows it. 

Obviously, these people aren't playing with a full deck.  Their own leaders are misdirecting them. They are acting on authorities they don't have. And enforcing laws that don't apply. Just like the camp guards at Auchwitz.  

Note the NY (Municipal) District Attorney wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on extra security because of equally ridiculous Trump indictments.  Apparently, Alvin believes everything he is told by the FBI and the FBI parrots whatever their employers at DOD, INC. tell them.  And nobody tells the truth. And they are all profiting at our expense from this. 

They were all prepped up and waiting for millions of armed Trump Supporters who never came. Like the January 6th Non-Riot where the Capitol Police had to open the doors and wave all the purported insurrectionists inside.   

 It's the Muslims. It's the Jews.  It's the Democrats.  It's the Republicans.  It's the black people. It's the white people.  It's the January 6th protestors.  Or is it the Capitol Police? \

It's the camp guards.  It's the politicians.  And if it's not them, it's the Generals, who made the plans, gave the orders, and paid the paychecks. Or is it?  

They will say that they were just "following orders" too.  

Whoever it is to blame, it is always anyone and everyone except that it isn't them, the source of the problem.

The whole game is like playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" but there is no donkey, and no tail, and that is just the way that the Masters of Deceit like it.  Blame anyone but them.

This is what all the distraction and fear-mongering and finger-pointing is about -- keeping attention deflected away from the actual Perpetrators, who are, after all, sitting there in plain sight, owners and operators of foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia. 

They also always try to profit themselves using the "Hegelian Dialectic". They create a problem (take your pick), they present their pre-planned solution, and they profit from the problem they created by selling their solution.  

This motivates the Evil Ones to create more and more and more problems. Not less. 

Think about $1.3 Trillion in phony vaccines and related products sold to the respective world governments by the same people who brought us the Human-Caused Global Warming Hoax and Tax Plan.  

As usual, Yeshuah got the last word concerning them, that you shall know them by their fruits.  The good trees bear good fruit and the bad trees bear bad fruit.  

So, when you pay trillions of dollars to be safe in your own home, and you are not safe because your own public employees are ten turnips short of a load, yes, it is time to take action.

As my Mother said to a friend contemplating divorce: "Be done, and not just done: done-done." 

Done the way you are done when you exit an abusive marriage, a bad job, or a lying lover, when you are never coming back for any reason, when your mind and your heart are settled and in agreement, and you just walk out the door, you are engaged in spiritual warfare.  

When you stop resisting evil and renounce it, instead, the fight is already over. 


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